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Ok so you said you had a detailed response as to why you believe Bellamy is a dom in a tag on that post on oversexualization in the fandom. Care to share it?


I want to start by saying I’m mostly interested in Bellamy’s sex life as a means to better understand his character. A lot of people overlook just how much sex and sexual expression factor into a person’s personality. Sexual dominance and submission aren’t just preferences that just happen, they reflect a psychological need

Le’ts begin: I think his original escapades in Season 1, satsified girl, the threesome, were a result of Bellamy getting to experience something he was very likely unable to while he was on the Ark. I’m pretty certain that Bellamy was a virgin (or at least extremely inexperienced) when he landed on the ground as it’s highly unlikely he could bring a partner home (I headcanon Bellamny as bi or pansexual), or have the time to spend with a partner outside of school. 

 Bellamy craves control and it’s been evident since Season 1. One of the first indications we have of this is in Season 1 when he states “I won’t be disobeyed.” Bellamy has never had any ounce of control in his life, at least not until he lands on the ground and, as a result, when he is given a modicum of it,  he struggles to balance it. His initial need for dominance is projected over the Delinquents and is, ostensibly, about his desire to protect Octanakin. 

We see hints of Bellamy’s need for control throughout the Season’s outside of the 403 scenes, the most recent example is in 316,  when he decides to give Clarke the chip by literally placing it in her mouth for her, as if he’s thinking “at least this I CAN control.” 

While I’m on this spiel I think Clarke, at least with Bellamy, would be submissive in sex (and I know this is going to get me shit because “a woman being submissive to a man?!!?!”) 

Clarke is always in control however, whenever she can, she attempts to relinquish it (It’s canon that Clarke gives up control when she can. She literally handed control to Bellamy in the Season 2 finale and admits as much in 305.) Often people who find themselves in positions of power NEED to be submissive in sex as a way to release the stress of constantly being “on”.  Clarke has been in a position of privilege all her life, and with that privilege  came power and the sense of duty and responsibility she has. 

Bellamy, while in a position of power as well, lacks the aspect of always being in control of his normal, everyday life (remember they’ve only been on the ground for 6 months). Control is something he needs, craves, and that would extend to his sex life. 

This is very…..not deep, because I have some things to do, but yeah, I hope this helped a bit.

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I need some advice. One of my good friends identifies as a lesbian another one of friends identifies as asexual. I am a Christian and I know that homosexuality is a sin but is it wrong for me to support my friends? Like is it ok for me support then in everything they do without sharing their beliefs on homosexuality?

Hi friend,

I’ve just answered a very similar ask here.

All my love,


Happiness / 3

Mabaris are a true gift from the Maker.
I’ll just leave this here while my heart explodes.

Dedicated to @makersbreathcullen who some time ago sent me the best of requests ^___^

Need more happy Cullen in your life? There’s some here and here :)

I know 22 September is Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ birthday—but let us not forget that it is also the date in which Samwise Gamgee, last of the Ring-bearers, leaves Middle-earth for ever to reunite with Frodo.

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Febri 2017/03 (p29-33)

Finally the interview from Febri is finished! I like Kubo’s interviews but I swear I don’t want to see any more for some time… This one is also mentioning a lot of stuff that I haven’t read in other interviews so far. It’s a bit long but definitely worth reading!

Translation is under the cut. I might fix the format a little later on to make it visually better, now I have to leave to go to Wonder Festival… (who needs sleep?).
If you have any questions about the interview feel free to message me.

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

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ok so i rarely (read: never) share stuff in any social media but i just came accross this really cool video of a person skating to eros (w the same choreography too!!) and i just thought it was really well done and every yoi fan needs to watch it??


This is definitely my favourite moment from episode 12 because both Victor and Yuuri are just so precious in this?

Look at this beautiful boy who declares he’ll win just so Victor could kiss his medal. He just wanted to retire but how could he when Victor says he failed as a coach? He’ll skate one more year and he’ll win this time ok.

But then as much as I love Victor’s ridiculous puppy eyes (same Victor, same) his answer is just so perfect because honestly, Victor’s main goal was to make Yuuri confident in his skills and to help him get the best score and the whole time after Yuuri beats his record he’s so proud and happy and Yuuri saying he wants to stay is everything he wanted to hear and yet he demands more. 

Victor, how long have you been thinking about competing with Yuuri while still coaching him? Because it looks like he already calculated all the risk and despite he doesn’t hesitate for a second? He’s so in love I can’t handle it and I also love how he puts Yuuri’s medal around his neck as if he was stating that it’s still valid but at the same time he says he wants Yuuri to win more times as he deserves.

Victor knows this is ridiculous, he was the only person ever to be able to do something like that and he was much younger when he started and he still totally looks like he thinks Yuuri could do this. Even when he does that super sweet thing with his face when he winks (I can’t find the gif but you know which one lol) it doesn’t look like his just teasing Yuuri he really is able to believe that at that moment even if he knows how it sounds. And then Yuuri doesn’t say it’s stupid or he could never do it, he says “okay”?!

He’s moved to tears because of how much Victor believes in him and how much Victor wants to do for him so they could stay together and so they could compete on the same ice because Yuuri always wanted that and promising Victor he’ll win for him is the least he can do in return?

Like this is the moment where most of their dreams come true and instead of just celebrating they sit there declaring absurd things to each other because they believe so much in the power of their love I’m so done with them, bye.

Inspired by #victuuriweek prompt:
->   Day Seven: Endings
Victor: Promises

Guys,with Hunk being Samoan and Lance being Cuban officially, there’s a chance they lived there for most of their lives and when they first came to the Garrison they probably friended each other quickly since they knew what the other was going through being far away from home and pretty much alone


Miraculous holiday greeting card sign-up here!! 

hello! I’m doing a greeting card sign-up over on twitter! I’ve got a couple of people on it, please feel free to like/rt for a card this holiday season! Overseas/abroad is also ok! 

Please note I will need your address or P.O box to send these :3c

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So I was reading through @randomthingsthatilike123​‘s super accurate Sanvers headcanons and it gave me some first-time thoughts (b/c I firmly believe they have not had sex yet) and felt the need to share with the class.

  • The first couple of times Maggie stays over it’s like, obnoxiously respectful and cuddly and tender and Alex spends a lot of time giggling because ok she is a grown adult and so is Maggie but also there’s a girl in her bed and she’s never felt so giddy before.
    • It’s a great kind of giddy though, b/c Maggie is wrapped around her back and somehow even though Maggie’s shorter it feels like she’s covering all of Alex up and it’s so intimate that she has to like, breathe through it a bit.

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Yesterday was St Martin’s day, an evening of celebration in my Dutch sort of hometown. The old tower / church opens its doors to everyone, including an actual horse, which trots a reenacting saint in so that he can brandish his sword, cleave his cloak in half, and share it with those in need with warmth. Kids then follow him around the old city, swinging their homemade spiderman etc lanterns and singing songs about keeping lights lit brightly in the cold and the gloom (eyes fixed on bowls of sweets their song will give them access to). I’ve been feeling pretty gloomy these past few days, but seeing so many different families celebrating brightness and sharing (and candy) made me smile, and so here’s a quick pen and watercolour drawing. I hope your weekend is one with warmth, light and good people. 

rant post on why i LOVE chaol

ok motherfuckers

i see all you hating out there

and I’m not down

bc i really really love chaol/kale/my baby

so i just really need to share why so buckle up bitches and sit ur asses down and listen to all the magical pieces of my son that i want to love and protect

  • chaol is the most realistic character in the entire series
  • he fucks up
  • a lot
  • he constantly fucks up
  • but he realizes that he fucks up and he forgives himself and tries to be better
  • he doesn’t get stuck in an asshole rut or try and destroy his life bc sometimes he sucks
  • he moves on
  • he grows from his mistakes
  • don’t get me wrong i love aelin and dorian but mostly they either a) don’t do things wrong or b) don’t learn anything from doing something wrong
  • they just like cross their fingers and hope to do better next time
  • chaol is literally describe as like decently attractive
  • like a normal freaking human
  • which also means that celaena did not fall in love with chaol bc he’s super stunning and handsome and panty dropping
  • she fell in love with him because he is kind
  • because he cared for her, despite all of his intentions
  • he really did care for her
  • and yeah he fucked that up to
  • because he didn’t really know what to do with himself
  • i mean… if you found out ur fuck buddy/girlfriend/lover/the girl you love was potentially fighting against the one thing you care about more than the girl you love? your pride? your country? your honor?
  • like he really thought he was doing the right thing
  • so he was pretty fucked up about celaena a) maybe not actually loving him and just using him? and also b) potentially trying to KILL HIS BEST FRIEND?
  • like that’s confusing as fuck ok no one would fucking handle that well don’t put unrealistic expectations on the shoulders of characters, just like you wouldn’t on a real person 
  • but you’re being an asshole if you’re trying to say that he didn’t fucking do his damnedest to make up for fucking up 
  • he is so, so loyal
  • and maybe he was totally loyal to the wrong person, but he realized that and got the fuck out, but also its so incredible how much he is willing to do for people that he is loyal to? like he knew not telling the woman he loved that her best friend might die would hurt her
  • but he believed he was doing the right thing
  • he always always always does what he thinks is right
  • so fuck off of chaol ok 
  • he who is without sin can throw the first damn stone aight

Ok everyone listen up, because I have an unconventional headcanon about Jack Zimmermann that I neED TO SHARE.

I think that Jack will have a long, wonderful career in the NHL and go down as one of hockey’s all-time greats.  He wins multiple Stanley Cups, but more importantly, he is happily married to one Eric Bittle – Food Network’s new up and coming star.  

Now, my headcanon for Jack begins after his NHL career. 

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Picking apart the ending of KHR, the thoughts I have about Tsuna’s final moments in the series.

The Vongola was originally meant to be a Peace Group that protects lives from danger and/or harmful thugs.

Tsuna in the end said he didn’t want to become a mafia boss, still not changing from the beginning, but, he ended his story with how he loved his friends, protecting people with them/and protecting the ones who are dear to him.

Let’s go back to the Future Arc when TYL!Hibari was training Tsuna and he went through that experience of meeting all the Vongola bosses, Giotto told him that he has to hold all the bloodshed created by the bosses after Vongola Primo/he would have to kill people no matter who they are, which Tsuna said he’d wipe out the Vongola before he would hurt innocent people.

Later when Byakuran and Tsuna are having the final battle in the Arc, Giotto appears and all of Tsuna’s allies/family gave their flames to him, giving Tsuna strength. They mended his wounds and heart, especially after Yuni and Gamma sacrificing themselves, it made him realize even more how much he wanted to protect the world, the living, from evil and pain.

Tsuna said his pride was his friends, Tsuna would not let Reborn die, Tsuna used his dying will to save everyone.

Going back to the end of the series, Reborn comes back to make Tsuna “Neo Vongola Primo” (a couple weeks after Tsuna turned Reborn down for becoming a mafia boss) and Tsuna seemed to be quite okay with that. What I am thinking with Tsuna’s character development and kindness, Tsuna created the thing Vongola Primo wanted all along.

When years go by, Tsuna becomes the new boss of the Vongola, a Peace Group that he made to protect his friends/innocent lives, and make the world a better place.

Tsuna’s never wanted to be a mafia boss, but over time he grew and grew, and found the path he really wants to take.

Tsuna makes the Vongola into the Peace Foundation Giotto strived for.

With his friends by his side, their flame will never go out.

This is Tsuna’s final resolve.

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@ask–viktor HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY MAN((yuuri pls share))
I hope you,and you,and all of your squad have blessed days coming on and happu days bc livin the dream!!!
youre still not old ok,u cool !!
i hope too your love life getting better and better..amirite
im jealous but!its okay jk lol
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but anyways! #doitforthelove !! ok
truthfully,innocence which has long passed your soul

Some useful DBT statements I thought I’d share
  • It is OK to want or need something from someone else.
  • The fact that someone says no to my request doesn’t mean I should not have asked in the first place.
  • I can insist upon my rights and still be a good person.
  • I can understand and validate another person, and still ask for what I want.
  • There is no law that says other people’s opinions are more valid than mine.
  • I may want to please people I care about, but I don’t have to please them all the time.
  • If I refuse to do a favor for people, that doesn’t mean I don’t like them. They will probably understand that, too.
  • I am under no obligation to say yes to people simply because they ask a favor of me.
  • The fact that I say no to someone does not make me a selfish person.
  • If I say no to people and they get angry, that does not mean that I should have said yes.
  • I can still feel good about myself, even though someone else is annoyed with me.