i needed to say this ok

highlights of 4x13
  • bellamy got to hear octavia say she loves him 
  • THE HUG 
  • Bellarke hugs give me life 
  • Raven Reyes is a mothafuckin genius 
  • Bellamy FLIRTING 
  • omfg
  • Monty is so self-sacrificing he deserves better
  • “Wouldn’t it just be easier to walk outside?” Bellamy with the sass yo
  • “We may need to throw someone overboard to lighten the load” JEEZ BELLAMY UR DAD JOKES
  • Ok Bellamy waiting like a lost puppy for Clarke was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen
  • “May we meet again” ok bye I’m crying
  • Raven gets her spacewalk!!!
  • Clarke saved them all!!
  • Bellamy thinks Clarke is dead goodbye

ok so my computer is unusable now and I’m going to need a new one, so I’m doing commissions to try and get a little more money.

You can see the prices in the picture, I hope they’re not too high. :0 Sketches are done in pencil, then there’s the coloring styles


this style has vibrant colors, but has risks with it. 1: There could be some blotches and streaks from the markers drying too quickly while drawing. 2: Colors are a bit limited due to the amount of markers I have.

Colored pencils:

this style isn’t quite as vibrant and tends to look a bit grainy (maybe someone would like that more) but there’s more colors available to me, and less chance of making mistakes

what I’ll need for you to commission me:
1: a reference of the character you want me to draw
2: your PayPal email (so I can send you an invoice)
3: what coloring style you’d like (only if you’re getting a colored one obviously)

Just message me if you’re interested! In case it wasn’t obvious I can’t send the physical thing in the mail or anything, so it’s pictures of the drawing, I hope that’s not a problem. :0 

Thank you for being interested, or just reading. If you could please reblog and share this around, even if you can’t commission me, I would greatly appreciate it!

Arrow Ficlet: Caught Daylight, Goddamn Right

post-5x23. Because the comms.

Title from “22 (OVER S∞∞N)” by Bon Iver.

Caught Daylight, Goddamn Right (AO3)

He watches the bombs go off, and he thinks about throwing himself across her in the back of a limousine.

That’s the last time he had been this terrified of losing her. It was also the last time she had kissed him with a lifetime’s worth of promises on her lips. It shouldn’t have been this way again. (It should have been at a wedding.)


He’s desperate on the comms as he watches the forest smolder, and it doesn’t escape him that, to send her name across the airwaves, he has to keep pressing his hand to his heart.

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You don´t listen // Montgomery de la Cruz

A/N: I´m from Germany so I have no idea how the schools in America are like. 

It was a week ago that you last had spoken to Montgomery. The last time was at the party of Bryce Walker. You were so drunk, that he had to drive you home and walk you to your front door. And that´s when you did something you regretted. You kissed him, you kissed him in your drunken state, but the worst part was that he pushed you away. He didn’t even want to kiss you and it hurts. The problem was that you had a crush on that brown haired boy with freckles, but since that night you couldn´t look at him, you were too embarrassed.
You were walking through the hallways of Liberty High, making your way to communication class. You sat down in your usual seat in the classroom. You were the first on in class so you pulled out your phone, answering texts from Jessica and Sheri. “Hey Y/N, how are you?” You looked up and saw Sheri standing in front of you. “Hey Sheri, I´m good and you?” You greeted her with a small smile. “Good, I never thought I would see you here today?” She exhaled with a small smile. “What do you mean?” You tried to sound confused, but of course you knew what she meant. This was the only class you and Montgomery had together and to avoid him you skipped it. “You skipped this class for almost a week.” She said and you rolled your eyes. “Well, I´m here now.” You answered and she nodded, sitting down in front of you and started conservation about something that happened during cheerleader practice. People started to gather in and with them also Montgomery and Bryce; of course they had to sit down on our table. “Hello Lady´s.” Bryce greeted you smirking. Sheri greeted him with a short hello while you just nodded. “Y/N, haven’t seen you in a while, you look good.” Bryce shoots you a smirk, winking at you. “Thanks Bryce.” You said and rolled your eyes. You sighed in relief when Mrs. Bradley came through the door and began her lesson.
For the rest of the class you scribbled in your text book, avoiding every glance Montgomery shoots you. After the bell rang you almost stormed out of the class room, making your way to the library, the only quiet place and also the best one to avoid Monty. “Y/N, wait a minute.” You heard Montgomery shout after you and you quickened your pace. He turned you toward him and looked at you confused. “What?” you snapped pushing his hand off of your shoulder. “You have been avoiding me.” He simply stated and you rolled your eyes. “I have not and now excuse me I still have an essay to write.” You tried to walk away from him but he stopped you again. “Is it because of what happened at your porch last week?” he asked and you took in a sharp breath. You shook your head no, avoiding his gaze. “Come on, Y/N/N, look at me.” He whispered and grabbed you hand, squeezing it slightly. “Stop Monty.” You said and pulled your hand out of his grab. “Stop being nice. That makes hating you a lot harder.” You whispered and you knew it was childish but it was your way to protect yourself. “You hate me, but kissed me?” he asked clearly amused. “God, I take everything back. You´re an asshole.” You mumbled more to yourself and walked away from him, not only hurt and embarrassed but also pissed. “Come on, Y/N/N, it was only a joke.” You shook your head, tears starting to well up.

You sat in the library trying to focus on your essay. But every time you tried to form sentences your thoughts to that arrogant jock. Maybe it was your own fault. When you didn’t kissed him and controlled your emotion, you wouldn´t be in this situation. You could no longer pretend to see him just like a friend, like you didn’t fall for him.
Your phone, what was lying next to your text book, began to vibrate. You looked down and saw that it was Sheri, asking you if you want to go get a coffee with her after cheerleader practice. You told her that you will wait for her at the parking lot. After half an hour later you made your way into gym deciding to wait on the bleachers for Sheri.
When you stepped into the gym Sheri instantly spotted you. “Hey Y/N” she greeted you with a big smile and waved at you. Your gaze wandered around the gym and you spotted Montgomery. You thought about leaving again, but decided against it; it would look stupid and childish. So you sat down on the bleachers, pulling the book you were recently reading out of your school purse. You tried to focus on the words written in your book, but your eyes always wandered toward Monty. To say he look good in his baseball shirt and sweatpants was an understatement. You noticed that you began to bit your lips and instantly stopped, turning your attention back to your book.
“Hey Y/N, do you wanna play with my bat?” Bryce shouted flirty at you and the rest of the boys began to laugh; except for one jock who shoot daggers toward Bryce, what you didn’t noticed. “I think you couldn´t handle my swing, Bryce.” You shouted back, with a fake smile on your lips. The boys behind Byrce laughed and with them the Monty. But Bryce wouldn´t give up and walked toward you. “Well, but I can try. I could skip the rest of practice and we could go over to my house.” He leaned on his baseball bat smirking and winked. “In your dreams, Walker.” You looked back down at your book, feeling uncomfortable that the whole gym is watching the scene. “But we could make this dream come truth.” He smirked up at you and you sighed. “Stop talking before I throw up.” You shoot him another fake smile, hoping he would finally stop. He lifts his hands in defense and turned around, going back to his friends and continue practice. Your eyes meet Monty´s and he shoots you small smile.

You lay on your bed finally finishing your essay that was due in two days. A knock on your door tear you from your essay and in your doorway stand your mother a smile on her lips. “What is it, Mum?” you asked, returning the smile. “Well, there is this good looking boy standing in our living room, asking to see you.” She simply stated and you raised your eyebrows surprised. “Wait, what good looking boy?” you asked her confused, sitting straight up in bed. “You know the one with freckles. He says his name is Montgomery.” She answered and you let out a sigh. You got up and walked behind your mother downstairs. Midway down the stairs you stopped, looking at Monty with a frown on your face. He was talking to your father and they seem to get along, normally your father hates every male that comes near you. “What are you doing here?” you asked from your spot on the stairs and Montgomery turned around, a nervous look on his face. “Uhm, I wanted to talk to you.” He said and shoots you an even more nervous smile. “Are you two together? I mean is he your boyfriend?” asked your father and looked at you delightful. “No dad, we are not together.” You look at your father who held now a slight disappointed look. “Come Monty, we´re going to my room.” You said and began to walk upstairs again, hearing him sprinting toward you. “Keep the doors open you two.” Your mother shouted after Monty and you. “God, Mom stop.” You mumbled, but by her snickering you knew she heard you.

Montgomery stands in the middle of your room, looking at your pictures and the books in your bookshelf. “You have a lot of books.” Montgomery mumbled scanning through your books. “So that´s what you wanted to talk about?” you asked amused, standing next him after closing the door. “No, of course not.” He said, finally turning toward you. “So that night when you kissed me, I pushed you away, not because I didn’t want to kiss you but because you were drunk. I doesn´t want to take advantage of your drunken state.” He said and you laughed sarcastically, which earned you a confused look from Montgomery. “You don’t have to say this so I feel better. It´s ok. You didn’t want to kiss me, it was my fault that my feelings overwhelmed me, so no need to feel bad.” you rambled looking at your hands. “Like always you don’t listen. I want to kiss you since middle school, but you were drunk and I wasn’t sure you really wanted to kiss me, so I pushed you away.” Your head immediately shoot up when his words had sunken in. “You want to kiss me since middle school?” you asked surprised, a small smile forming on your lips. “Well, yeah. Your lips look really kissable.” He mumbled and you chuckled at his words. “Same goes to you, I guess.” You whispered smiling at him. “Why didn’t you kiss me, when you wanted to do it since middle school?” you asked amused, lifting an eyebrow playfully and he rolled his eyes. “We´re friends and I didn’t want to ruin it. You´re one of the few people who put up with my bullshit.” He whispered taking a step toward you. “Yeah, you can count yourself lucky, de la Cruz.” You smiled at him, also taking a step forward. He hummed approvingly, his hands wandering to your hips, pulling your slowly closer to him, while your hands rested on his triceps, making their way to his shoulders and then to his neck. Before you could make another remark his lips were pressed against yours. You pulled him closer by his neck, enjoying the kiss. It was better than that night. He gingerly bites down on your bottom lip, which elicited a moan from you. Monty used the opportunity to deepen the kiss, while he pulled you closer by your hips, your hands tugging slightly at his hair. When someone cleared their throat you broke away, panting slightly. You looked at your mother, who held an uncomfortable smile on her lips. “Yes mom?” you asked; your cheeks flushed out of embarrassment. “I, uhm, just wanted to bring you kids something to drink and a snack.” She mumbled, putting the tablet down on your desk. After making her way back to the door she looked at you with a smile on her face. “So you´re sure he´s not your boyfriend?” she asked and you groaned in annoyance. “Bye mum.” You said and pushed her out of the door, closing it behind her. “That was awkward.” You said laughing. Monty nodded and walked toward you, pulling in another kiss. This was one was much shorter, but not less sweet. Monty pulled away, too early for your liking, smiling down at you. He leaned his forehead against yours before asking: “So, tomorrow Monet´s after school?”

Two short Mafia stories, from the point of view of foreign students in Italy

[as narrated to Rogue by the students themselves]

Carnival in Corleone, Sicily, 1985. Photo by Franco Zecchin.

One student went to Sicily, already terrified of the whole Mafia thing and how “they steal everything!”, and on his first night he “secured” his car with a gearstick lock and a steering wheel lock and a car alarm and everything. The next day, the car was not where he parked it. He found it on the other side of the street, completely unlocked. A friendly neighbour explained that, since you’re a student and all, we’re cool with you if you’re cool with us. But you gotta know who’s in charge here. Don’t insult us with alarms and shit.

The other went to Naples, and helped out a fellow-student of his, a local kid. He let him crash into his place until he found a place of his own, and was very hospitable and generally helpful. So when that local kid settled down, the student got a phone call from the family. And when I say the family, I mean The Family. “Thank you so much for taking care of our boy, and if you ever need anything, just say so.” “Um, thanks, I’m OK.” “Are you sure? How’s university going? If you have trouble with your grades, we can… convince your professors.” “Nononono, I’m cool!”

ok so im just thinking about how robert was going to propose to aaron without having heard him say i love you since they’d gotten back together and let me tell you pals, i am floored. because like, that was robert having That Much faith in aaron and how aaron feels for him to not need to hear his boyfriend say i love you again before asking to commit to a lifetime together. that’s how much trust and faith robert has in aaron, he knows how aaron feels and he knew one day aaron would say it again but robert wanted him and loved him enough to intend to propose without hearing it and im dying inside 😌😌

ok real talk @ chris stans: you all really need to realize that infantilizing him and reducing him to some weird dream guy in your head is like. really fucking creepy. you don’t know him at all. and to say that you’re worried bc he’s obviously “not okay” is like? fucking weird? just because he hasn’t tweeted in a while doesn’t mean you need to full on stalk the dude, and honestly acting like you know how he’s feeling all the time is majorly not okay. we literally have no idea why he cancelled. if it was just because melissa isn’t going, i mean, kinda crappy but okay, whatever. but don’t insult people who did nothing wrong just because you’re now figuring out that you’re not his number one priority in life

i need to yell

how come yuji is like “u can punch me if u want” after he SAVES THE TEAM and his EX TEAMMATES are like “yeah” AND WE FUCKIN’ STAND THERE.

i was like “ok we’re gonna be like ‘no do not punch’”


why did we not protec my son

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Ok but honestly I think we NEED to see Ramadhan but also, when a girl has her period, she can't fast and I want to see that too bc idk I think they will say to Sana at this time 'why aren't you fasting? Aren't you supposed to fast??!' Etc., and I feel like they'll be so ashamed when she says. 'I'm on my period and when you at least knew something about my religion or Ramadan or ME you should know, that then you can't fast' OKAY THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN BUT PLEASE



She grabbed the rock from his hand and walked away in a huff. He didn’t need to answer for her to know he had read her mind.

Ibis followed behind her. “I’m sorry. I just…I like giving people what they want.”

She raised an eyebrow at him.

“Ok, I didn’t mean it that way.” He lowered his voice some before adding. “Though I’m open to that too…”

She turned back to her cauldron while shaking her head and rolling her eyes.

He turned to walk away and heard her say, “Just don’t do it again.”

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I really like have some teachers like you. I feel down when my literature teacher say me "ok i check your work" i really apreciate this teacher and i really need hear what is he think. After 3 months he never see my work. After my promotion of the university he dont care more...

I had the same feelings towards my french teacher.
A teacher is supposed to be someone you can rely on and I know how it feels to look up for one of them.
But as I wrote in that post, the one who cheered me up and pushed me to write again wasn’t that french teacher, it was the History teacher.
Sometimes support comes from the most unexpect people.

 If that Literature teacher doesn’t care,  you have to move on. If you keep going and showing your work to others, they were be plenty of them who will be proud of you and let you know what they think, even if they’re not a litterature teacher, their opinions counts.
You don’t NEED his approbation.

That kind of feeling can be toxic.

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Ok so get me a ladder for this reach but Strip that down = TIO. Wait for it = Still Got Time. Is any of this deliberate? What does it meeeean?

I don’t think it’s a reach to say those song titles are pretty similar. Being the logical to a fault hoe I am, I would need to see Zayn make a similar move on his side of the fence before I would say it was a twinning thing, though? I will say, I have noticed that some of Loammy’s photoshoots have used a similar aesthetic to Zayn, too - it’s worth keeping a watchful boob on it.

hey hello!!!!! ive been noticing a lot of people dont like their chub and im here to say something about it ok

i looked at my thighs one day and thought “gross ew they’re huge No”
then a few hours later me and my friend were telling eachother how chubby and adorable patrick stump is??? like if his chub is cute why can’t mine be??

also big thighs are like,,,huge cushions!!!! they can be a comfortable seat for you and/or a girl who’s sitting on your lap it’s a win-win

chubby stomachs are nice too and everyone has one!!! they’re all Adorable and anyone who says otherwise can like,,,,,go away you don’t need them in your life!!!! they are negative and you dont need negative in your life

all sizes are great!!!!!!!!!!! Love Yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hearing Lars talking about how he’s “scared and stupid” and then Steven saying he’s scared too, then Steven in the new trailer saying “it’s ok to be afraid” just fucking punched me in the feels so hard. Like I needed to hear/see that so much right now it’s not even funny. Thank you, Steven Universe.

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How do I tell my best friend that I'm gay without her thinking that I'm in love with her? She's pretty homophobic. (Sorry for asking you, I really love your blog and your writing and I don't know what I'm doing but hoped it would be ok to ask you sorry)

I came out to my best friend when I was 13 and she didn’t know what to say and made a stupid homophobic joke to break the tension. I felt so embarrassed in that moment and for about a week I thought ‘well that lifelong friendship is over, what’s next?’ until I realised I was being embarrassed for no reason. I’d said what I needed to say and she needed to be able to handle it. She eventually came back to me a week later and apologised and we picked up from there and we are still friends to this day.

I’m hoping that maybe your best friend will surprise you and love you as a best friend and will be understanding and there for you. Homophobia often comes from that feeling of otherness and sometimes when people realise they have lgbt folk in their life that they already know and love they can start to work through their own homophobia.

That said, your safety and self worth absolutely has to come first. If you really don’t feel like your friend would handle it well or if you are worried that coming out to them may compromise your happiness and safety then there is no rule that says you have to come out to them just yet. I promise you that you aren’t going to get expelled from the lgbt club for not outing yourself to everyone, it isn’t always as easy as that.

If you do come out you and you just really need to tell them that you aren’t attracted to them to reassure them then you can just be really clear about that. Saying I love you as a friend and nothing more, and explicitly saying that this has absolutely nothing to do with your feelings for them should be enough.

If they freak out or jump to the wrong conclusions even after you have stated that you don’t like them then get some space, hang out with some other friends, and hang out with people who aren’t going to jump to conclusions about you.

My inbox is always open if you want to chat more about this stuff. You are great and brave and wonderful and I hope things go well with your friend.

music tag *: ・゚

rules: list 10 songs you’re vibing on and tag 10!

tagged by @silverkyun​! thank you darlin’! i love getting tagged in things ^~^ ooh, i’m just gonna cram this in with other music type tags i’ve been tagged in so thanks @wonhopes @jooheonster @dailydoseofdia @bluekyun (jesus i need to stop hoarding all my tags LOL)

  1. can i have this dance by francis and the lights ft. chance the rapper ; i adore chance, and i adored this song even more because it’s such a catchy song~
  2. fading by vallis alps ; this song is so lovely ok! i adore it so much.
  3. take my hand by manu lei ft. noctilucent and tiffany wiemken ; it has such a dreamy feel, so when it comes on i have to play it a few more times because why the heck not?
  4. summer’s day [v2] by jinsang. ; spirited away inspired, so need i say more?
  5. fxxk wit us by lee-hi ft. dok2 ; i recently got into lee-hi and downloaded her available albums and gosh i love it, i love her! this song has been on repeat fro me for a while.
  6. phantom power and ludicrous speed by pierce the veil ; this is such a random jump but i love ptv’s misadventures album and honestly the lyrics are fantastic. especially these ones (that i find quite relatable haha): Even with phantom power and ludicrous speed / I can’t run because betrayal won’t come from my enemies
  7. save me by bts ; this song got me through the end of my senior year last year around this time, and i still find comfort in listening to it now.
  8. rumor by k.a.r.d. ; not too much i can say about it aside from i love the song and the dance, the way it’s produced is so a1
  9. hit ‘em up by tupac ; looool ok this is definitely not in the range of the songs i’ve listed but whenever this song comes on, i just,,,, enjoy it. anything by tupac really, but this one is one of my favorites.
  10. slow hands by niall horan ; i was once one direction trash but this song is a good listen in general sjdfhkjhf

i’ll tag ; @jungnoir @hongbombs @taechubs @eris0330 (feel free to do it but it’s ok if you don’t!)


it’s The Boys
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