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‘The Usual’

Synopsis: Scriddler Canadian Coffee Shop AU (partially suggested by @thatdysfunctionalkingdom).  I don’t think I need to say more than that.

Characters: Jonathan Crane, Edward Nygma

Wordcount: 5,923

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“Must be great.” He rolled his eyes and sighed.
“What?” I scanned him suspiciously, examining his facial expression: cold, with a dash of annoyance.
“It’s not fair, you know. You don’t think about your actions, you don’t think about how people will react. It’s not fair on them. You lead guys on. You ruin things for people because you’re envious. You say they have a chance with you, but really, they don’t. No one does. You’re not like us. You break people because you don’t want to be broken alone.” He spat.
“I will not be spoken to like that.” I said.
“For once in your life, deal with the facts. Everyone will get bored of your games and settle for someone who gives equally returned love, and you’ll have no one. You’ll be emotionally homeless - no where to go. Then, you’ll finally realise that this is how they felt when you were done with them.” He scoffed.
“Well, it’s better than getting your heart broken.” I faked a grin.
“You can’t break something already shattered. Actually, you can’t break something you don’t have.” He got up and left.
—  only fools fall for you
Famous Falls

Hi! I really love how people are able to give you AUs of theirs without being ridiculed or having their idea just tossed out, it’s really nice. So I’d just like to say thanks for everyone!

Okay, so I’ve created my own AU called Famous Falls (although the name is a work in progress), and it basically goes like this: Dipper and Mabel Pines are the stars of the world-famous TV show, Mystery Twins. The show is about two twins who go on all these crazy adventures, mystery-solving and defeating bad guys along the way, supernatural or not (and strangely, dressed a lot like Kim Possible). Anyway, the twins are shipped up to their Grunkle Stan in Gravity Falls for a small break before filming their first ever movie, but again, they’re world-famous and they’re meant to be having a peaceful holiday. Those two things don’t normally mix well, so they go under fake names (Tyrone and Angelica - Angel for short) and wearing disguises. Their anonymity doesn’t last very long, because the whole town soon finds out. But what neither of the twins realises is that the supernatural world their TV show portays is about to become their reality.

Yeah, that’s basically it. Also, in Mystery Twins Dipper’s birthmark is actually a cursemark from when he was born, and even when he’s not filming his bangs are brushed to the side to completely show it as well as cover most of his right eye. Since the birthmark is a dead give-away, he changes his normal hair style to hide it while in Gravity Falls. Again, thanks! And I hope this works, since I’ve never posted anything on Tumblr before. Ciao!