i needed to remake this because i love this scene

Alright, Shadowhunters Fam. Y'all remember that greenhouse scene in that shitty movie? The one where Clary tripped and the conveniently fell into Jace’s face so they could kiss? And then the sprinklers went on and clock blocked them but it was okay because it was Romantic™? Well, those stairs are now in Magnus’ apartment.
Do you also remember that time Alec fell down the stairs because he was so flustered and In Love™ with Magnus Bane that he fell over his own feet?
Well, I think they should remake that scene in the show, but like better and gayer. Alec tripping over his own feet, almost falling down those stairs, right into the waiting arms of his boyfriend. Tiny Magnus catching his tree of a boyfriend and giving him a peck on the lips because he’s cute and that makes him flustered (aka even cuter). I just need a remake of that scene with Magnus and Alec being cute, dorky boyfriends in love….

Why Kanto (and Sinnoh) games deserve remakes


  • 20th anniversary coming up???!
  • fire red leaf green had no animated battles, we need animated battles
  • 3D pallet town and lavender town music?!?!
  • had no cut scenes, we need kanto cut scenes
  • most open plot, literally so much could be done its endless
  • oras was amazing look what they did with oras?
  • the lavender town scene in 3D!?!
  • the poor female protag needs more love pls lonely child
  • 3D ss anne party, 3D silph co. tower, 3D cinnabar island, 3D jerk rival, 3D professor who gets mad at us for riding bikes indoors?!!
  • genwunners can shut up because now all 700+ pokes are in ur precious kanto 


  • because haters gonna hate
  • 3D distortion world!?!?
  • 3D SnoW
  • Um poke-etch?!!?
  • um 3D cut scenes with poke-gods, like woah
  • holy flower town in 3D yes pls
  • can I just stop explaining its in 3D eyeyahhh
  • u know you wanna see barry, cyrus, and cynthia remade
  • diamond and pearl they’re gonna have cool remake names u know it
  • !?!?!!3D sinnoohhh!?!?!

I need both of these now thank you.

Ahhh so many feels! I cried so much during the video, just for that 1 minute where I got to see everyone again ^_^  I cleaned an image of HDWM! Tsuna to celebrate and two others :D Hope we get a better quality video :)

So yeah, I was so happy to see Tsuna ! Gosh, he is just so wonderful *kyaaa* I love his eyes in HDWM. I started to cry and I had to take a small break to regain my composure…it didn’t last long because I kept sobbing at the second viewing for Gokudera. I just love those two! (ah, i can’t believe we get to see him smoking!  Honestly, it was a major part of who he was and his fighting style damn it, the anime needs a remake with him smoking cuz i still remember that scene in the manga where he jammed so many cigarettes in his mouth :)) It was a bit disappointing in the anime because IIRC there was no explanation on how Gokudera ignited them….)

You tried Gokudera :) We are proud of you! (Well, if it’s not Juudaime, he won’t put on his biggest smile~ ahh I really hoped for that scene to be animated. I really wanted to see that enthusiasm he displays whenever he is with Tsuna. It was nice to see Hayato at the part-time job that was mentioned before in his profile.

Last but not least, this adorable scene :)

The girls are so cute here and somehow they look younger?  Chrome and Yuni are my favorites and I just loved seeing my adorable princesses (^▽^). Yuni-chan is so smol~

I just hope they will consider re-making the anime with all the good stuff from the manga. I want to see Enma animated and the whole Shimon arc, and just…the whole story!