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after almost a decade of living paycheck to paycheck and barely scraping by after dropping out of high school three times i finally took a huge leap and decided to apply for a degree, and some small miracle i made it in!

i am getting my bachelor’s degree in political science and will be doing courses to become certified as a paralegal over the summer, in hopes that when i finish my BA i can make it into law school

i never expected anything out of this, but i’ve also never been more ready for anything in my entire life. 

Isn’t it funny…
how much you can love someone with nothing in return… or so you think.
You know,
how much you let them know how special they are,
and that they put the stars into the sky.
Sometimes, they’re the only thing you notice,
but they’ll notice everything except you,
or so you think.
I’ve loved hard my entire life,
never expecting anything in return,
with absolutely no expectations.
It took me along time to realize that,
I won’t receive the same sort of love I give,
but it doesn’t mean it’s not there.
Isn’t it funny…
—  I’ll (never) stop loving you

Jorma Taccone as Owen “Kid Contact” Bouchard in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Weights & Measures Pt 1 [M]

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut

Word Count: 5k+

Triggers: swearing, drinking, sex

A/N: This fic is inspired by the song Weights and Measures by Dry the River. It’s v depressing so be warned if you decided to listen to it. 

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“I was prepared to love you and never expect anything of you
And there’s no patron saint of silent restraint
Baby there ain’t no sword in our lake
Just a funeral wake”

-Dry the River

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Two Years Before

Your boss had been riding your ass for months, but when he walked into your office and demanded you get some sleep you weren’t about to argue with him. Scrambling, you packed up your desk for the day and ran out the door for the night. You didn’t to take the risk that this was all a big joke and you were the butt of it.  You can’t remember the last time you were home before dark and the cool early evening breeze felt like a welcome home present.

It had been a few weeks since you and Jinyoung, your fiance, had been able to actually sit and eat a meal together. He used to always leave a plate for you in the fridge and a sweet note telling you that he loved you, but that had changed in the past few months. You were now used to coming home to a dark apartment. Jinyoung would already be fast asleep when you padded into the bedroom. Most of your meals consisted of microwaved dinners or rice. After Jinyoung stormed into the kitchen one night while you were cooking yourself dinner, you didn’t want to risk another fight.

Stopping by his favorite noodle shop, you hoped that tonight you would be able to close the ever growing distance between the two of you. It had been months since the last time you had sex. It’s not like you didn’t try, but any time you would initiate it, he would shut you down, saying he was too tired or that he wasn’t in the mood. You missed the way he would say your name and look at you like you were the most beautiful creature on the planet. But every time he looked at you now, it was like he was looking at nothing. The light had gone from his eyes, and you wanted it back so badly.

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“I’ve seen the way you talk to women. [Imitating] Come on you dirty vixen, get in me wheelbarrow!”
“Don’t talk about that. I was drunk that night.”
“I know, so was I. I was in the wheelbarrow”


“You respect what it takes to earn [money], and it also gives you a certain resilience, because it minimizes this false notion that that’s what matters […] I know that to not be true, and I know I’m fine without it. That’s why maybe I’m so independent. I never expect anyone to give me anything — the notion of someone supporting me would be absurd to me.” — Amber Heard for Marie Claire.

“I know I should never expect anything from anyone. I should never assume that they will always return the things I did for them. But how come that it still hurting me when they don’t return the love I give? It’s still breaking my heart when they ignore me like I don’t exist, like I was never there standing in front of them? I just wanted to know the reasons. Can you please tell me why it has to be like that?” she asked.

“You can’t question the things you can’t avoid. You love, you hurt, you feel. That’s it. Sometimes there are no explanations that you need to know. Sometimes you just figure out the answers on your own.” he sadly replied.

—  ma.c.a // Inevitable

I was up until 5am, because they had to be done.Now that I see them all together, I realize how dark Sean is. I’ll just add this on to my list of things to edit. 

This past month I had the opportunity to see the Game Grumps Live, and I made them plushes to express my gratitude. I never really heard anything back, but it’s not like I expected the same reception Rooster Teeth provided. They give so much and I feel like I often just take. So, this is my way of giving back. So, I’ll be making and sending them these. 

Eventually, I will make Gavin one.