i never blog the royals

anonymous asked:

Apparently you and realityofroyals nearly caused a suicide of someone in the fandom! But how? All I've seen you two do is oppose opinions... I haven't see much hate from you two

We do not attack bloggers just say how we feel about royalty which some disagree with. 

This is ‘old news’ and I spoke at the time but for those not around then here is what I said then and will say now, only once. 

I have never personally attacked any blog. 

I have never sent hate that way, publicly or privately. 

I only speak to a few blogs I consider friends and that is all. 

My blog is about royals, not royal blogs and I don’t discuss them never mind send hate that way. 

Now I ignore the Kate fandom because I don’t care to talk to them to the point I have several blocked because they send hate my way

But I am fully aware that they constantly make things up about me, spread lies and basically spend way too much time using their blog and messages to sprout hate. 

I don’t wish to spend my time here having drama, getting in to fights and pretending we are some mean girls in high school. 

I am here to discuss royalty not attack others. If the Kate fandom wishes to spend their time spreading lies and hate about blogs that ignore them that is fine but me and @realityofroyals have never sent hate or even talked to the blog that supposedly tried to commit suicide. 

That is all I wish to say on the matter, it is not true and we don’t send hate, don’t talk badly about other blogs or even had ONE convo with that blog that says she tried to commit suicide because of something we said to them. 

Like with 80% of what those blogs do, they are spreading lies because they have no legitimate argument to counter what we say so they just make things up as they are incapable it seems of having an adult conversation. Me and @realityofroyals are not going to bite the bait and we still refuse to lower ourselves to the pettiness they indulge in and poisonous cesspit they continue to make. 

My hobby now is following all Battle Royale RP blogs because I will never get over anyone’s deaths and love seeing them “alive again”,with mundane worries and pairings I never even dreamed of but now love to death.

While I frantically re-read the manga/novel and re-watch the movie hoping somehow they all survive in canon.