i never buy new things

Quick PSA

I am not selling my art anywhere except society6 (currently) && I have not given anyone permission to sell/reproduce/distribute my art.

So basically aside from the few (like, 6 pcs lol – and that’s just because people wanted me to put them up for sale) prints up on my society6, I make no money off of my art as I only make them purely for my (and the fandom’s) enjoyment.

If you see anyone selling my art, please do not buy from them as they most likely stole it from me and are unfairly making money off of it. Also I would appreciate it if you report them to the proper personnel (if it is at a con or something) or tell me (if you saw it online).

IDK what to feel about this because I’ve been getting a lot of reports about this happening lately so aaaah ;;; I don’t want to upload smaller res art because I want people to be able to look at them properly so I think I should just make the watermarks more visible? I don’t knowww hahaha omg this is all new to me

Being multifandom is spending a bunch of money on new merch for your faves one week then the next week you spend a bunch more money on your other faves bc they just released something new but then when you get home that night you see another one of your faves has released something as well and then you see a rumor that another one of your faves is having a comeback soon and then a few new groups debut and they become part of your faves and you gotta buy their merch too…….. being multifandom is too much. I really try to keep up but y'all must think I got some good job and my parents money to fuel my obsessions. Binch I work part time at minimum wage

anonymous asked:

Do you believe in signature perfume ?

I think it depends on you and your budget. I don’t have a signature perfume because my tastes change rapidly and I love to try new things. I never buy the same perfume twice. There are some people I know who love having their one iconic perfume for years and years, and if it suits them, why not? Additionally, not everyone can afford to own multiple perfumes.

(6/6) “I’m trying to make it on my own. It’s been a tough road. I fell behind at our first apartment and we got evicted. But I went through a job program for women and now I work as a case manager with Coalition for The Homeless. We moved into a two-bedroom in Bedford-Stuyvesant. I love my job, but I’m trying to raise four kids on a single income. We don’t have much extra stuff. We don’t have cable. The kids say they need internet for school but we’d need a computer for that, so we just go to the library. I’d love to hang up nice curtains. Or paint the house. But I don’t want to make our apartment into a home because I’m afraid to get too comfortable. I’ve already come close to missing rent so many times. I feel like I can never relax. But I have the most wonderful children. They never want me to buy them new things. But I’m afraid that I’m damaging their confidence. I can’t do anything nice for them. And I don’t want them to grow up feeling like they don’t deserve nice things. But at least we’re together. And we have a home. And we’re safe. I tell the girls all the time that we should feel lucky. I think they get tired of me saying that. But I honestly feel that we’re so lucky.”