i needed to recolour

  • More custom content!!!!
  • I made a recolour this time
  • I’ve had these bandages for such a long time and i haven’t found a recolour for them so i did it myself
  • You need the mesh!!!!! or else it won’t work
  • they come in 21 swatches
  • base game compatible
  • no icon swatches this time sorry
  • i’m hitting 100 followers soon so i will make a huuuge followers gift :)
  • Credits to my bestfriend for listening to me whine because i had no ideas for custom content until a couple hours ago, credits to gimp for the recolouring part and the creator of the mesh.


Sweet Dreams Chemise

Alrighty fellas, this isn’t anything super interesting but it’s something I felt we needed for the game. I simply recoloured the basegame chemise in @wildlyminiaturesandwich‘s Unnaturals palette, because it needs more colours and I love this palette. I’m not sure if anyone’s done this before but what the heck, I spent long enough trying to get the lace colours right so I’m sharing it. So whoop, heeere it is!

Download (sfs, no adfly)

Credits: EA for the mesh, WMS for the colour palette


Ok, this is a NEW download. like I made it a few days ago. because lets be real, I always need new curtain (shower or otherwise) recolours. 

24 colours, and they’re on the base game cheap shower mesh, so anything slaved to that works with them (see above: the backless shower curtain) 

They’re not compressorized, though I don’t even know if people still do that?? but either way, I couldn’t find the program, so I’m SOL. 

Download here

also, since I just got that site on simsfileshare, I’ve also uploaded all my old stuff, cause quite frankly, I have no idea if it still exists. Clothing || Build


So this was suppose to be part of a large christmas gift. But I ended up making 4 versions so I thought I would make it seperate. It’s also a late christmas gift but I was busy so I din’t get to finish it earlier. Call this late christmas gift part 1. This hair includes some sort of split tone. It’s not perfect but it’s close and I liked it.

- You need the original mesh found HERE
- 15 Natural recolours

- You need the original mesh found HERE
- 35 Unnatural recolours

- You need the original mesh found HERE
- 11 Streak recolours

- You need the original mesh found HERE
- 8 Split Tone recolours