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Every Luke Skywalker scene in the Star Wars Saga 

4 of ???

“I think he’s searching for his former master. I’ve never seen such devotion in a droid before. Ah, he claims to be the property of an Obi-Wan Kenobi. Is he a relative of yours? Do you know what he’s talking about?”

People think that this blog consists of many, when there’s actually only one person behind it. I always wanted to dispel any confusion regarding to that matter but most importantly, I always try to stay as humble as I can be and let the pictures speak for myself. Thus, you will never see me struggle to prove that I was established in 2010 claiming to be an original creator because I don’t need that kind of validation, let alone promote myself as a kind person in an age of negativity but being a total jerk to an ‘unpleasant person’, consequently contradicting myself and the things I preach. In conclusion, I am what I am and I do what I want. NES games are always there, pre-installed Windows bitmap fonts are there too for anyone to use. Don’t let anyone tell you what you do is not valid or that you don’t deserve doing it.

- D

I’ve been thinking a lot about prince lotor for some reason and so apparently he was Keith’s rival in a way? At least in the original

But for some reason I got the idea that if lotor does appear and claim Keith as a rival again. Can you just imagine Lance?

Lotor:Keith you’re going to be my rival-!

Lance:woah woah buddy, you’re gonna have to stand in line, I was here first!


Also bonus if Keith gets confused because he never asked for a rival in the first place lmao

Part One
I’ve never let anyone see that much of me
You were the first
And the last
Because I know now
That if you put glass in careless hands
It will most certainly shatter

Part Two
How can a person twist words like skipping ropes
Put their wishes so high above yours
That you forget you had any in the first place
And make recollection like a funhouse mirror
Yet claim they love you?

Part Three
You’ve been burnt in the back of my mind since you singed my sense of security
I try to box you away
So you don’t occupy my thoughts
When I’m trying to get on with my life
But I guess if I wake up
Because you appeared in my dream
You’ve earned your place in my poetry

Part Four
Can I scrub the walls of my mind with bleach?

Part Five
My mind is a carousel
“I miss you”
“You hurt me”
“I miss you”
“You hurt me”
Lets try again tomorrow.

—  Lets hope there’s no Part Six

These soft-vinyl figures from the Donkey Kong Country tv show came in! Funky don’t know SHIT tho,

That’s just about everyone in the original set, save for Dixie, who hardly ever showed up and was never on model with the games anyway. Not a problem, haha!

Whelt told me that he once obtained these figures from a catalogue, from attempting to order Yoshi’s Story plushes. He regrets returning the DK set, but I probably would’ve made the exact same mistake back then. I once really wanted to order a clear Nintendo backpack just because the picture had a Yoshi doll inside it, and I ignored all claims that it didn’t fugken come with anything inside it.
Still, I honestly had no idea these DK figures were even available outside of Japan.

i find it really bizarre whenever i see someone claim that not having regular meltdowns/shutdowns means you’re not *really* autistic, usually in the context of claiming that self diagnosis is invalid if you’ve never had a meltdown

like. i am very lucky in that my living situation is such that i am able to generally avoid things that can cause meltdowns and shutdowns? and it’s entirely possible for an autistic person to have been so lucky their whole life? and for an autistic person to be sensorily undersensitive and thus almost never overloaded?

p.s. a self diagnosed autistic person shouldn’t have to bare their soul to you before you believe their self diagnosis is sincere.

p.p.s. self diagnosis is valid.

Thanks to the person who gave me a heads up on another blog claiming my photo as their own. I know this is common on the internet but I have zero tolerance for it. On Tumblr reblog and never repost or remove attribution. Outside of Tumblr always attribute to the original source. I don’t want to post the message and shame the blog this time because they’ve taken down the post and apologised. I won’t hesitate to name and shame in the future. ☀️ Be kind online folks. ☀️ ☀️ Protect the content creators in this world. ☀️

I’ve seen some mentions of Jaune’s speech to Ruby being OOC and I really don’t think that’s the case?

Actually, I’d argue this is the most in-character he’s been in a long time.

Like sure, he’s gotten progressively more cynical as the volume as progressed and this built up to him being really pissed at Qrow but… he never  blames Ruby for anything that happens. 

 As much as people love to claim that Jaune only cares about himself he’s always been somewhat protective over his  teammates and tries to cheer them up no matter how  he feels about himself at the moment so of course he would try to make Ruby feel better despite the shitty situation they are currently in.

I think you could certainly argue that it was a bad choice not to have Ruby say more about her own issues but I find that to be the result of the writers just not really knowing how to write her at this point rather than deliberately choosing to focus on Jaune(at least this time) because ultimately the focus isn’t technically on him. It’s just using him as a mouthpiece to prop up how strong Ruby is/recap what she has gone through and I think that’s just the method they found the easiest.

Even if the scene does highlight Jaune trying to comfort Ruby that’s not even character development on Jaune’s behalf- that’s to be expected since they have a friendship that was built up since the start of the show. I don’t believe it really highlights how good of a person Jaune has become. He’s always been a good person at heart despite his numerous flaws.

His abundance of screen time is a flaw yes but that doesn’t count since it’s not something he is doing in universe.

I’d argue there’s some character development on Ruby’s behalf but this was honestly just restating what we already know about Jaune.

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okay so I heard this tip for drawing that copying other people's art can help you improve, but I've always been told that copying is bad. is there any actual value behind the copying thing?

Hello anon! Hopefully I can clarify. Usually when people say to copy another artist’s style, they don’t mean permanently. The same way it is helpful to draw things from life, studying how another artist draws can help you understand your own drawing process and improve. For example, here are some face studies I did of other artists! I definitely learned a lot, but they count only as studies, because I’d never claim to have just.. drawn them on my own, lol. By studying these faces though, I can learn to implement shapes and lines into my own drawings, if that makes sense.

And here I applied what I learned into my own original drawing, no references or anything. 

I hope this helps somewhat!!

January, Day 6: TLD Missing Scene

It is an uncharacteristically clear day for early January, John thinks, picking at his slice of Sherlock’s birthday cake.

They ended up getting Black Forest gâteau.

Fresh and moist, a combination of whipped cream, dark chocolate and marachino cherries melting in his mouth, John watches Sherlock jump jauntily from a topic to a topic in the bizarre kaleidoscope of a conversation about German origins of the cake and a few unsubstantiated claims of its authorship made over time by various bakers, then about German classical music, then Italian classical music, and finally, violins and famous violinists. Molly would chirp in awkwardly from time to time, Sherlock would interrupt her with the wind of usual, nearly amicable arrogance.

‘Nigel Kennedy? Hugely over-rated. Thinks he can augment his mediocre talent by political gewgaw. Dull.' 

'I liked his Blue Note Sessions,’ Molly says in a desperate but failing attempt to stand up for her taste in music. Sherlock dismisses it with a waive of hand, then proceeds onto trashing Yehudi Menuhin.

There is some calmness inside John as he listens to their bickering, and yet a part of him still aches, and he can’t quite put a label on it. Not that he wants to, either. 

Shortly, Molly stands up, a nervous smile wandering about her face.

'I’ve got to run. Have a ladies night out tonight, with Ellie and Vikki from St. Barts toxicology lab.’

'Right. I think you should change up your routine tonight, though.’ Sherlock hands her his iPhone.

’“Top ten spots to meet single Londoners?”’ Molly reads aloud, squinting at the screen.

'As long as you and your friends keep meeting at that pathetic little bar off Upper Street, odds are you will remain single until you are forty,’ Sherlock winks at her.

'Sherlock-’ John is about to cut him off, to tell him to behave, as it is, as usual, a bit not good, and highly inappropriate what he has just said, but before he can say anything else, Molly nods, smiling a little less nervously.

'Thank you, Sherlock. I’ll think about it.' 

They say their good-byes, Molly smiles one more time, this time looking almost genuinely happy, and leaves. Sherlock reaches out for the second slice of Black Forest, adorned with a particularly red cherry in the nest of chocolate shaves. John follows suit.

Half an hour later, there is still too much cake left, and Sherlock suggests John takes it with him. One word after another, and John takes Sherlock with him as well. They find themselves sharing a cab to Harry’s where John picks up Rosie and Sherlock is delighted to see her. Well, might as well kill two birds with one shot, John tells himself, and invites Sherlock to his flat for supper. 

There is a precooked lasagna in the depths of his freezer, and, listening to the monotonous but for some reason, very reassuring humming of the microwave, John turns on the telly.

Sean Connery’s expressive eyes are shooting daggers at him from the screen, and Sherlock produces an unidentifiable sound from the sofa. It does not take a genius detective to deduce that there is a Bond marathon on. 

Bond night it is, then.

It does not last long, however. It’s not that late but fighting one yawn after another, Sherlock is so very exhausted, which he hides ineffectively, pretending to be entranced by the movie while slowly slipping in and out of consciousness. Few minutes later, Bond is about to make love to a gorgeous Russian spy, and Sherlock is leaning against the armrest, snoozing, eyes closed, mouth slightly open. It is probably the time to wake him up before he’s completely passed out. 

It’s also the time to put Rosie to bed. Perhaps even read to her. 

John has a fleeting, tempting thought.

'Sherlock, you awake?’

'Ah?- What?- Don’t be ridiculous, John, of course I’m awake, and getting ready to head out.’ Sherlock springs off the sofa as if a small bomb just exploded right underneath his arse. John speaks fast.

'You know what? You can stay a night.

Sherlock gives him an incredulous look.

'I am sure Mrs. Hudson deserves a break from watching you.’

(Better keep it on the side of pure pragmatism.)

After a moment that lasted way too long, Sherlock nods.

'Thank you, John.’

John brings him a couple of pillows and a blanket, wishes him good night, and goes up to the nursery. Thankfully, Rosie is calm, and it doesn’t take long before she’s asleep. John tucks her in, turns the lights off, and quietly walks down to the bathroom.

He brushes his teeth and washes his face. Soap and hot water make his knuckles sting. 

It is funny, it occurs to him, how today he felt, for the first time since after that day, that things are almost okay, again. 

Until now, that is. 

Carefully, he tip toes back to the front room, where Sherlock is curled up on the sofa, dead to the world.

The uncharacteristically clear January day has turned into a crisp, clear night, with the moon big and bright like a lighthouse in the dark sky, gleaming in through the window, and colouring the room cool, silvery blue shades. John is standing in the doorway, listening to Sherlock’s quiet, light snoring. The moonlight softens the sharp lines of his face, making him look young, innocent, vulnerable, and turning every cut and bruise on his face dark purple.

Something clenches inside John, and he knows what’s coming. He clenches his hand, as it hits him.

Lestrade’s words about Culverton Smith passing on his mind, something about how hard it is to stop, when one has started confessing. Does the same logic apply to crying? 

Swallowing back the tears, he stares and stares.

Stares at his lost chances, his missed opportunities. The man he loves. The man he has done unacceptable things to. The man who said John was entitled to do every one of them. 

He is not. He never was.

It’s all shit.

Guilt and shame are chocking John from the inside, and this time there is no Mary’s ghostly presence to reproach or reassure him. He is alone. 

Please, forgive me.

Moonlit and serene, the flat is quiet. Rosie will wake up in a few hours, breaking the silence with impatient cries, and he will have to lull her back to slumber. Probably, by feeding her. Or by singing a nursery rhyme. Or both.

Until then, he watches Sherlock sleep.

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Hello it's me grapes anon I'm here to say 1. I do not claim that to be my original content that is in fact courtesy of my friend 2. I am not and never will be sorry for my actions

tell ur friend i hope they’re ok and that if they need an outlet for their sexy grape kink fantasies they might want to keep a journal or put it on ao3 where im sure someone would be interested

OC Design Tip #1

Hey, everyone. Starting today, I’m not just gonna review and shit on OCs, I’m going to give tips on how to make them better whenever I’m on.

That being said, tip # 1 is this:
Never be ashamed to use an avatar creator as a face claim for your character. If you’re a beginner, it can be nice to have an idea of what you want your character to look like. Just remember to put an original spin on the character later.

In fact, I’m going to link you to some.

Rinmarugames.com - Anime dress-up games and avatar creators. Each game has its own options that you can color and combine on your own.
Dreamself.me - A website dedicated to making your own tinierme avatars. You can’t choose what color to make the hair, eyes, etc., but most options have alternate colors, and there’s a LOT of options.
Chibimaker.org - A chibi avatar creator where you can make little chubby cuties. You can combine clothing, accessories, and colors. Similar to Rinmaru but on a smaller scale.

Feel free to share your own makers too!


what she says: i’m fine

what she’s thinking: terra and raven have their own complex relationship that even has a strong focus within terra’s arc itself, particularly seen in “titans rising.” this relationship includes terra worrying about if raven likes her at the beginning, and raven eventually being emotionally overwhelmed by terra’s betrayal of her trust, which terra had mangaged to earn very fast (which is unusual as hell for raven!!).
when they found out that terra was working for slade, raven had trouble admitting that she had originally trusted terra, and claimed that she had never trusted or liked terra anyways. they had around the longest fight scene when terra was trying to take down the titans the first time in aftershock, because their relationship was so complex and needed to be talked about as they faught. during this, raven had a breakdown, because she had truly trusted and liked terra, but she betrayed them. raven usually has no trouble keeping her emotions under control, but her feelings on terra are easily strong enough to make her lose control fairly quickly.
and yet, the fandom still produces art of ‘rae vs terra’, not because after all that happened between them, they would have had issues with each other due to raven’s trust issues and terra being manipulated by slade, or because of their initial conflic, but because of both of them being popular as beast boy’s love interests.
they are two strong female characters with complete personalities and flaws, who also happen to have a strong and complicated relationship between themselves which is deserving of much fanart by itself… but they are reduced by teen titans fans to having catfights over beast boy.

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Hi!!! I don't know if you have ever been asked this, but I'm curious... What's your opinion on Lestat? (Pre-PL/Crossovers)

Oof. Well, it depends where I cut off my attention to canon, because the character certainly changes over time, but doesn’t experience what I would characterize as “growth” or “learning” throughout much of the later series. And in fact, after TotBT, he’s gone past my personal moral event horizon, and never comes back (evidenced by the droit du seigneur scene in PL).

I think I’m gonna talk about the Original Trilogy, here.

Now, the first book was originally a standalone, with the later ones mapped back onto it with significant revisions. It’s common to point to it and claim that Louis is a Lying Liar who Lies, though really Lestat is in a much better position to manipulate his narrative and is explicitly constructing it for the purposes of refutation and marketing. Still.

(The longer the series goes on, the more truthful I think Louis was being. But viewed as a completed work, as of QotD I’m willing to give SOME benefit of doubt and consider them to meet in the middle with their lies and truths. The difference between an ideal endpoint, and the hellish dragging-on which demands re-examination of things in the early texts.)

If it were only a trilogy, I would say: Lestat is reckless, and brave, and charming. He’s fearful and anxious and foolish. He’s loving and bitter, strong and damaged.

He starts out innocent, and never really recovers at all from having that innocence crushed out of him. He has PTSD and abandonment issues and what could arguably be read as untreated bipolar disorder.

He’s powerful, more than is wise at his age, but he’s also not a person who asked for that power; the things that are done to change his body and mind are not voluntary.

He’s abusive, dreadfully so, during his and Louis’ marriage. Mentally and emotionally, he holds Louis to him with threats and withheld information (the one thing he promised before turning his partner!). He creates a daughter, and loves her, but also is distant from her and willing to “move on” when she proves wanting, just like his mother before him.

He tries, and fails, and dies and rises, and then it gets interesting.

Before his time in the earth he was the most petty of rebels, a socially-approved Bad Boy™ who followed all the rules that mattered.

After… he actually rebels, in an act I can only count as repentance however he tries to dress it up as revenge against a world that Did Him Wrong, or a New Evil. He told the world all the things he’d hidden, and that is a good act.

He hoped he’d find his loved ones, and that they’d forgive his mistakes if they knew the fear that drove him to make them.

He didn’t know what would happen after, and he suffered for it.

At the end of QotD, I’m capable of shipping Loui/Lestat as the termination of a coherent growth arc, an emotional conclusion that satisfies me because it involves him surrendering the systems of control he once used to bind Louis. And Louis accepts; he could have stayed hidden forever, if he didn’t see the recompense as fair.

“Call me a devil!” Lestat cries then, and then I think he does it because he trusts Louis to be the only person to do so and yet value the parts of him that try not to be.

Alas, that boy’s not at home anymore.

And he left a real devil in his place.

Rare color picture of Tracy Reed as “Miss Foreign Affairs” in Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove

“I was the only woman in it and I was wearing a bikini the whole time,” Reed remembers, and when Kubrick decided to open the set to the press, “there were all these reporters staring at me. It was dreadful.“

Reed landed the part after she met Kubrick with some friends at dinner. “We chatted,” she says, “and he asked me to do it.”

Despite overexposing her to the media, Reed says Kubrick was “wonderful.” George C. Scott, who played Gen. Turgidson, was “a darling, absolutely sweet,” and the film’s star, Peter Sellers, was “a sad man who never quite knew who he really was.”

Although just 22 when Dr. Strangelove was produced, Reed disputes original press material claiming the film is "introducing Tracy Reed as ‘Miss Foreign Affairs.’ ”

“That’s ridiculous,” she says. “I’ve been in the movies all of my life!”

The stepdaughter of British director Sir Carol Reed and the daughter of actress Penelope Dudley Ward, Reed actually made her film debut at the age of 6 months, co-starring with her mother and Laurence Olivier in The Demi-Paradise.

And after Dr. Strangelove, Reed continued to appear in British comedies – “there were so many I can’t remember” – working again with Sellers in A Shot in the Dark, until she began turning down parts to raise a family.

Excerpted from ‘Dr. Strangelove’ and the Single Woman, Bergman, Anne. Los Angeles Times 10 July 1994: 78.

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If black people are so creative, as they always claim, then why do they seem incapable to come up with original black comic characters and must resort to race bend existing white characters?

First of all you’re an anti black racist piece of shit and the only reason I didn’t delete this is because obviously you’ve never been to this blog before because reblog Black comic book characters all the time from @superheroesincolor

take a look at their tagged http://superheroesincolor.tumblr.com/tagged/Black%20Superheroes 

now fuck off asshole. 

mod m