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Title: Another Love

Y/N is a popular cheerleader dating the successful jock who breaks up with her, making her win him back with a sexy performance. Although, it’s not her ex who gets flustered but Peter Parker.

Words: ~ 1400

A/N: I tried another style of writing and it gets a bit boring at the end… And @ceci1735 I hope you like it and that’s it’s not too different from what you had in mind! :)


I’m still able to feel it. The pain. The pure disbelief running trough my mind as he said those words.
You’re not sexy enough for me.

I spare you the tragic backstory of falling in love with this asshole of a boy. But still you have to know some details:
Me, the head of the cheerleaders, and Micheal, the rich jock, had been dating for 3 years until he decided to dumb me. Let’s just say that I was as dumb as him back then. I was dependent. Micheal seemed to be perfect and I didn’t even realise that he was treating me so badly.

Dating him was a mistake, I see that now.
But I needed another love to show me what true love was like. So, this is the story of me, finally finding Mr. Perfect who’s always been there without me noticing it.
Here we go:

I walked down the hallway, swaying my hips that were barely covered by my shortest, black skirt. Combined with my red top and a sheer cardigan, it made me look like a model. It gave me the needed confidence.
I wanted Micheal to realise his mistake. I wanted to be with him again. I needed his attention.
Obviously, with this outfit I got a lot of attention. But when he saw me he hesitated and then shrugged, turning away from me again.

The pain had never left my heart, which is why his action didn’t hurt me more in that moment. So, I held my head high, passing him with a sexy smile.
What I hadn’t noticed was the other boy I had passed who got more effected by my actions than anyone else. But he will be part of this story soon.

P.E. was the period where I wanted to do it. Micheal loved me cheerleading and a little extra wouldn’t hurt right?
Or so I had thought. Again, I’m sparing you the details since my little sexy *cough* embarrassing *caugh* performance is something I like to forget, even though it lead to my personal happy end…

“That was brilliant!”, my best friend Liz told me, “You look so sexy today! I bet Micheal is drooling by now.” One look at the jocks showed me that he wasn’t. There was just this look on his face which I knew so well but I could never point out what was going on in his head.
The bell rang before the jocks made their way towards us to go to their locker room. “Am I sexy enough now?”, I grabbed Micheal ’s arm and winked at him before slowly biting my lower lip.
(yeah, I really did that…)
“You’ve never really been sexy!”, he laughed loudly while shaking his head.

His words hurt like hell but there was this little angel that I had not expected at all:
Turning around, I bumped into Peter Parker.
“NED! WHY DID- oh hey, Y/N!”, he chuckled nervously, giving Ned a strange look before looking at me again.
“Hi, Peter.”, I forced a smile, blinking away upcoming tears.
“You- You know my… uh, I j-just wanted… to tell you… Micheal is an asshole. Don’t listen to him. And even if it doesn’t mean anything to you…”, he mumbled, paused, sighed and then spoke again, “I-I think you’re… ravishing.”
A genuine smile formed on my lips, his words fighting the mean words that Micheal had just planted in my head. “Thank you, Peter.”, I replied softly, my hand reaching out to brush his arm as I felt tingles in my hand.

I was thinking about Peter’s words the whole day, realising that Micheal, or anyone else, had never said anything like that to me.

“You have to make him jealous.”, Liz suggested for the hundredth time while we were sitting in the cafeteria the next day.
“Hmm.”, I only responded before taking another bite of my sandwich.
“Spent your day with…”, her eyes roamed the cafeteria before spotting my little angel that had been on my mind the whole time, “ah! Peter Parker. Flirt with him, you know, body contact… Micheal won’t like it and you’ll have him back by the end of the day.”

I hesitated. Using Peter to my own god wasn’t right. He was too kind. Out of all people he had said the sweetest words I had ever heard and they were directed to me.

That moment was the exact moment I had lost any interest in my ex boyfriend. I had spent a lot of time thinking about Peter’s words and then, in this moment, I realised that he was right. Micheal is an asshole.

“Maybe I don’t want to.”, I mumbled quietly, staring at Peter who was wildly gesticulating and making me smile. “But Y/N, the whole week you-”, Liz began but I interrupted her, “Liz, I just realised that Micheal is an asshole. Peter told me that yesterday and… I’m gonna explain later okay?”

Without waiting for an answer I stood up and went over to Peter and Ned, standing in front of them. “Hi, boys.”, I smiled at them, instantly getting their attention, “Peter, I… wanted to thank you again. You opened up my eyes. I think I just needed someone to tell me that Micheal is an asshole. Someone as cute as you.”
Peter’s lips parted slowly, his eyes widening before looking at Ned who had the exact look on his face.
“Yeah, n-no problem.”, Peter stuttered, a deep blush creeping over his cheeks.

“Can I talk to you in private?”, I asked him softly, before my hand touched his which had been resting on the table. Again, these tingles rushed through my arm.
“No, yeah- I mean, yes thats-”, Peter replied and I chuckled to myself. He was really cute.

Standing in the barely filled hallway, I smiled at him before leaning against a locker. “I think I like you.”, I began, watching his eyes full with joy, “And I know we don’t know a lot about each other…”
“I know- more… about you then you think.”, Peter admitted nervously, looking into my eyes with so much love.
“And I’m pretty sure I’m going to know everthing about you.”, I replied firmly.

And I was right. Weeks passed in which I let myself become closer and closer to Peter, talking to him on very occasion in school. I openly flirted with him, loving the way the corner of his lips moved up when his cheeks blushed and his head tilted to the side.
Soon there followed movie nights an then one day it happened.

Cuddling into Peter’s side, I let out a satisfied sigh while my eyes were glued to the TV. We were laying on the couch in Peter’s flat watching Star Wars, even though I didn’t understand it. I wasn’t complaining because I loved listening to Peter rambling about it.

“You know that I’m in love with you, don’t you?”, Peter suddenly said, turning his head towards me. There was curiosity in his eyes while I couldn’t come up with a suitable reply.
I knew that there was something between us. It had been there since the beginning and to me it was pretty clear that it wasn’t only friendship.
“You know that I’m in love with you too, don’t you?”, was the best response that was in my head.
And it was also the right response.

Watching Peter’s lips form into a huge smile, he leaned in and pressed his lips on mine briefly, the familiar tingles coming from my lips this time.
“You’re the most perfect thing that ever happened to me.”, I whispered softly before kissing him again. The smile on Peter’s lips kept interrupting our kiss until he only pressed his forehead against mine, our noses brushing and my heart beat stopping.

“You deserve the world.”, Peter breathed out and I couldn’t stop smiling about his words.
“And the world doesn’t deserve you.”, I whispered before leaning in to kiss him again.

This boy gave me the kind of love I needed. It was simply another love than Micheal’s love and it was perfect.


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I was so inspired after all that conversation about The Weeknd, I’m sorry if some of them are a little over the top, I got carried away :p

Finding out MC used to do sexy dances when she was younger


  • He gets oddly shy around your girlfriends, trying his best not to be his usual charming self so you won’t get the wrong idea
  • Little does he know you think it’s hilarious how he blushes when they squeal teasing you  for dating a hot superstar
  • In that particular get together you were having, they were teasing you for his last semi-nude scene on a musical.
  • And you’re just shrugging and telling them you don’t care. These things get publicity, and publicity is great business for his manager, who happens to be you.
  •  “Oh yeah… and let’s be real, MC, you would be such a hypocrite for criticizing his nudes after that lap dance you gave me at my bachelorette party.”
  • Okay. Let’s pause and rewind… Zen got lost for a moment.
  • “Girl, don’t…” you blush, but your friend doesn’t give a shit and nudges your fiancée. “Oh yeah… did you know she gave me a lap dance on my bachelorette party?”
  •  He looks at you, then at his friend, then at you again with the most shocked and… impressed expression you’ve ever saw, making you feel the need to explain yourself “We were drunk and playing Truth or Dare.”
  • “Uhmmm, she takes a challenge very seriously, keep that in mind.” “I… I will…”he says, chugging the rest of his beer SHIT! You’re so screwed when you get home…
  • It’s an awkward silence when you two get home, “Zen… about what she told you… you know it was just a stupid bachelorette thing, right?” “Dance off.” He says, taking his shirt off.
  • “What?” “I’m challenging you to a dance off, I heard you take challenges very seriously, so… don’t think I’ll let you win just because you’re a lady, babe.”
  • You look at him head to toes… head to abs, actually. “Alright.”, you grab a chair and put in the center of the living room, crossing your arms “The challenger starts, then.”. Oh… judging from his grin, he’ll gladly start as long as you finish it.


  • Boy almost gets surprised at how… loud your friends are.
  • But his college buddies can be like that too. So to him, this is just one more thing you have in common.
  • They won’t tease him much because you requested, telling them that as cute a she is, you don’t want him to be uncomfortable around them.
  • So they focus on making him laugh telling embarrassing stories from high school.
  •  “Oh, what about the finals for the basketball championship when the adversaries asked for another match?” “Why?” he asked, very curious.“Well, allegedly, our cheerleader captain created a very sexy choreography that was distracting the players.” Your friend gives you a mischievous glance.
  • Yoosung notices her gaze towards you and gets S H O O K. “YOU WERE THE CAPTAIN, MC?”
  • “I… yes, I was. And those guys were just bad losers.” You shrug, but the blush on your cheeks probably give away that this isn’t exactly truth.
  • And boy is blushing too. He stays even quieter for the rest of the night, even when your friends try to tell him they were just teasing you because you’re a very different person ever since graduation.
  • Oh, you know how he gets easily jealous, so the idea of you dancing provokingly in front of a bunch of tall guys is probably driving him nuts.
  • But not exactly like you were imagining when you get home and he kisses you passionately. “Aren’t you mad?” you ask him. “Why would I? I used to be very different in high school too, I wasn’t even blonde…” you giggle and kiss him again.
  • “So, uhm… you know how you’re always cheering for me, MC? Could you do it  in a skirt one of these days?” OHOHOHO it will be your pleasure


  • She loves hanging out with your friends
  • She can be a little shy, but always ends loosening up as she realizes this is fun and your friends can be hers as well
  • Because it feels very new to her, you know? Having friends and all.
  • And your friends do their best to include her.“Oh, and you look at MC now being all cute and innocent, but this girl here got disqualified from the seniors talent show.” “Oh, really, why is that?”
  • “Because people don’t get art.” “Yeah, people don’t get the true message behind Fergalicious.”
  • “Exactly, and they also don’t get that… the boy scout outfit was a reference to the official video.” You cross your arms and pout.
  • Jaehee is lost, what is a “fergalicious”? She asks and all the eyes in the table go straight at her.
  • Poor lady, while you were dancing to Fergie, the woman was studying her ass off to get in college, don’t judge her.
  •  You don’t, and you also hope she doesn’t judge you either after your friends show her the Fergalicious video.
  • And you squirm in embarrassment everytime you catch her watching the video, yes, she watched again days after that embarrassing convo with your friends.
  • “Honey, just let it go… I was young and stupid… and Fergie was the bomb when I was a teenager…” “If I bake a cake like this for my birthday, will you get out of it like she does?” Oh… now you’re more excited than her for her own birthday.


  • He gets a little uncomfortable around your friends
  • It’s not them, it’s him. Everything is just very different from what he is used to.
  • Like, V and he constantly nag each other, but you and your friends take this to another level.
  • Seriously, is it really okay how you call each other “hoes”? Nobody here looks offended…
  • “Well, it’s just figure of speech. Don’t worry, your fiancée was never a hoe… except for that one time in Halloween…remember, MC?”
  • “I don’t…” “Yeah, because you were drunk.” “What happened in Halloween?” he asks casually, but everybody in the table feels like they are being interrogated.
  • “Oh, I… allegedly did some… pole dance in a haunted house.” He looks at you stoically, which only makes you feel like explaining yourself more “I was drunk.”
  • “Thankfully, right? Just imagine you doing pole dance in a haunted house in sane sobriety.” Is he telling a joke? Nobody knows and nobody has the guts to laugh.
  • Awkward silence during the ride home. You’re pretty sure he’s pissed!
  • “I don’t feel like apologizing for things I did when I was single and completely clueless that I would meet you one day, so… don’t get mad, Jumin, things have changed a lot from when I was a teenager.”
  • “I’m not following the logistic behind it. Where did you find a pole in a haunted house?” “Oh, it wasn’t a haunted house per se, it was more like a… haunted tent in the school gym, and there were those… pipes holding the structure of it, I think. And I… might have or might have not grinded against one of them…” you look away, flustered.
  • He just chuckles “I’ll make sure to provide you a proper pole, hope you don’t mind I’ll be your only audience, kitten.” The hell you do!


  • He loves your friends
  • He thinks girls are hilarious when they get together like this
  • Because you’re so sweet when you’re with him, but get all salty when you’re with them, and he would love to see more of this side of yours
  • So he’s basically there to get tips on what your friends do to unlock this mode on you
  • “Nah, MC is a sweet shy girl ever since high school, oh, except for the car wash we did to raise money for charity when we’re seniors.”
  • “Don’t even start, girl! I know what you’re gonna say, I wasn’t dancing!” “Yes, you were! You were splashing water, throwing your wet hair back and forth and feeling like a Pussycat Doll!”
  • “Yeah, MC! Everybody knows there’s a Pussycat Doll hidden somewhere in there…” he goes along with the teasing, though he has no idea if this is true or not.
  • Though he remembers going through your old social media and seeing some posts about a car wash, so… yeah.
  • And you know he probably doesn’t care that much, the problem here is how much he’ll tease you and ask you to wash his cars.
  • “Okay, before you say anything. It was for charity. And yeah, maybe I was feeling a little like in a slow motion video, but… ahh, I was young and stupid.” You pout and look away.
  • He grabs your chin and makes you look at him, planting a fierce kiss on your lips. “I want to see some photos…” “Haven’t you found in my background history?” “I stayed away from the Rated R things about you because I’m an innocent catholic boy, you know that…” not so innocent after you actually gave him permission to go through the photos, tho.


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 4 998
summary : Reader has feelings for Kai and tells him but he rejects her which leads her to become a vampire and turn off her humanity just as Kai comes back a new person after the merge.
* gif by shelleyhenign


“You don’t get it , do you?” said Kai with a little hint of amusement in his voice.”I dont feel emotions , I don’t care or feel anything. Emotions are nothing but a distraction plus I don’t even like you and even if those things werent true - you and me still would never happen. You are just not good enough for me. Why would I chose a human ?”

Kai’s words kept echoing in her mind. Having the person you have feelings for turn you down was not something unheard in human history , but doing it the way Kai had done it – her feelings had gotten hurt so badly she wanted it all gone. All the love she felt for him , all the pain - absolutely everything. Her friends didnt know about her feelings for Kai or about what had happened and Y/N didnt plan on letting them know either meaning compelling it away wasn’t an option. So that left her with option number 3 because clearly moving on wasnt going so well either. Becoming a vampire hadn’t been on her bucket list , but it was her only option and she could already hear the lectures from Elena and Caroline. They’d say how lucky she is to be still a human and be able to have a future , kids and a family. But those things just didnt matter to her if she couldnt have them with the person she loved. Kai wasn’t going to change - he will always be the same , so there was no point in waiting for the impossible either. He will always say whatever pops into his head , not caring what his words or actions do to the people around him simply because he had no emotions. Why should she remain a human ?

It had been a few days since Christmas and the siphoner had been safely tucked in into Alaric’s apartment on Whitmore campus until Jo was ready to do the merge. All her friends were taking shifts guarding him just in case and that day it was her turn. Y/N sat on the couch , glancing at him every few minutes refusing to go anywhere near him. There was a part of her that was 100% sure she’d pull out that tube from his arm and let him go. What she felt for him was so strong that even after he hurt her , she’d still free him and cross her friends. What the hell was wrong with her ?!
   "Hey Y/N. How is our comatose patient?” asked Damon handing her a cup with coffee. “He hasn’t caused any trouble , has he ?”
   "Comatose and no.” she said blankly, taking a sip from her coffee. What kind of a trouble can he cause if he is being unconscious ?
   "Whats wrong ?”
   "Nothing. What makes you think something is wrong ?” she wondered , trying to sound as normal as possible. Damon knew her too well not to pick up on her tells not to mention the way he was studying her face made her feel a little nervous.
   "Because I know you and short answers are not what you do.” said her best friend , lightly rubbing her shoulders. “Usually you dont shut up. Sometimes you are even more annoying than him.”
Y/N sighed. “I was just thinking how all my friends are supernaturals and wont age while I will turn into a wrinkled sag in a few short years. Its depressing. And of course there is that time at the corn maze when my human friends were all dying and I couldn’t do anything to help.”
   "You know if you want me to , I’ll turn you. Even though after that Elena and Caroline will bite my head off.“ said Damon sitting on the couch next to her.
Y/N started laughing. “They would wouldn’t they?”
   "Yeah. Look Y/N ,  there was a reason we tried to find the cure for Elena.“ he said calmly. “Being a vampire is not all that is cracked out to be and if you make that choice there is no going back.”
   "I’ve already made the choice Damon. I want this.“ she said serious. “You , Stefan , Elena , Caroline — you guys are not just my friends , you are my family. I love you all more than I can put into words and I cant imagine ever being without any of you. I want us to be together forever.”
Damon tucked up his sleeve and bit his wrist. “Well , if you are absolutely sure.”
   "I am.“ she replied taking his wrist , feeling his blood trickle down her throat for a few moments until she let go. He wiped away some of it from her chin with his thumb , still having doubts about what he had to do next. Y/N was his best friend , one of the few who can put up with him and were always willing to defend him even when he makes huge mistakes. What if turning her into one of them was one of those ?
   "Promise me , you will explain to Elena thats what you wanted and I didn’t push you into anything?”
   "You got it.“ she smiled. “Um … could you do it painlessly ?”
   "Of course , but I have to ask again - are you sure , really really sure ?“
Y/N nodded and a few seconds later Damon broke her neck , letting her lay down on the couch. He went to the kitchen to get a blood bag from the fridge to be ready for her when she wakes up , but somehow he couldn’t shake the feeling something was wrong and she hadn’t been completely honest about her reasons. When he came back Tyler was in the room , pulling out the tube with the sedative from Kai’s arm. Not too long after , Tyler was the one laying on the ground unsconcious and the young siphoner regained consciousness. On their way out of the house he stopped pointing at Y/N and glancing at the blood bag on the coffee table.
   "What is she doing here ?” he asked curious. “Is she sleeping ? Awwh look how cute she is now that she is not talking. I might even like her now.”
Kai took a step towards her but Damon pulled him away before the siphoner had figured out Y/N wasn’t breathing and had put two and two together.
   "Y/N? She was keeping an eye on you and you bored her to death.“ said Damon dragging Kai out the door. “Come on creeper. You want to do the merge , you have a deal to uphold."Not too long after that Y/N woke up , finding a blood bag on the coffee table waiting for her. The girl grabbed it without hesitation and completed the transition noticing Kai wasn’t where he was supposed to be and that this wasn’t the only thing that was off in that moment.
    "Tyler?” she said getting up and running towards him, checking for pulse. “Oh my God wh-what happened ?!”
Her eyes followed the tube in his neck and she pulled it out sitting on the ground next to her lifelong friend. What had happened after Damon had snapped her neck ? Damon. Y/N’s eyes widened and she reached for her phone in her pocket dialling her friend when Tyler groaned and started to wake up.
    “Hey , are you okay ? What happened ?”
    “I’m going to kill him.”
    “Him ? Who ? Kai ?”
    “No. Damon.”
Y/N looked at him with confusion in her eyes. “Damon ? Wha-”
    “I have to go. I’m sorry Y/N , thank you for pulling that tube out but I have to go now or Liv –”
    “Y-yeah of course.”
Y/N sat on the floor running her fingers through her hair , watching Tyler run out of the apartment when her phone buzzed - DAMON.
    “What the hell did you do ?” she said answering the phone.
    “Saved Liz’s life.” he said as if it was obvious. “I take it you completed the transition?”
    “Yes ? Why ?” she wondered.
    “Because we have a psychotic siphoner out on the loose. Kai gave me the slip.” he sighed. “Come over at the hospital. I’ll explain everything.”


After the merge with Luke , Kai had found himself in a situation he had never thought he’d be in. During the merge with his brother he had absorbed not only his ability to do magic but quite a few other things including his empathy. He had spent the entire night after the merge trying to figure out how to process all the emotional pain he felt. Every bad thing he had ever done came back into his mind and her regretted , if not all , at least most of them. Kai had no idea what was happening to him or why there was water pooling in his eyes while he kept writing it all down , including a letter to his twin Jo because for some reason he couldn’t find her. Afterwards he went to Damon to ask for help to deliver the letter to his sister.
Kai talked for a while with Damon and Elena and then someone else he had been wanting to see showed up , as if he had wished for it to happen - Y/N , the only person who had shown him some kindness among the Mystic Falls gang. About a week ago she had told him she has feelings for him and he had said some really hurtful things to her and he wanted to make it right.
Y/N stopped right at the door when she saw he was there. Kai couldn’t help but smile a little seeing her there though there was something different about her and he couldn’t understand what it was. Her hair had a blue strand mixed with her curls and her outfit nearly knocked him over. Last time they had met Y/N had looked hot , now she looked beyond hot wearing a slightly baggy ripped jeans with sneakers and a plain top.
   "Oh hey Y/N. I’m so glad you are here.“ he said getting up from the table. "I wanted to talk to you.”
   "Yeah. No , sorry. I have exams to study for.“ she said with a blank expression. "Can I go grab some of — you know ? Downstairs ?”
   "Why ? Did you get tired of – ?“
   "Y/N, please , I have to tell you something. I am s-” he blinked and she was gone. Kai turned around towards Damon and Elena with a look of confusion on his eyes. “Where did she go ? What – What did you do to her ?”
   "Haven’t done a thing. Y/N just doesn’t like you. None of us do. Haven’t you taken the hint already?“ said Damon.
No. That wasn’t it. Y/N might not have told her friends about the feelings she has for him , but Kai knew this girl couldn’t hate him. It just wasn’t who she was - he had gotten a good sense of her. Y/N was too good for her own good , too kind and too forgiving. Something was wrong.
   "The blood bag. You turned her.” thought Kai out loud. Why did he feel like his entire world has crashed and burned right this moment? “Why would you do that to her ? Was she hurt or something ?”
    “Because she asked me to.” said Damon. “Though that backfired. I should’ve seen it coming -”
    “Backfired ? What do you mean by that ?” interrupted Kai. “Damon. Tell me now or I am not going to help you.”
Damon took a sip from his bourbon. “Y/N turned off her humanity and turned into one of the biggest problems I’ve ever had.” said the vampire. “One thing I can’t figure out is why she’d do this right after she turned.”
Kai gulped. He knew exactly why - because of him. Another rush of guilt pulled him under at the realisation. There had to be a way for him to fix this and he was going to fix it , no questions about it , but first —
    “Where is the Ascendant ?”


Y/N was at the rave at Whitmore, having fun with Caroline who had just turned off her humanity too because of her mother’s death. Both of them had fun dancing and feeding , though Caroline had invoked a rule - no victims so they don’t attract attention. Y/N didn’t care much about that , or about anything really. Only thing she seemed to care about blood.
    “That guy keeps checking you out.” said Caroline pointing at one of the guys , not too far away from them. “He hadn’t taken his eyes off you the entire night.”
    “Maybe he is looking at you.”
    “No , no. It’s definitely you.”
    “Well then , I better go meet him.”
Y/N turned towards her friend with a smile and purple / black veins flashing under her eyes. Slowly she made her way through the crowd until she got to the guy. Her hands automatically hooked around his neck and they started dancing to the beat , almost in perfect sync and then out of the blue he kissed her. It felt weird not feeling a thing while making out with a hot guy like him, well almost nothing until Y/N’s vampirism kicked in feeling his blood pulsating in his veins.
    “You are not going to make a sound.” she compelled him , sinking her fangs into his neck the next moment. Not too long it felt as if every blood vessel in her head was exploding and she backed away from the guy , having her neck snapped a split second later.A couple of days later  Kai convinced Damon to bring him over to Bonnie who had found her way out of the Prison World , so he can apologise to her and after that hadn’t gone well he had started losing hope anyone would ever forgive him for anything. Right before the vampire had pulled him away , Kai had spotted Y/N in the crowd , ditching Damon straight away to get to her. Y/N had looked hot before but now wearing those black boots and those tight black skinny jeans with a white top with a skull like print on it , she looked even hotter. Quite literally taking his breath away the way she jumped up to the beat with a blue strand in her hair dancing around her shoulders. Last thing he wanted to do was cause her anymore pain but he had no other option if he wanted to grab her and find a way to turn her humanity back on — and maybe find a way to reverse her vampirism turning her back into a human.
After her body started to drop , he caught her and carried her to his car and then to his apartment , putting a boundary spell around it before cloaking himself and sneaking into Alaric’s apartment to ‘borrow’ some of his vervain supply.

A few hours later Y/N woke up tied to a chair with vervain ropes. Her surroundings were unfamiliar but she got an idea where she was when a familiar face popped right in front of her. Of course. Who else would be stupid enough to get the drop on her ? Under other circumstances she probably would’ve rejoiced to have Kai standing barely a metre away from her but not in this moment. There wasn’t a trace of emotion left in her.
  “What the - ” she wondered , struggling to get herself free, groaning in pain more and more each time as the vervain stung on her skin.
   "Hi.“ grinned Kai. "If you keep struggling , you will only get yourself hurt , Y/N. I just want us to talk , that’s all and then I will let you go.”
   "Charming. Do you always tie up the girls you want to talk to ? Or do you do that just to the ones you know can’t stand you?“
  "I tried talking to you the other day , remember? You ran off before I had said a word to you.” he said blankly. “So , you are a vampire now. Why would you do that to yourself?”
   "I had my reasons which do not concern you.“ she replied continuing to struggle against the vervain ropes.  Y/N had been a vampire for a few days but already hated vervain more than she thought possible. Kai had tied her ankles to the legs of the chair too making sure she couldn’t move even if she wanted to.
   "Did you do it because of what I said ?” he asked.
   "So full of yourself.“ she said a little amused. "Not everything happens because of you Parker. Why don’t you let me go and we can maybe go grab a bite somewhere ?”
   "Not letting you go until you turn that switch back on.“
   "Funny. Why have you taken that upon yourself ? Did Damon roped you into saving his best friend from ‘the biggest mistake she had ever done’ ?” she asked blankly. Seeing Kai like that was different - maybe because she was different or maybe because he had merged and according to the billion messages Damon had left her - he had feelings now. His eyes were filled with worry , sadness and regret. He looked almost broken.
   "I care about you thats why.“
   "You care about me ? Do you even hear yourself ?!” she said incredulous. “I dont feel emotions , I don’t care or feel anything. Your words , not mine.”
Kai got up from his chair , going to pour himself some coffee and Y/N used his distraction to pull on the ropes again with all her strength ignoring the pain from the vervain. A few seconds later she was free and quickly she ran towards the door , opening it and bouncing right off it the next moment.
   "What the hell?!“ she wondered , her hands hitting the invisible barrier over and over , pointlessly trying to get through it. Y/N sighed and turned towards him. Kai was  grinning at her while taking a sip from his coffee as if he hadn’t done a thing. A boundary spell. Should’ve known. she thought to herself.
   "You are not going anywhere sweetheart. Not until we talk and you turn that humanity switch back on.”
   "I’d rather kill you than talk to you or see you or be in the same room as you.“ she said through gritted teeth , whooshing herself towards him until their bodies were barely an inch from each other. "Let me leave now , or I you die.”
   "You won’t kill me.“ he said calmly.
   "Owhh ? Are you counting on my feelings for you to kick in at some point? Because they won’t. They no longer exist and as far as I am concerned neither do you.” she said with a mocking look on her face , seconds before purple black veins flashed under her eyes and her teeth sank into his neck.
Kai dropped his coffee on the ground , trying to push her off. Truth to be told he had been expecting that maybe seeing him would get her to flip the switch back on. He had heard multiple times that love is the strongest force there is and blah blah even though he didn’t understand any of it and he hadn’t expected her to actually try and kill him.
   "Motus.“ he muttered , sending her flying off him almost hitting the wall at the other end of the room. "Dang Y/N , maybe Damon was right. I didn’t want to believe him at first but you have lost everything that made you who you are by flipping that stupid humanity switch. You are not this person.”
Y/N wiped his blood of her chin and launched at him again , dropping on the ground with a spectacular witchy headache a split second later. Now she knew why Damon was always in a horrid vengeance mood after those. It felt as if every blood vessel in her head popped all over , healed and popped all over again.
  “I am going to kill you.” she said through gritted teeth.
  “No. You won’t.” he said calmly , taking a step towards her. “I am going to get you to flip that switch back on and then I will find a way to reverse what Damon did to you.”
  “Don’t — waste your t-time.” she struggled to speak. “I don’t n-need fixing.”
Y/N kept struggling to get to him and somehow break his concentration but he wouldn’t stop. He placed his hand on his wound healing it with magic wondering who was this person in front of him ? Surely he hadn’t been the nicest person ever , specially to her but — Kai couldn’t stand seeing her like this , though he had to admit her being a vampire how made her even hotter in his eyes than before. He closed his eyes hearing her scream and groan in pain rolling on the ground for a few moments before he stopped the spell and he knelt down next to her , brushing his fingers against her cheek.  
   "You are not this person Y/N. “ said Kai taking a step towards her. "You are kind , caring - ”
   "You still are.”
   "Please Y/N. I am really sorry about what I said and did that day.” he said gazing into her eyes. They were so cold and empty it broke him in half. “I didn’t see it back then but now I do and I know it is my fault you did this. I was a idiot , the biggest one rejecting you.”
   "Finally. One thing we can agree on.“ she said sitting up and starring at him blankly. There was no way he’d actually think any of this and even if he was , that wont make her flip it back on. Wont change what he made her do or erase all the pain he caused. Y/N leaned in towards him , brushing her palm against his cheek giving him a small smile. For a moment he smiled too , thinking probably somehow he had broken through the tough exterior or at least had made a crack.
   "You are pathetic.” she pit. “I am bored. Do you hate a deck of cards somewhere?”
   "Fine then. We do it the hard way.“ he said getting up, breaking her leg in the next moment. "You are going to turn it on now or I will keep breaking and breaking cuz – sweetheart , we both know I am the actual monster here.”
Y/N screamed in pain rolling on the ground but before she had had time to heal Kai flicked his wrist and her leg broke on another spot and another. Something in her mind started pushing its way through hearing his words. A flicker of  emotion , but she shoved it back where it came from before it had crawled its way out of the black door in her mind.
  “Turn it on.”
Kai flicked his wrist again breaking her other leg and her arm. He couldn’t stand what he was doing to her. Every flick of his wrist only added more to the guilt he already felt. What was he even doing ? After all of this there was no way she’d forgive him , ever.
  “Keep breaking Parker.” she started laughing. “It will be even more satisfying when I get to rip your head off after that.”
  “You are the best thing that has come into my life and I was so blind not seeing it back then.  I can’t live with the guilt of everything I did to you.”  his voice breaking. “I didn’t even know guilt can drown you without actually drowning you. It keeps me up at night -”
Y/N wasn’t listening. Instead she was running scenarios in her head on how she’d get her revenge after that , not caring that would mean Liv’s death or Jo’s death. Not giving a damn about how Alaric would react to losing his future wife and his unborn twinsies. Not caring what Tyler would do to her if his girl dies. Kai knelt down on the ground next to her , studying her face. His eyes were so different in that moment - filled with tears, pain and regret.
  “Kill me.” he dared her, stopping the spell. “Come on. Kill me.”
Y/N caught her breath laying on the ground. “You are bluffing.”
  “Rip my heart out.” he dared her again getting on top of her , placing her hand on his chest. “Put me out of my misery because I can’t live another second with the guilt about everything that I’ve done to you. Or to Jo or Liv. Or even Bonnie.”
Kai’s heart was racing so fast it felt as if it was trying to leap out of his chest and then a tear rolled down his cheek which he completely ignored. Their eyes were locked on each other and none of them was willing to look away from the other.
  “No.” she shook her head, pulling her hand away from his chest. “No , you deserve to live with it eating you away for the rest of your pat-”
Kai didn’t let her finish. There was one thing left for him to try , hoping that maybe it would get her to turn her humanity back on. He pinned her hands on either side of her head and his lips crashed against hers , hungry and demanding , pulling the air out of her lungs. At first she struggled trying to push him off her which only made him kiss her harder until she stopped struggling and returned the kiss. His grip on her hands loosened and she tangled her fingers in his hair , both of them moaning into the kiss until Kai pulled away , resting his forehead on hers.
  “I should’ve started with that.” he said out of breath , gazing into her eyes. “Please tell me it worked.”
His heart was racing faster than ever , still feeling her lips on his. Y/N just stared at him and a few tears rolled down her temples. “Get off me. Now.”
Kai’s face darkened but he did as she asked , rolling onto the ground next to her. He had hoped this would flip the switch , he hoped it had flipped it back considering how she had kissed him back. How it was possible that it hadn’t worked ?!
  “What did I do?” she muttered , covering her face with her hands. “Oh my God what did I do?”
  “Y/N?” he turned towards her. “What are you talking about ? Hey , talk to me.”
Y/N shook her head refusing to say a word and then it hit him - her switch had flipped back on and every emotion had came rushing into her mind. Kai removed her hands from her face , pulling her into his embrace. He knew exactly how she felt in that moment because he had experienced the same thing a few days ago.
  “I’m sorry. I am so sorry Y/N. It’s all my fault. I was an idiot , I am an idiot who hurt you so many times and led  you to do that to yourself , but I am going to fix it. I promise. I will find a way to fix everything.” said Kai , kissing her forehead. “I am so sorry and I know I don’t deserve  your forgiveness but I need you to give me one more chance to make things right.”
Y/N’s mind was racing like crazy - what was she thinking becoming a vampire. Turning off her humanity and shutting out everything that made her who she was ?! All those people she hurt , the ones who got killed because she couldn’t handle rejection. Tears were streaming down her face so fast it was pointless to try and stop them.
    “I know you hate me and you have every right to… I will spend every day until the rest of my life trying to make up for everything.”
Kai waited for her to say something , to stop crying  holding her tightly towards him. Slowly rocking back and forth trying to calm her down.
  “I bit you. Oh my God , I bit you..” her hands covered her face. “All the things I said. Everything I did.”
  “It’s okay. It wasn’t you , I know it wasn’t”
  “I am so sorry.” she cried turning towards him. Kai was crying too.
  “Does that mean you w-will you give me one more chance? I promise I will find out a way to make you a human again and  — maybe we can have a future – together. ” he wondered , wiping away a few tears from her cheeks.
   "Y-you want me to be a human ?” she said through tears. “But you said -”
   "I was so blind and ignorant , not realising what I had until I lost it. Please Y/N , give me one more chance. Just one.“ he pleaded.
Y/N smiled at him. "One more chance. D-don’t screw it up Malachai.”
Kai grinned at her , usually he’d have other reaction to people calling him by his full name but not with her. He loved the way it had rolled off her tongue , like its the most special thing in the world to her.
   "Wouldn’t dream of it.“ replied Kai , kissing her again.

The Sock Scenario

Paring: Pietro Maximoff/Reader

Tags: female reader, fluff, angst, Pietro Maximoff lives, socks

Summary: Reader’s job description says ‘sock fixer’ in fine print (who even reads the fine print?). It so happens, Pietro wears through many pairs of socks a day.

Word Count: 1,348

Posting Date:  2016-06-01

Current Date: 2017-05-13

Originally posted by imaginepietromaximoff

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Youtuber!Taehyung as a Father

And now it is time for the second half of the Daegu line, the love of my life who looked so super cute in BV S2 I only got to watch about half of it but he was really really cute him in plaid/flannel is 100% just amazing his outfits are always wo W I love him so much, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • For the original youtuber!Taehyung post, click here, that post also features the proposal bit  and for father!Tae, all of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!tae post, he has a lot of kids, in order of age, it’s a boy, twin girls and then another boy
  • Just a quick summary of youtuber!tae, he has a vlogging channel, it’s mainly vlogs, there are a few tags here and there, there are some sit down and talk videos, some Q&As but 70-80% of the videos are vlogs
  • Since he does share a lot of his life with his viewers, it’s a no brainer that he’s gonna wanna tell them about the bbys asap like right after he finds out and has a minute to celebrate with you and maybe calm his heartbeat down a bit, he’s pulling his camera out and talking about it
  • He may not upload that clip until you give him the okay but he’ll film it on the same day so his reaction is genuinely !!!!!!!!! like his eyes are still watery, his smile is still s o so so big and happy and all square
  • His entire face is just so lit up and it’s so clear that he’s the happiest he’s ever been bc he just found out that his lil munchkin his teeny tiny baby is coming within just a few months 
  • His viewers get to watch his bbys grow up and that’s one of the biggest reasons he started his channel 
  • Not only does having his videos on the internet provide him a great way to look back at his memories in the future, it also gives him a way to build a family
  • He’s never felt like his viewers were just his viewers, they were so much more to him than a number on the screen, they’re like family to him
  • So to him, it’s only common sense for him to talk about his biological family with them
  • On the first day the bbys are born, Tae’s showing a couple of clips of them, he doesn’t film too much bc he’s so distracted with the fact that his child(ren) is laying right there and they’re so cute and smol and he wants to give them hugs and coo at them and sing to them a bit maybe
  • The viewers get to see the bbys grow up day by day
  • They get to see the bbys go from being so lil and tiny and barely able to lift their own heads up to them still being lil but not so much and being able to run around and talk a mile a minute and form their own personalities and it’s the be s t
  • Tae can always look back on bby boy’s first word, he can always look back at how the girls would cuddle each other whenever they were near each other, he can always look back at how bby boy #2 was running the mere second he figured out how to
  • They’re in nearly every video, it’s s o rare for him to post a video where they’re not at least in the background
  • Like even if his videos that aren’t vlogs, they’re gonna be in the background or you’ll hear their voices or they’ll be in and out of the frame
  • Even in the few videos they’re not featured in, you’re gonna see a toy or a bottle or a shoe, anything that would hint at the fact that he’s got four kids running around the house
  • Tae is such a fashion lover like he’s so into his style and developing it further and letting it change as he gets older like he went from wearing the baggy clothes and the cut up shirts that he loved so much to the Gucci and I honestly love that he’s so open about it and that he’s like hey man I bought these really cool shirts wanna see like hell yeah bb I wanna see
  • So he’s gonna l o v e being able to dress his bbys up in cute lil outfits (until they get to the age where they can start picking out their own clothes at least) like does Gucci make children’s clothes bc if they do it’s game over their entire fucking closet is just gonna be Gucci
  • They’re always looking super super cute, the girls are sometimes in matching outfits bc he can’t resist it it’s just too perfect of a set up to not give them matching outfits but normally he gives them different outfits or maybe they’ll have a similar theme
  • But their hair is almost always different, one of them will have pigtails, one of them has a bun or a ponytail, a couple of braids maybe a head band or two 
  • The boys sometimes have matching outfits with Tae bc how can you not my biggest head canon is that his boys would look so fucking similar to him like havE YOU EVER SEEN TAE AS A BBY THAT SHIT IS CUTE
  • So they gotta do the matching bit at l e a s t ten times within the first month, it’s the minimum
  • And they get lil beanies bc bbys in beanies are one of my favorites it’s so fucking cute and they love trying to wear Tae’s watches or his rings and they’re basically his mini mes
  • They’re in their pajamas a lot in videos too tbh Tae’s family would literally have a designated “pajama day” where no one can get out of their pajamas and everyone has to be super comfy and happy and so many cuddles happen
  • It’s so blatantly obvious that he adores them so much, there isn’t a single video they’re in where he doesn’t kiss their lil cheeks at least once
  • Like his intro is literally the bbys popping into frame one by one and him kissing their heads as they come in (ending with him kissing yours)
  • He films this one clip he l ov e s so much of him walking across the street with them and bby girl #2 is holding his hand and then bby girl #1 is holding hers and then bby boy #1 is holding onto hers and then bby boy #2 is holding onto his so it’s one long train
  • They’re nicknamed (affectionately) the ducklings by his viewers bc they follow him around a l o t and they are lil kids so they have the lil waddle walk that lil kids do and they just look up at him with those big puppy dog eyes like “where we going next dad”
  • He does a series called Cooking with the Kims where he and the bbys try to cook or bake something for you and it’s always s o fucking cute and funny and messy very messy
  • Imagine Tae cooking and then add in children just take a moment to think about that bc my heart is just gone it belongs to him completely
  • It always ends with someone having flour in their hair or sauce on their cheek basically a mess
  • He always gives them lil snacks to keep them entertained while he handles the actual heat part of the cooking process bc the last thing he ever wants is his bbys getting hurt he is not having that happen
  • Sometimes the meals may be a bit burnt but it’s always made with a lot of love and the bbys always get to decorate the plate
  • His favorite video he’s ever made with them is one of the Cooking with the Kims videos bc he feels like it sums up his life really well
  • It’s a bit chaotic, four bbys but it’s so loving and everyone’s giggling up a storm and they’re cuddling with each other as it goes along and everyone’s joking around and having so much fun and your voice is in the background bc you’re watching it all go down so it’s a video with all of his loves in it, the dog’s in the background, the hamster is in your hands when he points the camera at you, it’s his lil family all together in one video  
  • “Any reason there are chocolate chips in my Alfredo??”
  • “We wanted to give you dinner AND dessert”

capesundewmind  asked:

sakamakis reacting to their s/o on their wedding day please? :3 (ps love you blog!)

I changed it up, so it’s more like a wedding scenario. I figured that if I did the same thing with only minor tweaks, it would get boring quick, and thank you!

Shu: He was nicely surprised as you began to walk down the aisle in the dress he never saw, getting closer and closer to him with the flustered face he always loved. Shu’s slacked hand rose up for you to hold onto, as you should. Pulling your body just a tad bit closer as the humanly disguised creature began speaking, reciting the words that would finally marry you two. Shu’s voice was soft compared to the demon’s, though you easily heard his compliments. A blush sprang to your cheeks as you realized just how much this means to him as well as you.

“I can’t believe you wouldn’t let me see the dress beforehand. Human traditions are… Interesting. It doesn’t matter though. I’ll be seeing a lot more than just that dress. I suppose I can’t call you a girl any longer. Hmph, you’re quite the beautiful woman, and I’m glad to call you mine.”

Reiji: He was the one to make most of the preparations for the wedding, even if you did help with some, like the flowering, catering, and even picking out the dress you wore, Reiji was always there to give his opinion on the matter. The formally dressed vampire was not completely prepared himself to see you in the dress, walking down the carpeted pathway, face slightly hidden underneath the decorated veil, much like a spider’s web. In fact, nearly every part of your outfit covered in lace resembled something of the sort. He warmly welcomed you, in a more traditional way, with a kiss on the back of the hand.

“You look astounding, dear. Covered by the very webs that I ensnared you in… and somehow got lost in myself. Heh, are you that excited? I can hear your heart beating quite clearly. Hmm, looks like he wants to begin the speaking. Don’t forget you vows, alright (Name)? Remember them, so I will always keep them at heart.”

Laito: Surprisingly enough, he took this qiute seriously. You were the first person to truly show him the difference between love and lust, and though the dreadful scar will never fully heal, Laito opened up to the possibility that there was, in fact, someone who cared for him on a personal level. Though the perverted tendencies may show every so often, you knew that he was simply showing his love to you. Finally, as you stand before him, Laito took your hands in his, a genuine smile on his face as he began to recite the vows it took him weeks to finish.

“Bitch-Chan… no, (Name)… I don’t know where I’d be if not for you. Standing before me today, I can only smile. You’re the drug that saved me, and now, I can’t get enough. I vow to devote my attention to you, to love over each and every part of you, and I vow to you, that you’ll get half of my macarons.”

Kanato: Everything seemed to stray off path on the worst day for him. The caterers had gotten the orders incorrect, especially on the dessert. His bow became undone in the midst of his argument with the chefs. Hearing the familiar shouts of your lover, in the dress that you had just put on, you ran outside in order to stop whatever was going on, despite the cries of your bridesmaids and servants calling you back. Startled, you called out to Kanato, whom looked at you with a wide grin, seeing the fitted dress rile up.

“Fufu, there you are! This ungrateful demon decided it was okay to get our order mixed with someone else’s! Mm, I’m not in the mood to do the wedding right now, so let’s go back to our room, and I’ll have a brand new desert. I’m sure Teddie would love to watch.”

Ayato: Everyone’s spirits were high as the crowned king had just become newly wed to the woman he cared so much for. As the reception kicked off, Ayato took you hand for a moment, giving you another long kiss before sending you off to with the servants to get you new clothes to dance in. He waited impatiently until your return to him, which resulted in you jumping on his back for a piggy back ride. Startled, Ayato looked over his shoulders, then grinned as he saw your flustered face.

“Heh, that look is fit for the wife of Yours Truly! Come on Chichinashi, we have a long night ahead of us, so let’s dance together and make sure no one tells us otherwise! I’ll show everyone here that it’s impossible for you to be taken away from me, after all, you’re Ore-Sama’s, and… Ore-Sama is yours too, my cute little Queen Chichinashi.”

Subaru: Subaru’s hand never left the hold that bind you both as everyone sat down to eat. Due to the nature of some of the guests, those from the demon realm had a different course than the humans, though, as a commemorative dinner for being wedded, Subaru had a plate with the human course, and you with the demonic one. Of course, you two shared it amongst each other. Subaru admired your delicacy as you fed him the piece from your plate, and decided to do the same. Taking your chin between his fingers, Subaru placed the piece of bread in between your lips as he spoke, so you wouldn’t interrupt him.

“My love, my life, I’m completely mesmerized by you. I’ve hurt for so long, yet, you’re the cure I need. The one I needed all along. I know you were scared of me, and sometimes, you still are. I am a monster, after all. But… you’ve stuck by me. There’s no way in hell I’m ever letting you go, got it? So eat up.”

- Kylie