i never ever ever e v e r want them to use greek mythology


The curse does not pass through the Enchanted Forest without repercussions on the other worlds that border it. The violence with which it tore a hole in the very fabric of the Forest’s reality sent shockwaves through countless other worlds, which are still fighting the effects of the curse’s casting nearly three decades later. 

Mount Olympus had been home to the gods that the residents of the Enchanted Forest prayed to before the curse swept through much of the land. The Olympians were rocked by the sudden disappearance to a whole world of their worshippers, and not only that, but the loss of members of their own community as the curse that had been cast in the Enchanted Forest snaked tendrils across all the worlds, snatching away even some of the most powerful gods including Zeus and his brothers.

The gods and goddesses left behind take matters into their own hands, turning to Hera in the absence of her husband who - alongside her sisters, Demeter and Hestia - enlists many of the goddesses to use their talents to help try and discover where their loved ones and their worshippers have been taken; Ariadne’s clear sight, Artemis’ hunting skills and Athena’s wisdom, Persephone’s links in the Underworld and Iris’ contacts across the realms, and even Aphrodite’s abilities are used. 

The women of Olympus are determined to bring their loved ones home again, and if they find the one responsible for taking their loved ones away in the first place…well, everyone knows the stories that tell of the fates of those who dared cross a goddess…