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I was sketching Zel when I realised that I’d never actually drawn all of the Tar siblings together. Huh! So, here’s everyone. They’re even lined up youngest to oldest going left to right. In brackets are their birth names if they go under a new one.

Yuned'rar (Yuned’tar) was sold into slavery after he was orphaned and kidnapped. He trained as a Sith and was a Lord for a few years before running off to Tatooine where he now lives with his partners, their collection of animals, and works as an historical linguist at the museum in Mos Emos (where he grew up).

Aola'tar was also sold into slavery but she wasn’t discovered until a few years ago. Yuned'rar took her under his wing to train as Sith but the power and her newfound free went to her head. She tormented her own Apprentice but eventually locked herself up in the Tar’s old estate on Dromund Kaas and occasionally sends death threats to her brother.

Zelada’afa (Inun’tar), as his younger siblings, was sold into slavery but a Jedi Master happened upon him fairly early on, taking him to Coruscant when he was just nine. Since then, he had joined his brother briefly in the Empire before escaping again during the chaos wrought by the Zakuul Empire during the war, and has returned to his Jedi roots, albeit he’s currently working on Nar Shaddaa in Djonwi’s shop as well as a babysitter for his three children.

Chee'tar is the only sibling to have remained on Ryloth and has, surprisingly, done rather well. As a teenager, he joined a theatrical group in the capital city, performed and toured, and, nowadays, is one of the theatre leads. Chee'tar also had a brief stint in politics, but ultimately returned to performing. He settled down with another performer and has a few children of his own.


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‘The Usual’

Synopsis: Scriddler Canadian Coffee Shop AU (partially suggested by @thatdysfunctionalkingdom).  I don’t think I need to say more than that.

Characters: Jonathan Crane, Edward Nygma

Wordcount: 5,923

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“Must be great.” He rolled his eyes and sighed.
“What?” I scanned him suspiciously, examining his facial expression: cold, with a dash of annoyance.
“It’s not fair, you know. You don’t think about your actions, you don’t think about how people will react. It’s not fair on them. You lead guys on. You ruin things for people because you’re envious. You say they have a chance with you, but really, they don’t. No one does. You’re not like us. You break people because you don’t want to be broken alone.” He spat.
“I will not be spoken to like that.” I said.
“For once in your life, deal with the facts. Everyone will get bored of your games and settle for someone who gives equally returned love, and you’ll have no one. You’ll be emotionally homeless - no where to go. Then, you’ll finally realise that this is how they felt when you were done with them.” He scoffed.
“Well, it’s better than getting your heart broken.” I faked a grin.
“You can’t break something already shattered. Actually, you can’t break something you don’t have.” He got up and left.
—  only fools fall for you

anonymous asked:

It's my 22nd birthday today and I found the link to ur tumblr at the end of on of your fanfictions, and was wondering if I could request a Chubby Bucky/Steve fic? Please? Maybe with lots of chubby hanging belly love? Eager turned on Feeder Steve? NSFW stuff? (Sorry if I'm being rude just you're my favourite fanfic author and I never realised you have a tumblr) xxx

Happy birthday (one day late), darling!!  I hope it was wonderful.

You are totally not being rude, and I’m glad you found the tumblr – it’s a hot mess of weird chub kink over here, so if that’s, ah, your thing, then you’re in the right place:

Originally posted by workaholics

So anyway, yes, I do take prompts sometimes, and actually, the fic I’m writing right now pretty much fits that exact description.  It features a really, really big Bucky with a really, really big belly – and Steve is the perverse self-insert character that he always is when I write this dynamic because reasons. 

So stick around, new anonymous friend!  Lots of fresh garbage to come, and everyone in the dumpster community is really nice. 

Last night, Vince Russo was on the Newlegacy stream, being Russo. It was funny at 5 in the morning that I felt a bit miffed when he started talking how the casual wrestling fan wouldn’t like NXT. His website has many rants on why the casual wrestling fan stopped watching wrestling, and in the end, I had to disagree with lots of things he said.

I discussed this with a friend of mine briefly, and I came to the realisation. People didn’t turn off wrestling because they got smaller and more athletic. People might have turned off because ‘stories’ in wrestling went away gradually it seems like.

But the casual wrestling fan is the same as a hardcore wrestling fan. Deep down, they want to see something cool. It’s actually one of the best part of tumblr that you can see what kind of gifs that people love. It’s never some hardcore wrestling gif, it’s always something small that’s cool that people who know of wrestling seem to reblog.

Let’s start with an 1,000+ note gif of a wrestler who isn’t really a big popular person on NXT. She’s got her followers, yes, but I saw quite a few notes of people saying she’s cool or asking who she was.

It’s not something incredible, it’s not something amazing, it’s just a cool little movement. It’s not a wrestling move, it’s just something cool. Second example of cool?

Another 1,000 note gifset. It’s a Raptor, and was accompanied by Okada walking out like this..

Lots of people commented it was cool. People were always talking about how cool this was, people who didn’t watch wrestling reblogged it. It was cool and people got interested what this wrestling thing was.

A cool wrestling move, over 2,000 notes. People really just want to watch something cool, and that’s where wrestling is starting to go. It’s starting to have more cool moments, but that’s also why Raw is considered the worst wrestling TV show. Because it doesn’t have cool moments.

TL;DR the Casual Fan and Casual Person just wants something cool to watch to keep their interest. Stories help make cool things, but people need something cool just to get them hooked.

Famous Falls

Hi! I really love how people are able to give you AUs of theirs without being ridiculed or having their idea just tossed out, it’s really nice. So I’d just like to say thanks for everyone!

Okay, so I’ve created my own AU called Famous Falls (although the name is a work in progress), and it basically goes like this: Dipper and Mabel Pines are the stars of the world-famous TV show, Mystery Twins. The show is about two twins who go on all these crazy adventures, mystery-solving and defeating bad guys along the way, supernatural or not (and strangely, dressed a lot like Kim Possible). Anyway, the twins are shipped up to their Grunkle Stan in Gravity Falls for a small break before filming their first ever movie, but again, they’re world-famous and they’re meant to be having a peaceful holiday. Those two things don’t normally mix well, so they go under fake names (Tyrone and Angelica - Angel for short) and wearing disguises. Their anonymity doesn’t last very long, because the whole town soon finds out. But what neither of the twins realises is that the supernatural world their TV show portays is about to become their reality.

Yeah, that’s basically it. Also, in Mystery Twins Dipper’s birthmark is actually a cursemark from when he was born, and even when he’s not filming his bangs are brushed to the side to completely show it as well as cover most of his right eye. Since the birthmark is a dead give-away, he changes his normal hair style to hide it while in Gravity Falls. Again, thanks! And I hope this works, since I’ve never posted anything on Tumblr before. Ciao!