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My little sister was telling me about how there’s this old joke book in her classroom and sometimes during breaks or free reading she and some other kids will sit around and read jokes to each other.

So one time one of them read a joke that went “How do you know if your dad is a space alien? He knows how to program the VCR”

And my little sister was the only one who laughed, the rest of the kids were like ??? So she explained that VCRs were old machines like DVD players and so it’s funny because it’s so old it’s hard to figure out

So I explained that back in the day, there was a whole thing about how when VCRs were new (and pretty much through their whole use), they were notoriously hard to program and people always made jokes about how difficult they were to program.

It’s just funny to me that the joke still works either way. It used to be “This newfangled technology is so hard to figure out!” and now it’s “This old-fashioned technology is so hard to figure out!”

A Teru piece for @marirosmo‘s birthday!! 💛

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Oh ive never hc bycky as gay before, do you hc as them been together before the war? That would be kinda sad tho bc if they were together then bucky was faithful but steve ditched him and fell in love at the first chance he got with the first girl who payed attention to him

not to be openly controversial but,,,to be openly controversial, I don’t think Steve fell in love with Peggy, I think it’s hyped up massively by fandom.

They met, he was attracted to her, they flirted, did he have affections for her?? Yeah obvs, my bi son absolutely had affections for her. But they kissed once and then he crashed a plane into the ice and was frozen for 70 years. Then those affections combined with nostalgia = a love for her without a doubt in catws. But for me, there wasn’t enough there to be like “they fell in love”. But that’s just how i feel about it 🤷🏽‍♀️

As for Steve and Bucky, I have like at least 8 different headcanons about how/when they got together 💖

me in Florida: damn that is a huge bug; does it have two stingers?? at least it’s just on the ground i guess

bug: *begins flying*


me: *screaming internally as dread and abject horror wash over me*

250 followers in less than two months? Guys, I’m absolutely blown away. This has been such an amazing experience, and I’ve loved getting to know all my followers. What would you all like to celebrate?

finally finished all 4 new hours of twin peaks! i don’t even know what to say. that was just the weirdest, strangest, scariest, most wonderful tv experience. very excited to see where this goes! (just pls don’t bring michael cera back omg wtf was that) 

sO guess who started playing breath of the wild today and ended up playing it for 10 hours straight,,,,,