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Just for Christmas Eve (Steve Harrington x OC)

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Summary: After being put in a tight corner by your family, you find yourself lying about your current relationship status, assuring them that your boyfriend will be making an appearance at the annual Christmas Eve party. After a panicked search for a last minute fake-boyfriend, you have to rely on your younger brother’s cute new friend to help you out of your tight spot.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader

Word Count: 4,716

Author’s Note: Wow. I started out just wanting to write something fun and silly and holiday-y, but then I found myself just writing and writing and writing. I hope you love this somewhat cliche but definitely cute story.

Warnings: None!

“So, Y/N,” your aunt started. You held your breath, and you already knew where this was going. It was the same every year. The Friday before Christmas, your grandmother and your mom’s sisters and their daughters would roll in for the Annual Christmas Cookie Baking Day. When you were younger, you had loved every part of it. Eight women, all bustling around the kitchen, doing different jobs for different cookies. As the second youngest (and you being who you were) you had always been in charge of the thumbprint cookies because it was something you couldn’t mess up and therefore couldn’t freak out over. Plus, it kept you out of the older girls’ hair. Now that you were, you had graduated to being the official cookie finisher, charged with decorating any and all cooled cookies. Yet, while each year you were allowed to help more and more, every year, your family pestered you more and more about what you were doing in life. More specifically, your love life. “Any new boys we should know about?” your Aunt Veronica raised her eyebrows, her hands busy mixing the chocolate chip cookie dough.

Of course there weren’t. You had been busy busting your ass day in and day out, working to get a full ride to college. But sure, ask about the least successful aspect of your life.

You opened your mouth to say as much, when your cousin snorted. She, like you, was decorating gingerbread men. “You know she doesn’t. Y/N doesn’t have time for relationships,” she teased.

“No, no,” your Aunt Patricia’s daughter, Sarah jumped in. “That was two years ago, Rebecca. Y/N doesn’t have a boyfriend because she’s just focusing on herself. Being independent.” The two girls laughed, and you rolled your eyes dramatically.

Aunt Patricia wrapped a sympathetic arm around your shoulder. “You just haven’t met the right person yet,” she soothed. “You will.” She kissed the side of your head and moved across the kitchen to start the next batch of sugar cookies.

To some extent, you understood your family’s preoccupation with your relationship status. Your mother had cracked slightly after your father died, and it was the main reason that the Annual Christmas Cookie Baking Day had been founded. It was also the reason why the rest of your extended family trooped over to your little house to have a Christmas Eve party every year. Your aunts just didn’t want you to end up lonely like her. They didn’t have a lot of faith in Dustin keeping you company for the rest of your life.

So, every year, your family checked in to see if you were still single.

And every year, when you confirmed that you were, they gave you a hard time about it and inevitably ended up giving you a list of eligible men from their various parts of Indiana. Once, your aunt had even dragged along a neighbor boy to the Christmas Eve party and forced you two to spend time together.

It had been uncomfortable as hell.

“You know,” Aunt Veronica began. “Jerry’s single now. He’s smart like you, and very cute.”

“My ex-boyfriend, Jerry?” your cousin, Rachel asked her mother with wide eyes. Of course they would try to set you up with your younger cousin’s ex-boyfriend. Of course.

“Oh come on, Rach, you weren’t that into him,” her sister rolled her eyes. “But he’s not Y/N’s type. David Malkins, though, I should give him your number,” she pointed at you. “Or Kyle. His brother. What do you like? Dark or light brown hair?”

“What about Eric Robins, you know the boy who–”

“I have a boyfriend!” you burst out, suddenly. They all turned to face you, looking almost surprised that you were there.

“Really?” Rebecca asked, stopping in the middle of icing a smile on the gingerbread man’s face.

“Yeah. He’s coming to the Christmas party. It was supposed to be a surprise,” you flushed. They all looked at each other as if they were silently deciding who would call you out on your bullshit. Finally, Sarah turned to look at you.

“I can’t wait to meet him.”

“I can’t believe you told them you had a boyfriend,” your brother shook his head at you.

After all of the women had left your house, he’d heard you slam your door and had come to your room to check on you. He was sweet that way when no one was around. It had only taken him a few minutes of pestering you about why you were trying to smother yourself with your pillow before you broke down and told him exactly what had gone down. And Dustin was being very Dustin about the whole situation.

“I panicked!”

He chuckled. “Yeah, you did.”

You picked up a throw pillow and threw it at his head. He dodged it easily, still giggling.

You threw yourself back down onto your bed, staring up at the ceiling. You had two and a half days to find a boyfriend. No big deal. It wasn’t as if you hadn’t been able to find one at all in the past 18 years of your life or anything. Nah, this would be easy. You totally weren’t freaking out about it.

You were in such deep shit.

“What am I going to do? I can’t tell them he’s suddenly sick or staying with his family. Mom was there too. It’s a miracle she didn’t say anything.”

“She probably just doesn’t want any more of Aunt Patricia’s weird neighbors in her house,” your brother shrugged.

You just groaned in response, wishing your house would swallow you up and spit you out in some alternate dimension where you wouldn’t have to deal with this.

“I’ll help you. It’ll be like a shared quest,” Dustin offered. You turned your head against the pillow, checking to see if he was messing with you.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course!” he exclaimed. “I also don’t want any more weird neighbor boys in our house,” he grinned cheekily. You picked up another pillow and threw it at him.

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Taehyung purposely being loud/making you loud to (kinda) show off the the boys?

Title : Louder

Genre : Smut

Paring : Taehyung x Reader

Warning : English is not my mother tongue so please forgive all my lacks of conjugation / spelling mistakes ♡

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Taehyung puts his hand on your lower back, guiding you to the door as you’re ready to leave. Once you’re in front the door of the Bangtan’s dorm, Tae gives you back your bag and smiles, not wanting you to go but knowing you’ll come back in a few days, when he’ll have a free night. He looks around to see if his Hyungs are here but since no one is watching, he leans to you and kisses you softly. Just a simple kiss but it’s enough to warm his heart.

« See you soon, baby… », you softly whisper as you kiss Tae’s cheek. A few soft chuckles are heard from the living room but you and Tae act like you didn’t heard it.

He watches you until you disappears in the elevator, already missing you. He sighs, closing the door and falling on the couch next to Namjoon. Taehyung can’t stop smiling like an idiot, feeling like his heart was as light as a feather and filled with butterflies.

« Such a cute babyboy… », Namjoon snorts as he passes his hand on Tae’s hair to mess it up a bit, laughing even more when Tae tries to get away from him but Hobi bumps into him and forces him to sit back real quick. He passes his arms around his shoulders and shakes him a bit, giggling like an idiot :

« A kiss on a cheek, right ? Naughty kids…

- Leave me alone, Hyung… »

Tae can’t hold his smile even if he wants to. It’s the first time they see skinship between him and you and he can’t blame them for making fun of him a little. First girlfriend, first serious relationship, first girl to spend the night in his bedroom. Hoseok is laughing so much :

« You’re so soft when she’s around, I can’t believe I saw you braiding her hair when we watched tv last night… You’re really cute, Taehyungiii… », Hoseok sings and pats his knee while Namjoon gets a bit closer to them.

« Yah, Tae… », he asks teasingly, « Does she even let you kiss her cheek ? », he chuckles and shakes his younger brother a bit, making him softly snorts.

« Are you crazy ? I’m sure he could mess his pants if they make out… », laughs Hobi, his hand on the nape of Taehyung’s neck.

But Taehyung doesn’t want to laugh anymore.

« You really think we didn’t do it, right ? », he asks innocently, looking at both of his Hyungs who share a surprised glance before shaking him hard, giggling like idiots and messing his hair.

« Really ? Wow Tae, you’ve grown so much… », says Hobi, patting his shoulder but still looking at him like it was a joke. Namjoon doesn’t say anything but his eyes are not lying. Tae can see the amusement in them.

He gets up and goes back to his room, faking a laugh but really not in the mood anymore. They really think he’s innocent and shy, or whatever you call it. Tae can’t believe it. He thought Namjoon could see the man in him, he thought he could totally picture him being dominant and mature. Well, he was so wrong. Tae closes the door behind him and falls on his bed, staring at the ceiling with his arm resting on his forehead. His thoughts are mixing in his head. They hurt his pride. But what can he do about it ? It’s not like they were here to see how arched your back was when he fucked you slow and quietly, last night. They didn’t see the way you hid your face in his neck to silent your moans, nor the way your fingers clenched on his lower back as he increased his pace. You both stays so quiet and discreet, how can they…


Tae smirks, a terrible idea coming in his mind. A stupid, immature and childish idea. But since his Hyungs are making fun of him and don’t believe him, guess he has to prove them wrong.

When you arrive at the Bangtan’s dorm a few days later after he invited you to spend the night, Taehyung welcomes you with a soft hug and a cute kiss on your temple. You smile so brightly, always so happy to see your boyfriend. He looks so cute, giggling softly as he takes your bag to guide you towards his bedroom. As you walk, you greet Namjoon, Jin and Yoongi, and meet the rest of the boys as you put down your things. When you two are alone in his bedroom, you can finally wrap your arms around him and kiss him softly, telling him how much you missed him. Tae smiles cutely and pulls you closer to kiss you back. He feels so good already, having you in his arms and kissing you softly…

You have a wonderful evening with Taehyung and the boys, eating Chinese food and laughing all together. Tae is as cute as usual, stroking your hair discreetly and smiling at everything you do or say. Of course, Hobi can’t resist the need to tease him by winking at him or sitting next to him so he can mess his hair or pinch his cheek, but Tae doesn’t mind. He can see Namjoon’s glances too, but it still doesn’t bother him.

As night comes and as everybody wishes you good night, Namjoon is ready to leave you two alone. You shyly excuse yourself for bothering him but Namjoon nods with a soft smile.

« It’s okay, I don’t mind leaving you two alone. ‘Hope you’ll sleep well ! », he says before looking at Taehyung. He smirks and lifts his eyebrows a bit, still teasing poor babyboy Tae. But again, Tae doesn’t even care. He just thank his Hyung and wishes him goodnight, smiling cutely as he closes the door.

You smile to Tae as you get closer to kiss his cheek before you go put some lip balm in front of the mirror. Tae looks at you for a few seconds before he climbs on the bed, sitting with his back on the head bed, comfortably resting on his big pillows. He watches you taking off your oversized hoodie to reveal your silky nightie, leaning to the mirror to check yourself and smiles a bit, catching your glance through the mirror. You turn around and smile at him before getting on the bed, ready to cuddle and kiss his entire face. As you’re about to lay on your back, Tae drags you on his lap, wrapping his arms around your waist. You’re purring, leaning to kiss him gently, sighing on his lips as he presses you closer to his body. He feels so warm against you, his hands passing on your back and moving down to your waist.

Tae pulls back a little and you can see something has changed in his eyes. It makes you shiver so strongly you have to hang on his shoulders, his dominant look taking your breath away. As you feel his hands going down on your ass, you bite your lips hard to hold a moan. You don’t know what he has in mind, but cute Tae is gone.

« I need you to let me… Do things… » he begins, whispering with his deep voice, his fingers digging into your flesh. « And I need to hear if you like it or not, okay babygirl ? »

You almost gasp. It’s the first time you hear him calling you like that and it sends liquid heat straight to your core. You swallow hard, fighting for air to finally stutter :

« B-but… Tae… What if… What if they hear us ? ». Your fingers stroke his neck as you throw him a shy look, trying hard not to blush because you really want to let him do things to you, things he never done before, but you’re too afraid the other boys will hear you moan.

Taehyung doesn’t answer but his smirk is enough. You really don’t know what’s going on with him. Usually, he’s the first to ask you to stay quiet, the first one to make sure his hyungs can’t hear you, and now it seems like he wants you to be… Loud ? What’s going on ?

Taehyung chuckles when he sees your surprised face and begin to kiss you deeply, his tongue looking for yours. You let him lead the dance, getting lost in his fever, in the way his lips devours yours & the way his tongue strokes yours. You make out for a long, long time, and you can feel it between your thighs. It’s turning you on so much. Tae seems hungry.

He takes your hands and put them on the head bed next to his head, wanting you to hang on it. You do as he wishes, too lost in the kiss to even think about it. You hang on it and grind on his crotch, feeling his hardness rubbing the fabric of your panties. He feels so good already, and you have to bite your lips to hold a moan again. Tae doesn’t seems to like it and lifts his hips so he can finally hear this moan. You immediately blush and close your eyes, aware that you were loud. A bit too loud. But Taehyung smirks again an bites his lips, happy to see his little game starting to work on you.

When you see him lifting your hips, you get ready to get laid on the bed but gasp when Taehyung slides on your body to get on his back. You’re kneeling above him, fingers clenched on the head bed, already out of breath. As he begins to kiss the inside of your thighs, his hands gripping them firmly to keep you from moving, you shiver like crazy. You have to close your eyes to process what’s happening right now.

Taehyung wants you to ride his face.

You can’t hold a curse in a breath and it makes him snorts as he begin to leave hickeys on the inside of your thighs. You curse even more and slam one of your hand over your mouth, owning a slap on your ass by Tae who really doesn’t want you to do that again. You can’t see his face but you know he’s not happy with that. You bite your lips and shiver as you feel his tongue going up to your panties. He kisses your pussy over your panties, all over it, sweet and soft kisses before he rips it apart. With just one harsh gesture. You watch the useless piece of fabric fly through the room and doesn’t have time to complain : Tae’s tongue slides on your slit. You hiss and bite your lips, arching your back and already wanting more. And Taehyung is ready to give you more, pressing his tongue flat so he can spread your pussy lips. You have to grip the bed head so hard, a long moan fighting to escape your lips. Tae giggles softly as he moans against your clit before he captures it with his lips. He rolls his lips around it, flick it with his tongue and moan when you sigh, beginning to grind on his mouth. Taehyung loves it, his hands grabbing your ass to encourage you to let yourself go. His fingers digs into your flesh as he feels your wetness dripping on his mouth, chin and even neck, making things quite difficult for him. You taste so good, so sweet and you’re so wet… But Taehyung wants you to be louder. Your sighs gets faster and faster and help him knowing exactly what you like. Which pressure to adopt, when to moan to make it vibrate in your entire body, how fast he has to rub your clit, and when to push a finger inside you. Right now seems to be the perfect moment. You let out a long moan that you try so hard to silent but it’s in vain when Tae pushes another finger as he gives your clit a few kitten licks. You never arched your back that way, you never bit your lips that hard. Tae spanks you again, and now you know you can’t keep it quiet anymore. He really wants you to be loud and fuck it, you’re gonna give it to him. You let out a long moan, your hand passing between your thighs to grab his hair.

« Just like that… », Taehyung grunts as he doesn’t stop eating you out feverishly. And you don’t stop moaning. His lips and tongue feels so good, his fingers fucks you so good, you really don’t care about being heard by everybody in the dorm.

You’re at the verge of cumming when Taehyung stops moving.

This is not a moan that leaves your mouth, it’s a childish whine, a cry of frustration.

Taehyung straightens up and gets you on your tummy, letting you pant all you want as he takes off his clothes. You look at him from above your shoulders, watching him undress himself quickly, a smirk on his face, the lower part shining with your wetness. When he’s in his boxers, he lifts your nightie and pass it over your head so you can be naked, shivering and still trying to catch your breath. He leans on your back and kisses your neck, biting it before he moves down to your shoulders, your back, waist and ass. He passes his tongue everywhere, wiping his face on your flesh, wetting the skin where it’s still dry. You feel his hands everywhere : your waist, your boobs and nipples, then your tummy and thighs. His hands back on your ass, he lifts it up, putting a pillow under you so you can be more comfortable. When you feel his fingers coming to play with your pussy again, you moan his name like you were begging him to stop teasing you. You had enough and you need to feel his dick inside you. Tae knows it very well, but his fingers are too curious and even comes to play with your butthole, slowly circling it with his fingertips.

« Fuck you, Taehyung… », you hiss as you roll your hips, not handling his teasing anymore.

Taehyung chuckles and finally, finally kneels behind you, his hands gripping your hips. He can see your tiny little hole clenching on air, needing him so much. Taehyung has to bite his lips hard not to let out a vulgar curse, a very vulgar one, and pushes slowly inside you. You’re so wet it feels so easy. You’re warm, tight and you feel amazing. But tonight, you feel even better as you moan his name. Taehyung stays inside for a bit, rolling his hips, giving you time to adapt to his size. He pulls out and pushes again, making your head fall on the pillow and your fingers clench on the sheets. As one of his hand passes on your lower back to help you arch better for him, he begins to fuck you with a slow rythme, going deep and making you moan inside the pillow.

You’re sure everybody can hear you and think it’s enough for him, but you’re so wrong.

Tae twists your hair with his hand in a fist and pulls it so your head lifts up from the pillow. Your mouth opening under the delicious pain, you let out a feline moan, a really loud one, feeling your boobs moving with each thrusts. Tae gets rougher and you’re not complaining. He feels so good, so good you can’t even believe it. You’re sure you’re gonna need his dominant side more often.

« Louder. »

And you moan and moan again, forgetting how loud you are, forgetting how clearly everyone can hear you. He still holds your hair, he still orders you to be louder for him, and you give it to him. You give him everything. You’re too lost in your pleasure, now. You feel every inches of his cock inside you, you even feel his heart pulsating inside you, him twitching and stretching your walls. Taehyung rolls his hips and he goes faster, giving you the ultimate pleasure of hearing his moans too. So deep, so low and yet so sexy you could cum just by hearing him moaning like that. It feels like the world around you doesn’t exist anymore, just the sound of your skin clapping together, your wetness and your loud moans mixing to create a wonderful, a lustful chaos. When he spanks you hard and calls you babygirl, telling you how good your pussy feels around him, your moans transforms into screams. And you call his name, you call him Daddy, you beg him to go faster, harder.

That’s the moment when Taehyung lost it.

He twitches hard inside you, gets both of his hands on your hips and fucks you rough. His cock slide exactly on your weak spot, making you shiver, and you literally moan so loud the walls could shake. Taehyung gets so loud too, grunting, panting and moaning with his deep voice.

It’s too much.

Your fingers clenches in the sheets, almost breaking your nails. Your moans dies in your throat. Your mouth opens in silent whimpers. The knot in your lower abdomen explodes. A wave - a tsunami of liquid pleasure invades your entire body as you cum hard in the most intense orgasm of your entire life. And Taehyung drives your orgasm ‘till the end, making sure it last as long as possible until he can’t hold his own orgasm anymore. He let out a loud moan that dies in his throat too and you feel his fingers bruising your skin as he has to hold on your hips not to fall. You feel his warm seed spilling inside you, the wonderful feeling of being totally filled invading you.

Shaking, panting, you both fall on your back and try to catch your breath. You stare at the ceiling, getting down from this amazing, this crazy orgasm. You need several minutes to calm down, and the room is only filled with your jerky breathing.

« Wow. »

You’re the one to break the silence and you don’t even have to look at your boyfriend. His little laugh in a breath is enough to let you know he feels the same.

« I’m gonna die of embarrassment tomorrow morning. »

You sigh as you turn towards Taehyung who passes his arm around your shoulders. As you though he will try to comfort you and reassure you, it’s quite the opposite. He’s smirking and looks so proud of him. You open your mouth to scold him a bit but he’s faster to kiss your lips. A tired, loving kiss, a kiss that makes you forget everything. Taehyung kisses your nose, your forehead and your temple before he presses your against him, smiling as you pull the blanket on your sweaty bodies. Then, you feel his chest vibrating as he says with his deep voice :

« They asked for it. »

You frown, not understanding what he just said.

« What ?

- Nothing. »

You raise your head and look at him, seeing that he’s still smirking. He kisses you one more time before growling :

« Second round ? »

Jealousy || Park Jimin

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 Request: can you write a funny fluff scenario with jimin from bts and his girlfriend (y/n) where they’re skyping each other and jimin is irritated that day. she’s able to get him to confess and he tells her how the members that day compliment and hit on her when she was mentioned in front of him. he eventually got fed up when they took it too far and it went amusing from there. can you make sure to write the flash back scenario and a funny amusing reaction from y/n? thank you so much 😊 

word count: 1.4k

It was half past eleven when you got the text from Jimin saying he was home. Excitement flooded through your veins and you couldn’t hide how happy you were. This would be the first time in weeks that he would be able to talk to you, the first time in weeks that you would be able to see him between both of your busy schedules and everything that had been happening between the both of you. 

Your feet started moving before the thought entered your head and you were headed to the spare room in your apartment that you had converted into your office. You sat down at the desk and logged on to the computer sat in front of you quickly, wanting nothing more than to open up skype and wait for your boyfriend to come online. 

An excited breath left your lips as you saw your familiar background load onto the screen and a gentle smile made it’s way over your lips. The photo was a picture you had taken with Jimin the first time the two of you had met. You had met on set for one of his music videos, when you had just started your acting career, and the two of you had just managed to hit it off there. The outfits were glitz and glam but you couldn’t help but stare at the smile Jimin used on the camera. 

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Thick Thighs Save Lives Chapter One- Dean x Plus Sized Reader

“You’d be very wrong about that one sweetheart, but don’t worry…  I’m going to make sure that I spend the next few days showing you just how wrong you are.”

Thick Thighs Save Lives Chapter One
Words: 2007
Warnings: Some sexual language.  Some body issues talk. 

AN: *THE FIRST SECTION IS THE DRABBLE. THIS IS THE EXTENSION*  So by popular? demand, here we are…  Much to my dismay.    I have started this.  LOL.  Though who am I kidding this is a birthday present to me since I turn 31 tomorrow and am feeling hella old.  I hope you like it.  Please leave me feedback if you would like this to continue.  

Tagging:  This will be at least 10-15 chapters.  If you are willing to interact with me about the story then I am willing to tag you!  Though if you no longer at least “heart” it then I will stop tagging just as an FYI.  :) 

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Ah, you gonna take me home tonight
Ah, down beside that red firelight
Are you gonna let it all hang out
Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin’ world go round
Queen- Fat Bottomed Girls.

You would have to remember to either kill Jody or thank her later for sending Dean Winchester your way.  Being a hunter, you had heard all the glories of the Winchester brothers.  You had also heard some pretty ruthless things about the older brother.  That he was hot headed, rash, and made life difficult.  Yet, as you watched him nursing a  beer,you couldn’t help the pink in your cheeks.

He look like he walked out of a fucking J-Crew catalog and you were suddenly wishing those lips were wrapped around something else.   His hand raised to call over the bartender and you sighed.  There would be no choice but to go over and talk to him now.  Your shift ended twenty-five minutes ago according to the schedule, but Buddy your relief for the evening was running late.   Then again Buddy was always running late.   

“Junie!  Customer!”  You bellowed into the back hoping you could put off what was to come.  Your boss barked back at you to ‘do your goddamn job’. You sighed in defeat as you knew it wasn’t a choice.  Scuttling down to the other side of the bar, you smiled as you stood in front of him.   Your knees going weak when smiled brightly back at you.

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“I’m home!” Emi yelled, throwing her bag through the door and walking in after it. She always made sure something went through the doorway before she did — a habit she never explained to anyone.

Emi wasn’t a common kind of witch. She didn’t deal in magic that you could learn from a textbook or store-bought grimoire. She pieced her magic together carefully in small daily rituals and habits (or rather, she made her magic when she broke those habits. The day Emi walked through her apartment door without a person or an object going through in front of her, the entire building would likely burn down).

Of course, that meant Emi moved through the world gingerly, always taking care never to trigger one of her own unspells. Failing to complete one of her regular unspelled actions could mean anything from triggering an extremely dangerous reaction (like burning down the building) to simply losing years of work put into creating a certain unspell that she’d meant to use at another time.

And because Emi was an uncommon witch, it was no surprise that she’d ended up dating Mona, who was an extremely uncommon witch herself.

Mona was currently sprawled over most of the couch, watching Emi come in. The book in her hand suggested she was reading it, but her eyes tracked Emi into the apartment over the edge of the cover instead. “Hey, love. How’d the interview go?”

Mona had called Emi any number of nicknames over the years, from Queen Of The Dead And Also Everyone Else Probably to Actual Cutest Bumblebee, but she rarely went for anything as simple as “love”, so Emi was instantly suspicious.

She raised an eyebrow at her as she shrugged out of her jacket and put it over the back of the same chair as always. Her favorite chair, the one Mona had endowed with extra comfortableness she’d stolen from several other seats. “Pretty good, I think. Everything okay here?”

“Of course,” Mona said, but the guilty tone of voice made it clear something had happened that Emi wasn’t going to like.

Emi shot her another questioning look but let it go. In the kitchen, Iago was sitting on the counter, where he wasn’t allowed to be, cleaning one paw smugly. She petted his head, and then gently tried to nudge him off the counter.

“Fuck,” said Iago.

Emi stared at her cat. “What?”

Iago stretched and purred. “Mrrrrrrrrrrfuck.”

Emi turned slowly from Iago to Mona, who was now leaning against the fridge and guiltily twisting strands of her bright pink hair.

“I can explain,” she said.

Why can my cat curse?!”

Our cat,” said Mona. “And it’s Greg’s fault.”

Emi scooped Iago up, despite his loud (and fuck-filled) objection, and hugged him to her chest. “How is our cat cursing Greg’s fault? Who’s Greg? That rude guy from your Psych class? There is literally no way he taught Iago to curse.”

“He can’t really curse,” Mona said. “That sort of implies he can say all curse words, I think. He can only say fuck.”


Mona spread her hands pleadingly, coming closer. “It’s not a big deal, Em, come here—”

“No forehead kisses until you’ve explained this,” Emi said, lifting Iago up like a shield against her taller girlfriend.

Mona made a face and kissed Iago’s head instead, then took him from her. “It was an accident. After class I took out my hearing aids because I had a headache, right?”

Emi nodded. Mona seemed to take most opportunities to not wear her hearing aids. It was a trade off between Mona hearing things the first time they were said and Emi being able to kiss her ear without making her hearing aids squeal, so — pros and cons.

“So Greg said something to me and I couldn’t tell what it was after asking him to repeat it about five times — he’s a mumbler, okay? And he kept not speaking up. Yet somehow he gets to be annoyed with me instead of the other way around. So when I finally get my hearing aids back in to find out what he wanted, he decided it was time to make a super funny joke.” Her voice dripped with sarcasm, triggering an emphatic meow from Iago. “Thanks, Go. He is an asshole.”

Emi tapped her fingers on her arm. “Iago is not your ally until you explain this.”

“He asked if another snatcher stole my hearing. Thought it was really clever.”

“Oh, yikes,” Emi muttered without meaning to. Mona often got snide comments about her unusual power, but this was another level of jackassery.

“So,” Mona said, “I stole his ability to say fuck.”

“And while I support your right to deal with Greg, that doesn’t explain Iago,” Emi said firmly. “He didn’t do anything to you, he doesn’t deserve this.”

Mona’s look said that the rest of the story should have been obvious. “Well, then I had double the ability to say fuck after I took Greg’s, didn’t I? I was cursing all over the place on the walk home. I couldn’t keep it. So I just tossed it to Iago. And I think he’s having the time of his lives.”

“Take it back.”

“Greg doesn’t deserve to have it back,” Mona said petulantly.

“You don’t have to give it back to him, but Iago can’t keep it.”

Mona considered this. “I could probably transfer it to an inanimate object without a mouth to use the ability. But it always takes a bit of arguing to get non-sentient objects to take on the attributes of sentient things.”

“I’m sorry, non-sentient things are sentient enough to argue with you about accepting attributes?”


Emi rubbed her eyes. “That’s not… sure, it’s obvious. As long as I don’t end up with a cursing tissue box.”

“Oh, I won’t give it to the tissue box,” Em said, carrying Iago out of the kitchen. “I’m already storing your snores in there. Trust me, it’s got no more room left.”

thx for reading about my messy witch couple and their awful cat, you can read another not-story about them here if you want

A/N: This contains major TLJ spoilers! Please only read if you’ve seen the movie, if you haven’t - come back later it’ll be waiting for you. Was it mistake to write a new fic during finals, maybe so but I don’t care (i’m sorry the gif isnt great im trying)

Summary: Kylo Ren has finally freed himself from the past, and has now become the supreme leader, with that comes the freedom to have something he’s wanted for a long time. He brought you with him from the Jedi temple for a reason, because he didn’t want you to die. To protect you, he kept his true feelings for you buried deep within him and hidden, as you grew to know him as a hard master.

Panic coursed through your veins, you knew better than anyone that Kylo could make impulsive decisions.

“Kylo what have you done?” You burst into his quarters. For the first time in a while, you were afraid, very afraid. You just knew he had something to do with this.

“Old things must die Y/N, you should know that by now,” Kylo stepped closer to you, much closer than you would have expected. You still weren’t used to seeing him without a mask, his stare was so intense, so powerful that it made you feel weak. There was a certain fire in his eyes, a hunger brought on by victory.

“And Y/N, from now on you must address me as Supreme Leader,” Kylo steps closer, and you shiver.

“Yes Supreme Leader,” You straighten, trying to correct your mistake. A surge of arousal courses through Kylo’s veins, emboldening him for his next move.

“Take off your mask,” He commands in that rich honeyed voice of his.

You complied, stray locks falling in front of your face as you lift the metal over your head. Kylo took a deep breath, he had not seen your face in a long time and he had almost forgotten how beautiful it was. “Perfect,” He purred.

Kylo was looking at you a certain way, different from before and it made you feel like you were on fire. You looked down as you felt your face go red, unable to meet his eyes any longer.

But he wasn’t having that, in fact he was relishing in your flustered reaction – absolutely basking in it. He could do so many things with that pretty blushing face; he couldn’t help the chuckle that fell from his lips at the dirtiness of his own thought. Such a pretty face for a pretty girl, meant to be ruined by my hand.

He took your chin in his gloved hand, examining your face carefully and forcing you to meet his gaze. His hand slid up to cup your cheek and his gaze softened, “Y/N, don’t let your trust falter, I will give you more than you could ever dream of then with Snoke.”

“But the resistance-“ You let your fear speak for itself.

“Will be crushed, in due time.” He caressed your cheek.

“Kylo-“ You sucked in a breath.

“I have something to discuss with you later, I want you to stay here,”

“In your quarters?”

“Yes, you need to rest,”

“But Supreme Leader I-“

“Rest.” Kylo interrupts you. “And if you don’t I will find out,” He warns. When he left the room you sighed.

You didn’t know what was going to happen to you, if Kylo was going to kill you like he had with others from his past or give you a role that you weren’t ready for. And what was that just then? He had never done anything like that before, even when he used to go as Ben he had always been distant almost cold towards you.

Despite his distance, you admired the man. He had the strength with the force that you could only dream of, you still felt like a novice in comparison to his skill level. Now, he had truly proven how powerful he was and you were afraid. At the same time, you felt a sense of pride at his victory and that you had chosen to follow the right person.

You wished to be with him now, by his side and probably in battle with the resistance. It didn’t feel right to be ‘resting’ in a time like this, but Kylo was the Supreme Leader now and you dared not go against him. You just wondered why he wanted to stay behind, usually he always put you in the front lines and in the center of action.

Something had changed in him with you, but you didn’t know what.

It was the middle of the night when Kylo returned, exhausted with defeat. He was welcomed with the pleasant sight of you in his room, fast asleep at his desk. The steady rise and fall of your form brought him a sense of calm, he was relieved that you were safe.

He wanted to go to you, take you and rest you on his bed as he knew the desk was not a suitable place for you to sleep. But for now he needed a moment, and a shower.

You didn’t wake until Kylo came out of the shower, opening your eyes to see him still dripping and only in a towel. Your eyes widened as you realized you were still in his room, you felt like you didn’t belong here. You got up and tried to sneak out of the room as he searched in his drawer for some clothes. You couldn’t even look on him, you felt completely on fire. You felt ashamed, you shouldn’t be feeling this way towards the Supreme Leader. You just hoped he hadn’t sensed your desire.

“Just where are you going?” Kylo asked you.

“I need to get back to my room, I don’t want to disturb your rest Supreme Leader,” You rushed out, looking at the floor to avoid seeing his bare chest. Still, you snuck a quick glance, mouth parting as your heart race. Just looking at that wall of muscle made you feel like he was going to swallow you whole, and you almost wanted him to. You wanted to feel like it was like to be under someone so powerful.

Kylo smirked at you, enjoying the lust rolling off of you in waves. Oh he had so many fun plans for you. He had been waiting for this for so long, and although he was almost desperate just to have you he had to be patient. He had earned your admiration, but now he wanted your love. Respect wasn’t enough for him anymore.

“You don’t need to call me Supreme Leader in private, unless I say otherwise,” His eyes glitter with dark promises. In one stride he’s a foot away from you, blocking you from the door. “Stay,” He says softly.

You can feel his pain when he says that, and you know then that he needs you here. “Okay,” You murmur.

Kylo hums in approval of your decision, “I will get you something more comfortable to wear.” From his drawers Kylo pulls out a black silk nightgown, finer than anything the First Order would give for sleep garments.

“Why do you have that?” Your brows furrow in confusion.

Kylo didn’t want to tell you that he had gotten it for you, after seeing it one day and wishing that he could see you in it. He didn’t want to scare you off with the intensity of his feelings, of which you had no awareness of.

“Someone left it behind,” He lied, there was no one but you.

“Oh,” You barely concealed your disappointment. Though Kylo was pleased by your reaction, the feeling of your hurt stung. Someday he’d explain that it was all for you. You take the nightgown, trying to hide your distress of having to wear something that someone who had slept with Kylo had worn.

But the way that Kylo looks at you when you come out makes you forget about the other woman, the way he looks at you makes you feel like you’re the only woman in the galaxy. Your face is flush as you realize that you haven’t revealed this much skin in front of him for a long time and you were a child then, now you had matured.

Kylo had underestimated just how much you had changed over the years, though he remembered the many nights where he hid his hand under the sheets at the sight of your developing body it was nothing compared to how tantalizing you looked in the black lace. He had wished he put on more than just his tight briefs, as they did nothing to conceal his hard on. He was fairly certain you had noticed with the pink in your cheeks, but knew you’d be to afraid to say anything.

You were beginning to wonder what changed to make him look at you this way, he had never shown such passion towards you. Normally he was cold and shut off, or angry.

Despite how much he longed to tear the dress off of you, Kylo could clearly see the fatigue in your eyes and he was feeling that even more so. He’d rather be more awake so that he could enjoy every second of ravishing you. “Come now, it’s time for rest,” Kylo gently led you to his bed, hand just brushing over your lower back.  

You looked at him with uncertainty, before he pulled back the sheets for you and gestured for you to get in. He pulled them back up to cover you, which was a surprise. It was such a simple and kind action that you did not expect, you didn’t understand this sudden display of care. The bed dipped as Kylo laid down besides you and you could feel the warmth radiating off him, which you were thankful for as the night gown wasn’t warm enough for space.

Kylo turned to face you, and the reality came crashing down that you were in bed with him. The feeling that you shouldn’t be here returned. “Don’t be afraid Y/N, you’re safe here,” Kylo reassured you, lightly brushing his knuckles over your cheek. You shivered at his touch and subconsciously inched closer to him as he was a source of warmth. Pretty girl you heard Kylo’s voice say in your head, you thought you were hearing things.

You and Kylo gazed at one another until your eyes fell shut, this was the beginning of something new.

You Can Stay | Blurb

a/n: stole that pic from Shawn’s cousins instagram because I needed a pic for this and I didn’t know what to do and it’s really pretty is that bad

Word Count: 1112


To say you were in a bad mood would be an understatement. You’re horrible mood was brought on by one of the worst migraines that you’ve ever had. After sitting in a three-hour lecture that had felt like it dragged on for forever and the professor’s monotone voice going on about things you really did not care about only made your headache worse, you returned to the condo that you and Shawn shared. You were alone, Shawn was in the studio, but you knew that he’d be coming home soon.

You were sitting on the couch with your feet stretched forward resting on the coffee table staring at the blank television screen, lost in your thoughts, and trying to wish your headache away, when Shawn walked in the door. You watched him put down his guitar and walk over to you with a happy skip in his step. You did not share his blissful attitude, and you were most definitely not in the mood for it today.  

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not the one (L.L)

a/n: i feel like this should be multi part bc i didnt finsh it so if this gets like 100 notes or something then ill continue

who?: loki x reader, thor

summary; youre in an arranged marriage with thor until you find out about his past with a midgardian and meet his brother

From the moment you were born your life had already been laid down. The concept of marriage had never been a choice for you, it was simply arranged with a man you had never even spoke to. Many people went through the same thing in Asgard yet non had an arrangement quite as unique. Odin wanted the best for his eldest son, Thor, and for some unknown reason you were chosen. Perhaps it was to do with your family being one of the most prestigious, yet you would never have thought of yourself to be good enough for a future king. Neither you nor Thor had a say in this decision but apparently it would ‘benefit the people of Asgard greatly’ or so your mother said.

Children throughout Asgard, including you, had been brought up with the tales of Thor Odinson, the ‘God of Thunder’. His prophecies and legends were known by everyone from every realm. However, these were the only pieces of information you knew about him. You had waited a thousand years, literally, to stand by him, to finally speak with him and learn about who he truly was.

It was another glorious day on Asgard and the day you were finally able to meet Thor. You arrived to the palace by horse, of course being accompanied by your mother. Guards stood waiting for your arrival before a silent nod indicated you should follow them. The marble floor mapped the passage way to the great hall where Odin was sat, his wife and sons at his side. The only sound being the guards armour against the extravagant floor. “Welcome,” Odin’s voice boomed around the nearly empty hall. Your eyes immediately found Thor’s and obviously you couldn’t deny how beautiful he was. There are definitely worse men to be betrothed to. Yet, you couldn’t look at him long before your eyes settled on his brother, Loki. He gave you a reassuring smile before quickly looking back at his father. “Behold!” Odin announced, “Thor Odinson, my first born and future king of Asgard!” Loki appeared to tense up at these words, his body shifting from the comfortable stance he was in before. Thor pottered down the steps to stand by your side, “would you like me to show you the view?” “That would be wonderful,” you couldn’t help but smile at the small gesture, so simple but still allowing you to speak alone. He took your hands in his as he lead you to their balcony.

“Can you believe after hundreds of years we finally get to meet?” His voice was loud but gentle, sounding almost exactly like you had imagined. “I honestly thought they were going to make us wait until the wedding ceremony,” you grinned. “Well that wouldn’t have surprised me, if it wasn’t for our mothers it would have been so.” You two spoke mindlessly for the next hour or so finally being able to enjoy each other’s company, however, something just seemed off. It should always be a sign that the person isn’t right for you when their brother is constantly on your mind.

Speaking of such, Loki entered the grand balcony as his eyes flickered from you to Thor. “Brother, our father wishes to speak with you immediately.” Thor sighed while standing up, “very well.”

Loki came to sit by you. It was in this moment when you realised he shouldn’t make you feel the way you do. Call it what you will, fate, love at first sight, soulmates, it was blinding your fondness of Thor. He seemed more normal, if you could ever be normal when your father was a king, than Thor. More approachable, less eager to impress, yet he still kept a confident appearance. “So,” he begun, “how do you feel about this whole occurrence? After all you have had no say in the matter.” “Well so far your brother appears to be a kind man, I think we will get along well.” “Get along?” Loki quizzed. “Shush, you know what I intended.” He smirked, “there’s another on your mind isn’t there?” You shook your head, how could he tell? Surely he wouldn’t know it was him you were deeply interested in. “And you? Do you have one of these arrangements?” You felt deflated at the idea of him with another woman. “No, actually, they allowed me the chance to fall in love with someone of my own accord.” You huffed, must be nice, you thought. “It is most likely that they don’t expect an Asgardian to want to engage with me, you know, in that way.” “Why?” a puzzled expression lay on your face, “you act like a perfectly kind and good man, and I certainly wouldn’t say you were unattractive.” “Do you not know who I am?” “You’re Loki Odinson, son to King Odin?” Loki snickered. “I don’t understand.” “Let’s save the daddy issues for another day, shall we?” he sneered as he turned to walk inside.

It was later at dinner when you discovered about Thor’s partnership with a Midgardian named Jane Foster. Loki was the first to mention her but as he did Thor’s face changed to a sorrowful expression. His eyebrows furrowed as he kept his head down. An awkward silence filled the banquet hall, not like it was hard as there was only six of you sat at a table meant for one hundred. Odin cleared his throat, “Loki, my dear son, I think that was a highly inappropriate comment considering our situation.” Loki nodded. ”Well, I don’t think Thor is the only one with their mind on someone else,” he mumbled, a grin plastered onto his face. You choked on your drink when you realised who is reference was aimed at. “Would you be so kind as to point me in the direction of the nearest bathroom?” you inquired. “Follow me!” Thor and Loki chimed in unison. Thor cleared his throat, “follow me.” He glared at Loki while exiting the hall, you followed behind silently.

“Did Loki mean you?” He asked, sincerity laced his voice, mixed with confusion and anger. “In my defence I have only just learnt that you had a, what do they call it on Midgard, girlfriend?” you started, it wasn’t his fault you had been practically locked away for the whole of your teenage life. Both yours and Thor’s parents worried that you would fall in love, clearly not caring what he got himself up to. You shouldn’t take this out on him, but then again you couldn’t keep it inside for any longer. “Lady-.” “Just keep quiet for more than ten seconds Thor,” you snapped, “I’ve been basically imprisoned in my own household in case I even set eyes on another man, yet here you are galavanting with some Midgardian!” “I can ex-.” “Does it sound like I’m finished,” your tone turned more sour with every word you spoke, tired of no one knowing how you felt. “She wasn’t even a goddess Thor! Why not just wait until today like I was forced to do?” He looked down at the ground clearly ashamed at his wrongdoings. “You didn’t answer my question,” Thor mumbled. “Really Thor? If you are so eager to know then yes it was me.” “Who do you have in mind.” “It’s not your area to inquire,” you spat before exiting the hallway.

You finally understood why they tried to keep you apart for so long. Clearly having a dispute on the first day you meet is not a good sign for the future. But how could you not when you found out about his previous relationship? Being hidden from the outside world, only being allowed to meet with your closest friends, hearing about the fun they had while you were constantly boarded up inside your own home. Or could you even call it that? It shared more qualities with a prison when you think about it. Meanwhile he was out ‘saving Asgard’ and courting with some Jane girl.

You weren’t even frustrated with Thor himself but rather the situation you were in. Angry tears tumbled down your face as you fought your way past the guards to get out of the palace. “Oh for Heavens sake, what did he do?” Odin gasped. Your body clashed into someone’s when you finally made it outside. “Move.” “Now why would I do that?” You recognised the voice instantly, his soothing tone surrounding you as you slumped into his arms. “Why couldn’t it have been you?” You whined. “What do you mean by that?” His arms pressed you into his chest. “He’s just not the one,” you muttered, pulling yourself off of Loki. “Y/N, I hate to tell you this but I think Thor still holds feelings for the Midgardian.” “As if I couldn’t tell already.” Not to sound like an adolescent pre-teen, but, this wasn’t fair. “What is there to do?“ a sigh escaped your mouth, “Odin would never allow Thor and I to end the marriage.” “You could try and ask.” As much as Loki thought he was helping he really wasn’t. Clearly his expertise is pointing out the obvious. “Try and ask?,” you rolled your eyes, “of course I could try but trying and succeeding are at two opposite ends of the spectrum.” “It was just a simple suggestion,” he tutted. “Secondly, I don’t even know if the man I’m infatuated with is willing to return the same feelings,” your chest felt lighter every time you spoke. Today really was the day for expressing feelings. “I’m sure he would,” Loki looked down at you. You knew he was could preform magic but surely not mind reading? Or did he just read your body language? Maybe it was the ‘why couldn’t it have been you’ thing you blurted out.

“Why don’t we try,” Loki whispered when you two passed the guards as you headed back inside, “start with Thor.” Start with Thor? What were we supposed to do? Tell everyone individually? Clearly Loki isn’t appreciating the seriousness of this situation. “Loki, I-.” “Just tell my brother first.”

More Than You Bargained For (Part 4)

Originally posted by daengerously-intaense

Summary: The reader ditches Jensen at the club and he’s not too happy with her…


Pairing: Bodyguard!Jensen x reader

Word Count: 3,000ish

Warnings: language, stalking

A/N: Uh oh…

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surprise visit

request: CEO Bucky x reader. Enough said.

warnings: none

word count: 1,524

“Look, I know that you’re a busy man, as am I, but I would really appreciate if you work with me here.” Bucky Barnes had spent the better part of his morning wheeling and dealing on his office phone. He had a small headache forming from dealing with stubborn people.

“Barnes, how about I head up to New York and we can deal with this in person.”

Bucky sighed a little, “Fine. I’ll see you when you get here.” He hung up the phone, thankful to be done with the conversation.

Just as he was about to pick the phone back up to make another call, he was interrupted by someone knocking on his door.

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BTS reacts: All of them fall for their new female choreographer

(Disclaimer: As anon specified that you are the same age as Jungkook, I allowed myself to use the term oppa in some scenarios. I’ve read too many fanfics to find it innocent, but in reality it’s just a polite title used by female Koreans at older males. I hope I’m using it correctly.)

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Kim Seokjin/Jin

 Jin may use your love for food as an excuse to spend time alone with you. He doesn’t have high hopes for your relationship, but he’s content with just a few hours together. After all nobody can resist worldwide handsome, so Jin slightly hopes that his looks may lure you in. He even goofs around a lot more, sometimes earning a laugh from you for his extra dance moves ideas.

“There, you have something on your chin.” Before you could react, Jin already had tissue in his hand and was wiping the sauce. His eyes intensely stared at your chin while he was at that. “And… gone.” They took painfully slow to find yours after.

“Thank you.” The atmosphere was so thick, you felt warmth spreading on your cheeks.

Originally posted by samwol

Min Yoongi/Suga

 Suga may actually be the one to back down, seeing how big his competition is. Of course he knows he deserves happiness, but seeing who he’d have to compete against to gain it, he chooses to admire you from afar. He isn’t desperate to have any conversation that isn’t about work with you, opting to have it when necessary. But Suga for sure is the one to notice little things about you that make his heart beat faster. Yet he doesn’t want to acknowledge them, scared that his feelings may get out of control.

 His eyes followed as you spun around with Jungkook, redoing choreography from the very beginning. At some point his leg missed a step, causing him to fall. Suga pushed himself from the wall, but stopped when he saw how worried you were.

“Are you alright? Maybe you need a break? You practiced a lot. Nobody wants you to overwork yourself.” You rambled as you examined Jungkook’s ankle. Suga smiled a little to himself, charmed by your warmth towards others.

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Flowers and Antlers.

Part 1

“Why you fretting, mate?” Ron eyed him as he sipped his Butterbeer.

“I’m not.” Harry had kept his eyes on the door ever since they’d entered the Three Broomsticks. He’d overheard Neville saying he’d come with Malfoy; this was the perfect opportunity.

“Yes, you are. You have that look on your face, like when you were trying to ask Cho -”

Harry wasn’t even paying attention to Hermione’s words because at that exact moment Neville and Malfoy entered the place.

“Oi, Nev!” Harry called out.

They stopped in their tracks. Malfoy stiffened visibly when he realized who had called after his friend. He murmured something in Neville’s ear –a little too close, Harry found himself thinking– and walked away, searching for a table.

“Hey, Harry!” The boy smiled as he approached.

“Hi! Fancy joining us?”

“Oh, well, I’m actually here with Draco.”

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In which only one Styles gets full advantage of the celebrations.

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CABIN FEVER | Nyx Ulric x Reader

@the-gift-of-ffxv present for @cexane
WORDS: 3,541
SUMMARY: Nyx is handsome, sure, but he also has an odd affinity for getting on your nerves. Unfortunately, you’re stuck together on a reconnaissance mission in Niflheim…for much longer than you expect.
NOTES: Apologies for the delay (take a moodboard as a consolation)! I decided to go with your “anything goes Nyx smut” prompt. Originally meant to be a quick one-shot, but things got out of hand and this is begging for a few more chapters before the actual climax (hahaha I’m so punny). In the meantime, enjoy the first chapter! Also, thanks @glaive-eve for screaming about this with me 💕


CHAPTER 1: not in a million years, ulric

“You’re to infiltrate the Niflheimian research facility located 60 miles south of Gralea. Ulric will be your escort and point of contact throughout the mission, understood?“

"Yessir…but with all due respect, sir, I don’t need a babysitter. Besides, Ulric isn’t exactly,” you pause to find a diplomatic way to phrase it, “…the most suitable Glaive for a reconnaissance mission considering his propensity to attract attention." 

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Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart

Anon requested: Can you do an scenario based on the song ‘Just a little bit of your heart’ by Ariana Grande? And can you make it long (I love your long scenarios) and with fluff at the end even though the song is pure angst? Haha thank you so much!! I love your blog and I think you are an amazing writer ❤

Summary: You knew. You knew from the beginning where Jin always went off to. Your love for him never died. Jin knew that you figured out where he went, and the way you carried on a normal conversation is what made him angry, wondering why you weren’t ever yelling at him to make him leave you. As the days ticked by, he kept thinking to himself you or her?

Word Count: 3495

Song: Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart - Ariana Grande


Originally posted by jiminahhh

I don’t ever ask you

Where you’ve been

The click of the door sounded, indicating to you that your boyfriend was finally home. A long, boring Saturday afternoon and night spent to yourself… yet again. You crawled out of bed, with an oversized tee that belong to him. Your feet hitting the cold, wooden floor as you let out a shudder. The sound of your feet were barely heard as you walked through the darkness, and when you got to the hallway you flicked on the lights as you rubbed your eyes and let out a yawn.

There he was, your handsome boyfriend of two years, in front of you, untying his shoelaces and slipping his shoes off setting them neatly on the shoe rack by the door. “I didn’t expect you back so late.” Your voice was hoarse as it came out just a little above a whisper. He sighed as he set his shoe beside the other one on the rack and straightened up as a sigh escaped his mouth.

“I know, I’m sorry.” He placed his hands in his pockets and a yawn fell from his mouth. The clock on the wall read 2:32am, and usually he would call to inform you that he was going to be late. But as the months went on, the calls became rare, and you just suspected him to be out late every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. It became a routine for you and him. “I should shower.” He walked briskly past you with his head down low.

“Yeah, you should.” You said to no one but yourself, because he needs to get that perfume smell off of him.

And I don’t feel the need to

Know who you’re with

Turning off the hallway light, the only light source that was coming from your home was the light shining through the crack of the bathroom door. You laid back down in your king sized bed that you shared with your boyfriend, listening to the clock ticking as the seconds went by. His shower taking longer than normal tonight. He must have noticed that he smelt like her, and needed the burning water to erase her presence off of him so you wouldn’t notice.

I can’t even think straight

But I can tell

That you were just with her

The bed dipped beside you with your back turned against him. Finally you were asleep, so he thought. He stared at the ceiling, replaying the actions that occurred this afternoon to late at night. A deep breath was heard from him as he turned over on his side so you were both lying back to back, and a smile formed across his lips.

The nights that you two fell asleep in each others arms were long gone but you craved for that feeling every time he crawled into bed. The nights filled forehead kisses, and ‘I love yous’ weren’t acceptable anymore. The beautiful relationship you and Jin once had, was falling apart and you knew it.

Because he was with her and you are always there, welcoming him back home after he just gets done loving her for a few hours.

And I’ll still be a fool

I’m a fool for you

The mornings are normal, like how any couple who was in love would spend their mornings. Waking up to the smell of eggs and hashbrowns with a hint of coffee was always his way of apologizing to you. Even if he never grows the confidence to tell you what he’s doing, but you knew that when he wakes up before you to cook breakfast, he did wrong the night before.

And you always forgave him. Coming up behind him, wrapping your arms around his torso as he let out a smirk flipping the hashbrowns in the pan and handing you a cup of coffee. A kiss was always placed on your forehead and then on your lips. Breakfast was so simple between the two of you. Talking about work, and weekend events and what the guys did that was so funny that Jin couldn’t stop laughing.

The both of you knew that what he was doing was wrong, yet you were both too afraid to bring it up to one another. The twinkle in his eyes was always there that morning after, like it was first time ever seeing you.

That’s what made you love him even more. You forget about his mistakes for the time being, and you’re just in love with your boyfriend.

Just a little bit of your heart

Just a little bit of your heart

Just a little bit of your heart is all I want

You saw the way he looked at his phone. Never turning away and his smiles never fades. Sometimes he blushed, and sometimes he smirked while his eyebrows raised. Their conversations always seemed from the heart, and she was making him happy. He always replied instantly to her, but whenever you needed him, you were put on the back burner.

You just want him to love you again.

Just a little bit of your heart

Just a little bit of your heart

Just a little bit is all I’m asking for

“Hey I’m gonna go to the studio and hang with Yoongi for a bit.” He got up from his comfortable position on the couch. It was Friday night, and Yoongi wasn’t in the studio, he was with the guys watching movies. You knew this because he texted you asking if you wanted to join, which you declined politely hoping that maybe, just maybe tonight, Jin would be with you and only you. But plans can always change.

“Yeah okay.” You gave a slight smile to him as he straightened his shirt. “Work hard.”

“I always do.” A smile formed on his lips as he kissed the top of your head and walked out of your apartment to see the gorgeous mystery girl that you longed to know.

Why can’t you take over his mind like how she took it over?

I don’t ever tell you

How I really feel

There was no breakfast that morning as you didn’t smell the fragrance that you normally smelt after his night out. Walking cautiously out into the kitchen, he was nowhere to be found. His shoes weren’t placed nicely on the shoe rack indicating that he never returned from her home that night.

Turning on the TV because you hated the silence, you brewed your cup of coffee and the doorknob turned to reveal your Jin. His hair disheveled, and his face filled with content with the activities that he did last night. You stood in front of him, with your coffee cup in your hands watching as he slipped his shoes off.

“Oh good morning, didn’t know you’d be awake this early.” He said it like nothing was wrong, like you didn’t know.

“I couldn’t fall back asleep.” You sheepishly grin at him and sipped on your coffee. “Why don’t you shower and maybe we should talk afterwards.” You walked to the couch and his eyes followed you. His stomach dropped to his feet because now he knew that you knew of his actions.

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His Biker

Sweet Pea x Reader Fic One Shot

Prompt: With Southside High merging with Riverdale High, Sweet Pea meets a Northsider that attracts his attention. Some fluff, school dance.

This is my first Fic in like 4 years I think so bear with me. This was just something that I was thinking of haha. I liked writing this, so I may write another part?

Warning: Swearing, fighting

Word Count: 2424

Originally posted by always-klaus-forever-kol

 Riverdale High was not the same after the winter break. There was tension in the air as the school got more crowded with the merge. Students were on edge from both schools, Southside High kids clearly uneasy with the change and Riverdale High kids unhappy with the reduction of space. You were at your locker getting your stuff out of your bag when you see him the first time, walking with Jughead tall and proud, sticking out like a sore thumb. You caught his eye and didn’t look away. He didn’t pull away either until he walked past you unsure what to do. You knew he was a serpent, the jacket and tattoo on his neck clearly gave that away, but still something intrigued you. The bell rang, and you ran to class knowing full well you wanted to see him again.

Sweet Pea was very clearly miserable in this school, full of entitled people who judged him for his way of life. He and the other serpents were sticking close to Jughead since he was the only one who knew this stupid school and the people in it. As he walked to class he saw her. She didn’t scowl or scorn or look away when she saw him, something very unusual for him to experience. As he walked by, he wondered what her story was.

“Who are you looking at Sweets?” Asked Toni smirking, trying to follow his much taller gaze.

“Just looking.” He said in a flat tone with no other regard. Toni just dropped it, she knew him well enough to know that he won’t talk about something unless he wants to. Class was even more dreadful than walking in the halls since the whispers could be easily heard from the Northsiders. Though it passed by relatively fast, class was agonizingly painful for the Southsiders since they rarely had to show up to class before.

At lunch, you were with Betty starting the decorating process for the welcome dance Riverdale High was throwing for the Southside students in a week. “Betty, how are you holding up seeing Jughead at school again?” you dare to ask.

“It’s strange. We’ve been on good terms since we ended but it’s very different.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Break-ups are always weird when you go to the same school” you respond speaking from personal experience. Your break-up with Reggie did not go well to say the least. Even though it was almost a year ago, he has yet to acknowledge you nicely.

“Yeah, what do you think of the serpents being here?”

“Betty, I don’t really have an opinion. I know their reputation but as long as they don’t do that at school, I don’t know I think they’ll be fine”

“You know I saw you this morning.” Betty says coyly, you look surprised. “This morning looking at the tall serpent?” She continues to egg on trying to see if you will admit to that. Instead you look away trying to rationalize that yourself.

“That was nothing. That was just looking at the fresh faces.”

“If you say so Y/N, but it didn’t look like nothing to me. Anyway, I’m going to get more decorations I’ll be back in a few minutes”

“Ok see ya soon!” You get on the ladder and starts hanging streamers from the walls in the gym. Stretching a little too far you lose your balance and fall off the ladder landing with a loud thump. “OW.” You yell out in pain. “Good job Y/N, that’s just what you needed right now” you say talking to herself. Trying to get up you realize you hurt your ankle bad.

“Need some help?” You hear a male voice and look up to see the same serpent from this morning. He had his hand out to you offering you up.

“Yeah thanks, how’d you know I was in here?”

“I just heard a crash and someone yell ow so that attracted my attention.”

“Well thank you…”

“Sweet Pea.”

“Sweet Pea, okay thanks.” They just stay in silence for a bit before he starts to walk away. “You didn’t tell me your name klutz”, he shouts as he walks out of the gym.

He was out of the door before you could tell him but still you had a smile on your face. By the time Betty was back, you were back on your feet and decorating. You decided it best not tell her of the incident.

As Sweet Pea walked away, he knew his lie was believable. He didn’t happen to be passing by, he was already in the gym when he saw her fall and he ran to help. Not wanting to come off to strong he told her he was just walking by. Truth be told if it was any other Northsider he couldn’t have cared less but there was something familiar about this girl he couldn’t put his finger on.

With the school day over, you hadn’t seen Sweet Pea since he came to help you out at lunch. You felt so drawn to this guy you never met before and you had no explanation why. As you walked outside to your bike, a red Ducati Monster 696, your baby, you saw him there again. He was leaning on his bike looking at yours. His eyes widened when he saw you walk up to it and get on. You caught his eye and winked at him just before riding off. “Damn” he whispered under his breath, he was in awe with this Northsider.

*Later in the week*

“Y/N!! Y/N!! Y/N!!” You heard your name being shouted through the halls and turned around to see Veronica running to you.

“Yeah V, what’s up?” You ask chuckling in amusement.

“Guess who wants to take you to the dance???”

“Who haha?”

“That tall southsider!!!” You raise your eyebrows asking for more information. “You know the one with the tattoo on his neck?” You had to admit you caught Sweet Pea looking at you all week. A little more than should be.  She knew she liked the attention, especially teasing him about it through gestures, but nothing ever happened between them.

“Are you sure? I haven’t talked to him since he helped when I fell.” Veronica looked appalled and you realized you had never told her of the incident.

“Oh yeah forgot to tell you that…” You tried to defend yourself, but Veronica didn’t let it go. She made you tell her the whole story. “Okay so you need to look very hot that night okay, I’m sure he finds the fact that you ride very attractive. He’s seen you on the bike, right?” You chuckle and nod listening to Veronica ramble on about how you need to act to get him.

At the end of the day when you walk out you see him again, this time leaning against your bike. You smirk as you walk up to him, even as he’s sitting down he towers over you.

“Wrong bike bud.”

“Are you sure it’s safe for you to be riding a bike klutz? I mean you don’t have a great history with getting hurt.”

“I think I’m okay Sweetie Pie I’ve been riding for a while, but what’s up?”

“First off, I hate Sweetie Pie, second of all what are you doing Friday night?”

“Well Sweetie Pie, I hate klutz and yet you still call me that even though I told you my name. And as for Friday, it’s the dance.”

He scowls a little bit at hearing you call him Sweetie Pie but decides to let it go. He stands off the bike, entirely looking down at you now since he’s at least a whole head taller than you. He moves little closer to you.

“Yeah about that, what do you say you skip it and hang out with me and the serpents?”

“You know the dance is for you guys, the new kids at the school?”

“School dances aren’t my thing.” You scoff at this attitude and arrogance. Moving past him to get onto your bike. He watches you intensely wanting so badly to be closer to you.

“How bout this Sweets, I’ll hang out with you only if you and your friends come to the dance first?”

He was silent for a while, thinking out the decision. He knows his reputation as the big tough guy will go down if he goes to a school dance, but he also knows he wants to see Y/N.

“Alright fine. You’ve got a deal. You look really hot on that bike by the way”

“Great! I’ll see you at 7 at my house then and I know.” You say beaming and he can’t help but break his stern look for a slight smile. “See you later Sweet Pea” and just like that you drove off leaving the tall serpent behind. He walks over to his bike and looks at Fangs, Toni and Jughead looking at him with shock.

“What?” He scowls at them.

“Did you just ask Y/N out?” Fangs asks in amazement.

“Yeah I did and if you ask anymore questions I’m going to break your pool stick.” Th rest burst out in laughter while Fangs puts his arms up in surrender. To be honest not even Sweet Pea can believe he just did that.

*Right Before the Dance*

“You ready Y/N?” Betty asks through the phone. It is minutes to 7 when Sweet Pea should be coming to pick you up.

“Yep we’ll see how this goes!” And just on cue your doorbell rings. You hang up on Betty and open the door. Your mouth drops in awe, Sweet Pea was wearing a black dress shirt with the sleeves half rolled up and damn if he didn’t look good. He smirked at your reaction.

“Y/N you’re looking good but close your mouth before flies get in.” He managed to get out with a wink and laughter. You were wearing a grey, velvet, tight, long, sleeve dress that was once your mothers. At his comment you recomposed and lightly nudged him to stop laughing.

“Come on Sweetie Pie, let’s go.” He tickles you at that comment and you squeal out slapping his hand away.

“Meanie” You say as you get on the back of his bike, using your coat to hide the fact that your dress rode up. The ride to school was rough, Sweet Pea going faster than needed to get you to hold on tighter to him, but you knew better and didn’t fall for it. Until he stopped suddenly, and you crashed into his back. “Jerk.”

You both got off the bike and started walking. It was awkward at first, both of you unsure what to do with your hands until you felt his hand on the small of your back. You smiled up at him giving him the reassurance he needed. As you walked into the gym everyone’s eyes were on you two. Sweet Pea tensed up but you grabbed his hand took him on the dancefloor casually. He relaxed a little bit seeing how calm you were. Everything was going good at the dance, you and Sweet Pea were actually enjoying each others company, until Reggie walked in.

“Y/N what the fuck are you doing??” Your head snapped up when you saw Reggie marching towards you and Sweet Pea.

“Who the hell are you to her?” Sweet Pea knew Reggie well, the Bulldogs and Serpents had a history of fighting, but it never occurred to him that you did as well.

“He’s just my ex-boyfriend.” You answered not acknowledging Reggie. You felt yourself pulled away from Sweet Pea and landed on the ground.

“Hey, stay away from her!” Sweet Pea yelled at Reggie. He tried to help you up but Reggie came in between you two.

“Why are you hanging around Southside scum Y/N? You can do better than that.” He snapped. You got up and moved past him.

“With who? You?” You scowled and started walking away with Sweet Pea until he got pulled back and Reggie punched him, hard.

“Reggie what the fuck is wrong with you?!?!” You screamed out but it didn’t take long for Sweet Pea to recover and he threw a hard punch at Reggie sending him back. Sweet Pea advanced hitting him more and more until more people got involved. Soon it was a mad blur of serpents and bulldogs fighting again until the teachers intervened.

They started to take Sweet Pea to the office until you shouted that he didn’t start it. It was enough for them and they let go of your date. You took a good look at him, his lip cut, his eye bruised and you started to trace the injuries.

“Come on let’s get out of here and get you fixed.” You say pulling Sweet Pea with your hands interlocked. This time you rode his bike back since he was feeling lightheaded. You barely got his trailer, struggling to half carry this towering boy up on to the couch. You put him down and tried to go but he didn’t let go of your hand. You knelt beside him gently tracing his face with your other hand.

“Sweet Pea, let me clean you up okay, I promise I’m not leaving” He nodded and let you go to find what ever medical supplies you could in the trailer.  

“Oh Sweets, you got hurt pretty bad, though I have to say it was awesome how you kicked Reggie’s ass.” He chuckled a bit at that comment.

“I couldn’t let him hurt my biker like that.” His hand was on your thigh as you were cleaning his cuts.

“Thank you.” You look at him in the eyes and give him a genuine smile. He grabs your face slowly and looks back and forth between your lips and eyes. He pulls you in slowly and you close your eyes, giving a slow kiss since something more intense would hurt him. After a few minutes he pulls away from you smiling.

“Damn that Reggie ruining my ability to kiss you properly.”

“I’d say you’re doing a pretty good job Sweetie Pie.”

“You’re not doing so bad either klutz.” He says as he leans again.

Out of Time: Chapter 1

First off, this is not a typical Outlander fic. I’m certain it will not appeal to some. But I hope a few enjoy it. I’m really having fun writing it.

Many thanks to @bonnie-wee-swordsman and @abbydebeaupreposts for their editing skills. I’m totally inspired by the amazing writers in this fandom and it felt pretty good to have two of my favorites assure me this wasn’t complete garbage.

Enjoy! (feedback greatly appreciated!)

Chapter 1

Fraser’s Ridge, 1773

Claire stretched her arms above her head, feeling her shoulders ache, and counted a few stray pops as she rolled her neck. She turned on her side and ran squarely into Jamie’s back.

“How on earth are you still asleep? Are you trying to challenge my position as late sleeping champion?”

Jamie reached behind and grabbed her leg, pulling her against him.

“Champion under this roof perhaps, but Brianna’s got the claim on the Ridge. She’s dedicated to holding tha’ crown, no?”

“Hmm, true enough. As long as the title remains in the family, I won’t complain.”

“Aye well, wee Jem is no’ sticking to his training from the sound of him screeching outside.”

“I’m slightly tempted to get up to look out the window to see what he’s up to, but I can’t risk getting out of bed before you. It sounds like he might be attempting to ride a goat.” 

“I’ll be sure to make mention of the goat in my prayers, Sassenach.”

The morning light was attempting to rouse them in earnest now as a beam broke through the tree branches to blind Jamie. He flipped over, disrupting the blanket arrangement and annoying his wife who had long learned to keep a tight grip on them, lest she end up uncovered at every move of his bulky frame throughout the night.

He settled again and drew her close. Jamie kissed her shoulder lightly where her shift had fallen down.

“Before ye so rudely send me off, will ye tell me a story or two? Give me something to ponder while I’m fellin’ trees today?”

You are the storyteller. Not me. Would you like to hear the Latin names for your various muscles, in order of which ones will ache the most after chopping trees all day, or would you prefer a list of herbs that I painstakingly studied over the years only to not be able to find them anywhere around us now when they would be much appreciated?”

“Weel, ye see, both o’ those options would likely induce a return to slumber which would only benefit the trees, I’m afraid. No, I was thinking maybe ye’d have some memories from yer youth…times wi’ yer Uncle Lamb? Or perhaps any memories of yer parents. I ken ye were but a wee one when they passed, but…”

“Why are you asking this, Jamie? I mean, I’m happy to tell you, but it just seems a bit out of the blue.”

“Aye. ‘Tis I s’pose. I was just thinking about the bairns, about what they’ll remember of us. If they’d remember these times, or only those from when they’re older.”

“Hmm. I would think they’ll remember bits and pieces, at least.” She searched her memories to see if there was anything with her parents that would be more than a fragment, but was disappointed. “I really just have sensory memories of my parents, like the color of my father’s shoes, or the smell of my mother’s perfume, some songs she sang to me. But nothing where I can place myself in the moment with them.”

Claire pulled the blankets tighter around her and thought back on her youth with Uncle Lamb. The nature of their adventurous life together lent itself to moments that were grand enough, startling and unexpected enough, to solidify themselves as lifelong memories.  She could recall climbing the rocks in the Valley of the Kings, imagining what it must have looked like in the time of the pharaohs. The sand was impossible to get out of her curly hair. She remembered brushing it and pouring cups of water through it, repeatedly dragging her fingers through it at the end of the day, only to give up and accept she’d probably have sand in her hair for the rest of her life.

The early days with Uncle Lamb were fuzzier. She remembered the emotions - the anger, the sadness, the feeling of uncertainty that, for a child, feels like the ground is slipping out from under you with nothing for you to grab onto. When her uncle agreed to take her with him, it was a welcome distraction from the confusing emotions of the loss of her parents. A promise of adventure. A never-ending holiday. And in the beginning it was. Every new place a playground for her to explore, with new children waiting to show her their secret hide-outs.

As Claire got older, she pushed him to let her go off on her own more. She yearned for some independence. As she remembered that time when she was aching to find her own way, she thought of Jem. Though only a toddler, he was fiercely independent. It wouldn’t be long before he’d want to go off to find things out for himself as well. And Brianna and Roger (and her and Jamie by extension) would have to loosen the tether. It felt considerably more dangerous here than in the 1960s, or the 1930s for that matter.

“I was just thinking about when I was maybe 12 years old, when I first really pushed my uncle to let me explore a bit on my own.”

“A 12-year-old lass on yer own? I hope he didna agree to yer demands…but…I am familiar with yer stubborn ways which I imagine were around well afore ye met me.” Jamie cracked a smile and nodded to her. “Tell me then how ye worrit yer poor uncle, Sassenach.”

“Well, I worrit him a few times over the years, but the time I’m thinking of - when he first let me really be on my own - was when we were in Brittany. It was France, which, in my mind felt quite navigable and so I proposed he drop me in the village with a few coins while he went about his business and we’d meet up in a few hours. He agreed and went off and I began exploring. Just going into shops, bought a few sweets, nothing extravagant. I remember just feeling so free. Very grown-up.”

He smiled, imagining a gangly, curly-haired Claire, and nodded at her to continue. “I wandered down to the water and started looking for interesting bits along the coastline, shells I might use to make some jewelry. And I came upon this man with a small boat. I asked him if he was a fisherman and he told me, no, just a man with a boat. He said he’d taken a man out to a little island where there was a new archaeological dig underway and he’d need to go back to get the man soon. Well, I thought, this had to be Uncle Lamb. And since we were due to meet up again soon, I should go out to the island. In my mind I thought this would prove how capable I was - that I’d figured out where he was and made my way to him.”

Jamie nodded. “This does sound like something ye’d do, Sassenach; heading out wi’ a strange man wi’ no thought to the danger ye may get into.  I think I might’ve gone back for more sweets myself.”

“Oh yes, I’m sure you would. But I didn’t. We got in the boat and went out to the island. I started wandering around a bit. I could see where my uncle was talking with this other man and thought I’d explore a bit before surprising him. So, I wandered and found an entrance to this gigantic mound. Like a cairn, but enormous. I saw there were some torches inside so I went in and there was this long passageway. I picked up a torch and held it up to the stones that lined the sides and they had all these intricate designs carved into them. They were really beautiful.”

Claire stopped, furrowing her brow, looking perplexed.

“What is it? Ye’ve got a strange look on yer face.”

She shook her head and loosed a breath. “No, it’s odd, I just remembered something that happened then. It never held much significance at the time, but now…I…” She took a deep breath and continued. “I remember just as I was going to touch the stones, my uncle walked into the entry and yelled for me to get out. It wasn’t just mere surprise at seeing me. I think he probably already heard I was there from the boatman, but he was just livid like I’d never seen him before. He grabbed me and pulled me out and I remember him saying over and over I mustn’t ever touch them, to never touch the stones.”

Jamie sat up, staring at the crumpled blankets, then turned to Claire. “Yer uncle, ye think he kenned something of the stones? That they might…take ye?”

“God Jamie, I don’t know. I’ve never considered it until just now. I’m sure he would have known about stories, just from his work, but that he might actually believe it…I don’t know if I can reconcile what I know of him with that. He was very curious, open to talking about anything, but ultimately very rational. Still, perhaps he’d seen something to make him think it was worth some caution.”

Jamie shook his head slowly. “Weel, ye’ve told an interesting tale for me to ponder, Sassenach. I imagine yer uncle had more than a few secrets ye were never privy to, as we all do.”

“I know all your secrets, Jamie. And don’t think you can hide anything, me being a wise woman and all.”

“Ne’er would consider it.”

He rose from the bed with a groan and began dressing.

Claire looked up at the beams of the ceiling. Certainly her uncle must have just been worried and surprised. She’d deviated from the plan. Any parent would be upset. And she really shouldn’t have touched the stones - she’d learned that by then, not to touch the archaeological dig work. It was silly of her to think there was more to it than that.

She wondered though - what kind of parents would hers have been when she was that age? Would they have trusted her the way her uncle did? She tried to conjure an image of her parents’ faces. It had been so long since she’d thought of them, or tried to remember them.

Jamie buttoned his coat and turned back to Claire before opening the door. “Shall I have Mrs. Bug bring you a tray of food, milady?”

“Ha ha.”  The door snicked shut behind him and she arched her back to stretch. Light cut through the air, illuminating the dust floating about like stars, and an image suddenly flashed in her mind. She was little, standing in some kind of ruin. Tall stone walls, damp air, and a shaft of light, cutting through the darkness, outlining dust and cobwebs.

She remembered the wet, slippery rocks on the ground, how she had to grab her mother’s coat to keep from slipping. Both of her parents were there. She could remember her father’s wingtips had mud on the sides. And Uncle Lamb was there, too. She couldn’t remember where it was exactly or what they were doing there, but she could recall their voices as they talked - hushed and agitated. But only one phrase was clear in her memory. It was her Uncle Lamb who spoke. “We’re running out of time.”

What does that mean? Running out of time to do what? What would they have been worried about?

A thundering of tiny feet rolled through the house and Claire sighed, shaking her head at the strangeness of that last memory. She pushed the blankets back, then set her feet upon the floor to meet the day.

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An angel

Originally posted by bughead

This is one of my first Riverdale imagines and my first language isn’t English, so please be kind. In this one I made Sweet pea around the age of 19.

“Hurry!” Toni yelled. She dragged Sweet Pea to the truck, one of his arms over her shoulder. Was he still running? Toni couldn’t see if he passed out or not, she just kept running.

“Fangs!” She yelled. He was running in front of them, opened the truck and started it. Together they helped Sweet pea to get in the truck.

“What do we do?!” Both teenagers were incredibely scared. “What do you mean what do we do?! We need to get to the hospital right now!” Toni yelled back. She wasn’t mad, she was just scared she would lose her friend. “To the hospital?!” Fangs yelled back, the fear was all over his face. “Fangs, he’s been shot, we can’t take care of him by ourselves!”

“Help us!” (Y/N) looked over to the two teenagers who came into the hospital yelling. They were dragging another person along, blood was everywhere.

(Y/N) immediately dropped everything she was holding and ran over to the three teenagers. “What happened?!” She asked them. She took the boys face in her hands to see if he was still awake. “He got shot, in his stomach,” The boy was half awake, half passed out. “We need a little help over here!” (Y/N) yelled to her colleagues. They helped the boy get onto the bed her colleagues brought.

“I’m gonna have to remove the bullet and stitch him up, you need to wait here.” She told the other two teenagers. “Will he be okay?” The girl asked. “What’s your name?” (Y/N) asked. “Toni.” (Y/N) nodded and put her arm around Toni’s shoulder. “I can’t promise you that, but I can promise you I will do everything I can to help him survive. For now you guys have to wait here.” The kids nodded and (Y/N) ran into the room where her colleagues just went with the other boy.

“W-what.. w-who are..” (Y/N) looked up to the boys face. “Take this, try to get the bullet out.” She handed her medical tweezers to her colleague. She walked over to the boys face and put her hand on his cheek. “Relax, you need to lay down.” The boy looked at her in confusion, not sure about what was going on. “My name is (Y/N), I’m a nurse, you’re in the hospital. You got shot, we’re trying to remove the bullet. Can you tell me your name?” He seemed to relax after that, after hearing her soft and sweet voice. “S-sweet pea.” He managed to get out after a little bit of stuttering. “T-toni..” He said after that. “Your friends are in the waiting room.” He nodded, and closed his eyes. “Sweet pea, I need you to stay with me!” (Y/N) raised her voice a bit. “Bullet is out, I’m gonna stitch him up.” Her colleague said. She didn’t really listen. She was so focused on Sweet pea. His beautiful brown eyes were closed and she wanted to see them again. She brushed his raven locks out of his face and hold his cheeks. “Sweet pea, don’t you dare to leave your friends here behind, wake up!” His eyes fluttered, he was still awake. He looked in her (Y/E/C) eyes, he felt like he could drown in them. “Are you an angel?” He asked her. She chuckled a bit. He was still there.

Sweet pea’s eyes shut open in shock. He looked at the white ceiling. The lights were on. He gripped his hands, feeling the sheets. He lifted his head, looking around, he didn’t know where he was. But as soon as his eyes found the eyes of his friend, he felt safe again. “Oh my god, Sweets!” Toni jumped up out of her chair, running over to his bed. Waking Fangs up in the process.

She swung her arms around his shoulders, hugging her tight. “I thought I lost you.” She mumbled in her ear. “I’m not going anywhere.” He whispered back, glad to see his friends again. “What happened?” Was his first question after Toni let him go. “We walked straight into a group of Ghoulies, we didn’t even do anything because they were with too many. Out of nowhere one of them shot you. Straight into your stomach. I thought we lost you.” Fangs told him, after giving him a manly hug. “How did I get here?” Was his next question. He looked at the windows that led to the hallway, he was looking for a pair of eyes, the eyes he saw before he went to sleep. “We brought you. You almost died. They couldn’t put you to sleep or give you any pain medication. You were too weak, they were scared that any of that would kill you.” Toni had tears in her eyes.

“Hello there,” The door opened and a girl walked in. She was obviously a nurse, but her face looked so young that she could also be a young girl. “I need to do some check-ups and I think you two need to eat someting.” She pointed at Fangs and Toni. They nodded and got up. Sweet pea didn’t even see them leaving. He was looking at the young nurse, the one with the beautiful eyes and voice. “How do you feel?” Was the first thing she asked after his friends left the room. “Weird.” Was all he said. “I need to take a look at your stomach.” She looked at him, waiting for his permission. He only nodded. (Y/N) took away his sheets and pulled up the shirt he was wearing. She took away the bandage and looked at his stitched up shot wound. “Do you feel anything?” She put a new bandage on it. “No.” She put his shirt down and his sheets back. “Your on heavy pain killers.”

“Were you the one who was with me? I’m not sure if it was a dream.” She looked at him, surprised that he remembered that. He looked at her in confusion. His raven hair looked really good with his tanned skin. (Y/N) looked away, her cheeks must’ve been bright pink by now. “Yes, that was me.” Sweet pea had never felt anything like this, sure he liked girls, but not like this. He hated when anyone made him feel anything other than anger, but this time, he just wanted more. “So are you an angel?” He asked her and flushed. That was really straight to the point. (Y/N) giggled, he loved that sound. “No, I’m not.” They looked at each other for a while. He looked at her young face with very kissable plump lips, her pretty nose and beautiful (Y/E/C) eyes with long lashes. He looked at her long (Y/H/C) hair that was in a Dutch braid. She was short, she looked like she was about 5’2.

“You sure look like one.” (Y/N) looked at him in confusion. “What?” Her soft voice asked. “You sure look like an angel.” She blushed and looked down. She liked what he said. “You saved my life, so you can say you are an angel.” She didn’t know what to say, she didn’t know what to tell him.

“How old are you?” He asked. She looked at his eyes again. “21.” He smiled a bit. He surprised himself, he was actually smiling. It wasn’t his famous smirk, it was a genuine smile. “You look younger.” She smiled back. “I get that a lot.” He took her hand in his. She let him hold her hand, which surprised her. She never liked it to be this close with patients, but with him it was different. His hand was warm, it felt nice against her cold one. “I’m 19.” Was what he said next. He wasn’t sure why. “You look older.” Was her respond. He grinned a little. “I get that a lot.” She chuckled. He would love to hear that laugh more often. “You’re not from around here.” (Y/N) nodded. Apparently everyone here knew each other. “I just moved here.”

“Let me take you out after I leave the hospital. I can show you around.” (Y/N) smiled and Sweet pea smiled back. She really liked his smile, and he liked hers. “I’d love that.” If it was possible, both of their smiles grew wider.

He felt more alive right now than he ever did before. Maybe she really was an angel, his angel.

Werewolf Girlfriend (Rosie) 2

The wonderful story of Rosie continues.

   Your first day in Hearthway Hollow was surprising. But your second day was a whole other creature. You could handle kissing a cute girl, but waking up to a huge dead deer on the steps of the bed and breakfast was something no movie or book could prepare you for.

   “How do you know this is for me?” You snap at Mrs. Locklear as she calms you down inside. “Is this some sort of warning? Am I supposed to get out? I want to but I can’t!”

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Crazy and In Love

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Crazy and In Love

Word Count: 755

Genre: Mafia!Au, TaeHyung x reader, drabble

A/N: Hello! I decided to experiment with this story and I decided to share it! Please tell me what you think! Dedicated to @lovely-bangtan7

You look down at the silver colored suitcase that TaeHyung slid in front of you on the floor. Confusion and shock was clearly written on your face. The suitcase was rather large in size, and when you attempted to pick it up, you found that it was pretty hefty, too. But the question was, what could possibly be in it? Judging from the scrapes and cuts on his skin and blood stains on his clothing, he had obviously went through a lot to get whatever it was inside. A feeling of fear and worry began to take over you from head to toe just from the thought of it.

“Open it,” was all he said before taking off the leather gloves slowly and carefully, revealing his blood stained knuckles that gave away the chance of a possible quarrel that took place.

With cautious hand and unsure thoughts, you flicked open the clamps on the suitcase, and slowly opened it. Crimson red spread to every aspect of your face from shock. Pearls, diamonds, and rubies gleamed from the sunlight that filled the room. You quickly closed the suitcase with a gasp. Most people would give you something simple as a gift like a card, money, or a cheap bracelet. Diamonds, rubies, and pearls were absolutely too much. You could only imagine the amount of trouble and blood that was shed in order to get them.

“Where on earth did you get these?!” you yelled, your heart beginning to thump against your chest. You could practically hear the blood rushing in your ears. “I told you that I don’t want anymore gifts! Why do keep buying me expensive things?” You asked him those questions with tears clouding your eyes. This wasn’t the first time he had bought you expensive gifts. And to be honest, you were sick of it. He was crazy in every way that you could imagine. He kept you captive in his home, dressed you in expensive clothing, and demanded that you were looked after at all times. TaeHyung, the most feared man in all of Korea and leads the most powerful mafia there is, is crazy in love with you, which strikes nothing but fear in your heart.

TaeHyung shrugged his jacket off his shoulders and threw it on the floor before getting down on his knees and crawling directly towards you, a serious and stern look on his perfect face making you fearful of what he might do.

“I bought you a car, and you didn’t take it,” he began, slowly crawling his way to you. You would’ve pushed yourself back from him as he came closer, but you knew that wouldn’t have saved you from him. It’s his apartment after all. “I bought you expensive clothing and gave you protection, I even bought you an island and you won’t even accept it.” TaeHyung is now in front of you but he doesn’t stop, he keeps moving forward until you’re laying on the plush, white carpet. He’s now hovering over you, staring you deeply in the eyes. His look was stern but you could look in his eyes and see the sadness that threatened to spill over. TaeHyung was about to cry.

“I love you, but you aren’t accepting me back. Why don’t you love me?” TaeHyung now has your face in his hands, cupping your face so that you look at him and him only. The look on his face brought tears to your eyes that spilled downwards towards the carpet  from each side. You were crying from both fright and sorrow. You felt bad for making him cry. He was a sweet man when he opened up to you, and was willing to do any and everything for you, but he was also a dangerous man. You had told yourself that even though you wanted to love him back that you wouldn’t because eventually, he will fall, and who’s going to pick up the pieces when you’re grieving over him?

A steady stream of tears fell from his face, his face scrunched up in hurt and heartache, which made you cry a river also. You wanted to tell him that you loved him, but you couldn’t risk it. The cold and serious TaeHyung would never shed a tear in front of his men or anyone else, but with you, it was a totally different story.

“Y/N, please, Why won’t you love me back?”