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Not only does he swoop in to save the day in absolutely glorious fashion, the otherwise quiet and collected officer also delivers one of the most savage putdowns of the entire game, displaying unfathomable and hitherto unknown levels of snark, while staying so fucking classy. Who knew he had it in him?! His gloating, as cold as it is gleeful, is utterly brutal - and so, so delicious. 

Bonus points for the look on his face, as he effortlessly crushes the last, faint sliver of hope for the already humiliated Jedi in front of him. It’s simply delectably devious.

This. This is it. This is the moment I fell in love.

- Quinn, I could kiss you!

I had to doodle something from the latest chapter of Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear cos it gave me so many goddamn feels and if you aren’t reading that fic then you are missing the hell out like you don’t even know ok

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Charity fic for @leralynne!

Monty Green has never seduced anyone in his life.

Honestly, he wonders if that’s something that ever works. Seduction, that is. He still remembers this one Valentine’s Day in college where Jasper decided he wanted to do something special for his then-girlfriend and decided to trail flower petals over her floor, leading her to the bed, where he’d positioned himself, nude, with several bows tied around strategic parts of his body. Jasper had been sure this was The Most Romantic and Sensual Thing Ever, but Monty isn’t convinced it would have worked out for him even if the girl in question hadn’t come home with two classmates who were planning to work on a bio problem set with her.

Probably, he thinks that in order to seduce someone properly, you need to be incredibly hot and confident, and be in a socially acceptable place to seduce them, like a bar, and alcohol is involved, and you’re reading signals and flirting, and then you do something sexy, like licking your lips or tying a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue.

All of which just sounds fake to Monty. He’s had relationships before, but he still has no idea how. His significant others did most of the work, and he just went along with them.

Which was great, obviously. He really appreciates when other people like him enough to put in the effort. But now he really wants to date Miller, and he honestly has no idea how to even start with that.

Clarke’s opinion was that he should just ask Miller out, which is rich, coming from Clarke, who took so long to get together with Bellamy that their relationship story would take as long to tell as all nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother.

Albeit with a much better ending.

eyyyyyy so i fixed my first bug on my new team today!!!! and i actually work on a user facing product now so people are actually going to see the result of this work eyyyyyyy

You know what? Frick it. I’m making Becky and Carter a couple. They’re cute and I love them.

anonymous asked:

Hey hey hey! What's going on? Who is yelling at you?

I went to get my computer fixed and some asshole wasted like 2 hours doing shit id already done and wasting time and being a dick (bc I can’t know anything about computers, I’m a girl) and then he called in another guy who was SUPER big and SUPER mean and starts yelling at me for not knowing what the problem is (if I knew what the problem was I wouldn’t BE HERE) I literally got so anxious and almost started crying (was shaking, on the edge of a panic attack in a BASEMENT full of MEN) and I had to call my brother to stand with me in this dungeon and then they started treating me KIND OF like a human being.

TL;DR I took my computer to get fixed, had several hours of my time wasted (by a bunch of men twice my size) and then got yelled at and berated by a man several times my size and he only went easy on me when I called in a man to stand next to me

Yo. I’m watching Inuyasha because it’s on Netflix AND…

(first of all I forgot how good it was, like, fuck I forgot why it was my anime obsession between Sailor Moon and Naruto)

I am still so shook at how tragic Kikyo’s character is. It has legit been 10+ years since I watched it and I am still so bitter about what happened to her. What happened to her was just unfair and I. am. riled. up.

Anyway, when shit at my house is fixed I might binge the whole series because I never got to watch every episode throughout and I really want to now.

The first boy who told me he loved me
loved himself like a child

he always came back to me
as if I was hiding a lung
half ventricle
part nervous system
something vital

held me in his arms
a globe body
turning and turning
until I began to
look like a place
he was looking

—  T.L.R
sky-night- asks: to everyone: best prank you've ever made?
  • Conner: Travis and I let out 356 crickets in the Ares cabin last week. Since then they have basically broken all of their furniture trying to kill the crickets. A lot of them have been sleeping outside.
  • Travis: That was hilarious.
  • Percy: ... I never did any pranks.
  • Leo: I put a realistic jelly spider in the athena cabin and the next morning, they were all pointing knives at it.
  • Annabeth: THAT WAS YOU?!
  • Jason: Better run, Leo.
  • Percy: Get ready for the funeral tonight, guys.

Happy marriage equality Supreme Court decision week month… thing! I don’t think there’s a day but there was like a decision and same-sex marriage is now legal in the US. soooo… I didn’t think the wording on this one out.

I saw that cute prompt about young genji and hanzo falling in love with a servant. I’ll probably send a hanzo one tomorrow? Also, if there are any mistakes please bear with me, I’m writing at one in the morning.

It started with small notes and little gifts. One, when you changed how you did your hair, a simple ’that looks nice!’ and a tiny paper star. The next was when your uniform got dirty and you had to borrow a friend’s clothes for the day. ’You look good today’ and an origami crane. Then he started requesting you, having you help tie his obi, simple things. “You know,” Genji said as you fixed the tangled mess “, I never did understand how to do this quite right.” You couldn’t help but giggle and he gave a cute grin. It continued, you finding the notes and the paper animals, him requesting you help him, until one day he pulled you into a side hall unexpectedly. 

“Did you know I love you?” He asked, a look on his face you couldn’t quite place.

“What?” You were confused, if you could figure out your emotions at all.

“I love you,” he repeated. Hope, that’s what it was. That you wouldn’t reject him, that you felt the same. You answered by taking his hand in yours, lacing your fingers together and kissing him, soft and sweet. When you pulled away he was grinning, face a nice shade of pink from blushing. 

“You’re cute when your face is red,” you commented with a smile before walking away. 

“I’m not blushing!” He called after you, still giddy from your reaction.

Months later when he… When Hanzo killed him, you couldn’t stay. You couldn’t look at that place, where you’d shared your first kiss, where you thought you might have had a life. You couldn’t look at the people that condoned his murder. You ran, and you never looked back.

Working Theory

Why did Star’s wand fix itself?

(Okay, I never intended to make an elaborate theory post, I wanted to watch the new episode and eat a pizza bagel for breakfast. But here we are.)

The wand was working shortly before Star summoned Cloudy, while she was making battleships-in-a-bottle. It’s only when Marco asks her to take out the trash, her trash, and she takes the easy way out does it malfunction. In this case, there was no reason for magic, she was just exhibiting sloth: one of the seven deadly sins. I don’t think that will be a recurring theme, but the point is that she exhibited a negative feeling, and the wand followed.

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