i needed to use this song for a graphic

why is life made only for to end?

why do I do all this waiting, then?


I’ll catch you, darling, I’ll be waiting 
I am on your side

i literally reblog almost every variation of the stydia kiss. like woah zoomed in versions hell yeah. different themed colours gimme. when it’s paralleled to their first kiss *hits reblog every damn time* CINEMATIC . used in gif sets with a cute quote or song lyrics *the need to spam my dash intensifies and i lose control* INTENSE. sees gifs of the kiss being 0.001% brighter than the last gif set of the kiss that i reblogged THIS IS AN ORIGINAL MASTERPIECE. graphics???? can’t stop won’t stop. what i am trying to say is that there won’t be a day that goes by without me hitting that reblog.

*banging pots and pans together in frustration whilst shouting into the void*


come-come-to-the-baby-aspirin  asked:

quick what's your favourite alpha couple song

Cute Date Idea: Dress up nice then test drive an expensive car at a dealership and drive behind a high school and fuck for hours in said expensive car. Optional: Literally set it on fire. 10/10 would do again. 

But can I talk about this song seriously for a second? 

Tw for lots of sex, alcohol, and a suicide mention

It perfectly portrays how this couple both works perfectly and is so destructive. My favorite vision of the two is as a couple who don’t actually hurt each-other personally. Mostly what they do is enable each-other’s most destructive behaviors because their too high on love and probably twenty different drugs to realize, then blame each other for mistakes they would have probably made even if they didn’t have each other to encourage them to do all these ridiculously illegal and unadvisable stunts that they need to survive. They honestly love one another so much and would do anything for eachother. They NEED eachother which is why in basically all of their “Final” songs, they are portrayed as doing some sort of double suicide. This portrays one of their happier moments, and perfectly describes why the couple as a unit is doomed. 

And when it comes to sexuality in a Mountain Goats song, this is my favorite of the bunch. (Though Going to Scotland, which is totally an Alpha Song, comes pretty close.) It’s one of the most sexually graphic songs in his catalogue and, while I love the fact that he just doesn’t use sexual shockers to seem cool like so many other bands do, he is really good at the more intimate imagery, especially with how he keeps in line with the automobile imagery. Not much music “turns me on” but the imagery and instrumentation of this one is one of those songs that totally turns me on. (Other examples are a few Ida Maria songs and the Arctic Monkeys’ entire discography). The song is massively underrated and the fact that it has never been played live is a tragedy. (I usually whine about horns in my scrappy tMG songs but imagine this banger with a sax solo. It’s time to bring this thing out of retirement. 

Pre-Devblog Celestial Tower Progress Update

So I’ve been getting a couple of questions about Project Celestial Tower’s (still codenamed) progress; however, due to the art assets necessary for a proper preview not being finished yet, I haven’t started a devblog yet. So, for the time being, I’ll be giving you guys an update on this blog. :D

First and foremost, I’m happy to officially announce the awesome artists working on the game in order to make it less bland than Prom Dreams as pretty as it can be!

  • Title Screens and Ending Cards: The lovely @caffeineandcarpaltunnel, a SCAD graduate who also did Prom Dreams’ incredible thumbnail artwork!
  • Character Busts: The charming @genkaiko, who has also done fan and commissioned artwork for Prom Dreams!
  • Enemy Artwork: The awesomesauce @pleasedrawmore, who has already been sending me a steady supply of badass monsters (except for the slime, who’s just ADORABLE okay)
  • Cutscene Artwork: the fabulous @meaka, who not only did fanart for Prom Dreams but is also the developer of Living Playground which I’m going to play I swear to god!

Second of all, I’m also happy to announce that the game will be released in a demo version later this year, hopefully by the fall or winter! Several folks on the Prom Dreams survey suggested this, and I hope it will help generate a little more hype for this new project!

With that in mind, here’s a current status update as related to the demo’s completion (as opposed to the full game):

  • Story and Outlines: 100%. Like Prom Dreams, I wanted everything to be mapped out before development started; the plot of the game is already planned in its entirety. However, small details have and may still change for better continuity, pacing, etc.
  • Character and Event Sprites: 40%. All of the MCs are done but no special event sprites have been created at this time.
  • Artwork: 20%. A few monsters and one main character have been finished, and the prologue cutscene is currently in storyboard phase.
  • Misc. Graphics (Logos, windowskins, etc): 60%. Still need to make skill, status, and item icons.
  • Database (Skills, monsters, items, etc): 20%. Currently in the process of creating “dummy” items/skills without set parameters that will be worked on as I go.
  • Music: 70%. This is actually the most complete aspect of the game as of yet. Out of the 16 songs needed for the demo (including jingles/MEs), I’ve completed 11, plus three more that will only appear in the final game. I like to get the music done first so I can use it as BGM to work on the rest of the stuff with :D;;
  • Dialogue: 25%. I’ve pre-written several optional yet important conversational dialogue bits, mostly so my artists can use them as character references. They still haven’t been coded into the game yet, however.
  • Mapping: 0%. Still just a debug room, alas. Trying to cobble together tilesets for this thing is tough orz

So there you have it! More news to come as more stuff gets done :V


Trying to make some taz cds. CD sticker labels and cardstock cases. Just using griffin’s original covers for front of cases, back has song list etc. Separated by and based on the albums griffin posted. Theres prob gonna be a fourth album after the campaign ends w rest of songs so I might have to wait for that. I wanna put them together into a booklet or box or something, so that last pic is what I might do for the cover of that

I was able to kinda recreate of find on google a lot of the resources for the covers. Also fun game of try to match this font. I tried to find the bg for the suffering game album but failed so just found like a motion blur pic and then gave up and used that aesthetic text generator meme. idk critique welcome

Need Him None - Chapter 1 - 13letters - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 19/?
Fandom: Game of Thrones (TV), A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Brienne of Tarth/Tormund Giantsbane
Characters: Brienne of Tarth, Tormund Giantsbane, Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Podrick Payne
Additional Tags: Romance, the chEMISTRY WAS THERE, Cutlery, overuse of the word “desist”, Firewood, Non-Graphic Violence, Fire-poker, Slow Burn, Road Trip, OFFICIALLY CANON DIVERGENT PEOPLE, can I get a “RIP Rickon”, can Davos get some mutton, 06:09 spoilers at this point, paint your nails with Ramsay’s blood, Mentions of Dismemberment, Wedding Practices, Regret, the plot is really just their relationship development, prose

Fucking balls o’ blood, never in his forsaken life has he ever seen a woman quite like that.

Or, how Tormund sees Brienne and falls half in love, half to his knees in worship. She’s not just a soldier or a lady fair, she’s someone he could follow to the ends of the world or around Castle Black with her more or less aware of it.


…I need you more than anything in my life

                I want you more than anything in my life

                                                            I’ll miss you more than anyone in my life

                                                                        I love you more than anyone in my life


Alison Bechdel: Ravenclaw

I am a little hesitant to sort someone who’s still alive- though I’m sure Alison Bechdel has much better things to do than read this blog, she could still at some point say what Hogwarts house she thinks she’s in. But an anon asked if I could sort Alison, since Fun Home closed. So I will do my best.

Ravenclaws are the most creative house, and for a career, Alison has become an artist. I also do not mean to demean realistic artists, but even from a young age, Alison is shown to have a more unique view. You see this in “I Leapt out of the Closet…” where Bruce tries to get her to draw realism, but she likes her idea.

She also has a healthy dose of skepticism for human recollection, something that is usually unique to Ravenclaw, because they’re the only house that really thinks a lot about the human mind.

I need real things to draw from, because I don’t trust memory.

In “A Flair for the Dramatic” you also see that Alison gets frustrated when she feels like her father is pretending to understand something that he has absolutely no understanding on. This could annoy any house, but it’s especially annoying to Ravenclaws, as they value knowledge above all else.

Even her love song is comparing sex to an education. The language she uses in that song, research, a seminar- it’s all about learning. 

But when you get down to it, Fun Home isn’t the story of the graphic novel. It’s the story of how she wrote the graphic novel. What you see is a woman who is struggling to understand her parents now that she’s their age, and she’s approaching that using her creativity and her knowledge.

Musicalssorted official stamp on Alison is that she’s a Ravenclaw! Tune in tomorrow for a Hufflepuff!


Don’t mind me….just passing by 

Yeah I’m making their album a real game

Of course it’s still far from perfect and of course the screenshot of the title that I took is not even close to its final form (i’ll try my best to customize it tho)

Keep in mind that this is my first RPG game that I’m making so it’ll take a looong tiiime to finish.

The reason I’m posting it now is because I’m scared at the time I finish this, After Rain Quest won’t be that popular like how it is now (it’s dead, out of date, new other epic album coming out, etc.)

Now that’s out of my mind, I could relax and take my time making the game (:

I hope everyone will be waiting this game…? *at the same time I don’t want anyone to play it akjhfajdhfakahsl*


Soraru obviously isn’t saying that line in the game…it’s specially for this post wwww

The game will consist 3 bad endings and a good ending (no idea for a normal ending)

Still have A LOT of plot holes (plot holes everywhere oh gooood)

I’m still working with the graphics/sprites/etc

-What I Need at the Moment-

english translations of every song in the album

**8-bit music maker (something like that) or music box or maybe both *dont want some copyright issues if I use the original song*


**if there isn’t any then I’ll try to use my keyboard

I’m seriously hoping too much for this game and I don’t know if I can actually finish it

I’ll try tho

WML (^q^)/

Feel free to give me suggestions on how it should be

I hit 1k followers a few days back and I’m honestly so thankful for that and I never thought it would even happen. I’ve had this blog for quite some time now and I’m so happy with all you guys and the friends I’ve made here. So here is my first follow forever, you should follow all these rad blogs. (If you’re bolded you should feel special). Crappy gif: check




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Klaine Weekend starts tomorrow!

This is a reminder that Klaine Weekend starts TOMORROW. The Original Song rewatch is tomorrow, May 3rd, at 8pm EST. If you need the time converted just send me a quick message with your city or just use a quick google search. 

Here is a refresher on what the themes for this weekend are:

Saturday May 3rd (Klaine Weekend Day 1):

  • Leading up to the rewatch will be pre-relationship!klaine. Post your favorite pre-relationship moments. Fanart, fics, gifs, and graphics are welcome! 
  • I will also be accepting asks in which you can answer the question “When/Why did you start shipping Klaine?” (You make also make gifs, graphics, and fanart to answer this question, along with posts on your own tumblr)

After the episode will be Original Song gifs/graphics/reaction fics, as if it were a new episode. If you are not available during the rewatch you can always queue it for 9pm EST!

Sunday May 4th (Klaine Weekend Day 2):

  • This will be early!klaine and parallels day. Gifs/graphics/fanart can include your favorite early!klaine moments (Original Song through the end of season 3) and Klaine parallels. 
  • CALLING ALL FIC WRITERS! Write anything your heart desires when it comes to early!klaine. First time, new experiences, everything that has to do with falling in love!
  • This will also be throwback fic day. Rec your favorite early!klaine fics and older AUs! You may also send your recs to me and I will post them!

You still have plenty enough time to prepare something! I’ll start excepting asks for Saturday’s question and throwback recs now to post on the appropriate days :) I will reblog everything I see regarding the Klaine Weekend. Please tag your posts with #osrewatch or #klaine weekend. See you tomorrow!

For the first time ever, Newtmas Week is here! In honor of the love between our second in command and greenie, there will be Newtmas appreciation week! Newtmas Week is happening February 1st to February 7th!

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elle does a thing; plots based off of songs. so a day or two ago, ya girl reached her next hundred thanks to y’all amazing, adorable lil’ fuckers. in thanks, i decided to make something a little different because i ain’t about making follow forevers that often, y’know? so instead i did this along with a shitty but v accurate graphic, and i hope y’all find it useful. below the cut are 5 plots for 1x1 based off of songs i got pressing shuffle in my itunes. honestly hope these aren’t complete shit tho…… knock yourselves out!!! love y’all.

the mother we share // chvrches

muse a and muse b have practically known each other since the womb. they are inseparable and have been there for each other through every single hardship, have always had each other’s backs whenever they needed it. now, somehow, the two are fresh out of a toxic, destructive relationship – and incidentally, they’re still completely obsessed with each other. muse a is shy and hates voicing their opinion, but despite all this they are the one that ended things. muse a knew that there was really no more they could give to each other, and thought it best that muse b went their own way. muse a and muse b spend restless nights thinking about each other, and they’re both sick of it. they both want closure – and so, the two decide to meet again, falling back into their pattern of muted nights and disappointment; and they – once again – just can’t seem to break this potentially disastrous pattern.

505 // arctic monkeys

muse a is a loose cannon, the personification of a time-bomb. naturally, muse b – being a hopeless romantic and of the less adventurous type themselves, falls head over heels for muse a from the moment they first meet. their relationship is a whirlwind, and muse b is blinded by the pure force of light that is muse a; but anyone on the outside looking in could see the way muse a manipulated muse b, could see the way muse a had them wrapped around their finger for their own advantage. when muse b finally recognizes this, they – uncharacteristically – explode, and after a volatile flight, they leave. muse a is left alone to simmer in their anger and muse b is gone – until their irrational, idealistic side gets the better of them. they turn around and speed back to where they last saw muse a at top speed – but are they still waiting for muse b?

all of the stars // ed sheeran

long distance relationships are hard – everyone knows that. but that doesn’t stop muse a and muse b from trying. they are the typical high school sweethearts, the kind of couple you saw in the halls and practically wretched, they’re that cute. but suddenly their bubble of perfectness is popped when muse b announces to muse a that they’re leaving; they’re moving to amsterdam for university. muse a is left in shock, feeling incomplete while their significant other is thousands of miles away. everything reminds them of muse b; from hearing snow patrol on the radio to the stars in the sky, every night. over time, their communication becomes more sporadic and muse a begins to doubt the strength of their relationship. the only thing that keeps them afloat are the idea that maybe, muse b is looking up at the stars and thinking of them too – but the question is, does muse b still think of muse a that way from so far away?

$ting // the neighbourhood

it all started when muse a found muse b in bed with someone else. it wasn’t like it was the first time, either – in fact, muse a was almost used to this. to them it seemed like muse b would do just about anything to hurt them, and believes that they are the cause for muse b’s infidelity. muse a doesn’t know what’s real anymore – what about all the “i love you”s and the exhilarating kisses? completely confused by muse b, muse a finally decides to confront them. as it happens, the couple are at the point in their relationship when they had been debating having kids together. somehow, muse a had thought that this would fix them – but now they weren’t too sure. muse a suddenly questions their whole relationship – where they ever really in love? muse b has no response to this, because for so long they’d tried to ignore their issues in a desperate attempt to save their relationship – but it seemed as though everything was coming to a screeching halt.

two weeks // fka twigs

muse a has had a crush on muse b for as long as they can remember. and no, not the kind of passive crush you have on that kid that you’ve talked to a few times that you’ve known since the first grade. the kind of crush that blinds you. now that the two are older, muse b has a partner and muse a has decided that enough is enough. but instead of giving up, muse a decides to pursue muse b at a party. they both get high, they both get drunk…. and to put it simply, they end up doing things of sexual nature. muse a loved it; but to their dismay, muse b returns to their partner like nothing ever happened the very next day. but then it happens again and again and again, and muse a gets drunk with the power they have over muse b. muse a makes a bet with muse b that if they give them a chance, they can make muse b fall for them in a matter of two weeks. muse b takes the bet, unconvinced – they believe they surely have a little more willpower than that.


a proliferation of shallow politics

There are many ways to start, and none of them are perfect; this sentence too, is a disappointment. One contrived way of starting (anything) is to take on the voice of a Huffington Post blogger, and declare, that, if you want to make a bold statement for 2k15, then graphic tees are the way to go. An anecdote too, is ok, as long as you’re not using too many then’s—then you’re good. One story I have about graphic tee’s is not about a tee but is about the graphic statement of the Girl Almighty sweater, and the distant, unassuming pleasure the wearer can indulge in when accepting a compliment, and sheepishly following thst compliment with a calculated “it’s actually a One Direction song.” A particular shame will follow, directed not at me, the wearer—the essence of removed really—but at themselves; the complimenter’s self knowledge is challenged, the complimenter, is relearning the boundaries of their mind, and dismissing the need to interrogate them further—Girl Almighty is not Girl Almighty? Girl Almighty is a One Direction song? Girl Almighty is a One Direction song. Which is to say, 2k15 is the year of the graphic statement, because in as many words as the Huffington Post would like, the graphic tee, as it exists in 2k15, is an extension of a politic reserved to and mythologized only in pop music—a proliferation of pop politics, a proliferation of shallow politics. Which—pop politics, shallow politics, is the conscious framing of the self with and as the superficial, wearing attitudes cultivated by physical material, meaningless but for an abstract projection—barely an idea, maybe a passing thought, more likely, a moment. I woke up like this. I woke up like this. Pop frames, more than a wordy novel, and more than a mise en scene, pop music overtly frames the existential dread of the everyday and pumps glitter into its heart (it’s fake! it’s all fake! and you’re the only one not in on the joke!), simplifies it, and then maybe gifs it. The graphic tee is an extension of the essence of pop, that incessant and ironic self construction, the overt hyperstylization of the self (I hope not that you remember me, but that you remember me in a nice dress), because survival depends on the overconstruction of the self, wrapping the self in abstract stylized images until the intentionally artful control manifests into something real. Girl Almighty is a pop moment, decontextualized, a pop moment captured, and framed (pictures in frames, of kisses on cheeks), and is now a text (I’m not sorry) to be recontextualized, reinterpreted, and reframed, until it’s all so dense, so meta, you can’t really respond with more than a graphic tee that says, I’m Actually Really Smart. 

***Sometimes graphic tee’s don’t make sense, but neither does Ariana Grande’s Break Free, and who, really, tell me, is passing on the opportunity to scream, from the top of their glitter filled lungs, “this is the part when I break free”? in their cars on that one bridge on a 63 degree weather day, y’know? 

Yin Yang - A collection of six songs from a hunter to an angel, and six songs from an angel to a hunter.
(Songs from Dean to Cas, and Cas to Dean, all using the same artists.)


Part I: Dean

i. Do I Wanna Knowthe arctic monkeys ii. The Run and Gotwenty one pilots iii. Just One Yesterday ft. Foxesfall out boy iv. My Faultimagine dragons v. Trouble coldplay  vi. Something I Need onerepublic

Part II: Castiel

i. I Wanna Be Yours arctic monkeys ii. I’m Like A Lawyer With The Way I’m Always Trying to Get You Off fall out boy iii. Swallowed in the Sea coldplay iv. Round and Round imagine dragonsv. Trees twenty one pilots vi. Feel Again onerepublic

Graphic by the wonderful fireworksammy