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***SPOILING SPOILED SOIL***I really wish Charlie, Bobby and Kevin were still alive. I need more Destiel... I NEEEEED ITTTT!!!!! .Dean killing Adolf Hitler made me horny. Dean makes me horny. Dean makes everyone horny. Supernatural has been renewed for a thirteenth season :D If Supernatural doesn't continue I will throw myself off of a mountain. Dean kissing Cas saying "fuck it" and shooting the grenade launcher into a crowd of zombies would make me wet and I'm a dude.

this is all good stuff friend, really good stuff. 

@ everyone that was in the tarot prose group chat this week: The Wolf Among Us/Fables Tarot Deck

(I need to make this a thing. I can’t NOT make this a thing.) I neeeeed help with suggestions!!!!!!!


The Fool: Flycatcher, maybe? Jack? I dunno, symbolism may point to Bigby, since he’s just finding out about this whole thing…

The Magician: Greenleaf?

The High Priestess: Also? Greenleaf???

The Empress: Snow?

The Emperor: Bigby?

The Hierophant: Bluebeard? Crooked Man?

The Lovers: Beauty & Beast???

The Chariot: Car ride scene? Taxi? No clue.

Strength: Bigby?

The Hermit: Crane??? I get Crane vibes.

Wheel of Fortune: A glamour?

Justice: The Witching Well?

The Hanged Man: Vivian is what I feel would make sense

Death: [Glass him] No, jk, Bigby’s wolf form?

Temperance: Snow? Nerissa?

The Devil: Crooked Man/Bloody Mary

The Tower: Trip Trap????????

The Star: Nerissa is what I’m thinking

The Moon: Grendel? Faith? Lily?

The Sun: ?

Judgement: The scene where everyone is deciding the crooked man’s fate? I think that would be appropriate.

The World: ?

Minor Suits:

Air: The ribbons? Empty glasses?

Fire: Cigarettes?

Water: Bottles? Full glasses?

Earth: ???