i needed to remake this because i love this scene

Alright, Shadowhunters Fam. Y'all remember that greenhouse scene in that shitty movie? The one where Clary tripped and the conveniently fell into Jace’s face so they could kiss? And then the sprinklers went on and clock blocked them but it was okay because it was Romantic™? Well, those stairs are now in Magnus’ apartment.
Do you also remember that time Alec fell down the stairs because he was so flustered and In Love™ with Magnus Bane that he fell over his own feet?
Well, I think they should remake that scene in the show, but like better and gayer. Alec tripping over his own feet, almost falling down those stairs, right into the waiting arms of his boyfriend. Tiny Magnus catching his tree of a boyfriend and giving him a peck on the lips because he’s cute and that makes him flustered (aka even cuter). I just need a remake of that scene with Magnus and Alec being cute, dorky boyfriends in love….

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

I doubt anyone cares about my opinions or will even see this but I need to put my thoughts on this movie out there because I’m in love.

I must be honest with you guys, I never thought much about the whole “we need more diversity in movie casts” because — and let me be real honest here — I’m not a minority and I have never been affected by that sort of thing. But let me tell you, the diversity of this movie was honestly just as beautiful as the design of the castle and costumes. The beginning scene shows men and women of all different colors and there are not just one or two dark skinned people in the back, there is an equal mix and it was just so refreshing to see. Beautiful.

I fell in love with the fact that this remake stuck to some of the basics from the original story of Beauty and the Beast but also kept a lot of the same things from the animated film. At some parts I found myself already knowing the lines and speaking then under my breath with the actors. That was quite fun!

JOSH GAD. GAH, I don’t know why I was nervous about him portraying Le Fou, I honestly don’t. I think I was nervous because I know just how goofy Josh Gad can be and I didn’t want to see Le Fou as a fool once again. BUT JOSH GAD WAS PERFECT FOR THE PART. I CANNOT SEE ANYONE ELSE PLAYING THIS PART. He was perfect and I don’t know how to describe his portrayal any other way.

All the movie theaters that banned this movie because of Le Fou’s “sexuality” are going to be pissed because, as promised, it was a very natural scene. Everyone who was upset because of the fact that Le Fou was thought to be portraying the stereotypical gay pining after the oblivious jackass will (in my opinion) be pleasantly surprised. I was actually quite disappointed because IT WAS SO NATURAL that I almost didn’t pick up on the fact that Le Fou was to be gay — which I think is exactly the way it should be!

I was a little disappointed in all the auto tune that went into this movie, but it will have to do because Emma Watson was lovely.

Also slightly disappointed that they stuck with Gaston’s same fate from the animated cartoon ((spoiler???))

I wished we could have seen more of Dan Stevens in his human form, but he played a wonderful Beast and brought such charm and a new breath of life into him. Very Dan Stevens-y and I loved it.

This movie is a masterpiece, it did not disappoint and I’m sorry to say that it just might take the place of the original animated film???? Maybe they’re neck and neck???

~ these are just my first view thoughts. I’m sure if I go see it again, I’ll have more intelligent thoughts about it. But right now I’m just buzzing with excitement because it was definitely worth the wait! ~

*EDIT* I just came back from my second viewing of Beauty and the Beast and I just want to point out a few more awesome things. The relationship between Lumiere and Plumette was a very romantic one and I was very overjoyed to see more light shed on it. They’re so infatuated with each other and I think that’s romantic and I loved that. I’m STILL in awe at Josh Gad’s performance. EVERY TIME. I will not ever get over the fact that he is perfect for this part. This movie was very good about answering some of the unanswered questions from the animated film. This movie gave more back story to the characters, to Belle and even the enchanted furniture! Why did Belle and her father come to “this poor, provincial town” in the first place? Why was everyone else in the castle cursed along with the prince? Why is Gaston so popular aside from his good looks? Your questions have been answered! It’s not a “plot” twist (and I’ll try not to give too much away because I really enjoyed this bit) but the twist on the villagers is one that I was very happy was included. I just think it tied everything together so nicely and it was just overall very cute!

Ahhh so many feels! I cried so much during the video, just for that 1 minute where I got to see everyone again ^_^  I cleaned an image of HDWM! Tsuna to celebrate and two others :D Hope we get a better quality video :)

So yeah, I was so happy to see Tsuna ! Gosh, he is just so wonderful *kyaaa* I love his eyes in HDWM. I started to cry and I had to take a small break to regain my composure…it didn’t last long because I kept sobbing at the second viewing for Gokudera. I just love those two! (ah, i can’t believe we get to see him smoking!  Honestly, it was a major part of who he was and his fighting style damn it, the anime needs a remake with him smoking cuz i still remember that scene in the manga where he jammed so many cigarettes in his mouth :)) It was a bit disappointing in the anime because IIRC there was no explanation on how Gokudera ignited them….)

You tried Gokudera :) We are proud of you! (Well, if it’s not Juudaime, he won’t put on his biggest smile~ ahh I really hoped for that scene to be animated. I really wanted to see that enthusiasm he displays whenever he is with Tsuna. It was nice to see Hayato at the part-time job that was mentioned before in his profile.

Last but not least, this adorable scene :)

The girls are so cute here and somehow they look younger?  Chrome and Yuni are my favorites and I just loved seeing my adorable princesses (^▽^). Yuni-chan is so smol~

I just hope they will consider re-making the anime with all the good stuff from the manga. I want to see Enma animated and the whole Shimon arc, and just…the whole story!

8bittheatrics said:

If you want more meme requests, how about Sorey in “hollow” to go with Meebo in “never” because pain. Like, you know, how he probably felt when Dezel died, Gramps died, when he woke up ages old yet brand new and remembering everything but nothing, and alone, alone, alone.

Or how about that bit where he suddenly was all alone in the middle of a war zone? He looked pretty hollow there, so I had to remake that scene. Partly because I need to get back to the game and have limited personal knowledge about the game outside of what you share on skype I mean uh… you saw nothing.