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PLEASE!!!!!! Continue, the dave fic, i neeeeedddd mmmmmooooorrrrrrrrreeeeee. sorrry i lost myself there i just reallly need to read it!!!

Of course of course of course! I think this is pretty much the last one in the dreamscapers line, but I’d be happy to do more! I’m so happy you guys like it! I worked really hard on this fic and was so worried I didn’t sound nearly as creative as I thought I did. I hope you enjoy!

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/159690063472/of-course-i-can-wow-i-am-so-happy-this-is-in-such

Marco and Star stood back to back as more and more dark shadows and figures were closing in on them. There was screaming coming from every angle, and harsh voices were coming from the ghastly figures that were closing in on them.

Useless, useless, useLESS, USELESS!

They chanted more horrible words and began to pull and prod at them. Marco looked up and saw Tom was floating above them, surrounded by dark clouds and swirling winds as his nightmare became more and more horrific. The dream monsters tugged at the kids and Star struggled. She lifted her wand before chanting a spell, shooting out emerald snakes at the shadows. As soon as they were hit Marco saw Tom cringe.

“Star stop!” He cried. Star lowered her wand and looked at him confused. “I think you’re hurting him! All of this, it’s all in his head, it’s all part of him. You attack them, and you hurt him.” He explained. Star looked out at the monsters that were still advancing towards them.

“Then what do we do!?” Star cried. Marco was quiet for a long while and then looked up, his face showed he had an idea, but at the same time he looked upset.

“Keep hitting him, I have a plan.” Marco spoke. Star fell back.

“But I’ll be hurting him, I’ll make this dream worse! This nightmare is what we’re trying to escape.” Star panicked. Marco nodded.

“I know!” He cried. “Star, Tom wouldn’t wake up before because he didn’t WANT to! His dream was his own little world, but now that it’s a nightmare, he might want to escape. I need to talk to him, just cover me and keep hitting those monsters.” He instructed. Star nodded and continued to fight as Marco ran over to be below where Tom was hovering.

The demon kept cringing every time Star casted a spell against those dream monsters. “Tom! Listen to me!” Marco yelled up. Tom looked down at him, his eyes were glowing a bright red and he hissed. He fell back and cried out when Star blasted the monsters again, the dream started to get worse as he became more scared. More monsters and winds and storms. Marco pushed his way forward. “Tom! Please listen to me!” He begged.

“What do you WANT!?” Tom screamed. Fire surrounded him and his eyes lit up brighter.

“To talk about it!” Marco yelled. “You have problems! And you have to talk to me instead of running away to this dream land!” He told the demon. “Dave hurts you! Your father hurts you! And it sucks and you’re in pain, and you’re sad and lonely!” Marco called to him. Tom covered his ears with his hands, but Marco kept going. “I know what you’re going through! You’ve told me, and I’ve seen it. I see you when you try and laugh these things off, but I can see that you want to cry, and I can see your face whenever you see how my parents treat me! You see them act loving and kind and you get confused! And jealous and… you feel like it’s your fault that your dad hits you.” Marco added.

“SHUT UP!” Tom screamed. “You had the chance to be there for me! But you abandoned me!” He hissed.

“No I didn’t!” Marco yelled back. “I can sit here and tell you that it was a lie, but who cares?” Marco asked. Tom fell back confused. “Even if I did break up with you, and I broke your heart, you are more than a relationship with me!” Marco assured. “I DO love you! And I NEVER would have hurt you! But if I did, you have no reason to shut down like this! You are strong, and worth so much more than you think! You don’t need me to function, you just think that you do! Because you’re insecure and I know why!” Marco continued. Tom was backing away. “You go through so much abuse day after day, and you have that voice in your head that keeps whispering and telling you that you’re better off dead. I know how much it hurts you.” He added. “You wanted to run away from those things, but you didn’t!” Marco yelled.

“No, I did.” Tom whispered. “I’m safe here!” He yelled back.

“No!” Marco called. He motioned over to the monsters attacking Star. “Those things are all your fears! And you went to the one place they CAN hurt you! Your anxiety and fear and insecurities aren’t real in the real world… but they are here, and they can hurt you here!” Marco continued. “Because they feel so much bigger and scarier in your head.”

Tom was quiet for a while until his eyes dimmed. “No matter where I go I’m trapped…” he whispered.

“No! You aren’t trapped in the real world! You have choices, and you have strength, and you have me!” Marco cried. “But here, you have everything you’re afraid of.” He added. Tom’s eyes widened and he took another step away.

“What… what if I go back… and you leave me again? What if you’re lying?” He asked. He lowered himself fully to be right across from his human.

“I’m not… that may not be enough to convince you… but I’m not.” Marco promised. Tom looked around at the world he made around him. He didn’t like it anymore. It was scary and stormy and there were monsters attacking his friends. Tom lowered himself to the floor and the monster let out a scream, they took off away from Star and began darting towards Tom and screaming some sort of garbled mess.

“Marco!” Tom cried in fear and reached out to Marco. But Marco didn’t do anything.

“It’s okay Tom, you can do this.” He promised. Star stepped next to him and tapped her and his tiara, the two were transported out of the dream and just like that; they were back in the living room of Marco’s home. Marco stepped to Tom’s side and held his hand. “Please, Tom, please. You don’t want to stay there, you know you belong here… with me.” He whispered. Marco held Tom closer and jumped when the demon’s eyes fluttered open.

“Marco?” Tom whispered. Marco lit up and tackled Tom with kisses and hugs, smothering him with love.

“Tommy! My Tommy! My dear sweet demon! Oh thank god!” He cried. Star jumped on the couch and hugged her two friend, she was crying as well as Marco.

“We thought we’d lost you!” She sobbed. Tom closed his eyes tightly and tears flooded out. He threw his arms around his human and sobbed.

“I’m sorry! Marco I’m so so sorry! I should have known! I should have known you never would have hurt me!” He cried.

“Shh, no Tom, it’s okay, you have nothing to be sorry for.” Marco hushed him and gave the demon a gentle kiss over his third eye. “It’s okay.” He assured. Marco held the demon close and looked up at Star. “Can we have a minute?” he asked. Star nodded, she wiped away her tears, gave Tom one last hug and walked out. “Tom… Dave said that you agreed to go under the sleep spell.” Marco reminded.

“I did… I begged actually.” Tom admitted. “I’m so embarrassed… but I thought you had left me. The-the things that Dave made you say I… I couldn’t take it.” Tom bit his lip and more tears fell down his face. Marco sighed and kissed them away.

“Oh Tom. Those things I told you, when I was in your dream, they were all true. You’re worth so much more than a relationship with me. If I were to ever leave you… you’re strong enough that you don’t just run away. You’re strong enough that, if we ever separate, you can keep going.” Marco promised. Tom opened his mouth to say something but Marco cut him off. “Tom please.” Marco repeated. “I love you, so much. But I can’t always be here. Promise me you’ll never give up.” Marco begged. Tom held Marco’s hand and closed his eyes.

“I promise. Never again.”

i don’t think they’ll bone either, but i think they might kiss at least once this season. like they’ll be growing closer, laurel will be helping him study, frank will be helping her with the pregnancy/finding out the truth about wes… they’ll be spending so much time together that one night they just kiss and nothing more i can SEE IT NOW

yeah, i can see that happening by the end of the season for sure ugh i neeeeedddd it

scenes i need in season 4: felicity walks into a board meeting with the palmer tech board and you can tell they’re all underestimating her, blonde hair, short skirt, they’ve seen some interviews in which she doesn’t really seem to have control of her mouth, and when she gets up to the podium/head of the table/whatever, no one is really paying attention.

and then she pulls up a powerpoint with a way to really and truly save the company and we just see the whole “holy shit we underestimated her” look on everyone’s faces