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What is your absolute favourite Johnlock moment in a fanfiction ?

That particular moment when the realization hits them and both of them are like.. “I think I will fuck him into oblivion and also I wanna make him breakfast and kiss his forehead and I am pretty sure I can die for him…Well damn…kick my dick I’m in love.”

I can read a thousand variations of the moment they helplessly fall in love and I will never get tired.

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im pretty much in love with tswift's songwriting lol what are your all time favorite songs by her?

hi, best question of the day. red is my favorite (AND HER BEST!) album, so most of my favorite songs from there. also, lbr, most of her singles are GARBAGE compared to the rest of the album

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All Too Well is peak Taylor Swift. I never get tired of it. The longing angst, the imagery (YOU ALMOST RAN THE RED BECAUSE YOU WERE LOOKIN’ OVER AT ME) the build up to THAT BRIDGE. Like, just kill me. I need an All Too Well on the next album or my emotional soul will die.


number one on the underrated t swift songs list, jesus. again, IMAGERY, and the end! my heart.


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again, the bridge brings this masterpiece together:







fuck i am still so disappointed that this video was not the kind of lonely, sexy highway roadtrip i had in my mind instead of the weird transition images and lightning we got THE IDEA FIT BETTER WITH WILDEST DREAMS, TAYLOR


This song basically illustrates Taylor’s whole instalove scheme but, fuck, it’s so good on the “i’m 27 and i wanna wear a poofy princess dress and dance around my room because LOVE IS GREAT AND I HAVE FEELINGS!” level. 

Honorable mentions: 


it’s so sweetly savage hahaha fuck you and your hurt feelings, mayer


i love this one more every time i listen to it. she should’ve kicked welcome to new york off 1989 for this greatness instead. 


fuck you, it doesn’t matter if tswift only writes about constantly being smited by love, but HERE’S A GREAT EXAMPLE OF ONE THAT’S NOT ABOUT LOVE!


“Come on doll.” Steve says after tucking the last of the things he claims you’re going to need for your date into the bag on the side of his bike. “You gotta wear the helmet.”
“But Steve. I can fly. I don’t really need a helmet if I’m not going to hit the ground.”
“What if you’re unconscious?” He challenges, holding the helmet out to you.
“I’ll wear one if you wear one.” You compromise, folding your arms across your chest.
“Deal.” He laughs before pressing a quick kiss to your lips. He then puts the helmet on your head and you pull the strap on before climbing on behind him. You never get tired of this. Of wrapping your arms around him, as he controls the monster of a bike he rides, the road gliding underneath you. He tugs his own helmet on then eases the bike out of the garage and onto the gravel driveway.
It’s once you’re off the gravel that he really gets going. The only thing you can compare it to is flying. But when you fly you don’t usually get to have your arms wrapped around Steve.
He takes you further upstate. Away from the city and toward Lake Ontario. It’s all trees and grass with large houses dotted in between. You’ve always loved this drive, you snuggle your cheek into Steve’s shoulder and he pulls a hand from the handlebars to rest on yours for a second. He gives it a gentle squeeze before returning it to the handlebar, then pushes the bike faster laughing when you scream in excitement.
It’s nearly dusk when he pulls the bike to a stop at the base of a small hill. There hasn’t been anything around for miles and you’re more than a little curious. Steve doesn’t say anything, he just pulls two bags off of the bike. You take one and he takes your hand.
“Ready for a little hike doll?”
“You sure you don’t want me to fly us up there?”
“What? You not up for a little hike?”
“It’s not that, it’s just so much faster for me to fly us.” You’re less then halfway up the hill by now, but it’s nice walking with him.
“I like spending time with you.” Steve says glancing at you from under his lashes.
“I like spending time with you too but I’m famished.” You slump your shoulders and drag your feet causing Steve to laugh softly.
“Do I need to carry you doll?”
“Are you just trying to cop a feel?” You tease him and he grins over at you.
“Do I need an excuse?”
“I mean not really, no.” You admit as the two of you reach the top of the empty hill.
“We’re going to have to work fast.” Steve tells you as he starts pulling things out of his bag. The first is a a tent, and somehow a giant sleeping bag. Then comes matches and newspaper. In your bag you find a pot, a bag with noodles, chicken, carrots, and several spices to make soup. You’ve also got two jugs of water and toilet paper in your bag.
“Do you want me to do the fire or the tent?”
“Fire. I’ll get the tent up.” You nod at him then get started on the fire. Adding the pot and some water once it’s ready. Steve joins you in front of the fire after the tent is up. He wraps an arm around your waist as the two of you sit and wait for dinner to be done. You pass the time with idle conversation. It’s the thing that first drew you to Steve, your ability to talk about everything and anything with him.
You eat by the light of the fire, then hang out, curled into his side staring up at the stars.
“I love you.” Steve says softly pressing a kiss to your temple.
“I love you too.”
“Then marry me.”
“Wait what?” You turn to him and find him holding a ring in his hand, a single diamond on a twisted band. “You’re serious?”
“Of course I am.” You press a kiss to his lips, your tongue sliding past his lips. He pulls away. “Does that mean yes?”
“Oh, right. Yes. Hell yes.” He laughs then slides the ring on your finger before kissing you again.

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Who has the most different aura live/irl, compared to how they seem on camera? I'm sorry for asking, i'm just really curious and envy you for being able to go to their concert TT

I can’t speak for every live stage they’ve performed but for me today it was hoseok. I know he & the members always say that he’s the “hope” of the group and always sets a lively mood but I never fully understood it until I felt it? I heard some of the members were getting sick and to me seemed a little tired ;;;; but hobi’s aura carried the energy the entire night, he is so genuinely happy and positive and vibrant ✨✨✨ so I know I didn’t really answer your question, more like confirmed what was already said lol (bc the other members were pretty true to themselves! they are such sweet genuine souls~)

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I am kind of afraid that I'll never love anyone. Im just scard of love in general. That I will like this one person for some time and then I will get bored of them. I have never been in a relationship (im in a religious family and you know, sex after wedding and stuff, also i am asexual) and I feel pretty scared about love and dating. also I am scared that I will never love anyone like I love fictional characters pfft

oh wow i can relate to that a lot bc i felt the exact same way before i met ray!! its weird bc u cant imagine loving someone but its possible, u just gotta meet the right person, and if u really found the right person u wont get tired/bored of them. dont stress too much abt that stuff, just let it happen

I hope that I see the world as you did, ‘cause I know a life with
love is a life that's been lived. So I'll sing, Hallelujah, you were
an angel in the shape of my mum. When I fell down you'd be there
holding me up. You got to see the person I have become. Spread your
wings and I know that when God took you back, he said, Hallelujah,
you're home”.

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Fuck me sideways I'm tired

Last night our dog started barking. Our dog NEVER barks unless he trees a Coon. He’s a really old dog so he never does anymore.

Last night he started and he would not stop and I was so tired and I was up all night Wed so I forced my lover to get up and deal with it. Apparently it was some sort of albino type raccoon and now he/she has gone to heaven or wherever they go and I’m super sad. I didn’t actually get out of bed to see it but I’m still super sad.

My lover has a lot of guns but he’s not a hunter really, he’s a good shot but he is a hopeless animal lover and would literally deal with anything I brought home. Come on, you know how many cats we have, right? We should just claim sanctuary status and start a go fund me for vet bills lol.

I want to have a big camp out star party and have our fav local band come play. His brother retires in June and his sister in law wants to plan a party so now I have an excuse because that’s just the kind of party he would approve of….

I don’t care if it’s 10 am. I don’t care if people get mad at what I’m about to say either.

Y'all ugly asses on @ringsideconfessions always posting dumb ass shit. This takes the fucking cake. Y'all really posted this, with a Roman PSD in the background of a WACK ass confession saying the only thing that could help Roman is a serious injury? A SERIOUS INJURY? Let me tell y'all weak hoes who hide behind a confessions blog to post your hate something.

No matter what you may think could “help” Roman’s career like you are vince or something, you never wish injury on anyone. Roman does nothing but do his job and yet y'all always got some slick shit to say outta your mouth about him. This was a disgusting confession, and I’m seriously going to do everything in my power to get this wack ass blog taken down. I’m tired of y'all making lame ass confessions about these superstars who put their bodies on the line at ppvs, on tv, and live events to entertain us only for you to be anonymous dick head. Fuck that, and fuck this confession.

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re: your ask to @wednesdayshambles: please tell us, *in detail*, how it would come to the point where she would have to make that choice.

Well cruxy, I thought you’d never ask……

So basically Hitler and Fidel brag to eachother in the afterlife and argue about all of their conquest and who was the now supreme ruler. Everytime Hitler would go on a rant Fidel would quickly get the upper hand by mentioning that he was so powerful he could have any women at any time. Finally Hitler got tired of hearing about one of his promiscuous stories and bet him 43 cents that he could not force a women to sleep with the both of them. The two most evil men in history. Fidel laughed at this and quickly grabbed one of his burner phones in order to Google woman. He typed in “kind” and “woman” and a certain Sarah popped up on Tumblr. He showed Hitler the phone and was quickly met with a short laugh.
Nein! No way Fidel! She would never!
So Fidel read through all of her work and found a certain theme around her kindness. One especially involving kids and animals. So he asked the leader of the underworld to allow him access to a New York City alley for 1 hour for him to collect abandoned kittens. After the collection he approached Sarah in a ghostly form and offered her the kittens in exchange for sexual healing. She quickly gave him the cold shoulder and he retreated. Weeks went by of back and forth dialogue and finally Hitler had the answer.
“I have never had threesome myself Fidel. But I do know of evil things. We shall take ze kittens and hold their fragile bodies over ze loo and threaten to hold them yet until every oxygen bubble has popped! She will be ours before a single kitten is damaged.”

And so it happened. That’s how she bangs the two worst men in history.

i’m tired of everything. i’m tired of *~society~* and i don’t care if. that makes me sound like a. fake deep person who can’t face their own. problems and inspires ppl to vagueblog about *~ppl who blame everything on capitalism. im tired of how isolated everyone is, im tired of hyper-individualism, im tired of feeling no connection to other humans and how prioritizing interpersonal connections over personal achievement is seen as weird and unhealthy. im sad that i never got to do anything Fun as a Teen because everyone’s entire life was studying for APs and getting into college and wanting to do normal teenage things and have adventures was looked at as lazy evil dumb slut behavior. i’m tired of the fact that whenever i DO attempt to make an emotional human connection with anyone who happens to be a dude im reminded of the fact that men all think any woman talking to them is Girl #3. im tired of everything being unbelievably boring. i want to connect with people and have adventures and for everything to not be unbelievably fucking lame and boring anymore. i don’t get why i have to pathologize the fact that i just want my life to be fucking decent and not “lmao netflix n pizza”. i want to get drunk and make out with a frat boy and not the internalized judgement of all the fucking nerds i know i want to stop trying to guess the “relatable” thing to say when im talking to ppl bc i don’t want to alienate them, i want to build something. i want to do a heist. i want to die. 

my onion on the whole r/ayman 2 vs. r/ayman 3 thing?? its very hard bc R2 (ie revolution) has a lot of sentimental value to me bc it was literally the first r/ayman game i ever played and also the first PS2 game i ever played so u could imagine how much it means to me, but like.. r/ayman 3 is so much fun dude… and i literally never get tired of replaying it

And clouds full of fear
And storms full of sorrow
That won’t disappear
Just typhoons and monsoons
This impossible year

Have some slow dance-melancholic Zutara I made while listening to this song on repeat