i never apologize for selfies


2 New and 4 old. (I don’t take pictures of myself often) I was tagged go do the 6 selfie thing by saintwhiskey and gaybspears so here you go. The last picture I’m attempting to show my hair cut so focus on my hair and not the rest of my face. I tag gunndr , dontfeedit , jakedoescollege , hefeastus , sk8-ing , and whoever else wants to do it ! Tumblr can never have enough selfies!! I apologize to those tagged if you’ve already done it recently!

anonymous asked:

Selfie desc--"There was a rich, clever curve to her mouth that always bent popular opinion into thinking she was smiling. It was an impression only encouraged by the ever-amused crinkle of the eyes. But if you paid closer attention to what the eyes were laughing at, you might wonder if the joke was without or within--there were things she knew that she wasn't sharing, and they might be that you had spinach in your teeth, or just that the cosmos had gone and done something ineffable again."

Wow y'all are talented

[image is a photo of tumblr user elotil holding up a book called “teach yourself gaelic”]

i didn’t get to spend much time at the library but i managed to get this at least!! guess who’s learning scottish gaelic (hint: the answer is me, i am)

don’t worry there are also two audio cds that come with it so i won’t have to muck my way through gaelic pronunciation (can u imagine)