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Hi guys.

So my computer is pretty much shitting out. I’m looking into if it’d be cheaper to fix (we think it’s a harddrive problem) or buy a new one. I don’t exactly have a lot of money atm dealing with student loans and not being able to work until after my surgery, so there’s a chance that SaM will not be able to update for a month or more, depending when I can get this fixed.

I uploaded everything on an external harddrive but my old one shit out so I’m going to need to get a backup one just in case, too. Any and all commissions I will work hard to get them completed before April 27th, the day before my surgery, even if I have to use my old shitty 13 yo desktop and transfer the files through my parents computer.

Either way, I just wanted to let you guys know so if there isn’t any updates for a bit it’s because of this.

Thank you.

SJM Podcast - Coming Soon

Hey SJM fandom. I am currently working on creating a podcast that shall centre around the works of Sarah J Maas. The Working title ATM is ‘Sarah En Maas’ and it shall feature a series of hour long episodes. These will consist of skype discussions between a panel of guests and myself, just having some fannish banter around the elected topic, as well as dissecting issues, talking serious meta, and arguing over headcanons. Episodes will end with Fic recommendations, and a quick bit of fic discussion of recent fanfiction for the fandom we’ve read. 

As you may have already guessed, I will be needing human sacrifices volunteers to be guests on episodes that interest them. Discussions will be held over skype, and provide no special skills or anything, just an eagerness to discuss and fangirl and debate on the topic. And tell terrible, terrible, terrible jokes, if you’re anything like me. If anyone thinks they’d be interested, shoot me a message! 

Current Episode Topics in consideration/planned are:

  • ACOTAR Discussion
  • ACOMAF Discussion
  • ACOWAR Predictions
  • Episodes for discussing/disecting the following pairings: Feysand, Nessian, Moriel, Elucien. May add more.
  • FF Author Interviews x 3-5
  • Fandom Discussion
  • ACOWAR Discussion
  • ToG Series Discussion
  • Porn in YA - Is it Okay?
  • Squicks and Triggers - How fandom should approach the world of kink
  • Ship Wars and Character Hate - How, Why, and Should We Engage in it?
  • SJM Is Allergic to Diversity - Discussing issues with Sarah J Maas’s writing, and her ability to provide diverse representation

Thank you to @abookandacoffee who, as always, has been an EPIC human being (I assume she’s human), especially for letting me run this idea by her and for even agreeing to be a guest. 

This is one of many WIPs. Will keep you posted folks!

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I honestly feel like if I passed out at work, all I would get is a "ISNT YOUR BREAK DONE YET?". I have a fever and been vomiting and my boss was like "yeah, we really need you to come in..."

Vomit on your boss and ask them if they really need you to stay. -Abby

Trapped in time within the Warp, and lost from imperial record none remember them, their deeds, their fell mission.

But their ‘sentence’ finally ended, their stint in 'hell’ is over, now just as the Empire needs them more then ever Persephone and her Daughters have returned!

Space Marine women to the front(line)!
This was an enjoyably image to work on, based on the iconic Ultramarine from the THQ space marine game. I got to try a few new things and cement a bit of my work flow when making this kind of image. Faster would be better, and one is never 100% satisfied with an image. But I am happy enough for now. Enjoy :)

Winter Shadow - chapter 1

I’m kinda scared to post this (even though I’ve turned off anon), I’m sorry if it’s crap or you don’t want me to post stuff.

I’m at work today but it’s a slow day so I started writing someting. Sorry. This is from a prompt that @pixierox101 sent me ages ago. I hope I haven’t screwed up your nice idea, thank you for sending it to me. x

It was like a ballet, watching them together. They moved in perfect synchrony, every move complementing the other in a dance to the death. They didn’t speak, they didn’t need to. Decades of training, of suffering, had left them connected in a way that no one could break. They circled each other, back-to-back but aware of the other’s every move, ready to defend, to attack, to win.

They had their roles, each knowing their place on this mission. He was there to break, to destroy, to kill, to create mayhem and fear. She was there to infiltrate, to penetrate the unbreakable, to leave slow devastation in her wake, chaos that would insinuate itself into computer systems, into people’s minds. Each knew their role, and supported the other.

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i love that humans are becoming like those frogs that can change their sex if they need to. like except u just need a little help. hey have you heard abt humans apparently in social groups they can work together to help one of them change their biochemistry if they need it. that’s pretty cool

One thing I will say about the SQ hug: no one in the scene is remotely surprised by it, and regardless of how fake Regina’s ‘happiness’ looks at that moment, neither of them look remotely uncomfortable at the embrace. This can only mean that they have hugged before, and often enough that no one thinks it’s odd.

Which means, it’s canon that Emma and Regina hug each other. Every scene that seemed like they would hug, but just ended? They hugged. It’s canon. Fight me.

Oh! Also that scene also made me think of a super angsty SQ fic idea… because that’s just what I needed… more fics to work on…


Happy Birthday Xiumin 🎉💕

Xiumin, you were my first bias in exo and still take the no.1 spot 💕. Even though you are not the leader, as the eldest I know you help guide the members and give them advice when needed. I adore your gummy smile and love your hands that mirror each other in sync. You are a beautiful human being.I am so proud of you for showing everyone your talent in exo-cbx and I hope to get a solo album in the future!! I know going to the military is slowly approaching and I will miss you sooooooo much during that time. I could write so much more 🌺.Thank you for all your hard work and I will continue to support you in the future 💕

Thank you baozi ~

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Okay so I just finished reading your "Dead End" comic. And.... *inHALES* pRAISE THE LORD FOX, THAT SHIT WAS AWESOME HOW DID I NOT DISCOVER IT SOONER DIO MIO- *chokes* (Sooo, just a harmless question tho, do you mind if you show us some tiny snippets of Chara and Pap's adventures?)

OH MY GOD THANK U SO MUUUCH ;;W;; I rly glad when people appreciate my original fanworkk! It rly give boost of motivation for mee!

and dang I just remember I still got 11 pages continuation to do.. I rly gotta work on that..

sure I’ll working on it! Hopefully— It’s kinda hard because while their story need OTHER PEOPLE’S AUs- I’m so nervious and feel so clingy to take someone else’s au and put them together with my children TTwTT THE STRUGGLES WHY DID I MAkE THEM THIS WAYY

Do you guys think this is okay?

I’ve been thinking about how my campus trains RAs, a process I went through last year, and I don’t feel comfortable how the LGBT community is incorporated into it.

So as an RA, we have to do like a bunch of training. And we’ve done a bunch of stuff like working with people of different races, or different religions, and even different political views. The idea is to make us able to help residents who might need someone to talk to, so we could understand them better.

But the one LGBT session was made optional. It’s the only one that was made optional too. And 50% of the people didn’t go to it. Is it me, or does that not sit right? Like I get the message from it that “no, you don’t have to support LGBT people, but we want you to learn about these other things.”

I want to possible pursue talking with my bosses about this, but I want to know if I’m overreacting or not.

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So this is a daft question but I'm genuinely confused, according to mr and mrs vegans facts and rules, why are you not fat haha? you smoothie and blend like hell, eat avo, go for it on the tofu etc so you're living proof that what they say doesn't make sense??

Anyone can say anything to suit their agenda! Here’s what I answered another question with regarding the whole fruit thing.

Firstly, there are many ways to eat vegan.. what’s best is eating the way that makes you feel nourished and thriving! If you feel good from smoothies or nicecream then have it!

Everyone needs to find what works for them!!!

According to above, I should be very fat right now and so should all the other people that have smoothies daily. I think it’s very easy to say things a certain way to make it suit your diet. Wslf is a weight loss focused diet..

Eat starches (complex carbs that release energy slowly), feel full for longer period of time and in turn eat less calories.


Fruits which digest/convert to energy faster meaning it doesn’t keep you satiated for a long period of time.. resulting in eating more and more to stay full.(It’s quite equal for me, they both fill me up the same but everyone is different)

The main focus is what is satiating. Smoothies, it’s easy to pack in a large amount of calories and quickly gulp it down. Drinking a smoothie vs thick smoothie bowl would be quite different and also with smoothie bowls having toppings so you are chewing..


And finally, maybe it was just because the soup was hot, and warmer foods may be more satiating. So, how do we figure out if the solution to the soup mystery was time, thought, or temperature? If only this study had a third group. They had a solid-eating group, and a liquid-drinking group. If only they had a liquid-eating group too. They did. They also offered the fruit smoothie in a bowl, cold, to be eaten with a spoon—very unsoup-like. So if it was thought or temperature, the fullness rating would be down by the liquid drinking—the smoothie. But if it was just the slowed eating rate that made soup as filling as solid food, then the number would be up closer to the solid-eating group. And it was exactly as high, meaning the only real reason smoothies aren’t as filling is because we gulp them down. But if we sip them slowly over time, they can be just as filling as if we ate the fruits and veggies solid.




Berries help control blood sugar so well they can counter the effects of sugar water even when they’re puréed in a blender. Add blended berries in addition to the sugar water, and you don’t get the hypoglycemic dip; you don’t get that burst of fat in the blood. Drinking blended berries isn’t just neutral, but improves blood sugar control. Again, thought to be due to special phytonutrients that may slow sugar uptake into the bloodstream. Indeed, six weeks of blueberry smoothie consumption may actually improve whole body insulin sensitivity.


Only industrial, not fruit fructose intake was associated with declining liver function. Same thing with high blood pressure. Fructose from added sugars was associated with hypertension; fructose from natural fruits is not. If you compare the effects of a diet restricting fructose from both added sugars and fruit to one just restricting fructose from added sugars, the diet that kept the fruit did better. People lost more weight with the extra fruit present than if all fructose was restricted.


Smoothies and juices are different, juicing removes all the fibre whereas in a smoothie the fibre is still there.

“While it’s true that fructose is the main sugar in fruit, fruit contains only a small amount of fructose, since the fructose is diluted by the high water and fibre content of the fruit. Also, the fiber naturally found in whole fruits helps slow the absorption of fructose into the bloodstream, so you’re not getting a concentrated hit of fructose at one time. And, unlike SWEETENERS that are high in fructose (like agave, which can be up to 90% fructose), fruit is NOT a source of empty calories — fruit offers up many beneficial nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. So you’re definitely not just eating pure sugar”

“The American Heart Association recommends you limit fructose intake to 50 grams to 100 grams daily to lower triglycerides. A medium banana contains 5.7 grams of fructose. You could eat eight bananas without reaching the AHA minimum fructose minimum and 17 bananas without exceeding the maximum. The AHA recommends bananas as a good fruit to eat on a triglyceride-lowering diet. It also recommends peaches, grapefruit and cantaloupe”

All aside, eat what makes you feel good. Starches are amazing, fruit is amazing.. PLANTS ARE AMAZING. That’s why I have always recommended to eat a variety of whole foods that make you thrive because only you can judge what it is that makes you feel that way.

Little Monsters (Robb Stark)

Prompt: Could you please do like a cute robb stark imagine where he and the reader have kids and it’s just super fluffy. I have too many robb feels and I need someone to help me. ~ Anonymous

Okay so I did this as a modern AU, thought it would work best hope thats okay (:

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Two Prompt, One-Shot Challenge!

Those of you who have been around for a while know that I do a thing (although I haven’t for a while) that I started calling Two Prompt Tuesday, and it has since turned into Two Prompt One Shots. If you’re not familiar with it, here’s the gist in a nutshell: I put the vote to two prompts, and my followers pick the prompt I write. Here’s the masterlist for those of you who haven’t checked out the works that have come from my two prompt votes before! 

The challenge will reverse the process: to enter, you’ll send me two prompts, and I will choose one for you. Sound interesting? Awesome! All of the details are below the cut! Keep reading to find out what you need to do to enter! 

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talesfromcallcenters: No, sir. I can't break the law. You should know that, as you are a COP.

When I used to work placing people who were homeless, we often got calls from the cops. Some were great. Others weren’t. We had very strict rules on what we could and couldn’t tell them, based on laws.)

Me: “Thanks for calling [Agency.] How can I help you?”

Cop: “Hi, I’m a law enforcement officer working with [agency name.] I need information about a client.”

Me: on guard, as our supervisor is off today. “Yes sir, what’s the name?”

“His name is [name] and I need to see if he’s staying in [shelter.]”

Me: Pulls up account. Man isn’t wanted for warrants - the officer states his family misses him or something. “Sorry, sir. I can’t give out that info—”

Cop: “Why not?!”

Me: ramble about laws

Cop: “I’m a police officer, though.”

Me: “Any requests for information must go through my boss.”

Cop: “Why can’t you just tell me if he’s staying at (shelter)?’”

Me: ramble about laws. “I can call my boss and have her call you. Or you can try calling the shelter at-”

Cop: “They wouldn’t say.”

Me: “Alright sir, let me get my boss.”

(I asked my boss later what happened. The cop did not get his information. There were strict rules within the program about privacy/info requests that he did not follow.)

By: writeandknow

Okay, but seriously. I am going to be very disappointed in the various characters still with the CCG if none of them start having MAJOR misgivings.

Kuroiwa and son?





Come on, people. I expect you folks to be disturbed by seeing Child Soldier-Experiments performing a public execution. 

On that note, I need Hirako and Ui to reunite. And I need him to fucking call Ui out on all his self-righteous bullshit, calling himself a Hero of Justice while turning a blind eye to the CCG using child soldiers. Knowing on some level that SOMETHING was seriously wrong going on within the CCG, but ignoring how half the people he worked with started fighting ghouls professionally as KIDS. 

Furuta is clearly throwing the CCG’s hypocrisy into their faces again, this time by showing off this new squad. Hey, look! Experimenting on children and having them kill on command! With bonus Masks, so they resemble the Scrappers of the Ghoul Restaurants. 

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Personally, I don't even think needing to understand and empathize with your feelings about your work being tagged as kin and such is even necessary, for those who don't even want to try. I don't understand it at all to be honest. But it all boils down to respecting you as the artist enough to simple accept your feelings and terms and abide by them. If you're feeling bothered by this recently, I hope you feel better soon!

Haha well some ppl actually lash out whenever i speak up about it because they feel i have sth against them being kin with characters and what not when its just i dont want them tagging my art like that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Some ppl are very nice abt it tho!

Idk I dont want to upset these ppl but i also literally cant stand these tags that come off so rude and obnoxious at times? whelp

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Okay, so I really liked your touch starved Tyler, but what about touch starved Ethan? Like he kinda keeps himself away from the crew bc he's falling behind on work and needs to focus and he just ends up miserable and lonely?

-The others notice how Ethan doesn’t spend much time with them anymore but they think he’s just busy with filming and editing so they leave him alone most of the time

-After about 5 days they get worried and keep asking him if he’s okay and Ethan just brushes it off saying he’s falling behind so he has to work even tho the only thing he wants to do is hug and cuddle them all

-The next day Tyler finds Ethan curled up in a blanket in front of his computer editing a video. “Ethan what’s wrong?” he asks to which Ethan replies with “nothing I’m busy”. But the only thing the blue boy thought was ‘pls hug me pls hug me hug me hug me!”

-Mark and Tyler later walk up to Ethan and just pick him up and sit down with him on his bed. Ethan immediately cuddles into them and cries a bit because he really really missed and needed this

-Amy and Kathryn join them a bit later and they all cuddle Ethan and even Chica jumps on top of them and licks Ethan’s face until he‘s a giggling mess

-Then they all fall asleep in a big pile of Teamiplier