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Character sheets (part two)

Okay, his class. “Hunter-vampire”. Dude, don’t suck blood. Suck dick. HUEHUEHUEHUE.

I’m okay with the first point but DUDE the second one is also a lie. Why is everyone lying? He’s totally bisexual, you can’t deny it. Proof:

(s13e7) He’s gay with Kevin, don’t lie. He’s putting his head on his shoulder.

His alignment is neutral, he’s the first one I’m able to believe with that.

His religion is Catholicism, I have nothing against that but I don’t think they’re okay with you sucking blood from strangers? xD

His power source is blood… Idky but I’m confused with that, but everything is clear am I really that dumb? Yes I am.

HIS KRYPTONITE ARE THE RAISINS GIRLS?! CLYDE I WANNA PUNISH YOU FOR WRITING THAT DOWN YOU PERVERT. He’s like a BABY in my eyes but he isn’t? He’s an asshole and like you can see he’s a pervert? But I think he’s cute and childish and idk? Why am I like this? Why does my heart hurt?

Tweek is the third avatar. I’m so weak.

Like you see, here’s the second gay. He wears similar clothes like his boyfriend Craig Tucker, to express their love and that they’re a team. And like you see, if you look at me, here’s an inner-emotional (yes that exists) bitch who is dying rn.

His alignment is lawful, TWEEK YOU’RE PERFECT I LOVE YOU. Craig and Tweek are literary Ying and Yang, you can’t deny it.

I was shocked as I saw that he’s a Buddhist. He was catholic, so I think he converted. I didn’t expected that, but it fits him. That cute lil cutie.

Again, his power source is love. So cheesy and gay.

His caffeine addiction is his kryptonite BUT his solo ulti is him, drinking a full can of coffee and being strong afterwards? Or do I just misunderstand that? Because, like I understand, coffee makes him strong, so why should his addiction be fatal?

I love Jimmy, he’s so cute look at that picture. And it’s so cute that he’s the flash with crutches. Like his dream came true? I’m so soft when I see fastpass.

But he’s a human cyborg? Where’s he cyborg? Because his crutches?

His sex/gender is “yes please”… here’s a post about that.


His religion is speed. Yes okay, baby. I just let this here, uncommented.

His power source are bionic implants I WANT TO CRY. He deserves being healthy, I want this bean to be happy. He’s so cute with everything he does. Look at that cute smile. Or his urge to make others laugh. HE’S AN ANGEL.

I don’t want him to have a kryptonite because he doesn’t deserve one, but he has. Friction. Why? Because he’s so fast and fast plus friction could cause a fire? Aww, he’s so intelligent.

Stan, my babe. I love him. But altered human? Because his tools? South Park got me there, second time, that’s funny. xD

It was clear that he’s straight, and he’s straight, but I want him to be biromantic and homosexual. But he isn’t. Sigh.

HOW IS HE LAWFUL AND WENDY ISN’T I DON’T UNDERSTAND. But I bet he just follows Kyle. Lol.

His religion is metric system? Stan you European nerd. His religion are metres. Wtf dude. I know you’re with tools and that you’re an altered human but you don’t have to be SO altered.

220V is his power source, Stan waddup.

His kryptonite is dust and corrosion. Why not rust? Lol.

The best for last. That pic looks cool tho.

His race/ethnicity is unknown? Okay I’m curious now. I mean, he’s immortal. But he’s as Kenny McCormick too. Maybe he’s not even a human? I really want to know rn.

Straight? HAHAHAHA WTF. That’s a big fat lie, fatter than Cartman’s ass and THAT MEANS SOMETHING. He’s something ‘uncommon’ like Wendy, polysexual or pansexual. But not straight. HAHAHA

He’s lawful, that fits him. He wants justice that’s why he stared the freedom pals. I love Ken. c:

His religion is fatalism, it fits him. I don’t think that he believes in the 'common god’, more in a higher force.

His power source is cthulhu. Idk but I imagine cthulhu sending Ken power in a ball-form, and he screams “MORREEE I NEEEEDD MOOORREE”. Don’t be a pervert, I’m just a boring girl who imagines innocent stuff.

His kryptonite is poverty, DON’T TOUCH ME. I WANT KENNY TO BE HAPPY. But it fits, I mean, he’s like batman and batman is rich? But still, I want Kenny having a good life.

That was the second part. I need that game, I’m so hyped. Goodbye.


Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

Vigilantes (4/?)

A new journey to be started.
A new promise to be fulfilled.
A new page to be written.
Go forth unto this waiting world with pen in hand, all you young scribes,
the open book awaits.
Be creative.
Be adventurous.
Be original.
And above all else, be young.
For youth is your greatest weapon, your greatest tool.
Use it wisely.

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Sophia I NEEEEDD an actual story update from you! D: I need to know if Jaide is gonna confront Zatty about what she heard the other night. I feel like she would bring it up to Matt first, because she knowz how Zero is. I need to know where Zatty is going from here after hooking back up. I mean their buying sexy popsicles and shit, but are they good?

Lol omgg okayy im sorryyy ;-;;;;

But I want you guys to know that it’s seldom I even do “story” updates though.. like idk I guess there’s a lot of newer ppl that follow me (hayyy) and I realize you guys may think I’m consistent but i’m not :((

I just post whatever I’m in the mood to do and sometimes it can be that or it can just be me playing my game and random garbage. Like if I’m being honest I’m not writing a story of any kind and stopped that years ago. Whatever I may post now is just an in-dept look on my chars day to day lives and activities. that’s really it. 

Having said thatttt… Jaide is most likely going to confront Zero tonight about the whole Zatty situation and let him know that she knows pretty much everything at this point. And sdkjhsadfkjd you’re absolutely correct.. Jaide did speak to Matt Thursday about it and they got into an argument because she was just like.. you did this.. you tricked this poor innocent soul into touching your dick and Matt was like lmaooo excuse me?????? So yeah that wasn’t too pretty but they’ve since resolved things and now it’s Zero’s turn to hear her out. Jaide wants to talk to him before they travel home for vacation so he’s aware that he has her support. She’s not sure how he’s gonna take it and is prepared for the worst.

I’m not really in the mood to do Zatty/Jaide things right now though and tbh with Summer vacation here it’s likely that I won’t be opening my uni save for a whileeeeee. I really miss Granix and I’m putting whatever little energy I have at the moment into fixing up their house and prepping for the babies cause it’s really over due. The next time you guys see the kids they’ll prob be back home in my main save maybe.

Also about Zatty! They’re fine right nowwww. Matt hasn’t forgotten about George Glass but him and Zero had a long talk about their relationship going forward and it made him hopeful that there wouldn’t be a repeat of Xmas dinner lol.

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How about every brother needing to use the toilet/shower/bathroom sink/mirror etc. at the same time! And theyre all in there doing random shit and poor lil' Sasuke just wants to take a shower without every brother crowding the 7x7ft bathroom.

Aaah sweet shower…It must be the best feeling to be able to take a shower in the moring and go to school around 12:00.  The warm water tickled my cold skin and it made my muscles relax. The door of the bathroom opened.

“The fuck?!” I said as Izuna cracked the door open.

“I neeeedd to peee!!!” He ran towards the toilet.

“Fucker! Raise the toilet seat!”  

“TOO LATE!” He had a relieved expression…..I was frowning …How long could he possibly be peeing? “Hey I am a big boy, I am not going to spill on the toilet-“

“You just did!” I said frustrated and heard the door open again.

“Let go of me!”

“No! when was the last time you washed your hair!”


“YESTERDAY TWO YEARS AGO!” Obito pushed Madara’s head in the sink as he let the water run…Causing the water of my shower to turn colder….Nice….Very nice.

“Oh hey zuna….Sasu…” Obito said. “Pass me the shampoo.” Obito said, and I did as he said. He remained looking at me, and I saw him raising his eyebrow.

“You really did grow- “

“Shut it!” I hissed at him. Madara raised his head from the sink.

“Am I the only one questioning why he hasn’t a single hair down there?”  Madara asked.


“There isn’t much to see.” Izuna laughed.

“Shut it Zu~COOOOOLLDD!!”Izuna flushed the toilet, causing the water to turn ice cold for a second. “That was fun,” he gave me the evil look.

“Go clean the fucking toilet seat!” I shouted.

“You didn’t raise the  toilet seat, Zuna…” Obito sighed.

“I really needed to pee!”


“ I couldn’t hold it…” He said.

“Sometimes I pee in plants…When I am really need to.” Obito said, causing everyone to stare at him

“What?…You guys don’t?”

“This is the reason why we don’t have plants,” Madara muttered.

“What is going on here, a party?” Shisui asked…The bathroom was crowded enough with three extra people…Wow now number 4 came too.

“And you are not invited,” Madara said.

“I am here to grab my phone..I left if somewhere here..” He said, looking around the bathroom. I sighed…There went my quiet time.

“Why is your phone in the bathroom?” I asked.

“Ya know…I get bored if I am on the toilet…Everyone does it…Right?” Shisui asked.

“I do it..” Izuna said, raising his hand.

“I once dropped my phone in the toilet…While I was talking to someone..” Obito said.

“You craped and talked at the same time?” I asked, “Who was the little shit you were talking to?”

“…You…Remember when I suddenly hung up…I didn’t hang up.”

“….Wow…Realisation hits hard.” I said.

“Who cares, he talks shit anyway.” Madara said.

“Why is your hair still up in the shower? why don’t the laws of physic apply to you?!” Shisui asked.

“Can we stop staring at me!” I hissed trying to cover my body with my arms.

“Move, move move!” Itachi shoved Madara aside…Who bumped against Shisui, who fell in the shower. I managed to catch him before he hit the ground.

“What is with your lens!” Shisui exclaimed….His suit was getting wet from the water.

“It shifted in my eye…It is annoying..” Itachi said, rubbing his eyes slightly…Tch…Telling me not to rub my eyes while he does it himself. “Hey why are all of you in here?” He asked.“Izuna did you just leaked on the toilet seat?”

“….Sasuke did it.” Izuna said.

“Definitely Sasuke,” Madara supported him.

“What?!” Shisui defend me!” I said.

“You don’t have a single mole on your body…No scars…Not ..Nothing…You are just plain skin..How is that possible!” His eyes made me uncomfortable in so many ways.

“I do have moles..Look.” I said, pointing at my neck.

“No…But that basically looks like a tattoo…It isn’t an imperfection on your skin.”

“His skin might be perfect, but his mind is fucked up,” Madara said.

“Madara?!” Itachi said.

“Aren’t you concerned that he isn’t growing any hair down there while he is already 16?” Madara asked.

“He shaves,” Itachi says.

“He does?” Madara looks at me.

“I do…What is so wrong about that?”

“….Every time?  Even when it is just a little?”


“Speaking of dicks, have you noticed your dick-“

“ENOUGH!” I screamed before Shisui could finish his sentence. I punched him, causing him to fall back on Obito, who fell on Itachi, who fell on Madara, who fell on Izuna…Who bumped his head on the toilet seat.

Fuck yeah I love chain reaction!

Reblog if you have a fitness blog!

I NEEEEDD like 200 more blogs to follow! As long as it’s a health/fitness/welness/lifting or whatever blog. I’ll check you out! (also a good way for other people to check you out too!)

I need GOOD people to follow, there’s so many blogs here that doesn’t have a healthy mindset and i’d rather surround myself with positive people (: