i never draw the first game kids


   I want to make a tribute to Homestuck. Even though i left the fandom years ago i still kept up with the updates and kinda kept it with me i guess. It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years. i remember when i first started reading after Problem Sleuth and no one could have thought it would have gone on for this long or be this spectacular! At one point Homestuck was a huge part of my life and has been with me for almost half my life so to be honest it hurts to say goodbye. I’m really thankful to all the people i’ve met through HS and the improvement in my art as I drew fanart of it. I wanted to post some of my old art, from before i had a pentab and only drew on paper or my schoolwork, but i either threw it away or lost it. I would have wanted to post this on 4/13 but it was only till after i watched Act 7 that i really felt my emotions come back and felt inspired to draw again. I might make a few more drawings depending on how the next few weeks go. Until then thank you to all my followers homestucks or not, and thank you to everyone who worked on HS to make it into the masterpiece it is today.


Compilation of all of my Asagao fanarts that I haven’t posted yet

(most of them are @didyouknowshaning, hana the bae, or some form of hanaxshane because I’m trash)

*ps there’s captions*

why am i doing this

Hello. My name’s Bobby Schroeder. You may know me as Tumblr user ponett. I’ve been a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog for years. For better or worse.

In the summer of 2002, my first encounter with Sonic was via a rerun of The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog on Toon Disney. Immediately, that hedgehog’s low budget, poorly animated shenanigans had me hooked. For the rest of the summer I would try to catch every rerun I could of the show just to get more of that hedgehog.

A few months later, on one fateful trip to a flea market, I happened upon a booth filled with toys and comic books. It was there that I discovered something that would change my eight-year-old life.

I knew immediately that I had to buy this.

Initially disappointed that it had very little to do with the cartoon I so dearly loved, I quickly became fascinated by this new set of characters. Later that week I got what were then the two most recent issues, #112 and #113. Somehow, in the span of 100 issues, the comic had turned into this:

I spent the next six years of my life reading every new issue of this goddamn furry comic religiously.

(Oh yeah, and I guess I realized Sonic was a video game character. My first game of his was the PC port of Sonic R. I ate that fucking garbage right up.)

While the games had a big impact on me (they got me into video games, and I’m kind of a developer now), the comics did as well. They are, unarguably, what got me interested in drawing anthropomorphic animals as a kid. The convoluted plots, heroic adventures, and colorful cast also influenced some of my earliest writing.

And so I’m going to chronicle my experience as I read through every issue of this comic. I haven’t read it in years, and I never read most of the first 111 issues. Let’s watch as my nostalgia towards my vague memories of the characters clashes with a lot of the writing and art not being super great! If you’ve read the comics, I hope you get a kick out of watching me rediscover them. If you’ve never touched them, well. Think of this as an educational experience.

This is going to be fun.