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We’re Just Friends. {Josh Dun x reader}

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Warnings: Swearing? Josh being the hottest human being out there, um yeah and slight sexual conent, Bullying

A/N: Requests are open for Josh but if you prefer Tyler I could maybe do him too.



The car rumbled as we made our way down the highway towards Taco Bell. Josh bobbed his head to the beat of the song that was playing at the time. I didn’t know what it was but I’m pretty sure it’s Metalica. As we pulled into the drive-through at Taco Bell I picked up my bag rummaging for my wallet.

“Shit Josh. I forgot my money.” I said throwing down my purse in frustration.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll pay.” Josh siad pulling up to the ordering sign.

“Are you sure Josh? I can pay you back when we get back.” I said pointing to the direction we came in.

“Yeah and you don’t have to pay me back. It’s fine.” He said ordering a 5$ cravings box for each of us and two strawberry starburst freezis.

“Thanks Josh.” I said leaning back against the seat beginning to relax.

“It’s nothing.” he said grabbing the food from the clerk before driving away.The car ride was filled with silence as we turned into the nearest park. The sound of children playing in the background filled my heart with joy making my chest and face feel warm as I cracked a smile. “Why you smiling?” Josh said setting up the food on a picnic table.

“Kids are just so cute.” I said sitting across from him. 

“You want to have any?” He asked taking a bite of the first taco he pulled out. 

“No not thinking about it right now.” I said taking a bite of the taco I chose. 

“Why not?” He asked looking at you with a concerned look on his face.

“Just haven’t found the right person I guess.” I said offering him a light smile 

“ Um Y/N I’m sitting right here.” He said smiling. 

“ Yeah, yeah Romeo.” I said chuckling. We finished the tacos and sat on a bench that over looked the on-coming sunset. 

“You know what’s prettier than this sunset?” He asked looking at me with loving eyes. My heart started accelerating in my chest and the wind fled from my lungs.

“What?” I could barely make out.

“Me.” He said laughing. The anticipation fled from my heart and disappointment replaced it. I smiled in efforts to hide the pain in my heart. “I’m just kidding.” He said grabbing in my chin with his fingers. “It’s you.” He whispered before planting a quick kiss on my forehead. 


“We should be getting back to Tyler’s don’t you think? He’s going to be wondering where we’ve gone to.” Josh said standing up like nothing our of the ordinary happened at all. 

“Y-yeah.” I said and he chuckled at my studdering. 

“You alright there princess?” He asked throwing an arm around around my shoulders. 

“Yeah I-I’m fine just tired that’s all.” I said trying to cover my apparent studder with a chuckle although I know he heard it.

“Want me to tuck you in?” He asked smiling. At first the words got mixed p in my brain and I thought he said “Fuck” Instead of “Tuck” The image of his sweating down between my legs made me squeeze them together to get rid of the wetness that threated to spill out. 

“Sure. You sleeping in my room tonight again too?” I asked throwing in arm around his torso. 

“Of course.” He said chuckling. The one thing fans didn’t know about us was that we slept together on a daily basis. It wasn’t sexual or anything but it was nice and cuddly and he prvided the perfect amount of warmth. 

*Time skip*

The room was quiet beside the tiny fan I had going on my dresser. I couldn’t sleep in silence since I was a little kid so Josh knew it was natural for me to have a fan running at all times. 

“You ready?” Josh asked from the bathroom. 

“Almost.” I said as I stripped into one of Josh’s t-shirts before huddling into bed. “Alright come out.” I said throwing the covers over me before he could get a look of my pantless legs. Josh came out in nothing but his boxers and hopped into bed next to me he warm legs warpping with my cold ones.

“Damn you’re cold today.” He said pulling me against his strong torso against my weak back.

“Yeah, I guess it’s always cold in this house.” I said pushing my back into his solid body to get some warmth. He draped isarm around my stomach and pulled me closer if that was even possible. 

“Goodnight Y/N.” He said snuggling into my neck. 

“Goodnight Joshua.” I said moving to give him better access to my neck.


The morning came and my phone was blowing up with messages and notifications. I turned to pick it up but found it difficult due to Josh holding onto me closly. 

“Josh hun I have to grab my phone. It’s probably my mother.” I siad trying to reach over  again but he held me closer. 

“Mmm not yet.” He said his voice raspy from a night of good sleep. 

“Josh I’ll be back just.. let.. me grab my phone.” I said pulling my phone closerand eventualy grabbing it going back to Josh. He resumed his position and fell asleep shortly after. My phone had notifications from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and friends texted a few times. I decided to start with my friends. 

From: Y/BF/N

Dude what the hell?! Why didn’t you tell me?? sent at 3:50 am

To: Y/BF/N 

What didn’t I tell you? I’m confused?? sent at 10:21 am

I continued to check through social media seeing videos and pictures of Josh and me in the park eating

Oh my gosh!! I didn’t know Josh had a girlfriend again!! holy shit you guys are adorable! Reposts 3       Comments 0      Likes  273

What the fuck shes so damn ugly he could do better! Reposts 0      Comments 1     Likes  16

I wonder if she eats Taco Bell all the time because she looks it.  Reposts 50      Comments    53      Likes 1,067

The pictures and videos flooded through my mind and they made my heart melt but the comments made my heart sink.

From: Y/BF/N 

I saw the photo’s good for you hun. I remember you complaining about how he never would like you and shit like that! Now all I have to do is set the haters straight. Hope you guys last long! <3  sent at 10:45 am

To: Y/BF/N 

Omg I didn’t know people took pictures of that. We’re just friends. but  now I need to get Joshie up and tell him the “Great” news. sent at 10:47

“Josh, wake up I need to talk to you.” I said sitting up him following soon after. My phone held tightly in my hands I showed him Instagram and Twitter. 

“Oh my god I should’ve fucking known better. I’m so sorry Y/N.” He said looking through the comments on Instagram and Twitter. 

“It’s okay they don’t bother me as much as they are goign to ruin your reputation.” I said runnning my hands down my face. 

“Well maybe this is a good thing.” Josh said looking at you with a smile on his face.

“How is this even remotely a good thing. This shit is going to cause some reprecussions.” I said scratching my neck nervously. 

“Because I’ve always loved you and I just. I didn’t want it to come out this way but if this is the only way it will come out then so be it.” Josh said leaning forward capturing my lips with a soft, delicate kiss. I leaned into it wrapping my arms around his neck. His soft lips molded against mine and it felt right. We pulled away and opened our eyes. 

“I love you too Joshua Dun.”


I hope you like this so yeah I love you guys and you can start requesting for Josh Dun or Tyler Joseph so yeah!


As long as I’m posting stuff I’ve never posted on Tumblr…

I think the left one is supposed to be Kagome from Inuyasha? That’s what we’ll go with anyway. Right one I think that’s bangs but I prefer to interpret it as a giant spider on her forehead. Way more rad that way.

I don’t even know how old these are. I’m guessing from other art in the same set of scans prooobably around 15-17 years ago.



A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Featuring: Luke Alvez x Spencer Reid                 Setting: After Season 12

Requested by: Anonymous

“Omg I am going to request a ralvez one shot because there is not (and never will be) enough ralvez in this world. So could you do one where they finally admit their feelings for each other (post-reid jail time) and Luke admits that he’s never been with a guy before and he is nervous??? Please and thank you!! <3″ 

A/N: Thank you for your request! I am tagging it for @reidbyers Ralvez week. I am sorry it took so long, but I, huh, really need to watch season 12. (Because I spend too much time online and can only watch the show when my kids are asleep.) I love this ship so much! I hope you like it. xoxo Stu    

Warnings: Grief, angst, talk of sex acts

Spencer felt like he had been asleep for months. In truth it was twenty seven hours and fourteen minutes since he last glanced at the bedside clock in the safe-house Emily had placed he and his mother in. The thought of his mother and her safety sent that familiar panic through his lean frame. He found her seated at the kitchen table, reading contently. The relief flooded through him and he sighed when the nurse caught his eye, smiling in her quiet understanding.

It was as if the past months locked away were just a nightmare he had to overcome; wakefulness had found him with his freedom. He had missed much more than just his mother and her abduction. He had missed cases and setbacks, profiles and small victories. He had missed his team. Although his thoughts had been on one team member more than the others. Something that he hadn’t expected especially when Luke first began aiding the BAU.

Luke hated this part of the job the most. The delivery of earth-shattering news to the family members of his fallen brothers. Emily had insisted on meeting the Walkers at the hospital instead of going home. Luke wouldn’t let her do that on her own. Every one of them were exhausted to the point of numbness. In this storm of emotions his years of training kicked in and he persevered.

The natural smile far from his lips as he stood alongside his chief as the truth destroyed Stephen’s family. How much more loss was he going to have to bring to loved ones? Was catching the unsubs and fugitives making any difference? It didn’t feel like it on nights like these.

The day of the funeral was the next time Spencer saw any of his teammates, besides JJ. She had come over with the boys to visit once Spencer and Diana were resettled at home. Diana loved those boys. Spencer was amazed at how much they had grown since, well, everything. Henry was calculated with his questions for Uncle Spencer, JJ was on guard about any topic too personal. Spencer appreciated his godson’s curiosity and insight. He answered him honestly, because Spencer valued Henry’s trust.

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idk if you've ever answered such questions, but since your fic recs are so amazing... What are your personal favourites among the spirk fics right now (say, idk, 5? 10? whichever you prefer?)

OMG I JUST SAW THIS. i think about this a lot actually. I’ll give you 10 (ive read too many for there to be just 5!) 

in no particular order:

1) Combien de temps by rabidchild67, i reread this fic a lot and it never fails to give me loads of a feels. It’s just a beautiful realization of t’hy’la and the way that I imagine things to go post-STiD. Their relationship is messy and necessary and wonderfully rendered.

2) Atlas by distractedkat. I know everyone cites this fic but it really is a must read if you’re into the genius!jim trope (which I am) and the author seamlessly develops the AOS kirk/spock relationship into a much more TOS dynamic. Absolutely gorgeous.

3) Devil’s Bargain by rhaegal. This is a TOS pon farr fic. This is the best pon farr fic. Not that pon farr is more exciting or more well written but let’s just say, I have difficult finding sex scenes in fic that “do it for me” but this one does. Set after TMP, Kirk promises Spock to “help out” if they can’t get to Vulcan in time during their 5 year missions. Things proceed accordingly and it is SCOrCHING.

4) Spice by eimeo. The most beautiful prose ever. Such elegance and while at times wordy, that’s all I want. I want extended metaphors and similes and images. GIVE ME THAT. MAKE ME FEEL. This is set after TOS and over the course of TMP and explains why Spock tried to purge all emotion. SUCH ANGST. SUCH PAIN. SUCH UST (omg unbelievable). To enhance your experience listen to THIS playlist while you read (which you’ll be doing for a while this fic is so long and I never wanted it to end)

5) In Time by yeaka. Yeaka is the porn queen and this fic does not disappoint. Spock is commissioned to babysit Jim by Winona because she’s heard good things about him from people at the Academy. 18 year old Spock. Child Jim. It’s all well and good until Jim gets older and get HOT.

6) So Wise We Grow by deastar. This should be on everyone’s list. It’s amazing. Spock has to adopt T’Pring’s son because she lied and said he was Spock’s. Jim helps him raise the Vulcan boy. Things turn out as you’d expect but the FEELS. The beautiful feels.

7) Undone by rowan-baines which is a novel length feral!Spock fic (see also master of a nothing place)and had enough action and UST for me to want to stop reading fic for a couple of days just so I could preserve its beauty.

8) Fighting Gravity by pantswarrior. YOOOOO this fic is the novel length hurt/comfort shmoop you’ve been looking for. AOS and better for it.

9) Somewhere to Begin by jouissant. this fic was so good that I cried while reading it, from both angst and joy. Fantastic.

10) When Snow the Pasture Sheets by annaknitsspock. I don’t usually go in for established relationship fics (im a sucker for that first time fluff) but this one was amazing. Beautiful language and such angst ugh. 

11) Lotus Eaters by aldora89. I know I said 10 but I have to put this on here too. Absolute classic. it has everything. Stranded on a planet, Kirk and Spock must attempt to survive (so good. I re-read this a lot).

Finally if you haven’t read Observations, it’s a 400k fic that pretty much kicks ass, so feel free to dig in if you’re feeling it.

also let me direct you to THIS post where I list 100 fics that I loved (its old but most on here are still in my favs im gonna update it soon)

you can also explore my favorite fics tag

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Hi there lily!~ For the ask thing: 11, 23 and 30!

hey kitty ! 💕

23. do you have a significant other?
nope ! never have had one either im single as hell
i even use tinder lmao but all dates ive set up i got stood up except for one where she pulled thru only to find out after 3 hours of hanging out she was straight lol n she didnt consider it a date .. so i guess love isnt in my charts rn 😭​but its chill! id rather smth happen naturally then actively seek it out and be so desperate for a relationship that i end up in a shitty one 😭💕

Gold has never been in a contest before, and his wardrobe seemed to lack anything that would help him make a good impression when he walks on stage. Lucky for him though, his friend Lucas needed a new set of contest clothes as well, and since they signed up for the Wallace Cup together anyway, he took Gold on a shopping trip.

They even decided to get matching outfits while they were at it.

Lucas is @brightresearcher
For the event at @wallace-cup

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I love your true form Lucifer! Do you think he used to look like something else before he fell/was cast out?

omg it’s been so long since i’ve thought about these!! i……….never did finish this set, did i–


i absolutely do think he looked waaay different before he fell! i sketched something out for this just now because i realized i never showed a pre-fallen trueform luci??? so here’s a thing

so, nothing too detailed or crazy–actually a little underwhelming compared to what i have in my head, but it’s basically a purer version of this

just remove that millions of years of mangled tarnish and bAM u gotchyaself daddy’s light-bringer!!

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Hey. Anon. You wanna know what makes me never wanna pick a story up again? 

Exactly what you’re doing here. 

I’m not making money off of this in any way, it’s something I started doing as a labor of love and as a coping mechanism. 

I get it. I’ve been on your end of things. Being patient is hard. I’m sorry. 

But I never set out to create this comic for other people; I’m glad so many love it, I really am, but I started telling this story because its a story I wanted and still want to tell, and if I try to force it too much it’s going to suck.

I mean. I can always fart out a rushed scribbled ending just for you if its that important. I can post the entire plot synopsis I’ve had in mind, spoil the entire thing, and just give hastily drawn pictures giving the general idea. It’ll look awful. It won’t feel right. But at least you’ll get your story faster, right? 

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Hands down I haven't been this excited for a fic in such a long time. I absolutely loved your previous fic, so when I found out 'Follow My Lead' was written by the same person I was so excited. Your writing has improved a lot in my eyes, especially in regards to pacing and a chapter never leaves me feeling disappointed. You do such a good job of setting up an interesting plot and story, Seriously you are doing such a great job and I can't wait for the next chapter ˙ ͜>˙

Omg anon telling me my writing has improved is probably the greatest thing that’s ever happened because that’s ultimately what I’m trying to do, is improve my writing and step out of my comfort zone!!! Thank you so much for this lovely, lovely message and I’m so freaking glad you like my work!!! Ahhhh I love you, whoever you are

“Only my mother calls me ‘Napoleon’”

I considered reblogging the conversation, but decided against it because this is got overly long and morphed into a huge meta about Movie Napoleon instead.

I’ve spent months watching, learning, and writing  TV Napoleon, movie Napoleon, and hell even attempted a hybrid version of the two. Because of this, I have a lot of opinions and headcanons that will not jive with everyone. This is my interpretation and is not meant to be the right one in any way. Just one interpretation of many scattered across the fandom.

In general, I treat the two versions of Napoleon as two very different people both due to narrative circumstances and the routes the actors took in developing their character.

Now, some points about Movie Napoleon:

1) He is not to be considered the same Napoleon as TV Napoleon. That much is clear the moment you realise he is not working for UNCLE already at the beginning of the movie, which is set in 1963.

2) Henry never watched the show before taking on the role. He decided to interpret Napoleon in his own way and from the script alone. This makes a lot of people (me included) that did watch the show before the film or have watched the show after the film a bit uncomfortable or grumpy in general because hot damn, TV Napoleon is a gift. 

3) Piggy-backing on point 2, it is clear that the movie wanted to interpret Napoleon and Illya in a grittier way that they thought would appeal to modern audiences more, so it was a given they would be different (though to be honest, I never expected them to be that different when the movie finally came out).

In my opinion, doing that actually hurt the movie as much as making it an origin story (that takes places in 1963???? why????) did. From what I can tell, the modern audience now that has watched the show or is starting to love TV Napoleon because he is so different from the popular spies we see these days in film and television. He stands out on his own as a character that you cannot immediately compare to another type of spy or movie protagonist right off the bat.

4) That said, if Ian Fleming were alive or had his way with developing Napoleon Solo beyond the name, I’m sure movie Napoleon would be a closer match to what he originally intended. 

Now onto the quote itself and what it revealed to me–

A lot of people take Napoleon saying that line to Victoria as meaning he doesn’t own up to his name and doesn’t like it. I never saw that line like that. It isn’t him seriously saying ‘man, I only like my last name because it’s cooller than Napoleon’–c’mon guys, this is a guy that stayed on in Europe for awhile after the war and probably worked on becoming more European to blend in and do his thing. He probably learned to own up to Napoleon and took pride in it and how European and/or exotic it sounded.

I saw that line he says to Victoria as Napoleon being facetious in the face of a woman that was gloating about catching him. She calls him ‘Napoleon’ in a fond, condescending way because after all, she just caught him and defeated him. Napoleon, in a final act of defiance before he succumbs to the drugged scotch decides to say this line to her. She certainly seems to understand this because of the way she smiles and drops herself over the top of that couch. I mean, guys, Napoleon doesn’t really have many moments in the film where he is sincere or honest, so what makes you think he was being sincere or honest when confronted with a woman that is 100% likely gonna kill him when he wakes up?

I find the quote also brings to attention just how lonely Napoleon Solo as a character is in this film. No one calls him ‘Napoleon’ save for the woman that he knows will likely be the person that will kill him. He has 0 expectations of being saved and it’s clear he’s resigned to his fate by the time the torture scene rolls into place. He has no close personal ties with anyone in the movie, despite being the most social of the trio of agents. His own charm is his armor against letting this mission and the people involved get too close to him. 

Unlike in the show, Napoleon is not doing any of this spy business because he wants to, but because it is his literal prison sentence. Granted, he does seem to take some enjoyment from the whole thing in the form of sleeping with two gorgeous ladies and having a mini picnic by the dock, but those are temporary, physical pleasures and hell the second time he sleeps with a woman, it was out of necessity to maintain his cover.

But back to the name, note how Gaby and Illya are actually called by their first name more than once. Gaby and Illya grow close with one another while Napoleon maintains his distance, smiling all the while. Gaby and Illya obviously gain some respect for him over the course of the movie, but neither make any attempts to get to know Napoleon as a person. He is a means to an end. 

It does not even occur to Illya that Napoleon is anything more than a temporary partner (a good one and one he does not want to kill, given how they had just finished saving the world and all) until Napoleon returns his father’s watch to him. That gesture and the fact that Napoleon called him ‘Illya’ during the extraction mission are clear indications that Napoleon saw Illya as more than an agent and as a person. Illya, however, does not see or think Napoleon even cares about him until the watch moment. The return of the watch unsettles Illya to the core and makes it impossible for him to do as his handler wants because here is a man that is more than his record. Here is a man that cared enough to go out of his way to get back his watch despite all he went through.

In my opinion, it is only after the watch scene that we begin to see the start of a true partnership between Illya and Napoleon and the beginnings of a friendship. Should we get a sequel, we will probably continue to see their friendship and bond grow into something more like what we are familiar with from the show.

However, do I think movie Napoleon could ever become someone like TV Napoleon? Possibly, but then again, this reboot has things set up so differently that movie Napoleon will never become TV Napoleon exactly just like Reboot Jim Kirk will never be the same as ToS Jim Kirk. 


                   ⁘ ☆ ⁘  —-                  Fara was suppose to be in class and yet here she was wandering the school yard. She would get in a lot of trouble if a teacher caught her out here after all. And yet, on that chilly day, she just couldn’t bring herself to go to class. Her mind was all over the place so she knew she would end up learning nothing at all. Not that she did all that great anyway, ever since moving here her grades have slipped down to almost failing. It was embarrassing. She went from a pretty decent student to bottom of the barrel. As she was lost in thought about her falling grades in her final year of high school, she then noticed where she had wandered too. The pool.

                                                    She stopped, a good distance away from it. She missed it, more then anything. The feeling of being free while swimming through that water. It would be… Wonderful to feel that again but. She couldn’t. Not only did she not deserve it, but her body wouldn’t let her. A girl who was the reason her twin brother is dead should not be allowed to be happy. She stepped at the edge though, looking in. But it was the same, always the same. If she would stare into that water for to long she would see it. A vision that looked so real, the memory of her brother reaching towards her as he sunk. Yet every time she saw it, she was still overcome with fear and shock. She jumped slightly, trying to get away from the water, when her foot slipped. The next thing she knew, all she could feel was cold water and liquid trying to invade her lungs.

                                                     Swim, I have to swim… She had that thought over and over again. All she needed to do was swim towards the top. It was the deep end, so she couldn’t stand up but… She was a soon to be olympic swimmer at one point, she could do this. But her body, it wouldn’t let her. Fara was frozen, sinking towards the bottom of the pool. Even my body doesn’t think I deserve to live. Water kept getting it as her body attempted to breath and slowly she felt her own concious leave her. Not much longer, a little more. Then she would be dead too. Then she would see her brother, Eren again. Not much longer. I’m sorry.