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Hadean Zodiac: Starry Sky - The Romantic Interests 🌌💖

🐉 Draco - Estela Montoya
🐬 Delphinus - Quinn Kelly
🦅 Aquila - Sean Gayle
🐺 Lupus - Jake McKenzie

Note: These ES minimalist posters are influenced by the Superhero Silhouettes of Kevin Collert and Steve Garcia. Then I experimented on the animation using some gif packs. 😆👍🏼

I want to thank @sereenaspatel for providing a link of the gif packs. I really had fun playing with them! Thank you so much! ✌🏼😊


femslash aesthetics | octavia blake x raven reyes (the 100)

“never thought i’d be so happy to see someone in pain”

(pls forgive me, i’m not a photo editor. i just wanted ot7)

Hey, everyone! I recently hit 100 followers! I’ve had this blog since January and even though I had a rough start and I wanted to leave a few times, I’m very glad I pushed through. I wanted to save a follow forever for another milestone and just do a drabble game for this one but there are so many amazing blogs a wanted to thank. I really appreciate every single one of you guys. This blog has been a safe haven for me, and I can’t imagine how my life would be without it. I’ve felt much more loved on this blog in the short time I’ve had it than on my previous blog, which I had for 2 and half years before I left. Even though this blog may be considered ‘small’ to some people (not that it matters to me), I still feel as if I genuinely matter to all of you, and I can’t thank you enough. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude. I really do care about all of you. All the users that show up under my followers are my friends, and I care about each one of you so much. Thank you all so much for all that you’ve done for me. I’m beyond grateful.

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A playlist for the day when you’ve been wronged for the last time and decide to cross over to the dark side. [listen]

castle - halsey // the driver - bastille // the devil within - digital daggers // control - halsey // seven devils - florence and the machine // everybody wants to rule the world - lorde // sail - awolnation // monster - imagine dragons // bones - ms mr // once upon a dream - lana del rey // yellow flicker beat - lorde 

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Hi there. You probably won't read this, but if you do I would really like some advice from such talented artist like you. I love drawing and honestly I'm not so very good at times. So when I get discouraged over details that I'm not getting well at in a drawing, what do you recommend I do? One day I wish to make my own graphic novel, but how can I become better at drawing if I get easily discouraged. Where do you find the motivation to draw so well? If you have any helpful advice, I'm all ears

Hello anon!  Even though I’m not able to reply to most of my Asks, I do read all of them and really appreciate when people send them.  <3 

Anyway, I get discouraged at times too, especially if I compare myself to others. But the first thing I try to remember is that instead of feeling like I’ll never be that good, I use their art as a learning tool instead and study what I like about it.  (Many artists also have tutorials and videos that are invaluable) 

Probably the most important thing is to just keep drawing.  Draw A LOT.  Studying art tutorials and books will help you learn new skills, but drawing is the only way you’ll actually improve. 

Do as many pictures as you can from start to finish.  Sketches and doodles help you improve too, but going all the way to a fully finished picture (whether black and white or fully colored) is how you’ll figure out a stable work flow. 

Have fun with your art.  If you’re not having fun you’re not going to want to do it.  Find something you LOVE to draw, something you’re really passionate about, whether it’s fan art from your favorite fandom, original characters, portraits, etc.  If you don’t love it, drawing will be harder than it should be.

Some people draw in silence, but me, I need music. On days when I’m sitting in front of the computer staring at Photoshop and not really feeling it, I turn on my go-to drawing playlist, try to blank out my mind, and just draw.  I have several types of drawing playlists, each designed to help me either get focused or get pumped!

Find something that helps inspire you and give you ideas, whether it’s books, fanfiction, movies, or squee-ing over your favorite headcanons with friends.  I’ve had conversations with people where I come out feeling like, “OMG I NEED TO DRAW THIS!”

Final note that may not apply to everyone but is still important to mention:  Take care of your mental health.  If there is something that is affecting your ability to function on a day-to-day basis, such as depression, anxiety disorder, etc. it may also affect your creativity.  Professionals are there to help you.  If you broke your leg, you would seek medical help.  If your brain is self sabotaging because of a chemical imbalance, you should also get medical help.  It may not be a quick fix, but it’s better than letting it fester and get worse.

I hope this helps, and good luck!!

dedicated to joannalannister

“Only Lady Joanna truly knows the man beneath the armor,” Grand Maester Pycelle wrote the Citadel, “and all his smiles belong to her and her alone. I do avow that I have even observed her make him laugh, not once, but upon three separate occasions!”


Happy Birthday to our precious strawberry princess, Ichigo Hoshimiya! 15/3


it’s good to be seen, little witch

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Hey um... Do you have any more kinky spidypool fics...? I read all the others and... Honestly I'm an addict by now tbh..

( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °) Sin with us, my friend. Sin with us <3

Kinky Spideypool Recs #2!!

Okay so kink list number 1 is here: Click Me 
Another Spideypool rec list is here: Click Me

And then a few others you could try are: (Also sorry if some of these appear on the “Another Spideypool rec list!)

Well by Lafaiette // Complete Rated E - Graphic Depictions of Violence Tag
“I wasn’t like… like this before, you know? I was normal. My life was shitty, but not like this, never like this, and I could think without sounds and voices in my head, I had respect for myself! God, I don’t even remember how that feels like!”Deadpool knows he is not a hero and that something is definitely wrong with him. Spider-Man wants to help.

Hand Made Alarms by ArraFrost // Oneshot Rated E - 4th Wall Breaking
Peter wakes up with Wade Wilson’s hands down his pajama bottoms.

That Part Where You Said You Were a Virgin by undercovermoffat // Oneshot Rated E - Loss of Virginity Kink
“I’m a merc with a mouth, there’s no such thing as not talking,” Wade smirks, moving his hips upwards to counteract Peter’s earlier movement. “You’re sorely mistaken dearest Spidey, if you thought for half a moment you were going to lose your virginity to silence.”

Gotta Fly Now by Write_like_an_American // Complete Rated E- Stony is also a pairing.
In which Wade loves to take it up the ass and is worried that scrawny, meek little Peter won’t be able to give him what he needs.Peter proves him wrong.

Summer & Other Heated Things by Atsvie // Complete Rated E - Underage, Loss of Virginity Kink
It happens on a regular summer day that’s too hot and sticky, but Peter is pretty happy with it. Peter loses his virginity to Wade.

I need a hero by Kazhiru // Complete Rated E- Command Kink
Deadpool Get’s a bit lonely at times, and what he needs to fight his loneliness is a friend. If that friend is a live size doll of Spider-man, then so be it.
And that is how Wade ends up carrying a doll Spider-man everywhere he goes. That must of have been his best Idea to date. Too bad he is a klutz who accidentally manages to get the real Spider-man messed up in this mix, and here’s how that led up.

Do It Yourself by ArraFrost // Oneshot Rated E - Autofellatio
“I bet you’re flexible enough to suck your own dick.” Wade plants that thought in Peter’s head and he can’t help where curiosity leads him.

I’ll take that cool expression of yours… and make it hot.

picture taken by [x]

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/post/128581144601/castiel-graphics-challenge-strengthcas-prompt how did you attach the galaxy and cloud gifs to the graphics? it never works when i try to do it

I will try my best to explain! :)

Assuming that you’re using Photoshop, I’ll try to go through the steps. (I use Photoshop CC) It’s pretty simple! I’ve seen a few other ways to do it, but this seems the easiest to me. If you’re still confused after this, please message me again (maybe off of anon?), I’d love to help you but it’s a whole lot easier one-on-one.

This is going to get long, so click the “read more” for the tutorial on how I added the GIF to this picture:

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Okay I did it

So LiEat 3 is out!
Of course I had to play it.
The art’s beautiful as ever.
And Efi’s got so big and pretty(ier) ヽ(;▽;)ノ

We get to see little Teo ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…

Well, we finally get to know about his past!

Also, a new character, Iris.
I wasn’t sure what to think of her at first, but I guess she’s okay.
Her ability’s interesting o3o
And she’s a nice addition to the two other police derps~
Just look how badass they are in here

And then there’s Cyril.
I really thought she was a guy.

Apparently not.
Too bad.

And then, there’s Teo, overwhelmed by his lies,

And Efi trying to save him

The Normal Ending was quite depressing

Even more depressing than the Bad Ending :/
So I replayed the last part to get the Happy Ending!

And Teo tells us about his missing kidney.

The riddles this time were a bit harder/ I needed more time to find the clues o(´^`)o
But I really liked the animated cutscenes in this game~
The art & graphics will never disappoint me in LiEat (>____<)
Btw, Enos is cute.


character/ship aesthetic meme: silhouettevalentine requested: aqua

“try all you want, but you’ll never defeat a heart filled with light.”


The rain starts to fall just as they’re leaving the restaurant after their first official date as a couple.

“What are you doing?” Bruce laughs, watching Natasha pirouette around with arms outstretched. 

“What, you’ve never danced in the rain?” She grins and grabs his hand, pulling him toward her. “Sounds like it’s time for you to give it a try, doc.”

Prompt: dancing in the rain | for evs14u in the HulkWidow fanwork exchange!

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DONT APOLOGIZE! THAT WAS HILARIOUS! YOU GOT ME BLUSHING FOR GOODNESS SAKE! But what happened at the party?! What were Sam and Nat's reactions?! Does Steve see Bucky again? If so what, where and how? Does he go back to the sex shop or do they run into each other elsewhere? If they start to date, does Bucky try to get steve into kinky stuff? Or would Bucky be totally vanilla (steve finds out when surprising him with kinky stuff)? Wow this got out of hand. I'm curious and I needs to know!


(graphic discussion of sex toys)


Steve’s pretty sure he’s never been so red. They’re opening their Secret Santa gifts one at a time, sitting in a big circle on the floor in Tony’s mansion.

So far, the presents have fallen this way: Tony’s got a pube-dying kit (from Sam); Bruce–blushing nearly as much as Steve–has already put away the fleshlight Clint had gotten him as if he’s too embarrassed to even look at it; and Thor is already wearing the Sexy Viking costume Tony’d given him.

Now it’s Steve’s turn; Natasha passes him an envelope.

“Um, if this is pictures, I–” Steve starts, but she rolls her eyes.

“Come on, I’m more creative than that,” she says, “Just open it.”

The card itself shows a man, his back turned to the camera, wearing a Santa hat and cut-off shorts so short that his buttcheeks are visible. Steve shudders and flips it open.

“‘Hope your Christmas is all it’s cracked up to be,’” he reads, deadpan. “Haha, what a pun.”

Under Natasha’s signature is a phone number. It’s not hers. He looks up at her, confused.

Lounging back against Sam, she smirks at him. “That cute guy at the sex shop,” she explains.