i never finish anything ever

Is Mafia 3 a repetitive game when it comes to the gameplay? Yeah. Pretty much. 

Do people snitch on you for the littlest things when you’re driving? Way too much.

But is it a satisfying game as you kill the KKK, a cheeto man expy, free black men and women who were either on the verge of being auctioned off or held in sexual slavery AND even hear a deep speech on the radio where its said you, the oppressed person of color, should never give up the fight? Yes. It’s very satisfying. 

Annual Writing Self Evaluation

Thanks for tagging me…everyone in my group chat! What a surprise! 

1. List of works published this year: 

Just Hear This and Then I’ll Go

 You’re the Light

past our satellites (Part 2 of You’re the Light)

haven’t you heard

Birthday Drabbles (Danger in the Produce Aisle, Caramel Apple Peeps, The OT4 Email Chain)

Don’t Need Permission (No link yet because it’s a birthday gift that will be revealed very soon)

but tonight you’re on my mind (Tomlinshaw WIP)

2. Work you are most proud of (and why): 

Just Hear This and Then I’ll Go. It’s the one I spent the most time writing and was also my first fan fic I published. There were so many times I thought I would never publish anything. So just the fact that I ever finished it and published it makes it the one I’m most proud of. Also, I was a bit proud of my idea of how to adapt Pride and Prejudice in a modern setting.

3. Work you are least proud of (and why): 

I’m not sure “least” proud is the right word for it, but I’m really sad that I don’t have time to update my Tomlinshaw WIP as often as I’d like. I actually am in love with the story and have an outline and know exactly what will happen. I just don’t have time to write it because I have had deadlines for exchanges and now Big Bang.

4. A favorite excerpt of your writing: 

From You’re the Light:

As they walk through the exhibit, they see displays of hidden patterns of nature, veins of a leaf, a giraffe’s spots, a nautilus spiral until they arrive at the maze of mirrors. As it’s late in the day, their group is the only one approaching the maze. The strange glow of the forest of mirrors tessellates to create a seemingly infinite pattern, eerie but beautiful. As they step in Niall suddenly shouts, “Race ya to the end ya wankers!” Louis is so intrigued by the maze that he ignores the race as everyone rushes off bumping through the maze, laughing. He reaches his hands out in front of him as he slowly walks through, turning corners only to be confronted with his own reflection in triplicate. He finds if he stands in a particular spot a screen appears with a hidden game to follow. He follows a few of them before finding himself in a dead end. Or is it? It’s almost a hidden room with seemingly concealed artifacts. He glances around at the multiple reflections of himself, and suddenly it feels like too much. The laughter he heard has long since faded as his friends chased each other through the maze. He looks at the mirrors and is confronted with only himself. He stares at his reflection, his pulse beginning to pick up as he can’t look away from the conflicted face before him. He sinks to the floor and sits, eyes closed. He just needs a minute. He’s not sure how much time passes, but this is how he looks when Harry finds him.

“Lou?” he says softly as he sits down beside him. “Are you okay?”

Louis opens his eyes and looks forward into the reflection of Harry sat beside him, his hand reaching for him before pulling away. It would have gone unnoticed anywhere but a maze of mirrors, reflecting back every motion, every intention. Even though Harry hasn’t touched him, Louis can feel the current running between them. He glances away from the reflection, helplessly, and looks into Harry’s eyes. The electricity burns there, too. The turmoil shows in both their images splashed across the walls.

“Lou,” Harry says roughly. His low voice hums through Louis. It’s too much.

“I’m not lost,” Louis says.

“I didn’t think you were,” Harry says as he leans in, his lips brushing lightly against Louis’. Sparks ignite from the kiss into his brain, short circuiting any thoughts that had lingered. Louis only realizes his eyes have closed when they fly open at the sound of Niall’s voice.

“Where’s this bloody secret room anyway? Ah, here ya two are! Found him, huh, H?” Niall says as he barges into the room. “Alright? Seen enough, me. Gettin’ claustrophobic in here.” He reaches out a hand to help Harry up. Harry’s face has turned to stone, but he takes Niall’s hand up. Louis’ lips still burn with the ghost of Harry’s touch as they make their way through to the end of the maze where Miles waits, his arm outstretched to take Louis’ hand in his.

5. Share or describe a favorite review you received: 

Oh god. All of them. I can’t even believe people leave me comments or rec my fics. It’s surreal honestly. I’ll just say that when I see my fics recced on @nottooldforthisship ’s lists or when @softhie live blogged reading them and then made me moodboards for them or when I get long comments or comments from other writers, I just cry. Lmao. For real though. If you know me, you know I may actually cry about it. Also, I wrote my summer exchange fic for @holdmyhalo, and she wrote me such lovely comments. Much too long to post here! Lol.

6. A time when writing was really, really hard: 

Um, all the time. Ha, okay, well the worst was my first attempt at writing the fic I’m submitting for Big Bang. I ended up setting it aside. It was very slow going and ambitious and personal, and while I want to someday finish it, the time constraint was scaring me. So I started over on something else for Big Bang, and I think it was the right choice.

7. A scene or character you wrote that surprised you: 

I feel like things are working when the characters just start writing themselves. In Just Hear This, Harry tries to hook up with Louis in a club. I thought that was all that was happening, but instead Harry got up to sing karaoke and sang ‘Dangerous Woman’ and totally changed the fic. I remember writing it and thinking, what the hell just happened? Also, I’ve never kept any of the endings I’ve outlined ahead of time. By the time I get there, the ending just comes to me, and I scrap whatever I had.

8. How did you grow as a writer this year: 

Well, I’ve been wanting to write fan fic for a while now, but I was too scared to do it. This was the year I went through with it. This was the year I actually wrote complete stories and posted them. I think writing for a couple exchanges helped motivate me to complete more fics than I would have completed on my own.

9. How do you hope to grow next year: 

Well, I have plenty of room for growth. Ahaha. I want to work on a few things with my writing. One being that I’d like to work more on my characterization. And I hope to work on the fic I began writing for Big Bang, but then abandoned.

10. Who was your greatest positive influence this year as a writer (could be another writer or beta or cheerleader or muse etc etc): 

@taggiecb  I wouldn’t write a damn thing without her. I love how we have our own shorthand when we talk. We always know what the other is thinking. And when we brainstorm for our fics, things just happen. And we have learned to give honest criticism to each other, which is always given in love and therefore makes it easier to hear. And it always, always makes the fic better. I also want to say that my writers/artist group chat has been unbelievably inspiring and supportive. Best. Squadron. Ever.

11. Anything from your real life show up in your writing this year: 

I would say the events from my writing aren’t from my life, but the characters are. I generally write myself into the characters though. I’m usually Louis in my fics. Ahaha.

12. Any new wisdom you can share with other writers: 

The best thing I did this year was reach out and talk to other writers who inspire me. Some are now my go to people to talk about my fics with and read over my stuff for me, and others just became friends to talk about life (or baseball) with. So I would say, reach out and talk to other writers.

13. Any projects you’re looking forward to starting (or finishing) in the new year: 

I’m writing an angsty Larry fic for Big Bang that will be published next year, and I’ll be finishing my Tomlinshaw WIP. And apparently writing birthday drabbles for my friends. :) And I hope to work on the semi-abandoned fic from Big Bang that I started.

14. Tag three writers whose answers you’d like to read. ;) 

I didn’t see this yet from these three (or I missed it) so I’ll tag:  @100percentsassy @gloriaandrews @fukcinglouis (even though she sends me inappropriate messages “on accident”, yes I’m still laughing) and the Squadron even though most of them finished this before me. :) 

*All answers should be about works published in 2016.

fadeslikewhispers  asked:

Usually I rewrite any of my fics or original works an average of five times before I'm even remotely okay with it and it's around ten before I even post it which explains why I never finish anything I ever start :D

you are a soldier. even if you never actually make it to war. 

I was also tagged to post 6 random facts about myself by @avaleahworks 

I don’t have many things worth talking about so here we go!
1.I almost lost my eye when I was really little
2. I’ve never broken a bone EVER
3. I’m in a music video really briefly so that’s cool
4. I’m super friggin sick right now (told you these were lame)
5. I got my first car at 18 (94 geo prizim) and it only had 28 thousand miles and I still have that car at 23 and I don’t think I even hit 70k yet soooo yeah word that’s p impressive around here i feel like
6. Ive never finished anything ive written EVER 

okay i think everyone got tagged for this too so i tag all the rest of you !!

eirenical  asked:

1,3,4,6 for the author meme? ^_^

1) is there a story you’re holding off on writing for some reason?
The one that really comes to mind is an adult fantasy novel that I’ve been working on on and off over the last five or six years. I was going to make it my project for the year–prioritize it over other writing projects and try to get a lot of work done on it–buuuut the novel deals a lot with corrupt/right-wing/fascist political dealings and considering our own political climate, I really don’t have much of a desire to work on it right now any more. Sometimes life looks a bit too much like fiction and I just need to stay away from that right now.  

3) what order do you write in? front of book to back? chronological? favorite scenes first? something else?
I have to write chronologically or I’d never ever finish anything. Granted, my chronological writing often contains entire scenes where I literally just sort of go, “Okay in this bit, this and that happens and Character A is messed up by all of it” and then move onto the next scene. So it’s still chronological because I made a note of what will happen when I write it, but at the same time, it’s not as chronological as it could be.

4) favorite character you’ve written
Ugh, there are just so many. In every project, there’s usually one character that I’m just soooo enamored with (and you can usually spot them by how mean I am to them. Isn’t it you who has the tag sometimes you just need to see your favorites bleeding and broken? XD) In my fics, Courfeyrac and Jehan are the characters I come back to the most and they’re definitely my faves among Les Amis. In my original projects? The current favorite is probably a seventeen year old teenage boy with a bad leg and a million younger siblings. He works as a tailor and gets tangled up in a jailbreak plot with a magical thief.

6) something you would go back and change in your writing that it’s too late/complicated to change now 
There are definitely parts of Requited (my first giant Les Mis fic) that I would go back and alter–particularly regarding side characters because I was new to the LM fandom and didn’t know what I was doing half the time. And I think if I could, I would go back and prevent myself from posting Your Hand in Mine (my current Les Mis fic) until I had the whole thing written because it’s been nearly two years since I started posting it and it was only supposed to be eight or ten chapters and it kind of got away from me and probably would have benefited from some enthusiastic editing.

Thanks for playing, @eirenical​! If anyone else wants to send some questions along, you can find them here!