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so im trying to spread some positivity, do you have friends who are talented people? could be in anything, art/music/writing/just being kind to people? i thought it might be nice for them to see how much you appreciate them!

o h h h boy i do. i do. get ready because My Friends Are All Talented As Fuck and im fucking here to yell about it (thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so, especially at 3am) 

let’s start! i probably will forget people but yes. 

@officialpatternsep kimberley? amazing writer. honestly hir joetrick fic is one of the best things ive ever read and i will never stop promoting it because it’s so good. also incredibly kind and Great Friend

@i-see-ed joshua is obsessed with dogs and harry potter. @pup-dogs is his (…quite inactive but no less passionate) dog sideblog and @fantasticfred is his harry potter one. he’s real funny and teaches us stuff in danish (ben) 

@falloutbutch jazz? poet. amazing poet, been dragging her into a place she doesn’t want to be (or does she) so perhaps look forward to original content (im not gonna say more bc i dont wanna push her into a corner here hmm) oh yeah her poetry made me cry. good job jazz. 

@officialmexicanfuneral john writes damn good too and her ryden crime au hit me right where it hurts. also great singer + uke player?? god bless

@dayxdreamxng is one of the most interesting & eloquent people i’ve ever met. she’s very witty and funny, writes beautiful poetry and has the gift of being incredibly observant 

@sannysky alex is an amazing poet, an amazing writer. honestly, i never get enough of their words and ideas and its just HhhhhHHhh they know where to hit for the Feelings to Flow. i always love to discuss writing with them and they give the best feedback and constructive criticism. also we like to drag each other into our respective ships

@giveemhelkid eli is incredibly kind and funny and A Great Feedback Giver, a great edit maker??? i still have the hometown edit u made for my birthday last year saved binch i love u 

@notconsolation do i really need to uhhh explain why im mentioning hannah in this?? shes one of the most versatile and creative people ive ever met. her covers and her writing as well as her art are incredible and y’all are missin’ out if you’re not checkin it out

@meowgraine is amazingly kind and puts a smile on my face whenever she interacts with me in any way and i just hhh

@stillstreetjoshua laura makes the most beautiful moodboards and shes honestly just a ray of sunshine that we’re all blessed to have in our lives?? sO MUCH LOVE

@joshdunverified posts the best quality pictures and provides us with The Most Good Joshua William Dun content and shes also so nice and we cry together over boys like pete and heath ledger

@drawingvoices is,,,, such a good writer. honestly. want some good fic? click that fuckin thing. do it. theyre also so KiND and i hope to meet them to hug them someday. that reminds me that iwanna hug all of my goddamned mutuals ok i love u all

@servecobwebheadaches you certainly know isabelle. the Ryden Fic Master.  always down to exchange painful hcs. its Good. lov isabelle.

@buttercupross hannah is Also A Really great writer  and is also?? so good at art??? honestly wtf?? fucking human goals

okay thats all the beautiful people i can think of from the top of my head at almost half past three am i love yall

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hi darlin!! i absolutely love your writing!! its always written with dedication and i adore it! i have a hc where richie's water always gets turned off at his house bc no one pays the bill?? (bear w me) so! he usually asks stan or bill to use their showers during the week and it just. becomes a regular thing where richie will come over to their houses with clean clothes to get washed. just a Thot???

thank you!! i’m digging this prompt?? i hope it’s gucci if i do hcs this time around!

and um imma do stenbroughzier and this is gonna be kinda short i’m sorry :/

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“Sometimes when I tell strangers I’m Cherokee they ask,”How much are you?” They’re not asking if I know myself as a Cherokee and if I am considered by other Cherokees as Cherokee. That would be a valid, though invasive, question. Instead, they’re asking, “What percentage of ‘Indian blood’ do you have?” This question implies that the degree to which one is Cherokee is defined by racial purity. By this logic, the higher percentage of “ Indian blood” you have, the more cherokee you would be. It’s a racist question because it implies that Cherokees are defined by race, not by culture. People tend to forget that “race” is a concept created by cultures. The concept of race continues to have power only because we continue to believe in it. Funny thing is, in all my life I’ve never been asked by another Cherokee, “How much are you?” Instead, the questions are: “Where do you come from?” “Who are your people ?” “Who’s your mother?” They are questions of beginnings and continuities, kin and relationships.”

— Christopher B. Teuton, from “Cherokee Stories of the Turtle Island Liars’ Club”

not 2 be cheesy and dumb or anything but i love ppl so much ?? i love how everyone is different and how every thinks , feels and acts differently ? i think its so wonderful and so beautiful how literally nobody’s the same !???? we all have different experiences and stuff ??? and its so cute 2 think abt ?? like people get excited over things and ppl think and love abt stuff too ?? its just a wonderful feeling knowing that there are millions and millions of ppl out there all living their own lives , doing their own things !! and my favorite thing abt people is how everyone looks different , u can never forget a face !! and all faces are so unique and special and beautiful !! everyone is different and special and THATS SO FUCNKING ??? COOL AND CUTE AND IDK I JUST LOVE THINKING ABT PPL BC THEYRE SO SWEET

voltron senior quotes

allura: i truly believe we can all change the world. if some people just shut up and never speak, together we can all make this world a beautiful place

shiro: every day in algebra i’d eat a bagel. over my entire high school career i must’ve eaten- oh jeez, 2000 bagels

pidge: if idiots could fly, this place would’ve been an airport

hunk: i love everybody and support all of you! follow your dreams! except you greg from 8th grade math class you can rot in hell 

coran: i’ll never forget when a student threw a basketball at my head and i blacked out. those 2 minutes of unconscious bliss are my happiest memories as a teacher

matt: you guys used to make fun of me for being a nerd but my grades this year spelled AC/DC. could a nerd do that? 

keith: people always used to ask me, is it ‘ko-GAYNE’ or ‘koga-NAY’ and i always used to say the same thing: how dare you speak to me

lance: i’m proud to say nobody cried harder during gym than me

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Compared to other subjects, math is sometimes very daunting because most of the content isn’t memorization, it’s understanding and applying

Figure out what type of learner you are: this sometimes doesn’t seem very important, especially for math, but it’ll really help with understanding concepts. There are 4 types of learners: auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and reading/writing. Focus your studying efforts on you type of learning and it will really help with the level of ease that you learn and study with

In class

Pay attention: should go without saying, but there’s really no way to learn easily if you don’t pay attention the first time the material is being taught to you. Engage yourself in class by asking questions and taking good notes. If your teacher allows it, recording your lessons can be helpful for auditory learners.

Take good notes: one of the best ways to engage yourself in class is to take good notes. In math you will always want to write in pencil (seriously, don’t do math in pen-whenever I try it takes 4 years off of my life). Trying to do your math notes in pen in class will just make it so much harder for you. Also, make sure to write down any practice problems your teacher does. Write out step by step instructions for the first few problems if you think you’ll forget the process.

At home

Make sure you understand: not understanding mathematical concepts is deadly, especially in higher level math classes. It’s not enough to be able to plug in numbers when told exactly how to do it, but you need to understand how you got to the solution. Learning this can be tricky, so you might need to go to a teacher or a tutor or a friend if you really can’t grasp it.

  • Memorize what you need to: this means formulas, proofs, laws, anything that you just need to know.
  • Make review sheets: I find doing this so helpful in understanding concepts. I just make a quick outline of the section with a brief rundown of how to solve each type of problem. I like to do this while looking at my textbook, but making review sheets from memory is a really great way to study. These can be as in depth as basically redoing your notes or as basic as something you jot down quickly on a notecard.

How to study: studying for math is actually not that hard compared to other subjects. To study, all you need to do is do practice problems (a lot of them). Your textbook probably provides a lot of extra problems (and hopefully a key with the answers) for you. Once you understand the concepts this is the only really useful way to study.

  • Note what you got wrong: after you’ve done some practice problems, write down every single thing you did wrong and why. It might seem like overkill but not only does it prevent you from making the same mistakes, it helps you understand why you made them. The goal is to have all the previous mistakes you made eliminated when you do more problems.

Study a little bit every day: this is the holy grail of math tips!!! Studying a little bit every day will relieve so much stress off your shoulders when it’s the day before a test and you don’t even know what it’s on. Do 15 minutes of problems a day and you will be so much stronger in math, I can almost guarantee. (This 15 minutes can be time spent doing math homework, you don’t always have to do extra!)

  • Keep practicing topics even after you move on: this is actually something I never do and I regret it every! single! time! The worst case scenario is that you completely forget something that you’ve learned before, which is decidedly not a good thing. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you by not stopping practicing something after you move on. because trust me: in math, nothing ever goes away for good.

Some more stuff

Know how to use your calculator: graphing calculators are truly a lifesaver. and knowing how to properly and efficiently use them will save so much time and stress. From not knowing how to do trig functions to incorrectly putting in scientific notation, not using a calculator correctly can also be a huge pain. Thant’s why it’s super important to know how to use it when you need to.

Look at online resources: if you don’t understand your teacher or you just need a bit of extra help quickly, looking online is your best bet. Some great math websites and apps are:

  • khan academy
  • ixl
  • art of problem solving
  • mit opencourseware:

Ask for help if you need it: going to your teacher for one-on-one help can be really helpful if you’re struggling. Tutors as well can be really beneficial when you’re having trouble. There’s no shame in having a tutor or getting extra help; do what you have to do to get the grade you want

Watch how he treats waiters and speaks to his sister and acts when you win your third round of spit. Does he untangle Christmas lights with care? Fuck this. Hold that. Make sure you listen. When you’re late –overtired and dead in the eyes– watch him. Does he draw you close and talk you into slow dancing around your shoebox bedroom? Tell him a joke and wait for his lungs to bleed laughter. If they don’t, you should leave. Or stay and watch him cook dinner and fold laundry. Flip pancakes. Touch your underwear and sigh. Oh! Kids and dogs, too. Puppies, preferably. These are good indicators. Does he dip low to greet them? Small things might scare him, and if they do, you should leave. Or don’t. Or tiptoe around him until the tension erupts. Storm Warning. Code Red. Listen to him sing in the shower. Billy Joel. Elton John. Elvis, but only around Christmas time. Forgive, but don’t forget. And fuck. All the time. Don’t ever call it making love. That's idiotic, and you know it. Do it in your childhood bed after your parents fall asleep. Just once and only for the adrenalin. A quickie. A never have I ever completed. Afterwards, tell him about the time you lost your virginity to James Nelson in the backseat of his mom’s mini van. Tell him you think you were too young, but mean you wish you could take it back, and let him see you bare for a moment.  Let him kiss you hard like he’s trying to tell you something, but don’t make any assumptions. He could be too drunk, after all. He’s always too drunk. Have the kids talk, the marriage talk, the my side of the bed talk. If you survive all of this, you should stay. Unless you say, “We need to talk,” and he squirms. This is cruel, but ultimately effective. Or maybe try, “I love you.” This, I warn you, is even crueler. When he says it back, ask why, and listen as he hands you pebble after pebble of ego. Don’t be fooled. You can still leave. That’s still an option. Clothes thrown haphazardly into a suitcase- his or yours, you honestly can’t remember. You say you want more, and he asks of what. It’s ok not to know, but even if you do know, don’t you dare clue him in. For once in your life play hard to get. Watch him watch you half-way through the threshold of something brand new. Does he cry? Not now, necessarily, just ever. If he didn’t cry when you watched The Titanic, you should leave. Unless he’s crying now. Which he is. Holy shit. Unpack your bag slowly, sock by sock, and let yourself wonder if you’re making the right decision. Let your heart break a little for the other side of the coin. Does he care about people? Not just you, but people. Humanity. Peace on earth. But then, okay, does he care about you? Enough, I mean. Does he care about you enough? He’s here now, and he says your name like a prayer, like a curse, like a thing he thought he’d lost in the fire. And then he’s mad as hell. Wait for him to clench his fists and practice patience. Push his buttons if you like, but don’t expect him to play nice. Sleep on the couch, just for a night, and hold on tight when he carries you back to your bed, his bed,  in the middle of the night. Don’t bring it up in the morning. He’ll just blame it on your sleepwalking, and that’ll spark another fight about nothing. And by nothing I mean everything. Watch him pour your coffee a week later and add two sugars and a cream, just how you like it. Does he still pray under his breath right before bed? Listen to the way he says, “Amen,” and compare it to the way he traces your brow when he thinks you’re still asleep. He’s too proud to act that way in front of his parents. Or anyone else, for that matter. Look through his drawers, top to bottom, and swallow the thrill that arises when you find the crumpled love note you once left on his desk at the job that he quit last year. Remember the way he used to call you darling. Mourn for a moment, only a moment, the way he used to be. And watch him that night, stroking the cat you couldn’t leave at the shelter, and let yourself wonder what life might be like without him. If the answer scares you or excites you or makes you tuck your feet up under your legs, stop. Breathe. He’s staring at you, waiting for answers. Scoot a little closer. You know what to do.
—  on falling in love and falling apart 
Angry Astrology

*use Mars, Sun, and Moon 

Aries: If you have made this sign mad, you probably did not have to try very hard (probably just made one mad by saying that). This sign will do one or both of these two things when angry, yell or punch. Aries is a fire sign, so their anger is very quick with a tiny fuse. Being a Cardinal sign, their expression of anger is often a want for change. Combine these two together, and you have the very expression of red-faced anger.

Taurus: Another sign that is not very difficult to get mad. Taurus, however, will not act as directly as Aries will. Taurus is the epitome of stubbornness, so they will hold a grudge and form bitterness. You will miss out on the love that Taurus is capable of giving, so you will eventually feel worthless over time because you know that you have wronged them in some way. If Taurus is the one who messed up, they will eventually apologize, just give them about six months and twenty-seven gifts. Just kidding, but really. 

Gemini: Oh, shit. You fucked over a Gemini. First of all, they will try to laugh it off. If that is not their first reaction, run like Hell. A Gemini may not fight (but who the hell knows with this fuckers), but they will certainly use their connection with Mercury to berate and belittle you. They will likely bring you to tears and feel no remorse. This sign is also likely to blackmail you. Even if you straighten things out, they will never forget about how you hurt them.

Cancer: I would say their first reaction would be to cry, but it really depends on what kind of relationship you have with them. If you do not have a close relationship, they will be the most cold-hearted bitch you have ever met. Like Aries, they will likely want to get physical. They are ruled by the moon, so their expression of anger can be purely from how they feel, and if they are mad, you’re pretty fucked, I’d say. If you are close to them, they will try to keep off their anger, but once you have crossed that threshold, they will victimize to a point where you are nothing but the bad guy in the whole situation.

Leo: Oh, boo-hoo, you hurt their ego. They will get over it, but their anger will stem from their very weak self-expression. They will see you as a personal attacker, and they will defend themselves in any way possible. This sign can often become vindictive and is known to fight dirty. I have known some Leos to use their “Mr(s). Popularity” to turn people against the person who harmed the Leo. Being a fixed sign, it may take them a bit, but they will get over it.

Virgo: PETTYYYY BITCH. Virgo is the zodiac’s very own perfectionist. Nobody can do it better than them. A Virgo will not stoop down and fight dirty; no, they will do much worse. They will maintain their perfect status and bitch you out in every possible way. Every argument against them is flawed, and they will poke holes in those flaws. Virgo will develop the best argument against you, and when all is said and done, you will admit that you are wrong because you stand in the presence of sheer perfection.

Libra: Oh my dear Jesus have mercy God, you done fucked up, haven’t you? We all know that Libra is the sign of love, beauty, balance, harmony, sugar, rainbows, etc. However, if you have made a Libra mad, you have truly fucked up, and you deserve it. Libra serves justice, being the scales of law. The Libra will begin with the cold shoulder, then, when you least expect it, the exalting Saturn nature of Libra will serve justice. Every bad thing you have done, Libra will remind you about. Being an air sign, Libra’s anger is very powerful and forceful, but not explosive like fire. Libra will take and take and take, and when they finally lose balance, all hell will break loose. Libra is not one to hold a grudge, but if you have pissed them off enough, you may as well kiss every good thing goodbye. 

Scorpio: This is the scariest sign to see truly angry. Pluto and Mars rule this sign, so we have the abyss of the unknown but the pulsing energy of mars as well. Scorpio will, like Cancer, victimize themselves. Secondly, like Gemini, they will pull out all their receipts on you so they can blackmail you. Their anger is so intense that you can feel it radiating from them. If you happen to earn their trust and forgiveness again, you know that their heart belongs to you.

Sagittarius: Okay, this sign can go a lot of different ways, one way is that they will laugh their ass off at your stupidity. You have pissed them off, so prepare to pay the consequences. Their fiery nature will want to fight you. If you get into an argument with them, you will likely lose, so don’t bother trying unless you’re a Virgo. Once they get over it, they will never bring it up again, and honestly, your fights and arguments may bring you two closer together. Now, when they totally ghost you, you may never see them again.

Capricorn: Oh dear, this is not going to be pretty, so prepare yourself for the absolute heartlessness of an infuriated Capricorn. This is kinda the feeling you get when you were a little kid and your parents were upset with you. First of all, the Capricorn will remind you about how disappointed they are in you. Secondly, they will begin this condescending rant about your childishness. Lastly, like Leo, they will try to turn the masses against you. They will not admit they are wrong, and like Libra, they are a pretty chill sign, so if you have angered them, you have truly fucked up.

Aquarius: This sign will start off by hurting your pride in every way possible. Aquarius is about social balance, so they need to bring down their mighty enemy. It is possible that this sign will go out of their way to find things to be mad at people about, so you shouldn’t get super defensive when they come at you with something. However, this is not to say it won’t hurt like hell when they attack you. They will remind you how dumb you are for attacking them, and how “you will be sorry.’ Just get over it yourself, and they will.

Pisces: Okay, first of all, you bitch. Pisces are some of the sweetest people I have met, and if you pissed them off, you probably deserve what is coming to you. They will cry and victimize themselves, probably rightly so. Now, for the scary part, they will leave you feeling completely alone. Every form of anger of every sign falls deep into the soul of Pisces. Good luck earning their favor back!

READY FOR IT: I’m here to tell my story. I’m ready.

END GAME: I’m putting an end to your stupid stories.

I DID SOMETHING BAD: I admit it, I did.

DON’T BLAME ME: You gave me no choice.

DELICATE: I’ve never been so vulnerable before.

LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO: Did I mention you gave me no choice?!

SO IT GOES: The media will continue to speculate.

GORGEOUS: I met someone.

GETAWAY CAR: Run before they ruin it.

KING OF MY HEART: I can’t stop thinking about you.

DANCING WITH OUR HANDS TIED: Self doubt. Will this work?

DRESS: A night we will never forget.

THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS: The media, this is for you.

CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT: I’m happy with what I’ve got.

NEW YEARS DAY: The past is the past.

It Ain’t Me: Part 10(II) |Last part|

Jungkook x Reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Words: 2.4 K

Genre: Angst

Part 10(I)

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Jungkook was ready. Thirty minutes had already passed since you had hung up and his house was as neat as it could be. The bed sheets were neatly plastered on the bed with minimal creases. The glass door facing the city was spotless and glistening with the orbs of lights emitting from the skyscrapers.  The wine was ready in cabinet but he daren’t take it out yet. He didn’t want to seem too at ease with the situation, which he really wasn’t, but if it came to that, he was ready to please you with some of your favorite wine. Double-checking everything for the 20th time, he nervously looked at the clock. 9:30 pm. You should be here anytime.

As if it was a rehearsed play, his doorbell came to life. His heart almost leapt right out of his chest but he steadied himself speed walked to his front door, opening it with more haste than he intended, to find you standing in a black dress and a thin overcoat clearly not meant for the kind of chilly winds gracing the city from past few nights. You were paler than he remembered and slightly thinner.  You were frowning, and your lips were in pursed in a tight line.

You cleared your throat, clearly unnerved by his shameless ogling.

But he couldn’t help himself, you looked as beautiful as the first day he had seen you. Just as ethereal.

“May I come in?” You finally spoke up.

The formality in your words cut through his heart like a knife. He swallowed and forced a smile on his face.

“Of course you can.” He moved back, giving you space to enter and you did. You avoided his eyes and walked right past him into his living room. Jungkook tried not to show the hurt on his face when you didn’t even glance at his bedroom. He wasn’t sure if he was successful.

He followed you into the living room and took a seat on the modest sofa chair beside you. This was making him nervous. You were making him nervous. He stuttered when he spoke next. “W-would you like some wine? I have your favorite-“


Was it possible to hear one’s name and go into cardiac arrest? Jungkook wondered as he struggled hard to keep the smile on his face. He certainly hoped not.


“I forgive you.”

His eyes grew wide. You forgive him? This was too different from what he had expected, too different from how things had played out in his mind.

“…but?” He prompted you.

“But…I cannot be with you.” You finished.

You saw the hope dissipate from his face and desperation set in. Forgetting the awkward tension between the two of you, in a second Jungkook engulfed your hands in his own.

“___, One chance. That’s it. That’s all I’m asking for. Never again will I do something so stupid. Please…just give me one chance.” He cracked.

You felt your eyes starting to water at his words. It was tough for you too, to finally accept your own words, to think beyond only the good memories and stand face to face with the unbiased reality of your relationship with Jungkook.

“Listen to me carefully Jungkook.” You freed your hands from his grip and held his face in your hands with tearful eyes. Whatever the outcome, you had to stand your ground. You had accepted the reality and you wanted to show it to Jungkook. You carefully ran your eyes over his face. His chocolate brown eyes fixed on your every word brimming with tears that his stubborn ass won’t allow to drop down, his messy and yet perfect hair that you’re always curious about because goddamn his hair was so soft, his quivering lips that you knew tasted like heaven. You swallowed the lump building in your throat and closed your eyes for a long second. You sigh when you opened them next.

“This is tough for me too. You…you mean a lot more to me than just a lover. You’re my friend. And-“ You released a frustrated sigh and continued. “And I love you in so many ways. But I can’t be with you without hurting myself.” Jungkook opened his mouth to say something but shook your head, pleading him to let you finish. “It’s the trust that’s missing Jungkook. It’s not just you. Maybe it’s the both of us, maybe you could have believed me and maybe I could have tried harder. There’s so many things that could have happened but things proceeded the way they did and” A tear left escaped and then two. You ran your hand over his hair and he leaned into your touch. “And maybe it was for the better.” A strangled cry left Jungkook’s mouth and your heart broke at the sound but you continued, pulling him closer until his head was on your chest and your arms around him tight.

“Shh, it’s okay. This needs to be done.” You said softly because if you attempted to make your voice any stronger you knew you would cry. “ Maybe we need to know each other a lot more than we believe we do. We need to meet as new people again….as strangers.”

Jungkook removed his face from your chest but he didn’t look up. He was holding your hands around his neck and looking down at his lap. His shaky breaths told you that he was crying still. It felt like an eternity before he spoke next.

“How will I ever forgive myself for this ___? For hurting you? For breaking us apart?”

You found your voice again and with a sad smile of your own you said-

“Because I have already chosen to forgive you.”

Your heels clicked nastily on the scratchy surface as you struggled to drag your suitcases across the road.  A rash driver barely missed you by an inch. You swore under your breath when you twisted your foot and took a silent pledge to lead a protest against the terrible airport drivers who clearly paid no mind to the lives of the people crossing the road. Taking a deep breath, you collected yourself but just when you were about to move forward, a hand swiftly crossed your inattentive form and took your bag from you. To say you were freaked would be an understatement. In fact, you were pretty sure your scream had reached the spaceships on Mars.

“Yoongi! What the hell?” You said through grinded teeth while your hand moved to soothe your erratically beating heart.

Yoongi flashed his gummy smile and shrugged. “You looked like you were struggling, so I helped.”

“By scaring me half to death?” You hissed.

“You should’ve seen your face.” He snickered and you rolled your eyes, speed walking towards the café settled on your right when you entered through the crystal doors of the airport. Yoongi caught up and took your suitcase from you. You gave him a thankful salute as you entered the café.

“So,” You began, taking a seat across Yoongi on one of the corner tables. “I reckon there must be something incredibly important for you to have insisted on meeting me before my flight?”

“Of course.” Yoongi said, his face getting serious.

“Great. This better be good. I’m sitting here 3 hours before my departure time.”

“Of course it is.” Yoongi replied sipping on water.

“Hmm, so tell me. What is it?”

Yoongi leaned forward, more serious than you had ever seen him. His hand snaked across the table towards your hand and settled above it. A look of passion covered his eyes. You were silent, waiting for him to begin. This must be a lot more serious than you expected.

“What’s up?”

For a second, your mind went blank. Then confusion spread.

“What?” you said skeptically.

“What’s up? How’ve you been?” An innocent smile covered the devil’s face.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?” You said unamusedly.

“No? Can a friend not even ask how you’ve been? Geez.” He smirked, clearly unaffected by your annoyed gaze.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. “My dearest FRIEND Min Yoongi, I happen to have a flight in…oh THREE HOURS, and I’m sitting here at 8 in the morning and all you want to ask me is ‘what’s up’ ?!”

“No. I’m here to say Goodbye.”

Your anger dissipated at the sudden change in his tone and this time you knew he wasn’t kidding. You faintly smiled as you called on the waiter to order your tea and Yoongi’s coffee.

“I’ll be back soon.” You pointed out, turning to Yoongi after giving your order.

“Yeah, a year qualifies as soon now does it?” He grumbled.

You smiled at his pout. Sometimes, your friend could really be a darling.

“It is. My colleagues are being posted out for 3 years you know. I’m getting out pretty early compared to that.” You sipped on your tea.

“Yeah, I know.” He sighed. “It’s okay, you deserve a break from…this place.”

A dull pain formed in your chest and your eyes grew slightly melancholic. “How is he?” You asked quietly.

“Well, you know, he’s faring. He’s laughing again. He speaks of you often.”

“Does he now?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Yep. He totally does.”

You smiled and sipped on your tea. It had been a month since you had parted ways officially. It was like your first break up all over again. The pain, the tears, the sorrow. The weight your break up being final this time was weighing you down. Only this time, you weren’t helpless. This time you weren’t craving closure. This time you weren’t regretting your choice. This time you weren’t waiting on anyone’s words. Yes, it was painful. But it was bearable.

“So you never told me what happened that day when you showed up at his house.” Yoongi pulled you back from your thoughts. You took another sip from your tea of green and a mixed emotion settled across your features. What had really happened huh…

“Because I have already chosen to forgive you.”

Silence stretched after you made your revelation, and all you and Jungkook could do was look into each other’s eyes. Then slowly, a smile began to form on Jungkook’s face and a twinkle appeared in his eyes.

“Thank you ____.” He said softly.

You returned his smile and gave him a nod.

“I know…” He began, pulling away from you and leaning back in his position. “I know this wasn’t easy decision to make for you too. I know I did some horrible, horrible things. But, maybe you are right. Maybe we need to meet again as strangers. Maybe one day…” His voice cracked and you felt the lump rise in your throat.

“Maybe one day, we can find each other again. Maybe one day, we’ll bump into each other at a party again. Maybe one day…I will run after you again.”

Your eyes couldn’t hold back the tears and they fell freely. This finality of the entire situation was a little scary but in one part of your chest, a load weighing you down started to diminish. And this time you smiled through your tears when you answered.

“Maybe we will.”

“Hello? ____? You okay?” You were drawn back from your thoughts with Yoongi’s deep voice once again. You blinked twice and focused on his puzzled expression.

“Uh,” You found your voice again. “Yeah…Yeah I’m good.”

Yoongi gave you a weird look and began speaking again.

“So…hey…I uh wanted to say that it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me and all that but you know um…apart from that, when you, uh, come back…that is…when you come back…you and me…can we uh…shit.”
You watched with eyes wide as Yoongi fiddled with his hands and tried to complete his sentence. Wait, was he sweating? Is Min badboy Yoongi nervous?

“Hey, Yoongi, are you okay?” You asked him, your voice full of concern.

Yoongi sighed and then took a deep breath. He looked up.

“Okay, I’m gonna say this quick so listen carefully. When you come back for a break this winter, can you and I go somewhere….like to an amusement park or something? I mean, wherever you want to go of course. I’m not forcing you and I know what-“

You laughter stopped him in midst of his wreck of a sentence.

“Hold on, I gotta record this. Min Yoongi asking me on a date.”

Yoongi blushed so hard, you were sure he could be considered a close relative of tomatoes at that second.

“You-..I-..No! Not a date! I-I just want to be better friends with you and know you better.”

“At an amusement park?” You teased him.

“I said wherever you want to go!” He blushed again.

You smiled mischievously and gave your hand across the table for him to take. He suspiciously took your hand and shook it.

“Sure, let’s hang around. I want to know you better too. You are the closest friend I have right now, believe it or not…” You smiled fondly. You knew Yoongi and you knew that this was an effort on his part. He considered you a friend and with Yoongi, your friendship had blossomed under odd circumstances, which meant that you did consider each other close but didn’t really know each other that well and this was Yoongi’s effort to know you better. Only, you knew he didn’t do this often and how awkward he must feeling, so of course…you had to tease him.

“But right now I’m really hungry, so treat me to some good pancakes. My wallet’s packed and locked inside. If you do this, I will let you take me out on a date, Mr. BadBoy.” You winked.

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “In your dreams, you pumpkin.”

Voices faded in the background as you and Yoongi bickered back and forth, and your mind wandered to the events of last two months. So much had happened. You had lost the love of your life, you had lost your best friend, you lost your backing but you also gained. You gained friends like Yoongi. You gained an understanding of your relationship and where you went wrong. You learnt to forgive. You learnt to let go. If someone asked you now whether you would choose not to take Jungkook up on that offer the time he ran after you, if you could, you would say no. You would do it all over again. You would take yourself back to the night you met Jungkook and do it all over again. Because maybe some day, you will meet again as strangers.

Maybe someday, he will chase after you again and you will spend the night drowned in beers and laughter.


a/n: I feel like I just married off my daughter. This marks the end of It Ain’t me. Thank for all your love!

Much love, 


reputation themed asks
  • …ready for it?: what sort of things do you dream about? do you have more dreams or nightmares?
  • end game: what is your philosophy on ‘forgive and forget’?
  • i did something bad: write about something you shouldn’t have done that you don’t regret.
  • don’t blame me: what is the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?
  • delicate: confess something that’s currently weighing on your heart/mind.
  • look what you made me do: describe a version of your past self. do you miss the way you used to be?
  • …so it goes: what emotion most often consumes you?
  • gorgeous: who is so attractive to you that it makes you mad?
  • getaway car: if you had to run away from your life, where would you go and who would you take with you?
  • king of my heart: who or what makes you feel at home?
  • dancing with our hands tied: talk about something/someone you’ve lost recently.
  • dress: when you want to look your best, what do you wear?
  • this is why we can’t have nice things: talk about the people who will always have your back.
  • call it what you want: who or what makes you feel instantly better when you’re feeling down?
  • new years day: describe a party you’ve been to and what made it so memorable.

october 28th, 2017. ♡

⭐ wishing a happy, happy birthday to nct’s most loved, cherished, and well taken care of member—our cutie winwin, dong sicheng! how dim and bleary would my life be if you weren’t in it, i wonder? my heart is so full of love for you sometimes i don’t know what to do! both inside and outside, you are so, so beautiful and so, so talented; i hope you’ll never forget or doubt that, not even for a second! whether it be then, now, or in the future, too, i hope you’ll always be safe and healthy, and live happily while doing the things you love. i truly do love you so much, happy birthday! #HappyWinwinDay ⭐

Meeting Taylor at the Jingle Bell Ball in London

HI GUYS I had the honour to meet Taylor yesterday and I received so many messages about what happened so I’ll tell the story here!

  1. I didn’t know I was meeting Taylor till one hour before the show started and that was one hour before Taylor opened the show. We walked in the arena and suddenly I saw Taylor Nation sent me a message AND I JUST KNEW AND FREAKED OUT WITH MY FRIEND. It said Taylor wanted to meet us after her set!
  2. After Taylor’s set we immediately had to go through the place we would meet and there were some other fans! When I saw @holygrcunds and @wontreplaceyou I literally lost it omg
  3. We lined up before meeting Taylor and we were told they weren’t actually allowed to do this at all so it couldn’t be that long. That was the sad part because we just didn’t have much time individually with Taylor. :/
  4. when it was my turn we hugged and I said hi and I said I’m speaknow on tumblr and I thanked her for writing speak now and I said I loved speak now, then I rambled about also loving reputation and then I said I loved last kiss, enchanted haunted ahdjdlalsls and suddenly I said we came from Amsterdam and im seeing Taylor in Dublin again, then Taylor said “oh you’re going to Dublin!!” And I was like yeah (lmao)…. then it was time to take a photo already and before I left I wished her a happy birthday already and Taylor smiled and said ahhh thank you and she was so happy I said that 😭
  5. Then I went to the side and looked at my friend meeting Taylor and meeting other fans, it felt so surreal tbh
  6. I feel like I talked so fast taylor didn’t understand shit lmaooo also I didn’t even say my name but I didn’t care because I just wanted to say things to her kfnekfkslsls
  7. To conclude: taylor didn’t have to do this but she did and I wish I had more time because it was very rushed but I’m still so happy I could hug her and have her eyes on me even for just seconds. She is so beautiful inside and out and she made me feel special even though she probably won’t remember me at all which is okay because she has tons of fans and I will never ever forget this moment in my life

So I finished listening to Reputation a few times and here are my thoughts really just first impressions.

Let’s just get this out of the way, I haven’t decided that Reputation is better than Red or Speak Now, but that’s not because I need more time to listen to it, but because this album is so different from anything shes ever done that I don’t want to compare it at all. Reputation is a being of it’s own and it’s something that has left me completely awestruck with the conclusion of New Years Day. The album explores Taylor’s life over the past two years in a very interesting way. The first half explores her known Reputation to the media and then completely shifts moods with So it Goes… to exploring her true life and more specifically her all the love and happiness in her life. The album changes into something else while still being Reputation as a whole. Taylor has truly composed a masterfully crafted piece of music with this album and it leaves with feelings of joy, contentment, wonder, and happiness.

I expected to being yelling and key smashing about this album when I finished it but I’m not, I needed to stop and lay down and just reflect and enjoy the moment I was having after New Years Day. This album is something special you guys. I’ve never felt this way after listening to music before. Reputation takes you into Taylor’s life in such a new way and it captivates at every turn and it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard in my life. 

Things I just gotta point about the album that Iove:

  • The gospel influence on Don’t Blame Me that makes me feel like Taylor is taking me to heaven herself.
  • “If a man talk shit then I owe him nothing”.
  • The way she raises her voice in the final chorus of Getaway Car.
  • “Say my name and everything just stops” *music literally stops*
  • Her laugh in This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.
  • The way she sounds like a girl in elementary school on a playground in Nice Things. It’s childish and totally sets the entire vibe for the song and it’s genius.
  • The sounds heard playing behind the piano in New Years Day. I can’t tell if it’s the physical piano making the sounds or not but it’s very nice touch, along with the acoustic guitar.
  • “Hold onto the memories, they will hold onto you, and I will hold onto you.”
  • “I bury hatchets but I keep maps of where I put ‘em”.
  • “I’m insane but I’m you’re baby”.
  • The way her voice is shaky and somewhat fragile when she says “cause you know that it’s delicate”.
  • “Do the girls back home touch you like I do?”.
  • That voice manipulation thing in So it Goes…
  • ‘Who’s counting…..1, 2, 3″.
  • There’s more but this is all I got for now.

Oh and another thing that deserves a mini paragraph: the production. Good lord I love the production so much. The songs are very layered with all their keyboards, synths, drums, just everything. I heard something I’ve never heard before in LWYMMD on my first listen that totally blew my mind. Max Martin, Shellback and Jack Antonoff produced an absolute masterpiece.

Oh and how could I forget you, executive producer Taylor Swift, the album is incredible, there’s no other way to put it. 

And that’s the initial thoughts tea on Reputation.


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2594

Warnings: Nothing but FLUFF. So much fluff!

A/N – This is one of two of my submissions for Ang’s 2K GIF Challenge (@atc74) I apologise for being late, my laptop was being a piece of shit and I thought I saved it to my drafts to post the final thing but I guess not. All I can do is apologise over and over again. I’m so sorry.

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I Just Realized.

To all of the Harry Potter fans that are trashing Rowling, do you remember reading Order of the Phoenix? Or how about Chamber of Secrets? Or Snape’s entire character arc? Remember how Harry was trashed in the media for saying Voldemort was back? Remember how the entire school thought he was Slytherin’s heir? Remember how the trio thought Snape was 100% guilty pretty much always? Remember how the entire school thought Harry was lying without actually like…knowing anything about anything? Remember that? Remember how they all turned against him without knowing facts?

Obviously not, because that is the way ALL OF YOU are acting over Rowling and Depp. You are believing Amber Heard, who:

  • Had moving and disappearing bruises
  • Had an inconsistent timeline of events
  • Had inconsistent witnesses
  • Released an obviously edited video 
  • Had behavior that does not match a DV victim  
  • Accused him of DV only AFTER he didn’t agree to meet her demands

Over Johnny Depp, who:

  • Never once spoke to the media barring his first statement
  • Was willing to go to court with his evidence
  • Had numerous ex-partners speak up for him
  • Had a witness list INCLUDING THE POLICE, who saw no evidence of a crime
  • Has feminist icons supporting him
  • Wanted to keep the case private


You people cannot look past your feminist ‘women never lie’ ‘straight white men are the devil’ ‘women are angels’ problematic fucking culture to see clearly enough to realize that some women DO lie, MOST straight white men are just fine, and not all women are perfect angels. 

I am going to teach you a new word. OBJECTIVITY. 

  • Impartiality, absence/lack of bias, absence/lack of prejudice, fairness, fair-mindedness, neutrality, evenhandedness, justice, open-mindedness, disinterest, detachment, dispassion, neutrality.







No, you fragile little children who have learned everything you know from TMZ and the fucking Kardashians, I am none of those things. I will never be any of those things. I am a person who prefers to not employ an ideology when examining an argument, unless it is warranted, and even then do I RARELY allow it to effect my conclusion. 


And just think about it. Literally just think about it. Then come back and either present a real argument for me as for why you still believe her, an argument that isn’t colored with your ideological buzz words, or accept the fact that ideologies HAVE FLAWS AND ARE NOT ALWAYS APPLICABLE AS A BLANKET ARGUMENT.

Oh, and I will also direct you to my other post, and a few other links:

Use that thing that most of you do have, intelligence, and examine this case, just for one second with objectivity, and if you still have an argument, a real one, against JD, I will be happy to respect and hear it. 

But if you are going to come at me with a bunch of buzz words and ‘how dare you’s’, then just don’t. Block me. Ignore me. I don’t have time for you.