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Monarch Butterfly?

No, hedgehog. @capsing because this ship deserves to sail. Sonic/King. 

All things considered, ,and trust him all things were being considered, Sonic’s love of butterflies wasn’t the strangest thing about him. Not when you took into account the ninja-ness, or the fact the man made his living by killing people, most of the time. It was surreal as hell to see his boyfriend, wow boyfriend, chase down the little insects with a manic grin on his face. 

“Um, Darling, why don’t you just buy some pinned butterflies?” King asked one day, when a park date, wow a date, turned into an impromptu game of ‘hold my shit, I gotta see the flutterby’.

“And pay to have them killed?! Never!” Sonic had answered, eyes wide and sounding thunderstruck at the mere idea of killing butterflies. King never brought up the topic again but he did start planning. 

It started with a butterfly hair clip, something small enough to not get caught during a fight but big enough to hold his boyfriend’s black hair back. The ninja had immediately scaled him and planted a big kiss on his cheek, smiling at a gift for once. 

After that it was almost like playing one of his sim games. A butterfly print scarf got him an actual kiss that made him blush from ear to ear. A necklace with a butterfly locket got him a very happy boyfriend who didn’t try to steal the t.v. while he was playing games, he could game in peace for a whole week without any stupid reality shows. 

A pair of butterfly knives bought him three weeks of Sonic not taking any jobs, three weeks of Sonic lounging around the apartment. Three weeks of waking up to his boyfriend cuddled up in bed with him, always the big spoon of course. 

The real win though was when he finally got up the guts to buy something ridiculous and embarrassing. 

“You bought me a lifesized butterfly pillow?” Sonic had asked, cocking his head as though he expected the purple pillow to disappear and King’s heart had kicked up a notch. Had he made the wrong choice here? Did Sonic think this was too much, too overbearing?

“Yes?” he answered and it came out sounding like a question. 

“…I love you.” It’d been the right choice. 

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Wow, you are electrofying. I have never felt this way before.... It's a bizarre mixture of fear and excitement. My short lived crush for Liliana, is nothing compared to what I am feeling for you. Come with me and Oglor will serve you that pasta thing he really likes, I think it's called spabetti? -Stitcher Geralf.

The fact I p much headcanon Geralf to p much be Wilson makes this all the better

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…I have a weakness for dorky scientists okay

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You're about to learn some lessons the hard way. Specifically: that you can't continually treat people like garbage and expect them to stay by your side.

Welp anon I never did that so I actually don’t have an answer~

After telling “Fox” (I loved how she used his first name here in this intimate, exposed moment) that she believed he would get his answers about the big mystery about that marked his life (i.e. the alien conspiracy), she gave us this, a speech that spoke for many different kinds of parents, but specifically and especially for ones like her, mothers who will never know their children. “My mysteries, I’ll never have answered. I won’t know if he thinks of me, too, or if he’s afraid and wishes I was there. Does he doubt himself because we left him? What questions does he have of me? The same I have of this quarter?” And then, after a pause, Gillian Anderson ended the episode with a line that if given by any other actress, I think would have sounded terrible, but because she is Gillian f—ing Anderson, it did not: “And I want to believe — I need to believe — that we didn’t treat him like trash.” She leaned into Mulder, and he embraced her, and we faded out on the two of them once more taking shelter in each other. Home again.

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Oh well, I don't think anyone would mind a Grease AU with the roles reversed. I mean, Aaron did great but technically if I had to cast him for any part in the show I'd go for Sandy for him ;)

Honestly, if I were to write a full Grease AU, neither Enjolras nor Grantaire would step into Sandy/Danny’s shoes. Instead, I’d go with Kenickie for Enjolras and Rizzo for Grantaire, while Marius becomes Danny and Cosette Sandy. 

Bear with me on this, because with some broader changes to structure, I promise it’d make sense – the T-Birds and Pink Ladies are no longer separate groups split by gender (because I mean c’mon), but instead one big group, Les Amis (”We ain’t no gang,” Courfeyrac reassures his latest conquest, leaning against her locker and winking broadly as he adds, “but we ain’t no French club either”). Their Scorpion rivals? Why, nothing more than National Guard ROTC kids from a neighboring school.

Danny!Marius’s acting one way around darling Sandy!Cosette during the summer and a whole different way around his friends at school suddenly makes a lot more sense, especially when, Red and Black-style, he’s mocked mercilessly for it (”Look at me, I’m Pontmercy,” Grantaire croons to general laughter, “I ‘oo’ and ‘ah’ like an opera scene!” Enjolras tries to ignore him, but fails, instead choosing this as an opportune time to lecture them all about the importance of the upcoming race against those National Guard goons).

Their school’s national tv appearance on Do You See the People Dance? goes not at all as planned – Grantaire brings Éponine, who’s still in love with Marius, while Enjolras agrees to let Le Cabuc come as his “date” since he couldn’t get a ticket (”Because he doesn’t even go to this school,” Grantaire complains bitterly to Éponine, who’s not listening to him, watching Marius and Cosette dance. Meanwhile, across the dance floor, Le Cabuc is picking a fight with a kid named Porter and punches him, which makes Enjolras punch Le Cabuc and kick him out of the dance). 

It’s obviously not Rizzo’s possible pregnancy that brings the two together finally, but rather a quiet moment following the eventful car race – the race that Pontmercy wins, not Enjolras, stepping up after Enjolras gets injured and taking his life into his own hands in the process after he thinks that he and Cosette are done. (”Good race,” Grantaire offers, sitting down next to Enjolras, who looks worse for the wear, and not just because of his concussion. When Enjolras just grunts in answer, Grantaire tells him, “You’d have won, too, if you had been driving.” Enjolras glances over at him. “You think?” he asks, a little skeptically, and Grantaire just smiles. “Yeah. I believe in you.”)

And perhaps even more importantly, to address my least favorite part about Grease, Cosette doesn’t need to change everything about herself to officially win Marius (nor does Marius attempt to join a sports team which somehow equates to the same thing??) and (keeping with the original musical’s version where “You’re the One that I Want” doesn’t exist), “We Go Together” ends the whole thing nicely as Les Amis comes together one last time to celebrate their victory over the National Guard and their entire group pairing off together (”Yeah, because nothing really captures the spirit of your eloquence and speech-making skills like ‘shoobop sha wadda wadda’,” Grantaire mutters in an undertone to Enjolras. who just laughs and kisses him.)

That is how I would write a Grease AU. If I were, you know, so inclined.


tv show meme | [1/3] episodes that make you cry

► home again (10x04) - the x files

“I believe that you will find all of your answers. You will find the answers to the biggest mysteries and I will be there when you do. But my mysteries…I’ll never have answered.”


I believe that you will find all of your answers. You will find the answers to the biggest mysteries, and I will be there when you do. But my mysteries… I’ll never have answered. I won’t know if he thinks of me too, or if he’s ever been afraid and wished that I was there. Does he doubt himself because we left him? What questions does he have of me? The same that i have of this quarter…

And I want to believe. I need to believe… that we didn’t treat him like trash.

in honor of tmi tuesday i propose a game of never have i ever, the OC version

send an ask to one of my OCs with a ‘never have i ever’ statement and they have to respond accordingly by a) answering yes or no and b) how many times

asks can be literally anything from the tamest “never have i ever told a lie” to outright “never have i ever fucked somebody in a chantry”

it’s up to u and whatever ur cool with i just thought this game would be a lil riot

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I'm white, is it okay if I follow you? Interested in your blog, but also your boundaries.

this is that moment where i cringe

where a white person thinks they are being PC by asking if they can follow my blog

instead of understanding that if black folk are talking, they should just stay on the sidelines and watch


i’m over here celebrating noses and fros

and you are sitting there thinking that i would care whether or not a white person follows my blog…..

way to insert yourself anon

no i don’t care if you follow me

i have never said white people cannot follow my blog

i’m not answering this question again

Why wasn’t my question answered?

Someone asked us:

I have asked many questions but never seem to get an answer and it’s really frustrating.

We’re so so sorry. We get a lot of questions (like a LOT of questions) through tumblr. And even though we do our best to answer as many as we can, it’s impossible for us to answer them all. We wish we could!

Since we can’t answer every question, we try to answer ones that will help the most people. But don’t despair — if you have a question about birth control, pregnancy, emergency contraception, or STDs, check out our chat/text program. During operating hours, a health educator will answer your questions in real-time. And what’s great about this service is that you can ask more than one question and keep the focus on your situation.

We also have a super informative website that tackles a lot of the questions we get from our patients. Check it out.

And, of course, you can always make an appointment at your local Planned Parenthood health center to get your questions answered.. Our doctors and nurses are skilled in the art of answering your Qs without judgement. So basically the same thing we do here (plus any medical advice or care you might need) — only without the gifs :)

Thanks for sticking with us.

-Chelsea @ Planned Parenthood

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do ppl seriously call u a manga elitist ohmygoddkjnkjk

LOL like a month ago, a certain somebody called jamie and me manga elitists BASICALLY because we talk about the manga a lot.  it was the dumbest thing i’d ever read lmao. but i just own it, now. ;) i mean, like… im sorry that i like hxh so much that i read the manga too. i’m ?????

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Now the The Wildness Within is over (cries), are you planning to start working on one of the other aus? Or focustom on TIP?

I’m not…entirely sure yet. I have thought about returning to Spoils of the Spoiled, but I also have the Golden Age fic and The Ice Plague.

I kind of thought I’d have a lot higher of an output by now in terms of writing, but I’m still quite burnt out, so all the things I’ve had planned are less ‘I can do it all’ and more like ‘now I need to prioritise and try and be smart about it.’ So we’ll see! I’m going to take a week or so anyway and let it percolate, I don’t enjoy rushing into new projects or making fixed decisions once a big story has been completed. I usually need a few days to sort of let the dust settle.