i never dance in public


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imagine-ent  asked:

Hello, if you're still doing X-Men ships I would really love one. I am 5"8, have a little shorter than medium dark-brown hair and brown eyes (basic I know...😧😂) I love to draw, write, sing and dance; however, I would never do such things in public as I'm really shy when it comes to people I'm not close to. At first I'm shy but if I love you I get to be really fun and loud. I'm hella loyal and am a ride-or-die type of girl, I see nothing but the good and people and try to fix/save everyone.

I ship you with Charles!

You met when he and Erik were searching for mutants. He took you and you basically became best friends before he finally got the nerve to ask you out. He’s the only one who you’ve sing to and one night he convinced you to dance to your favorite song. He lets you help grade papers in English because he’s discovered you’re writing is so exquisite that he stopped making you do the pointless assignments and write whatever you please instead. He knows when you feel anxious in strangers and says soothing words to you with his powers until he visibly sees you relax. The students love you and respect you as they do Charles but also see you as more of a friend they can trust when they need it.