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  • Yandere-chan: Oka, I want to help you become happy with who you are. And I know just the training you need to do that!
  • Oka: Yan-chan... Y-you're gonna train me??
  • Yandere-chan: Pft, what? Me?
  • *door bursts open*
  • Yandere-chan: Nah, I'm gonna get Budo to do it.
A Kiss, Perhaps?

I’m super self-indulgent, and I’m procrastinating, and so this quick lil thing came around. Someone tell me to do my homework. Or get me an Ignis, though that would be counterproductive.

  • Your math course is really kicking your ass this semester. You can’t lose this scholarship because of one class, but you’re beyond frustrated and you need a newer, more immediate goal to get you through this bout of homework.
  • Luckily for you, you’re dating Ignis Scientia, the ultimate study buddy. You enlist him for help.
  • He doesn’t seem to relate to your problem – the promise of a degree was enough for him – but he still helps out.
  • The deal is this: for every math problem you get correct, he’ll give you a kiss. That’s a bargain you definitely can’t resist, and he knows it.
  • You get your kisses, because now that you’re a little bit less distracted by how badly you don’t want to do the homework, you realize it’s actually pretty easy.
  • And then the last five questions on the worksheet come along.
  • You work the problem, but the answer isn’t right, so you erase the marks and redo the problem, except you still don’t get it right, so you erase that and do the problem again, and you still don’t get it right. Frustration levels are rising.
  • Ignis suggests going over your notes, and in doing so you find notes taken for problems like this specifically. You sigh.
  • So you finish the problem. Ignis leans in to give you your kiss. 
  • Now, listen, all the kisses up until now had been rather chaste. No more than small pecks, really. But that was because you blew through those problems with ease.
  • He kisses you, and you’re the one that pulls back because you’re not expecting it to last any longer than that. Ignis turns your head back towards him with one finger and kisses you again, longer this time.
  • You’re borderline making out, and then he pulls away.
  • You’re breathless, and when you ask him why that kiss was different, he simply replies that you put more work into the problem, so he put more work into the kiss.
  • Oh boy.
  • It’s the second of the big five. You get tripped up by the numbers a few times and have to redo it twice, but you get the answer eventually. Well. You got it faster when you saw Ignis biting his lip. 
  • Ignis cups your face with both hands this time, kissing you deeply. There’s a little tongue this time, but he pulls away when he hears you drop your pencil.
  • He licks his lips and looks at you over his glasses. “Three more problems. Get to it.”
  • You pout, because now you really don’t wanna do these anymore, but you don’t really have a choice. Ignis is stubborn, and you weren’t going to get anywhere unless he said you were.
  • The third problem is actually pretty easy, it’s just a really long problem. It takes a few minutes, but you get it done.
  • Ignis pulls you into his lap and kisses you, perhaps too passionately, and he’s pulling away quite abruptly. 
  • “I think this might be counterproductive,” he mutters, staring at your currently abandoned homework. 
  • “Who cares?” You reply, pulling him back into another kiss. You settle yourself more comfortably, straddling him now. You smirk at him when you pull away, because he looks really conflicted. “I think we’ve done enough math tonight.”
  • Well. Ignis supposes that’s a compelling enough argument. There were 50 questions in the packet anyways, two problems were inconsequential. Yes, a compelling argument indeed.
  • Ignis takes his glasses off and smirks at you.
  • It’s a fun night.

If given a good enough argument, even Ignis will abandon his studies.

//I’m going to make a proper post featuring this link some day so I can be all fancy when I update it, but for anyone who doesn’t know why Yi is as he is then here is the page to catch up on the blog story thus far



NAME: Esti - Real name will be a mysterrryyyy

PRONOUNS: she | her

SEXUALITY: Demi ( pan ) sexual. idk, im ok with anyone, but I need to know them after a while haha


TAKEN OR SINGLE: Does dating hermes count…? If not, then single pFT.


1. I am a Pagan && I’m a Hellenic polytheist/Heathen. The Gods that I worship are: Hermes, Apollon, Ares, Thor, && Loki. I LOVE THEM ALL OK.

2. I’m a witch && hopefully a spirit companion in the future. [ clenches fist: peony… i will get u… ]. BUT!!! I work with tarot, crystals, sigils, and deities for my rituals. Which is  👌  👌 👌

3. I want to go into political science for university!


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): Ummm… 3-4 years of rping! Wow, I’ve been rping for qUITE A WHILE HAHAHA

PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: omegle ( that was a strange time ) , email, deviantart ( but do not recommend. that community is fucking terrible ), facebook, and tumblr






FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: angst + fluff

PLOTS OR MEMES: memes + plots ( i really don’t care?? )

LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: Long or short?? Idc tbh

BEST TIME TO WRITE: Evening or really early in the morning

ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): For Bard, the ideal that I resonate with him deeply is the instinctive urge to protect your loved ones. Also, he is morally ambiguous in the sense that there are some questionable things that he has done, but Bard is an overall good guy, which is me. There’s a lot more, but I’m kinda tired haha.

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I want to broaden my art portfolio a little more - mainly it’s just TMNT let’s be honest. So I’d like to do an OC raffle to challenge myself.

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Note: I do all my art on an iPad mini and with those $1 stylus’ you can get anywhere. I’m poor pft.

Thanks everyone and please boost for more participants!

Good luck!!!!