i never give it to anyone

this time i’m not holding back
i’m flying in with my fists up
and my throat raw
and my jaw clenched
and my eyes angry
i’m screaming at the sky for giving
me a love as wonderful as ours and
ripping it away before i had time to hold on
i’m screaming at you for hurting me in
each and every way possible and not
caring about the ways you left me bleeding
i’m going to tell my friends i love them
and i’m going to give my favorite teachers
flowers and all my appreciation
i will say no
i’m going to live my life in all the ways you
never allowed me to
i will never contain myself for you or for
anyone again
i will never tame my fire and i will never
calm my tide
i am a natural disaster and i always have been
i don’t know how i lost sight of who i was
but i’m glad that i found it again
because i am a hurricane
i am a tsunami
i am a fucking wildfire
and you made me feel like a drizzle
—  a love (i think) i had to lose, pt. 2
Random Monday Musings

So I came across a couple of the early teasers that contained 2 quotes from Claire and Jamie, that on first listening seemed could (and possibly would be) said pre-reunion, but the more I thought about them, the more I hope they’re actually post-reunion quotes - not so much for what is said, but how it’s said.

“Where ever you are James Fraser, I will find you.” - Claire.

Seriously, I have a huge need for this to be an actual Print Shop quote! It echoes so beautifully his promise to find her. I can just picture him asking her how she’d found him or something along those lines, and she simply echoes his words back to him. 

“I never loved anyone but you. I would give up everything I have for us to be together again.” - Jamie.

This feels so much like something he’d say (and has said in the book) after the whole Laoghaire incident at Lallybroch. Something he could say in the wee hours of the night, post-shooting.

But I have a feeling this quote could actually be from 2 separate moments, just deceptively put together in the teaser.  

“I never loved anyone but you,” Comes - as it does in the book - far later when he tells Claire about Geneva.

Whereas, “I would give up everything I have for us to be together again,” feels like it’s from sometime during their stay in Lallybroch. In the book, he says something similar when they have their almighty fight after the L reveal, but the way he says it in the teaser makes me think that particular line maybe saved for after he gets shot. Either/or works for me lol

Who knows, I’ve just had those lines stuck in my head for a few days. It’ll be interesting to see where and how they land on the show!

didn’t notice it before

I haven’t heard this mentioned much, but in S3E6 when shits going down with the teladuv being stolen and Lotor’s new ship destracting them, in the midst of clone-Shiro’s stubborn control of the situation, Lance asks Keith specifically what to do. It’s like Lance is trying to lowkey remind Keith that he’s the leader. But clone-Shiro doesn’t even give Keith a chance to answer.

Keith is clearly frustrated with the outcome of that battle in E6. He’s frustrated with himself because he hasn’t let himself admit that it was clone-Shiro’s interference that hindered his effectiveness in the mission.

I can easily see now how this dynamic is going to exaserbate the longer clone-Shiro sticks around. The real Shiro would NEVER have interfered with Keith’s attempt at being a leader and making his own decisions.

So in season 4, I expect Keith getting real resentful of Shiro’s mixed signals. But I also expect that if anyone’s going to support Keith’s future decisions, independent of clone-Shiro’s, it’s going to be Lance. More than all the other paladins, Lance has explicitly validated Keith’s position as leader on and off the battlefield.

So, I was tagged by @something-wicked-sims - thanks! - and while you didn’t ask specifically for her, we all know you wanted her. So here you go, your guidelines to dating Faye. :D

Dating Tag: Faye O’Donnel


  • Independent is her middle name. She will never bother you with coming too late, or asking you where you have been. She trusts you. Chill. 
  • Can find dirt on anyone you don’t like. A PI, remember? Need something on that one annoying colleague that keeps bothering you? Give her a five.
  • She is rather understanding. If you’re not pissing her off. Then she is just angry. 
  • She is extremely loyal. This gal will never cheat on you. If she doesn’t like what she has she will tell you, but she will never pursue someone else while she is with you.
  • She is very reliable. If you need help with something, she is there for you. Always. 
  • Has a wicked Irish accent. If that is your thing… :D


  • Geek alert. She likes her nights in front of the TV watching old horror films and eating Chinese food. Never tell her Keanu Reeves sucked in Dracula. NEVER.
  • She drinks blood for nourishment so if you really want to cook/bake something she would like… ever heard of blood pudding? Only not cooked. And not in a sausage form. Sigh. It’s a sad existence.
  • Longs nights spend stalking cheating clients will cut into your cuddle time.
  • She provokes a lot of fights. One day you will be sucked into them. Inevitable. Be prepared.
  • She has a werewolf ex boyfriend who will not like you getting close to her. His name is Fable and he likes biting off heads of little kittens. (whispers: no, he doesn’t, but can you really be sure? Can you? Huh? Huuuuh?) Anyway, he will NOT be happy. 

This is fun. I’m tagging: @pixeltrashcan, @dinaswimmer, @furiouslydecaffinated, @eslanes, @numinousxsims, @simsxbayxworld, @stardust-sims

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Hey! I was wondering if you could give some advice on my sexuality? I used to be sure I was aromantic because I've never really had a crush on anyone, but lately I've been thinking that I'm lesbian. I don't really know how to explain it but basically I just feel, idk, warmer and friendlier towards girls. The idea of dating a boy is not appealing to me but dating girl isn't as bad. But I haven't had a crush on a girl before (or a boy). Can you give me some advice? Tysm, I love your blog <3

absolutely! first of all, this is a very normal lesbian experience. like, common enough that i see textposts going around like “are you a ‘i knew i didn’t like men but it took me forever to realize i liked girls’ lesbian or a ‘i knew i liked girls but it took me forever to realize i didn’t like men’ lesbian”. i’ve had experiences with both, actually, but i would say i definitely tend to be the “i knew i didn’t like men but didn’t realize i liked girls” lesbian. so i totally totally get you!

having crushes on girls feels radical and scary and we’re rarely given a prerequisite for what it’s supposed to look/feel like, so we either write off our feelings as illegitimate (she’s just really pretty objectively speaking, it’s normal to crave your friend’s company and think about them a lot, girls are just lovely it’s a fact everyone feels this way, etc), or we get an inkling that our feelings really are legitimate, and it scares us, so we push them away. most lesbians have experienced one or the other, but in my experience it’s been a combo of both and i would say that’s fairly typical.

this comes from internalized homophobia. we’re afraid of admitting what’s really there, because it changes how others will see us and how we see ourselves. lots of lesbians will say things like “i can’t be a lesbian because i would know already” or “i can’t be a lesbian because i’m not cool enough”. here’s the thing that’s really key: non-lesbians don’t typically spend time wondering if they’re a lesbian. if you are truly not attracted to women, even though you’ve always assumed that you weren’t, then what would prompt you to have these thoughts about why you might be a lesbian?  if you’ve already settled on a label and it feels wrong, that’s nearly always because it is.

there’s a lot of stereotypes about how lesbians don’t have fulfilling relationships, that lesbians are just mimicking heterosexual relationships by being butch/femme, that all girls go a little “lesbian” in college and grow out of it, that girls are just lovey dovey affectionate pretty creatures whose relationships to each other are frivolous and expendable because there’s no man involved (the bechdel test, basically: there’s hardly any content centered around women that focuses on their relationships to each other rather than their relationships to men). we internalize these messages, and they impact how we see ourselves. fastest way to unlearn it is to spend time around people who make it a point to actively challenge these internalized messages/stereotypes.

Honestly conflicted on deciding whether Beth stayed or not. On one hand, she could have stayed because she knows how it felt to be abandoned and she doesn’t want her kids to go through that. (Even if they didn’t know she was a clone I’m pretty sure they would find out eventually. They are both pretty smart kids, more than what anyone gives them credit for.) Then there is the fact that this episode Beth came to the realization and acceptance that she is just like her dad. What is holding her back from doing the same thing to her kids that he did to her? Especially since Rick gave her a way out. From previous episodes, it seems like she never wanted kids in the first place. She doesn’t have those maternal instincts. I guess I stand more on the side that she left even though I’d hope that she stayed. 

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How come all the team thinks of him as their alpha. Also some clarity on tony Clint relationship. Why did they start one one whet Clint was already with another alpha Phil. How did they (all) got started.

So in my ABO fics, I always say that Alphas have three instincts in life– To provide for their Omega, to protect their Omega and to breed their Omega. 

Tony provides for the entire team by giving them a place to live, food to eat, transportation etc. He protects them by designing new gear, new tech to keep them safe. And even though I never write mpreg (so breeding isnt really the right word), he is available for the Omegas during their heat if they want him (and they do) and he is there for anyone else on his team who needs physical comfort, whether thats simply holding hands with Bruce as they work in the lab, or giving Natasha a backrub with that very specific soap she likes from Lush, or staying up late with Sam before falling into bed together. 

So since he takes such good care of them, giving them anything they need or wants, he is their Alpha. It doesnt mean hes the team leader or that they all obey his decisions. “Alpha” in this case is less of a title of leadership and more a title of respect. 

As far as Tony/Clint is concerned— I am not going to elaborate on that because its a fairly complex plot and I dont want to give it away.

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Headcanon: Elena is the kind of person that apologizes like 50 times for bumping into a stranger. Nate is the kind of person who gets apologized to bc he’s a Big Dude™, but never actually notices that anyone bumped into him. -Anon Buddy

Have you seen Nate’s muscles, he’s too big to notice. But on the off chance he does, he’d probably be all sorts of warm and fuzzy about it. He’s like the “I can shoot you– oh my god a kitten!” kind of person. Just give him a lemur and he’ll be happy.

But yes I agree 100% Elena is respectful and sometimes can be bashful, but other times I feel like if someone bumps into her, maybe intentionally, she’d be ready to kick ass in a split second while keeping her hair perfect.

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Anonymous: I don't know if this changes anything in the ratings or whatnot, but apparently netflix will be airing ouat alongside abc. They'll release the episode one day later after the original airing. So, like 7x01 will be aired on tv on Oct. 6 and netflix will release it on Oct 7, and so on.

That’s interesting. It’s hard to say if it will help the ratings. The ratings system is so outdated as it is, considering all of the ways people can watch now and so many don’t watch live. I’ve never even known anyone who owns a Nielsen box. It really isn’t representative of how many people are actually watching.

I know OUAT usually gets an uptick in DVR and On Demand ratings after a show airs. Having it air on Netflix a day later, gives people one more way to watch without having to watch live, which could actually hurt the ratings. On the other hand, it gives it more exposure and people who may have waited until the whole season was available on Netflix may watch it now instead. I am sure ABC will also look at how it does with viewers on Netflix and they probably have a deal in place with them, which makes them money.

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So I don't know what to do.i really like this guy and have for over a year. I've helped him through a rough breakup and been there. And recently I've told him that I'd be there for him whenever wherever. We're pretty close and he took me to homecoming 'as a friend' :/ but I sent him this log message when he was having a breakdown how I'd be there for him always and he was grateful."I'll always be here to listen to your guy problems to" youch. Idk what to do about these growing feelings. Help mom

Growing feelings are a temporary thing, from good feelings to bad, it’s there for months on end or even years, whether we like it or not, and it sucks.

The key thing is to take it subtly, keep giving him your support and don’t do anything drastic.
I dunno, I never told anyone that I liked them, except when King tricked me into admitting I had a huge crush on him, that devil. XD

papidanse  asked:

I have a question for you, about Korin!: Does she ever regret anything? Like in her pre war life( if she had one) or right now?

Korin has regrets about alot of stuff but I think the main one for her is allowing others to make dicisions for her. She never questioned Nate or anyone else over dicisions that affected her. Her anxiety and negative self esteem made her doubt any thoughts or plans she had and as a result, she was a huge pushover in prewar life. Now in the present day commonwealth, she is slowly becoming more confident. I think the harshness of the wasteland more or less forced her to take a more active role in making dicisions. She still struggles alot but she has gotten better. The only person whose opinion she trusts is Danse’s. Danse is well aware of it and will give his honest opinion on things but encourages her to make her own dicisions. Which is something she is very grateful for. Kind words of encouragement go a long way. thank you for the ask 😊

I love deconstructing Rick and Morty because I don’t feel like such a goon doing it. I know how much detail the creators put into even the little visual things (callbacks from previous episodes, Rick’s robot arm in the vindicators episode before it appeared in the whirly dirly conspiracy, etc) and I know they put thought into the character’s personalities and their psychological reasoning. Maybe I’m off with my analysis, but they give us room to guess and pick all this apart. I never claim to be right, I never claim anyone else is wrong, I just try to use canon evidence, but they give us so much of it–inside and outside of the show–that it really gives me something to occupy myself with that I enjoy. I really appreciate the amount of work and effort they put into making this show comical, whimsical, and entertaining while still having a solidity and believable quality to its themes and characters.

Just kinda wanted to gush about why there’s always a book and a half of crap I like to dump all over y'all all the time haha

I need a favor

I tried to never ask anyone for anything, but I need a favor. If anyone has Facebook, if you could go on and give a one-star review to M. T. Winchester, I would really appreciate it. It’s a comedy club in Mayfield, Kentucky so it shouldn’t surprise me but I really want to see their ratings drop. They cut the power to a gay comedians microphone after he started making jokes about being a gay man. The owner then tried to say that the jokes were actually about pedophilia and he couldn’t condone such behavior. He still can’t provide any proof that the jokes were anything other than the comedian poking fun at himself and his homosexuality.

There was a hostage situation. I negotiated with Bale. He agreed to give himself up. He came out of the warehouse peacefully. I gave the okay to send 6 of my agents in and they never came out. It was a mistake. It was my mistake, I was, um, I was outfoxed by Mr. Bale. By you. I sincerely regret having made the decision to send those agents in that day. And I sincerely regret and apologize to the families of all those who died that day

Jason Gideon

Breaking Point

One of the Six: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

A/N: Thank you for reading Bets’ stories. It means a lot that anyone would take the time on something so out of focus as the show is now. I wanted to create something completely different. As there are so many amazing people writing fan fiction it was a difficult task. I hope I didn’t disappoint. xoxo Stu

3 days remain

“What can you tell me about bombers?” Jason began.

“Males, usually youthful offenders.” I answered.

“Loners, lots of times they are negligent and become their own victims.” Morgan answered, thank you Mr. ATF.

“About 50% of bombings are acts of vandalism, possibly politically motivated.” Bird chirped in with the statistics.

“Socially non-confrontational, bombs are weapons of choice for cowards.” Hotch added.

“If that is the case, do not say it to his face. This guy is delivering death on people’s doorsteps, he needs to see the destruction.” Jason was rubbing his hands together, pacing.

“Morgan, take Reid and go over the bomb fragments. Bets, you and Gideon can talk to the victim’s family, see if we can pinpoint a motive or…. a stressor.” Hotch got quiet. I nodded understanding.

I drove the dark SUV as Gideon reviewed crime scene photos.

“Sucks to be back under these circumstances.” Why was I making small talk?

“The team here seemed to have liked you, why did you leave for the BAU, Bethany?”

I sighed, not expecting a personal question. “Boston was filler, it was me bulking up my resume for another crack at the BAU.” I hated to admit so much, to Jason of all people.

“I’m sorry we didn’t hire you the first time.”

“Don’t be, no one can ever truly replace Rossi, I get that now.”

“Why was it so important to you to get on the team? You don’t have the same curiosity as Reid, or the same dedication to justice as Hotch and Morgan.”

“I didn’t like losing.” I shrugged. “Devereaux’s don’t give up.”

Jason nodded, peering across the rims of his reading glasses.

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If this girl ghosted me for another guy & then later realized that guy wasn't worth it, and tries to reconnect with me - do you think it would be a bad idea to let her back in? I feel like I'd come off as weak but I always thought we would be great together. But a part of me will always have that chip on my shoulder for her choosing someone else first 🤔

dawg you already know what to do here. never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER settle for being someone’s second choice according only to their convenience. know yourself, know your worth. you are not something to settle for. and do not give anyone the power to alter that fact.

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after saying mean things to Kenny baby Omega would wobble over with to your bedroom to Kenny's side of the bed and prop his head up on the edge "dada I sorry, I wuv you" and give him a good sloppy wet cheek kiss and would leave him his special toy that he never ever wants to share with anyone "I bad you have it and take to apan with you" and you know damn well Kenny would scoop him up and assure him he wasn't mad and promise him more toys and sweets and then you're stuck with the bab in bed lol

nwaaaah. Ken’s such a pushover Dad BUT YOU WOULD BE IF YOU HAD A CUTE BUB LIKE BABY OMEGA. I feel like they would be best friends for sure. 

When my friend went travelling she found out her sister was pregnant and bought the baby a little sheep toy to have when he got back. While we were away she used to take photos of it in different places and doing different things so when the baby was bigger she could show it all the photos. Ken would totally do that, like take photos of this little toy all over japan and the world doing crazy things and then send them and be like “LOOK AT THE ADVENTURE HES BEEN ON” and tell him all the stories about what happened.

anonymous asked:

Ok but if you and cal ever got in a fight over his “lack of affection” towards you I’d feel like he’d get so angry and yell something along the lines of, “I’ve never felt this way about anyone before and I don’t know how to say it or express it! I’m trying but don’t you dare say that I don’t care about us!”

Shdndbdjdh it’d be a reoccurring fight if he dated me bc I just wouldn’t cope with the lack of affection, I’ve done it my whole life and I hate it. No one gives me the affection I crave and it sucks so my other half has to give that to me otherwise idk if I can be with them. That’s why Luke’s perfect bc he’s as needy as I am

I know this has been said countless times before, but i will NEVER stop finding it hilariously fucked up that Disney allowed all of this on Gravity Falls:

  • Taxidermied animal heads chanting “ANCIENT SINS, ANCIENT SINS” with blood coming out of their eyes and mouths
  • Several risque political jokes
  • A man marrying a woodpecker and trying to sustain an actual relationship with it
  • Mentions of swearing and profanity (and somehow got away with ALMOST saying “son of a bitch” in a context that the kids watching it would understand)
  • Mentioning suicide, as in, they explicitly used the word “suicide”. How the fuck???
  • A LOT of overly detailed body horror that could give anyone nightmares

But a spin-the-bottle reference? A quick scene of 2 old women in love? A character NOT putting on the seatbelt in a car??? All of that got censored.


And Jaspers never break their promises! 💖