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Tim Drake x Reader - Soulmate AU

AU: Whatever you write on your arm/body shows up on your soulmate’s in the same place and in your handwriting. The writing doesn’t show up, however, until you and your soulmate meet.

Requested: Anon

Word Count: 2044

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You doodled, a lot. All the time in fact. You carried a pen everywhere, always drawing spirals and flowers, lines and words all over your wrist, hand, and arms. You had always been told not to, that is may bother your “Soulmate” but those were rare now a day. “Soulmates” were common when your grandmother was a child, but they had become less and less common, to the point where if you had one, you were a rare exception. Your parents were lucky, and they were soulmates, convinced you would have one as well, but you, not so much.

You thought the idea was amazing, and yeah, it would be awesome, but you didn’t believe you had a soulmate, so every time your parents told you to stop drawing on your arms in pen, as to not give your soulmate ink poisoning, you ignored them, thinking how on earth could you have a soulmate? Until the last day of school.

You were walking down the hall, towards the door, when all the sudden your feet were swept from under you. You fell to the floor, backpack falling as well, and everything spilling out and onto the ground. You looked up to find the star baseball pitcher and a couple of cheerleaders all standing over you, glaring at your scattered things and fallen figure.

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Requsts: “Can you do one for Klaus where he’s obliviously in love with virgin reader and when he leaves town, she’s upset about why. Bestie Stefan comforts her and she ends up riding his face. Klaus finds out,gets upset, returns to show her what she’s missing?” (Not really smutty even though it should be, but there are places where you can gather enough info to literally imagine it. I just couldn’t picture this one as smutty, just more like a drama. It was still fun to write!)

The anxiety building up to the point where Klaus broke your heart made you realize how lucky you were to be oblivious. You just wished you could go back to the days where guys wouldn’t break your heart. Where they wouldn’t make you fall in love with them and then crush you. You were an oblivious nineteen year old girl who fell for Klaus Mikaelson, you let this happen. If you hadn’t then you wouldn’t have to deal with this heart ache. ‘My past promises to keep you with me no matter the destination has brought me to realize your safety is key and not just my needs for you to be by my side. I have to let you go, Y/N.’

Just thinking about the way he was talking to you. He was hurt which made his normally bubbly and happy toned accent sound dreary and cold. You hated goodbyes, and it didn’t matter what they were about. Especially when somebody said goodbye to you. Somebody you loved. Repeating his voice in your head made you feel like he was right next to you, you could feel him there. But when you opened your eyes, he wasn’t there. You opened your eyes to the front door of the boarding house where your best friend Stefan lived.

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anonymous asked:

would you ever consider making a small reference sheet or a progress gif with how you color? + maybe brush settings? this isnt a request and you absolutely don't need to feel obligated to do it, i just really really love the way you color! i think it's really soothing and smooth and it makes me wanna be able to color like that. i just think people would like it, but having your art here is just as good. just dropping in the suggestion ;0

Links: [x] [x] [x] [x]

These are my main go to’s. With these 5 I can basically achieve most things I’m trying to accomplish, whether it be painting, linework or comics.

I dunno if a tutorial on how I colour would be extremely informative… but if you are interested I ramble about the general approach to painting that I take:

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I Found - Amber Run

My Sterek ANTHEM

“And I’ve moved further than I thought I could
But I miss you more than I thought I would
Oh I’ll use you as a warning sign
That if you talk enough sense, then you’ll lose your mind
And I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
Right in front of me, talk some sense to me”

Don’t Leave - Snakehips

This song makes me think about Stiles trying to stop Derek from leaving

“But I’m not just a fuck-up, I’m the fuck-up you need
I don’t hear nobody when you focus on me
Perfectly imperfect, yeah, I hope that you see
Tell me you see
‘Cause I know that you’ve been thinking 'bout it
Don’t leave
Shut your mind off and let your heart breathe
You don’t need to be worried
I may not ever get my shit together
But ain’t nobody gonna love you better”

For My Help - Hayden Calnin

This one jus makes me think of Stiles waiting for Derek to come back

“One day, you’ll come back here
For my help“

You Found Me - The Fray

And this one reminds me of Stiles when Derek returns - angry at him for leaving him but thankful that he came back

“Where were you
When everything was falling apart?
All my days
Spent by the telephone
That never rang
And all I needed was a call
That never came
From the corner of First and Amistad
Lost and insecure
You found me, you found me
Lying on the floor
Surrounded, surrounded
Why’d you have to wait?
Where were you, where were you?
Just a little late
You found me, you found me”

The Quiet - Troye Sivan

This one makes me think of Derek pining after Stiles and missing his constant voice.

“This separation, time and space between us
For some revelation
You didn’t even care to discuss
I’d rather be black and blue
Than accept that you withdrew
Aah, just tell me
Say anything
Anything hurts less than the quiet”

All I Ask - Adele

I’m currently writing a fic based on this one. It just gives me so many Sterek feels. How I imagine it could have gone down if Stiles caught Derek before he left.

“Look, don’t get me wrong
I know there is no tomorrow
All I ask is
If this is my last night with you
Hold me like I’m more than just a friend
Give me a memory I can use
Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do
It matters how this ends
'Cause what if I never love again?“

Closer - Kings Of Leon

The music and sound of this song feel Stereky to me and the lyrics are pretty epically Derek in parts

“Stranded in this spooky town
Stoplight is swaying and the phone lines are down
Floor is crackling cold
She took my heart, I think she took my soul
With the moon I run
Far from the carnage of the fiery sun“

Superman - Rachel Platten

Stiles looking at Derek

“If I could break away half of all your pain
I’d take the worst of it and carry you like you carry me
You say that you’re alright when tears are in your eyes
We’re strong enough for this and I need you
It’s okay that you need me
So put your armor on the ground tonight
Cause everyone’s got to come down sometimesYou don’t have to be Superman
You don’t have to be Superman
You don’t have to hold the world in your hands
You’ve already shown me that you can
Don’t have to be Superman”

This Means War - Marianas Trench

A catchy little song with a great idea of Stiles getting out of the Supernatural chaos at college only to miss it (and Derek)

“Its been what? A half a year
Like nothing ever happen in-between us
I fill you in on how you’ve been
And I would tell you anything you’d like to hear now
And we can laugh some
Reminisce some
From the same old stories to the new ones
When the nights done, I will just see you around
But that’s not what I came here for, my amour
I hate to admit it but I miss the war
Gotta get you under fire quick
Brace for it
I’d rather be a riot than be indifferent
This means war, yeah
This means, this means, this mean this means war”

Flares - The Script

The Script are my faves. This song is full of Stiles trying to reach Derek.

“Did you lose what won’t return?
Did you love but never learn?
The fire’s out but still it burns
And no one cares, there’s no one there…
But did you see the flares in the sky?
Were you blinded by the light?
Did you feel the smoke in your eyes?
Did you, did you?
Did you see the sparks filled with hope?
You are not alone
'Cause someone’s out there, sending out flares“

I’m Yours - The Script

And keeping with my lovely Danny O’Donoghue of The Script, this one is slower and romantical and fluffy and lovely.

“I may not have the softest touch
I may not say the words as such
And though I may not look like much
I’m yours
And though my edges may be rough
And never feel I’m quite enough
It may not seem like very much
But I’m yours“

Dust To Dust - The Civil Wars

Another slow one full of feels

“You’ve held your head up
You’ve fought the fight
You bear the scars
You’ve done your time
Listen to me
You’ve been lonely, too long…
You’re like a mirror, reflecting me
Takes one to know one, so take it from me
You’ve been lonely
You’ve been lonely, too long“

Only Wanna Dance With You - Kesha

Because there needs to be some upbeat feel-good dancey stuff on the list too.

“Fell in love on accident
Now it doesn’t matter
You got to me
You saw through me
You’re in for it now
You’re all I wanna do
I only wanna dance with you“

Shine - Years & Years

I love Years & Years and this is another upbeat happier one that fits a bit

“I was biting my tongue
I was trying to hide
(Ooh oh oh oh, ooh oh oh ooh)
I’ll forget what I’ve done
I’ll be redefined
It’s shaking the sky
And I’m following lightning
I’ll recover if you keep me alive
Don’t leave me behind
Can you see me I’m shining
And it’s you that I’ve been waiting to find“

Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers

A new one I heard on the radio and fell in love with the beat and chorus and instantly thought of my babies for whatever reason (possibly because I’m always thinking of them…)

“I’ve been reading books of old
The legends and the myths
Achilles and his gold
Hercules and his gifts
Spiderman’s control
And Batman with his fists
And clearly I don’t see myself upon that list…
She said "Where’d you wanna go?
How much you wanna risk?
I’m not looking for somebody
With some superhuman gifts
Some superhero
Some fairytale bliss
Just something I can turn to
Somebody I can kiss”
want something just like this“

I Wanna - The All-American Rejects

Just a bit of fun really

“I wanna, I wanna, I wanna touch you
You wanna touch me too”

Remus Lupin dating a Ravenclaw would include.....

Request: Remus dating a Ravenclaw

Originally posted by chioink

  • Meeting her in front of the lake
  • The book in her arms caught his attention before she did
  • Sirius wolf whistling as soon as he sees Remus looking at you
  • Which never made you look up from the book
  • ‘Hello. You’re Y/N, right? I’m Remus’
  • Sirius being smooth with some pick up lines to annoy Remus
  • But you always had a witty comeback
  • 'Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”
    'Actually, I think I fucked up my elbow pretty bad’
  • Causing Remus to chuckle as James teases Sirius for getting turned down
  • Sending Remus a letter by owl
  • along with a stack of chocolate and a cup of hot chocolate whenever you don’t see him in classes
  • Then after 2 months you figure it out
  • And you decide not to say anything about it
  • Being the only one to reply to Sirius’ sassy remarks with an equal amount of sass and extra sarcasm
  • James loving you for that
  • And after you leave Remus tells him to “sod off his girl”
  • Peter smirking at hearing 'my girl’ from Remus
  • Sirius springing into action and teasing Remus
  • And then the teasing moved on to you
  • Which you had no idea about
  • “So, James–” “Hey! Y/N! Sod off my girl”
  • Raising your eyebrows at the statement “James is your girl?”
  • A year after knowing Remus he tells you about his problem
  • And you acting like you had no clue
  • 'Y/N– I could kill–“ ”–hush! You can’t kill a fly even if you tried to"
  • You and Remus studying together
  • Which sometimes ended with both of you naked under the sheets
  • And Sirius entering on both of you
  • And freaking out
  • “My baby Moony is growing up so fast”
  • Refusing to help James get Lily
  • Because you love seeing him get turned down
  • Interrogating the girls that Peter dates
  • Because you want to make sure she’s good for him
  • James and Sirius always teasing you both about having kids with “fury little problem”
  • Not knowing that Remus doesn’t like talking about that
  • Which caused them both a smack upside the head with one of Remus’ books
  • And you dragging them by their ears to a more private place so you can kick their asses
  • But Peter calming you down before you manage to do so
  • Trying to get the rest of the marauders to do their work for NEWTS
  • But them not caring and telling you to sod off
  • Staying late at nights in the library to study
  • Spending your weekend in the library
  • Studying for 8 consecutive hours
  • And Remus getting really worried because you look tired af
  • Trying to assure him that you’re fine
  • “Y/N you look exhausted and you can barely open your eyes! Besides, you don’t even eat dinner anymore because you’re always in the library and you stay there way too long. Love, please, just get some rest”
  • You feeling guilty because you made him worried
  • And agreeing with him to rest for the day
  • But as soon as he fell asleep you went back to the library
  • And stayed there till 2 in the morning
  • When Remus woke up he knew you’d be at the library
  • And couldn’t help the smile on his lips
  • Because he knew you’d do that
  • So he went to get you
  • When he reached the library you were asleep with a quill in your hand and your head resting on an open book
  • Picking you up gently by placing his right arm under your knees and his left arm under your back with your head rested on his shoulder
  • And you unconsciously snuggling into him
  • Which made his smile widen
  • Taking you to the Ravenclaw common room because your clothes were in there
  • And the portrait won’t open unless he solves the riddle
  • “Everyone has it, but no one can loose it”
  • “I’m going to make you loose your fucking marbles if you didn’t let me in. She has been studying her ass off and needs to rest and I’m not in the mood to answer some stupid riddle that has no fucking relation to anything at the damn moment. So if you didn’t let me in I swear I will fucking blast my way in and take you with me”  
  • And after entering without solving the riddle he went up to your dorm
  • And the stairs let him because his intentions are pure
  • As soon as he enters the dorm he waves his wand so all of the other girls’ bed curtains are closed
  • Then he starts Taking off your shoes and undressing you
  • Searching for your favorite pair of cotton shorts cause he wants you to be as comfortable as you want
  • And a beggy sweater that used to be his
  • But you obviously stole it
  • Not that he minds
  • Tucking you in and kissing your forehead
  • Closing the curtains on your bed and putting a silencing charm
  • And another charm that makes the curtains sealed with the wall so no one could open them but either you or him  
  • “Goodnight angel”



Sparks Chapter 10

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 5.5K

Summary: The avengers celebrate Thanksgiving at a bar together. y/n reveals something about her past to Bucky and they discuss their thoughts on ‘love’. After a lovely night the mole plans an attack to taunt y/n.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 30,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Need a Ride?

You let out a frustrated sigh and kicked the front wheel of your car, running your hand through your hair. This couldn’t be happening to you. Your car wasn’t starting up, and you couldn’t figure out why. “We’re going to have to walk, aren’t we?” Your little brother groaned, as you slammed the hood back down. You lived quite a ways from school and the thought of walking really was horrifying. And wasn’t like you could call your mom either, because she worked to five. 

You looked over at your brother with a glare, not wanting to have to give up and face the facts just yet.”Shut up,” you told him in a voice much colder than you had intended. You were just so frustrated with your car right now,it wasn’t even funny. You gave the wheel another kick, as if that would make the car suddenly decide to start working for you again.Of course it didn’t work at all.

Rodrick made his way out of the school parking lot,Greg sitting in the seat next to him. He really wanted to get home so he didn’t have to deal with being in such close proximity of his annoying little brother, but of course the traffic was horrible He gave a sigh, leaning his head back and drumming his fingers against the steering wheel. Next to him Greg shifted in his seat, “Hey, look! It’s (y/b/n/)!”He tried getting the other boy’s attention, but he seemed to be preoccupied.

“Who?” Rodrick asked without bothering to look.

“(y/b/n), he’s in my grade, look!” With a sigh Rodrick sat up and looked out the window to see what his little brother was talking about. He really didn’t care,but the kid was annoying, and he wanted him to stop talking. The kid was so over excitable it was unreal. He had half a mind to tape his lips shut so he couldn’t talk.

 He moved forward in the line, glad that they were nearly out of the parking lot. Something caught his eye though, and he turned to his brother, his mouth hanging slightly open. “Whose she?” He asked, pointing to the girl next to his little friend. She was gorgeous. And she looked like she was around the same age as him, so how had he never noticed her before? 

 “Oh, that’s his sister, her name is (y/n),I think.” Rodrick nodded, still staring at the girl, unaware that he was now the one who was holding up the traffic. He really didn’t care though, if people were in such a hurry to leave they could drive around him. He shook his head, admiring the girl, (y/n). For once Greg had done something sort of right. He feared if he hadn’t been looking for his stupid friend h wouldn’t have seen (y/n).

He noticed that she seemed kind of distressed though, and judging by the way she was kicking her car’s tires, the automobile wasn’t working. He pulled over to the side, letting the people behind him pass, getting a few annoyed honks as people drove past. Rodrick turned to his brother, and chucked his thumb backward. “Get in the back.” He demanded.


“The back.Now!” While Greg scrambled into the back of the van, Rodrick rolled down the passenger side window, so he could talk to you. “Hey!” He said, getting your attention, he gave a little salute that had you chuckling. “You need a ride?” He might have looked calm on the outside, but on the inside he was  freaking out, hoping that you would agree to letting him give you a ride. Of course that was until Greg stuck his head out the window to wave to his friend. It was then that he feared his brother had messed everything up.

But how wrong he was. Upon seeing your brother knew the kid who seemed to come out of nowhere to wave to him, you nodded, agreeing to let him give you a ride home. Your brother climbed in first, making his way to the back, while you sat in the passenger seat. “Thanks a lot, my car’s a piece of crap,” you told Rodrick as he began to drive.

“Don’t mention it,” he said, waving your compliment away.”I’m gonna bring reg home first though, if you don’t mind, or else my mom will freak out.”

“It’s fine,my mom’s the same way,” you laughed. You spent the whole ride talking to each other, him stealing glances at you and you at him, because admittedly you thought he was hot, and the more you talked the more you saw that he was pretty cool as well. When Rodrick finally pulled up to his house, your brother pleaded with you to let him stay over for supper.”I guess, as long as his parents don’t care or anything.” You told him.

And of course Greg’ parents didn’t care,and you were kind of glad, because that meant you go to spend some more time with Rodrick. He brought you to his room, while his parents talked to Greg and your brother, so the two of you could hang out. It was a pretty cool room,with disco balls and other cool things like that. It was sort of messy though, and he hastily tried to pick it up some, making the bed so you could sit on it, and pushing his dirty clothes into a pile.

Before you knew it the two of you were getting called down to supper. It didn’t seem like it been very long, but you had been talking with Rodrick for a good few hours. Supper was kind of hectic, with his slightly odd, but still nice parent and Rodrick making faces at his brother. And Manny. Hectic, but still somehow fun. Supper too seemed to go by too fast, and soon you were getting into Rodrick’s van again and telling your mom you would home soon.

At your house you let your brother out of the van, before turning back to Rodrick. “Thanks again, I had a good time,” you told him with a smile.

“Yeah, me too. Can I, uhh, can I get your number?”

A smile lit across your face at his question, and you were quick to give him your number. You really did like Rodrick. You didn’t even really want to inside your house, but you knew you had to eventually. “I’ll um, I’ll see you tomorrow,” you said. 

Rodrick smiled, nodding, “I’l see you tomorrow.” He watched as you retreated up the steps to your house. Gosh, you were amazing.

Whatever It Takes - Part Two

@buckybarneshairpullingkink and i return with part three :) HAVE FUN MEETING OUR BEAUTIFUL SON, THEO

Summary: SingleDad!Lin 

Length: 1,233 words

Warnings: None

Tagged: @masophistic @huffleheyguys @angerybisexual @consumed-by-musicals @aham-threw-his-shot-away @meyers-princess @fangirlwithasweettooth @alexis-the-zombie @linmanuclmiranda @hamilsnavi @nesthemonster @always-blame-jefferson @manuelmiranduh @hamilsquad-writings @yayhamletnonstop @theseedshamiltonplanted @the-and-peggy @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens @god-damn-it-miranda @auliicavralho @daintyhibiscus @momorellacchi @plamspringsdancingontables @justfangirlingaround @chuckisgod @asdfghjkl-kmp @gonnamurderyou

prologue || chapter one || send a review! (here or here)

The colour drained from your face. Lin’s words resonated in your head like a drum, and as more words emanated from his mouth, you found it hard to focus on them. Lin kept risking glances from you to the road, apologies tumbling out such as “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you” and excuses along the lines of “Lost contact” or “My texts stopped going through to you”. Your mouth opened and closed, yet no response could be formed.

“Can we stop for a moment?” you asked at last, words finally coming to you. You gestured to an off-motorway cafe, were Lin obediently pulled off to.  A thousand thoughts a minute flew through your head. Lin had a son? One he had failed to inform you of? Really, you only had yourself to blame.

You opened your car door the moment Lin turned off the engine. The cool air was welcome, and it momentarily cleared your head. Lin held the door for you. A sheepish look had passed over his face, and every-so-often he would shoot nervous smiles your way. The two of you sat down, ignoring the stickiness of the table, and the lazy, too-loud music that echoed from the overhead speakers.

The place was mostly empty, so whether or not it was purely Lin’s choice to sit so close to you, you weren’t sure. He leant forward on his hands, his knees bumping yours under the table. From a moment, you wanted nothing more than to look in his eyes, to feel his hands holding yours. You wanted to pretend this was a date, and not just Lin and you in an off-motorway cafe, about to tell you about his son.

You prompted him, and Lin shook himself, clearing his throat to begin. “Yeah, so, uhm, Theo. My son.”

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Always // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: can you do jaehyun song based scenario with Disenchanted-MCR??

words: 3330

category: song rec + angst

warnings: attempted suicide + mentions of depression

author note: i couldn’t figure out this song so i looked up a bunch of theories and one was about depression, so i took that and ran with it. I’m a bit hesitant about this, since it’s a very serious topic and i don’t known if i did it justice. feel free to give me any constructive criticism if i didn’t portray depression correctly. please enjoy this anyway.

- destinee

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes


“I hate the ending myself,
But it started with an alright scene…“

Jaehyun sat on a stool in the middle of the wooden stage. An electric guitar was balanced against his torso and his fingers moved almost on their own accord as he played a rock song.

His voice was like honey: smooth and sultry, yet it was good at getting caught in his throat. He had that rawness about him, and you felt privileged to witness it every Friday night.

At the bar you worked at, open mic night was a weekly thing. Jung Jaehyun, a friend from college, always took advantage of this night and used it to cover his favorite rock ballads.

You were a part-time bartender who worked to pay off student loans.

Jaehyun had the same major as you, and you wondered if any other nursing major was as exciting at him.

His rendition of All Time Low’s Therapy gained the cheers of the half-drunken crowd. His dark hair fell onto his forehead in tufts, and he used the bottom of his shirt to wipe the sweat of his forehead.

You turned your gaze away from him and continued wiping down the counter while Jaehyun thanked everyone in his quiet, calm voice and descended downstage.

“Hey, Y/n,” he looked at you and nodded stoically in thanks when you handed him a glass of cold water.

He tipped his head back and gulped the liquid down in under ten seconds.

“Slow down,” you warned him. “You’ll choke.”

“No, I won’t,” Jaehyun countered nonchalantly.

You clicked your tongue and grabbed the empty glass from his grasp. “One day you’ll listen to me.”

“Doubt it.”

He seemed to be a bit more disinterested than usual. You wondered if it had anything to do with the depth of the song he had sang or the tears that had formed in his eyes mid-chorus.

He was your friend, and you had the urge to ask him if anything was on his mind. Still, you kept quiet, sure you were just looking into it too deeply.


“It was a lie when they smiled
And said, ‘You won’t feel a thing.’”

How Jaehyun always managed to always drag you along with him for his random excursions, you had no idea. It wasn’t like he was extremely outgoing. He just had an impulsive streak that he liked to share with you every once in awhile. You felt special in these moments, so you really couldn’t say no to him, could you?

All you knew was that you and Jaehyun were currently browsing couple tattoos in your local tattoo parlor.

“Aren’t these cute?” Jaehyun asked, holding up a picture of two gaudy skulls.

You crinkled your nose, “Okay, we obviously have different taste in tattoos, so why don’t we just get what we want instead of matching ones.”

Jaehyun pouted, but agreed nonetheless.

“We’re not a couple, Jae,” you had said, laughing. “It doesn’t matter if we match or not.”

“It does!” Jaehyun insisted.

You wondered how your conversation looked to anyone around you. Jaehyun, with his dark clothes and leather jacket, arguing with the pastel-clad you about whether or not couple tattoos were vital for a good friendship.

In the end, you won out after telling Jaehyun you were going to get a quote on your hip.

Jaehyun leaned against the table and flipped through the tattoo designs. “I mean, the placement is kinda hot but a quote is a bit predictable for a first tattoo, isn’t it?”

You stuck your tongue out at him. “Good thing we won’t be matching, right?”

Jaehyun just shook his head at you, a bit of a smirk appearing on his face. “I think I’ll get this one.”

You peered at the design he was pointing to. It was a dagger and a rose. You snorted, “Like that’s not predictable.”

“I like it!” Jaehyun defended.

“And I like mine,” you shot back.

Jaehyun sighed and rolled his eyes. “Fine, I won’t make fun of you. Now let’s go get these things done with.”

Your mutual friend, Johnny, had given the two of you a discount if you went to him. That is why you had to take turns.

After Jaehyun went (which took a good four hours, by the way), you took your place and lay down of the table. When Johnny lifted your shirt up, you shivered as the cold air hit your bare skin.

You looked at Jaehyun, who was admiring his new tattoo in the mirror, anxiously, “Does it hurt?”

“You won’t feel a thing,” he assured you before turning back to the mirror.

With that, Johnny turned on the machine and began to write on your skin. You hissed in pain. “Jae, you lied.”

“Oops,” he whispered mischievously. He sat beside you and grabbed your hand, giving it a squeeze of reassurance. “It’ll be over soon.”

“I hate you, Jaehyun.”


“And as we ran from the cops,
we laughed so hard it would sting.“

"This is stupid,” you whispered to Jaehyun.

In your arms, two cartons of eggs were nestled with caution. Jaehyun had a twenty-pack of two-ply toilet paper in his arms.

“Are you kidding?” Jaehyun asked, looking at the large house in front of you both. “Yuta made you cry. Let’s get him back.”

“It wasn’t like he knew I liked him,” you reasoned. Honestly, how could the geologist major know it would break your heart when he began dating someone?

“Still,” Jaehyun quipped. “No one makes my girl cry.”

Your heart swelled at those words. He had never called you his girl before. Did he even know what he had said? You and Jaehyun’s relationship was fickle, always treading the line between friends and a bit more than friends. “Fine. Let’s get him. What harm can it really do?”

Apparently a lot, since halfway into your second carton of eggs, you heard police sirens coming from down the road.

Jaehyun caught your eyes, a mixture of excitement and fear clouding his own, “Drop the evidence and run!”

You dropped the egg carton and grabbed the hand he held out for you.

“Faster!” You urged him, laughing.

The two of you ran and ran until you felt as if your lungs were going to collapse. Jaehyun chuckled and pulled you around a corner.

With your back against the wall and Jaehyun’s arms trapping you in, you felt rather flustered in such a position.

Jaehyun didn’t seem to notice. He peaked around the corner a few times before nodding, out of breath. “I think we lost them.”

He grinned down at you. His chest was heaving up and down, and you could feel the heat radiating off his body.

He began to laugh; a loud, boisterous laugh that would have anyone clutching their sides. “Y/n, you’re always so good at making me forget.”

You giggled in return, feeling the contagious sound of his laughter ring through your head. You didn’t really understand the depth of his words.

“Want to come over? I have a new song I wrote.”

“Okay,” you agreed, allowing him to grab your hand and pull you in the direction of his home.


"If I’m so wrong, how can you listen all night long? Now will it matter long after I’m gone?“

"You’re the worst,” you told Jaehyun after he finished singing his knew song. “Did you just write a song about cheating on your girlfriend?”

“Yeah,” he answered. “It’s called Baby Don’t Like It.

“I think I got that from the chorus.” You said.

Jaehyun smiled at you before looking down at his guitar, “If I can get Taeyong —you know Taeyong, right?— to rap the verses, I think it could be a really good hit.”

“I think it’s good.” You spoke honestly, “You could really take off with this one.”

“You mean it?” His voice softened, “That means a lot, Y/n. I’m glad you’re behind me.”

“Always,” you said, watching his downcast gaze.

“I’m gonna go take a shower, and then we’ll go to sleep, yeah?”

“Okay,” you agreed, already stretched out on Jaehyun’s mattress.

Five minutes later, he was still showering, and you were getting bored.

You decided it might be nice if you could look through his lyrics. Knowing he would find no offense in the action, you began to look through his desk for some of his lyric books.

You opened a desk and leafed through the papers, stopping when you saw the familiar logo of your local doctor’s office.

It was just like Jaehyun to leave his checkup bills in his desk drawers. You pulled them out, ready to scold him returned, when one word caught your eye: depression.

Dear Mr. Jung,

It is highly recommended that you don’t skip your therapy sessions. They are there to help you deal with your depression.

Please return to your therapy sessions that have been rescheduled to this Friday, on the twelfth of September.

Dr. Kang Seungyoon

You read over the letter nearly four times before everything sunk in.

Jaehyun had depression? Even worse, he wasn’t attending his therapy sessions?

Thinking back, it made sense. The boy was always a bit reluctant to do things. He seemed to always be thinking about something much deeper than the present.

Sometimes he talked about deep things like the meaning of his existence, or his reluctance to do things, but you thought that was normal for a person of his age. Didn’t everyone question their existence from time to time? Didn’t everyone feel a bit lazy?

Perhaps it ran deeper than all of that. You just hadn’t taken any notice. The thought made you angry with yourself.

There were a lot of things you didn’t know about Jaehyun. You didn’t know his family, and you knew next to nothing about his grades or friends.

All you knew was the Jaehyun who sang at the bar you worked at. You knew the Jaehyun who had always wanted to get away from your small town. You knew Jaehyun, your friend from college who took you on random escapades to get tattoos. You knew the impulsive Jaehyun who just wanted to TP someone’s house.

You didn’t know the Jaehyun with depression. How could you have missed the obvious signs? Did you notice them, and just dismiss them?

If you had known, you wouldn’t have dragged him out of his bed so many times when he begged you to let him rest. You would’ve been a little more careful when you laughed at him for always being sluggish and tired.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Jaehyun asked, coming closer to you, a towel around his neck. When he noticed the paper in your hands, his voice grew cold. “Y/n, where did you find this?”

“In your desk,” you said, noticing his pale face as he realized you had already read it. “Jae, why didn’t you tell me?”

Jaehyun shrugged and went to sit on the edge of his bed. He began to dry his hair with his towel. “Honestly, I didn’t think it concerned you.”

“Of course it concerns me,” you insisted. “I’m your friend.”

Jaehyun shook his head, as if he wasn’t listening to you. “I was diagnosed a few years ago. I have it under control.”

“Obviously not.” You held up the papers. “Why are you skipping therapy sessions?”

“I don’t want to go,” said Jaehyun.

“That’s not a good enough reason,” you said.

“I don’t need to hear this from you, okay?” Jaehyun snapped. “My parents are already down my back for the same reasons. Can we just go to sleep?”

You frowned. “Jae, I don’t want to force you to do anything. I just want you to be okay.”

“I am okay,” he insisted, offering you a smile. “It’s not that bad, alright? I’ll admit, it has gotten worse the past few months. That’s the only reason my doctor recommended the therapy sessions. As soon exams are over, I’m sure I’ll be okay.”

Perhaps he was a good liar, or you just weren’t intuitive enough, but you listened to him and went to sleep without a further worry for your friend.


“You’re just a sad song with nothin’ to say about a life long wait for a hospital stay.“

As soon as you got the call from Jaehyun, you knew something was wrong.

His voice was scratchy and raw, but not in the way honey is on your throat. This was pure alcohol talking: the kind that burns your throat in the way down.

"Jae, what’s wrong?”

“Y/n,” he whispered. “I’m sorry. My song got rejected again and I couldn’t do it anymore. Y/n, I can’t do this anymore.”

“Jaehyun, you’re scaring me.” You were already out the door, running to Jaehyun’s apartment only a few blocks away.

“It’s okay,” he said. “I’m not in pain. It’s okay.”

“No it’s not,” you argued. There were tears pooling in your eyes and terror building in your heart. What if you were too late?

When you arrived, you wasted no time finding the key under the mat and inserting it into the keyhole. Then you threw the door open and ran into Jaehyun’s bedroom.

He was on his bed, with the covers pulled up to his chin. Your gaze cut to the empty container of prescription pills beside him. “Jaehyun!”

His eyes were closed, but he was mumbling incoherent things. His breathing was so slow you were sure it would stop any minute. He was struggling to stay conscious. You quickly extracted your phone and called for an ambulance, begging them to hurry up and take him to the hospital.

Not trusting the ambulance to come in time, your impatience won out and you pulled Jaehyun’s limp body into a sitting position. You groaned with the effort of his heavy torso, but eventually got him up and rested against your shoulder.

Suddenly, he gagged once, then twice, until all the contents of his stomach were out of his body. Perhaps his body was rejecting the pills. You sighed in relief as you saw a few white capsules fall to the ground. But there had to be more. There was no way a simple few could make him so weak like this.

However, he didn’t vomit any more. Instead, he fell more limp against you, using you for support as he struggled to stay awake. You held him close, not caring about the horrible stench of sickness filling the room. Instead, you focused on stroking the boy’s hair and speaking to him in a quiet, comforting voice.

“I’m sorry,” he managed to croak, slipping in and out of consciousness. “I shouldn’t have done it, Y/n. I’m sorry.”

“Shh,” you spoke with a tender voice. “It’s okay, Jaehyun. The ambulance is on their way and you’ll be okay.”

As if on cue, you heard loud voices coming from the direction of the living room.

“We’re in here!”

Following your voice, a few EMT’s came into the room, pulling a gurney behind them.

They asked you many questions, like his name and age, his medical history, and also the type of drug he had consumed.

You could only hand them the prescription container. “Here,” you breathed. “Will he be alright?”

“He should be,” one answered you as the other two wheeled him out towards the ambulance. “Since you seemed to have caught him in time. You can ride with us if you’d like.”

“That’d be great,” you said gratefully before following him out to the ambulance.

You held his cold hands all the way to the hospital.


"It was the roar of the crowd that gave me heartache to sing.“

On the way, you called Jaehyun’s parents, using his phone, and informed them of what had happened and where Jaehyun would be.

Now they were sitting beside you in the hospital waiting room, doing anything to keep them occupied while waiting for their son to wake up.

You were waiting too, scared out of your wits. You were too afraid the doctor would walk out with a dull shake of his head, as if to say "Sorry, there was nothing more we could do. The pills already reached his system.”

When the doctor did finally come into the waiting room, you found yourself unable to breathe. There would be no way to get back up again if he announced the negative.

Thinking about this almost made you miss the positive. Jaehyun’s parents began to cry and hug the doctor in relief.

“Can I see my boy?” His mother asked.

“Of course,” the doctor spoke. “He’s a bit drowsy, but he’s okay, nonetheless. His body reacted well to the naloxone we gave him, but we’ll have to keep him overnight to make sure the long term effects are not harmful to his body.”

His parents walked into the room, leaving you out in the hallway, alone with the doctor. You read his name tag: Ji Hansol.

“Are you okay, Miss? You’re the one who found him, right?” He asked you, his doe-like eyes taking on a concerned feel to them.

“H-He called me,” you said, your chest clenching as you thought about what could’ve happened, had you not picked up. “He kept apologizing and I thought he was going to die.”

Doctor Ji placed a comforting hand on top of your shoulder and met your gaze. “Don’t think about it too much, alright? He’s okay now. We’re in contact with his therapist. Things can only go up from here.”

“Thanks,” you whispered, truly meaning it.

“Will you go see him after his parents?”

“Yes, if I’m allowed to.”

“Of course,” he assured you, “All visitors are welcome.”

You couldn’t wait for his parents to leave the room. Although they were just like you, wanting to hold onto their son and show him how much they loved him, you were impatient.

You need to see him, touch him, hear him, or your mind would only think you were playing games.

It took a good hour or so before Jaehyun’s parents came out. Then it was finally your turn.

He didn’t look any different. He didn’t look sick or weak. He didn’t look like someone who had just attempted to take their own life. In fact, he looked rather content in his hospital gown, watching you with that same stiff smile he always had.

“Y/n, I don’t know what I would’ve done without you,” he breathed. “I wouldn’t even be here.”

“Don’t say that.” You walked up to the bed and sat down, watching his face. “I don’t want you to ever put yourself in danger again. Got it?”

He nodded with his head bowed in shame. “I won’t. I’m going back to my therapy session, and I’m cutting a few of my stressful classes. The doctor was nice enough to offer me a nursing job when I graduate, so I’ll work hard towards that. I won’t take my life for granted, Y/n.”

“Good.” You bit your lip. “Hey, can I asked you something.”


“Why did you do it? What drove you to take such drastic measures? I know it wasn’t a few extra classes that made you feel this way.”

Jaehyun looked away from you, “My music isn’t going where I want it to be. Even when I work my hardest and try so hard to make a few tracks worth selling, nobody wants them. I couldn’t even get small record companies to buy them. I felt like I was failing at my dream. You know, it’s hard singing at that bar every week although it’s something I love to do. But it’s hard to know that the only people who cheer for me are drunken people, not knowing why they’re applauding. It hurt to know all my hard work was being ignored. I felt like no one cared to see my work.
"And I guess I could take it anymore. I know it was irrational, but I couldn’t stop myself. I’m sorry.”

You leant down and hugged him tightly in a squeeze. “You don’t have to say sorry, Jae. Just promise me you’ll talk it out next time. Promise me you won’t leave me.”

Jaehyun hugged you back. “I’m working on it. I’m trying to get better.”

“I know, and I’ll be here the whole time, alright?”

“Always?” He asked. You could see that familiar twinkle in his eyes.

“Always,” you replied with a contented smile.

~the end~

Look, it’s Peter Pan!

+ Robbie Kay

author’s note: au but like… au-ish? probably v shitty imagine & sorta long and disappointing!!

Prompt: In which a boy named Robbie Kay is an actor at Disney, playing Peter Pan & he meets a girl but can’t break character to ask her out. 

Today is the day you and your family is going to Disney Land. The happiest place on Earth, tailored for even the oldest of ages.

A place and the figment of Disney its self is timeless, which is why you picked the special place for the whole family when you were asked to pick. 

A small, dainty hand is clutched to yours, the sweat seeping from the hand to yours. You look down and grin at your little sister who is so infatuated with Disney that she doesn’t realize she is sweating. 

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evilwhitetiger  asked:

Alright dumb question but I never heard of dialogue prompts could you explain it to me again I'm really sorry for the dumb question but this really caught my eye.

Sorry that this took so long to respond to!!  My phone decided to stop letting me know when I got notifications…

Not a dumb question at all!!  If you haven’t been exposed to it before it would seem pretty odd!!  

The main idea behind dialogue prompts are that the line or two (or more) of dialogue are supposed to spark imagination or give some inspiration for you to then write/draw something based off of it.  

Take this quote for example:

“Don’t turn me into the bad guy here.”

“You are the bad guy!”

“Normally, yes.  However, I am completely blameless in this situation.”

You may read it and go - “oh, that’s definitely a conversation that I could see Thor and Loki having” and now you start thinking of the scenario that could fit that and you end up writing/drawing it.  

Or, you think “I could see my original characters in this situation” and just leave it at that.  But, I made you smile so I’m happy :)

So whether it does actually inspire you to write or not, the blog’s purpose is to just let you take a minute to think if a prompt stands out to you and maybe make your day a little bit better :D

The Sun and The Stars {7}

Previous parts:  Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 |

Word count: 3116

Warnings: none

A/N: I’ve decided to split this series up into two separate fics so we’re nearing the end! Hope you all like this chapter xx

Originally posted by cherry-midnightmoonlight

“Come on, Wanda, more.” You yell desperately as you hold her power in a bubble of your own. You’d been training like this for hours, going back and forth with your powers, pushing each other to become stronger. It had been like this for days since that fateful meeting with the avengers and ever since then, you’d been training hard. Wanda was there half the time and the other times, you were training in hand to hand combat with Bucky or Steve.

You slam your thick tendrils of power on top of Wanda, forcing her down and she finally relents when she begins to shake, releasing her power with a heavy gasp.

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nessian smut (acowar part15)

this is the first smut I’ve ever written but it’s pretty fuckin good tbh (thanks for leaving me with that @togreblog lol this is also 2k words) parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

She looked up at him, awestruck by his eyes. She’d only known him two months, maybe three, but she could already tell this look was special. This wasn’t affection; it was adoration. No one had ever, ever, adored Nesta.

With this thought, Nesta’s stomach sank. She knew, with scars like hers, that there couldn’t be secrets between them.

“Come with me,” she said, standing and taking his hand. She felt underdressed beside him in her jeans, but it was too late to do anything about it now.

They walked together onto the veranda, which looked out over the foggy mountains. It reminded her of the first time they’d spoken — at dawn on the roof of Rhys’s townhouse, her dress and his eyes shining in the sun.

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You’re in my Booth

Request: 19 and wonwoo please~ thank you so much

19) You and your bias eat at the same cafe every morning and your orders are always confused

Member: Seventeen’s Wonwoo x Y/N

Type: Fluff

I adjusted my sunglasses to sit on my head as I stepped into the cafe and gave a cursory glance at my surroundings. Dot, the same old waitress, bustled around various tables which seemed to be a bit emptier than usual. I gave her a small nod as I caught her eye, instantly smiling as she smiled back. 

“Normal seat?” she chimed, placing a menu in my hands. 

“You know me,” I nodded, taking the few steps to the booth in the corner I normally sat in. 

I looked down at the menu, eying the Tuesday special, even though I had all of the specials memorized by now. I slid into the booth, my heart almost stopping as a groan came from the bench. 

“Yah!” I gasped, launching up and away from the table. Below me sat a man around my age, his eyebrows furrowed as he searched my face. I blinked a few times, looking at him blankly as I tried to access the situation. 

“You’re…you’re in my booth,” I squeaked. 

Good one, Y/N. 

The man shook his head, a small smirk appearing on his lips. “Good morning to you too. Do you want to sit down?”

I blinked again, a flash of annoyance shooting through me. This was my booth. Why was I being invited to sit in my own booth? 

I slowly eased down, still completely lost as to why this stranger sat in the very spot I inhabited every morning. Maybe he was new around here, maybe he didn’t know how this worked?

I stared at the man, not afraid to make eye contact. He stared back, a small, but amused smile painting his handsome lips. 

“You’re in my booth,” I repeated dumbly. Perhaps it was because I hadn’t had my coffee yet, but it seemed as if this was a mental roadblock I wouldn’t be able to pass until he provided some sort of explanation as to why he was there. 

“I’m Wonwoo,” he said quietly, reaching over and playing idly with the pages of a book he had brought with him. 

“Hi Wonwoo, I’m confused,” I whined. Wonwoo let out a soft chuckle as Dot waddled up to our table, a fresh pot of coffee in her hands. 

“I’m surprised you’re even speaking before this is in your system,” she laughed, placing a cup in front of me and filling it with the strongly scented liquid. “What can I get for you two?”

“The Tuesday special,” I nodded, handing her the menu. I followed her gaze as she looked to Wonwoo, completely unfazed by the sudden appearance of my breakfast guest. 

“Salmon and cream cheese bagel with a poached egg,” he nodded confidently. He looked up from his menu, waiting for any sort of response from me. 

“You got it,” Dot smiled as she stumbled off. I looked curiously at Wonwoo who was still staring at me. 

“Salmon…salmon bagel,” he repeated, saying the words slowly and carefully. 

“You’re really passionate about your breakfast, aren’t you?” I muttered, shaking my head. 

“Nothing strikes a chord with you?” he gasped, a bit exasperated with me. 

“Should it?” I spat back, eyes wide. I was becoming more perturbed by the moment with this pushy guy, first invading my space, then forcing his breakfast enthusiasm before my first sip of coffee. 

“Have you ever gotten a salmon bagel here?” he asked, still not giving up. 

“Not on purpose,” I said with a breathy chuckle. I reached over, grabbing the sugar and creme to begin working on my coffee. “I usually end up with it though because Dot always gets my order wrong.”

Wonwoo remained silent as he watched me, his lips pursed in a straight line. “And?”

“And what? Dot’s a wonderful woman, but her memory is shot,” I sighed, stirring slowly. 

“Dot has been giving you my salmon bagel every morning for the past two weeks,” Wonwoo said quietly, rolling his eyes. 

I stopped stirring and looked up at him. I furrowed my brows, rapidly searching my memory. He was right. Now that he had mentioned it, I recognized him. His handsome face wasn’t as strange as I originally thought. He sat in a booth diagonal to me nearly every morning. And every morning as I had let Dot know that she hadn’t delivered my daily special, again, she would take the plate from before me and immediately make a b-line to a different table. I had never realized that the table had always belonged to Wonwoo. 

“You’re in my booth,” I said quietly, a smile now tugging at my own lips. 

“I figured I’d save Dot a few steps and just make myself comfortable here this morning,” he hummed, taking a sip from his coffee. He seemed to be at ease now that I had caught onto why he was intruding. 

I smiled down at my coffee, stirring a few more times before finally taking a sip. I sighed as the warm liquid slid down my throat and warmed my body and stomach. I could almost feel my mind become less foggy. I looked back up to Wonwoo and tilted my head. He had already picked up the book he had placed on the table and flipped slowly through the pages. His free hand stirred slowly at his coffee, even though whatever he had added had long since dissolved.

“I’m Y/N,” I said, breaking the comfortable silence between us. Wonwoo looked up from his book, a kind smile on his face. 

“I thought you were confused,” he chuckled, looking back down at the novel and dog-earring the page he was on. 

“Oh, I was,” I nodded. “But just add coffee to confused, and you get Y/N.”

“Is that a proverb?” he said with a wink. I’m pretty sure he did it subconsciously, but it still made my heart flutter. 

“Of course, you’ve never heard it before?” I chuckled without missing a beat. 

“Look at you two social butterflies,” Dot cooed as she approached our table, two full plates in hand. “I always wanted to suggest you two should sit together. Young people should leave their options open, you know. Always should be ready to meet new people.”

I rolled my eyes at the kind-hearted waitress. She was old enough to be my grandmother, so I wasn’t surprised at her attempt at advice. 

“Now here is the Tuesday special,” she said, setting down the plate in front of Wonwoo. “And the salmon bagel.”

I looked down at the bagel she had set on the table and smiled. “Thanks Dot.”

“Can I get you two anything else?” she sang, looking back and forth between us with bright eyes. 

“I think we’re fine,” I nodded. She nodded in return as she moved on to the next table. 

Wonwoo didn’t bother to hide his smile as he began to slide the plate of food over to me. 

“See,” he whispered. “And she won’t know any better.”

“You were willing to put up with a stranger so early in the day just to save poor, old Dot?” I chuckled, picking up my fork. 

He chewed thoughtfully, slowly nodding his head as he poked around at his bagel. “I figured I’d take my chances.”

“I could be a serial killer,” I hummed between bites. 

Wonwoo’s smile grew as he twirled his fork. “You’re too cute to kill anyone.”

“You don’t even know me!” I gasped. “I am tough, so tough! Watch your back Wonwoo.” 

“I’m willing too,” he chuckled, angling a half-lidded gaze my way. “I’ll have no issue watching my back if it’s you behind me.”

Originally posted by dokyeomentary-svt

TalesFromRetail: "You're doing an amazing job. Here's the money for my bill and here's 20 for you"

I work at medium sized retail chain.

Today we made 20k in sales.

3 people called out and there was only two cashiers. Me and the manager.

The manager had to cover someone’s break because we can’t leave their area unattended so the manager had to be over there. Which means I was the only one cashiering.

Literally had 100 people in line at a time. Not exaggerating. The line was huge. A bunch of them were getting impatient and yelling at me for it. And every time I finished one transaction, like four more people got in line.

Normally when I cashier, the line eventually starts to die down so then I clean up my area. Put hangars away, put returns and go backs away etc. well since the line never stopped I had no time to clean up. I had a mountain of hangers just thrown all over my area and a mountain of clothes right next to it. I had to reach over it to scan the people’s items. It was such a mess.

It was funny because people like to switch price tags. Most of the cashiers never catch it because they don’t even care to look for it. Well these customers thought that amongst all of this mess and getting yelled at, I’d be too distracted to catch their switched price tags. I saw more attempts at it today than I’d ever seen before.

Still caught all of it. Granted it slowed down the line when I had to confront them and tell them I’m not allowed to sell them this item, but no one is getting through me. Especially if they think they can take advantage of the fact that I look distraught and all over the place.

But then there was a few good customers. I got praises from them.

“I shop here a lot and you’re way faster than the other cashier I’ve seen here.”

“You’re doing a great job don’t listen to them” - referring to the customers yelling at me for having no other cashiers.

“What’s your name I’m going to call corporate and tell them you’re doing such a great job”

And then the last praise I got from the customer was

“Here’s 40 for my total. And here’s 20 for you. You’re doing an amazing job. I own a business and I know how bad it is when people call out.” Then she went on to tell me how her business is around a college campus and so when people call out during the summer, they get bombarded with all these loud college kid customers basically like I did today having to do 11k in sales by myself.

*To put it into perspective, on a normal moderately busy day by the end of the night I’ve done like like 3k in sales / ~ 200 transactions in an 8 hour shift. Which is still a kind of long line with the help of 2 other cashiers. Today I had 407 transactions and 3 hours into my shift I was at 4K.

And then the customer after her told her that it was a nice gesture and so he did the same thing. He got 4 dollars back after he paid for his stuff and he told me I could keep it.

I wasn’t really in a bad mood during this chaos. I like a challenge. But the praises still made my day. And I’ve been working there for two years and I’ve only gotten one 3 dollar tip for helping a lady carry a rug to her car like a year ago.

when she gave me 20 I was like no no no that’s really sweet but I don’t need that I’m just doing my job.

She quickly pushed it towards me and insisted I take it and then left before I could try to hand it back to her.

By: Adamsandlersshorts

Forbidden Desires

Note: @blackangel20001 requested an imagine where the reader catches Peter cheating on her and for these sentences to be worked into it:  “I hate you….” “ If you think I’m just going to ignore what you did to me, you’re wrong.” and “Did you know? Did you all know?” A happy ending was also requested so enjoy a mixture of heartache and fluff! <3

Words: 1203

Warnings: None.

Originally posted by lovershub

It was a sight that you had never wanted to see, one that until this moment had been nothing more than a nightmare that would invade your sleep, and no matter how painful it is you find yourself unable to tear your eyes away. The love of your life, the boy who had stolen your heart, was currently showing affection to the person you thought was your best friend….Tinkerbell.Neither of them seem to notice that you are stood there, their lips continuing to smash up against each other’s, and with each agonising minute that passes you by as you watch the scene unfold you feel an anger you have never felt before beginning to bubble up inside of you.

I hate you….”

Your words are quiet, a complete contrast to the anger and upset you are feeling, but they are still heard by the two people who had once been so very important to you. Instantly they break away from the close proximity they had both been in and their heads snap around to face you.

“[y/n] this…”

“Don’t. Don’t you even dare try and use that line on me Peter.”

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afujioka356  asked:

One more from me cause I just thought of this. Can I have Oikawa being seduced by his s/o using alien or space pick up lines (nsfw or fluffy whatever you are in the mood in)?

“Was your father an alien? Because there’s nothing like you on Earth!”

OIKAWA bit his lip as he fought the urge to smile, determined to win this little flirting game that you initiated. It didn’t help that you were constantly looking up alien-related pick up lines and reading them off your phone.

“Oooh, how about this one?  Your eyes shine just like the twin suns on my home planet.”

Coughing into his fist, Oikawa shrugged and made a face that practically screams ‘I know.’  Rolling your eyes, you continued to read off the pick up lines on your phone in hopes to get him to chuckle in the least.

Scrolling down the page, you suddenly found yourself in the sexual side of the pick up lines. Putting on your best straight face, you looked up at Oikawa for a few seconds before wagging your eyebrows. “If you think a meteor is hard, just wait until you see what you’re doing to my missile.”

Your exaggerated wink was what set Oikawa off into a laughing fit. He was used to seeing the cute expressions you’d make, whether you were angry or happy, it was never unpleasant. Never in his time spent with you has he ever saw such an ugly expression on your face before.

“Damn, I wish I caught your expression on camera,” Oikawa said, wiping his tears, “If I showed it to Takeru, he would definitely cry.”

That pretty much earned him a slap on the arm.

“Ouch, _____-chan stop hanging around Iwa-chan! You’re becoming brolic by day just like him!”

Actually, make that two slaps.

i used to play this game with you where i would wait to open your messages for five minutes, ten, just to make sure you knew i wasn’t desperate. i would sit there, reply already dancing at my fingertips, waiting, letting the moments stretch out, because letting you know how soft you made my heart terrified me.
and there are things i never told you, like how sometimes, talking to you felt like dancing on broken glass and other times, more like thunderstorm, stealing the breath from my lungs and leaving me gutted, airless, like a fish on the shore. how lost i felt when i thought of leaving, how it felt like coming home to see you. how despite all this, love ran through my hands like water, leaving me only my own breath.
and i’m still so desperate to hear your voice that now, i open your text messages right away even after promising myself that i would wait, it’s not -
that i love you. or at least, not the way i did. i loved you the way a fish loves a fishhook: you, biting into all the tender parts of me and exposing them to the light. and i guess what i’m saying is that i can leave, but can never really escape, see, you’re still caught in my fingers like tangled fishing line
and i’m sorry, but i’m only that fish, snagged on a hook and dragged to land, torn open by something inside of me that says no, this love was time-stamped, had an expiration date on it, says no, i saw this coming, because i’ve always been so good at seeing the end before i even begin, but this was not supposed to be about how i left you.
because all i really wanted to say to you was
i spent so long giving you my heart, my skin, my breath, that i think i forgot how to swim on my own. i was not drowning when you found me. i came from the dark waters and you were so much light,
you pulled me up to the surface, fingers kind even as you gutted me, offering me the whole open sky
but maybe i was never meant to live on land.
—  gone fishing || a.s.w.

anonymous asked:

"I can't believe you did that in front of her"

“I didn’t do anything Scully, at least not on purpose, and she didn’t see anything anyway.”

“You answered the door in your boxers, you know that’s risky.” 

“I thought it was the delivery guy!”

“I’ve been telling you for years your boxers need a button fly,” and her smirk tells him she’s not mad, not really,”you tend to ignore the breeze when you’re groggy.” 

“You never seemed to mind before,” he leers, “oh yea Scully, I caught ya lookin.”

Send me the first line of a fic and I’ll write the next five lines!

Last Time- Percival Graves

Pairing: Percival Graves/OC

Request: “anonymous asked:
Hey! I was wondering you could do a percival graves x muggle!reader where he goes to her after a battle eventhough they have broken up ? ( basically somethimg angsty hahah)! Slight smut?💓💓”

Warnings: All the angst. All of it. I’m not responsible for what happens to you after you read this, I’m just saying. Other than that, there is slight, slight smut. I wouldn’t even consider it smut tbh, but you know. Just covering my butt. 

I really loved writing this <3 I hope you all enjoy it!

The house was silent as I slipped inside, closing the front door behind me. My feet were killing me after another long day of work and all I wanted was to crawl into bed and close my eyes. The days felt achingly long anymore, each one fading into the next without any real sense of purpose or passion. My zest for life had vanished the moment he had walked away, like he had taken a piece of myself with him. I sagged back against the door, letting my purse strap slip from my shoulder before it plummeted to the floor. Even now, after almost two months, he was still a lingering presence in my thoughts.

I heaved a sigh and dropped my house keys into the dish near the front door, tugging out my hairband as I walked up the steps to my bedroom. My fingers raked through my hair, combing out my ponytail as I padded down the carpeted hallway. The walls were bare, blank except for a coat of soft yellow paint. He had been the one to suggest it, claiming the house needed to match my sunshiny personality. Except now it had been weeks and I felt like I was living in a world of endless night. How was it possible to love someone so much, yet feel so much pain at just the thought of their name?

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