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HEY I read your post about Dream Daddy and I literally just played it last night and it's so much fun?? The storyline is great and I laughed so much at the jokes. I'd recommend it!! And the goth dad is a very good dad, 10/10 dad.




I’m gonna buy it as a birthday gift for myself next month so I won’t feel bad buying it lmao

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Can you do 89 and 99 for Cassian please?! I neeeed iiiiit😂😂

Originally posted by leepacey

100 ways to say “I love you”: 99 - “Be careful.” (and I already used the prompt 89 on another Cassian imagine, I will only use this one)

Cassian was talking to K-2SO and his friend, the daughter of Galen Erso - it was Jyn her name, right?

You knew what they were going to do. You knew how dangerous it was. You wanted to go with them, to be there with Cassian and to help that squad with something bigger. You couldn’t. They needed you on Yavin 4 to help them, they needed someone inside that Rebel station to make their comunication easier.

Anything to help them make the right thing.

Cassian nodded one more time to Jyn, as she made her way to the Empire ship they were going to use. He looked at you then, silent on your corner, right beside some weapons. His smile was bright, but a little bit sad than usual.

“Honey…”, he said, coming closer to you and hugging you as tight as he could. “I will come back, alright?”

“I know you will”, you lied. “But I will be so fucking worried about you.”

Cassian laughed, his thumb gently rubbing your back so you could relax a little bit.

“We’ll get there, we’ll steal the plans, and then we will come back. Don’t worry, things will be fine.”

You looked at Cassian, holding his arms and trying to memorize every single detail of his face. He smiled once again, doing the same thing.

“You are the best thing I have”, he whispered, slowly running his fingers down your cheek.

“Cassian! Come on, we need to go!”, you heard an unknown voice, looking beyond Cassian’s shoulder and seeing that ex-pilot - Bodhi, you believed - shouting.

Cassian sighed, taking your hands and kissing them both, before actually kissing you.

Be careful”, you whispered.

“I love you”, was the last thing he said, before letting you go and starting to run towards the ship.

Two minutes after, the ship was flying in the sky of Yavin 4. You heart ached. Cassian wasn’t coming back.