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People who compare John’s freckles to the stars are the best kind of people

More of this AU

  • Camila: I bet I can make Lauren freak out.
  • Dinah: Go on then.
  • Lauren: *looking at her phone* yeah alright, camz...
  • Dinah: You tried.
  • Camila: Pft as if you could do any bett-
  • Dinah: Camren is real.
  • Camila: God damn it.
  • Yandere-chan: Oka, I want to help you become happy with who you are. And I know just the training you need to do that!
  • Oka: Yan-chan... Y-you're gonna train me??
  • Yandere-chan: Pft, what? Me?
  • *door bursts open*
  • Yandere-chan: Nah, I'm gonna get Budo to do it.

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I know Zig hates Sword Art Online but I have a question for him. Zig. Have you watched Sword Art Online Abridged by Something Witty Entertainment? If you haven't then you need to. Takes everything SAO has to offer, recycles it, and makes it 40 times better than it ever was! That's 10 4's!

I never said I hated it, I just think its a terrible show.

But to answer your question…

They did a great job fixing everything wrong with the show in like half the time it really is kind of incredible there was a full character arc and actual development and the characters were CHARACTERS WASN’T IT GREAT?!

three weeks

what is this?: a bo burnham imagine
summary: you’re both summer camp counselors, and the entire camp ships you
words: 1433
triggers: none except for cuteness 

“Do you think I’ll drown?”

“Unlikely. Creeks aren’t that big.”

“What if I get malaria from the mosquitos?”

“Easy, natural selection.”


“What? It’s true.”

You rolled your eyes and lean on his shoulder, or rather, his upper arm. If only he would just shrink a few inches. You’re on the rickety bus to Camp Victory, not as campers but as senior counselors. You both needed the service hours and, anyway,  it’s not like either of you would really have been doing anything else over the summer, unless you count the vicious Mario Kart tournaments that almost always ends with Bo threatening a breakup. You know Bo’s going to be great at this whole counselor thing, because he’s essentially a kid himself— when he’s not writing satire about religion, at least. But as for you… kids aren’t exactly your forte, and here you are about to deal with a whole cabin full of them.

You feel Bo shift a bit under you. “Hey, lay off. I thought we weren’t doing PDA for… three weeks? Three weeks.”

“Oh, relax, you big baby,” you say, closing your eyes. “We’re not there yet.” You’d insisted on this stipulation before you left, much to your boyfriend’s dismay. You figured making out in front of a bunch of kids wasn’t exactly the best way to show the face of responsibility.

“In that case, I think I should be able to get another kiss before this dumb dry spell you’re forcing on me.”

You don’t say anything at first; you only tilt your head back stick your lips out in your worst duck-face impression. “Come and get it.”

You can feel his smile when he kisses you, the edge of his glasses gently pushing in to your cheek. You’re the one who pulls away though, and when Bo tries to come back for more you push a finger against his lips.

“Three weeks,” you say.

“Three weeks.”


 You decide that, upon arrival, Camp Victory was originally built for munchkins. There are two facing rows of small cabins, twelve in all, odd numbers on one side, even on the other. Each is crammed with four bunk beds but no utilities—- just two small dressers with drawers, some shelves, and eight coat hooks. Bo was seriously going to have some bruises on him the first few days. You’d read on the website that it was owned by a church, which donated the camp to the county’s social services for three weeks each summer for summer camp. It was run on a shoestring, and you didn’t expect more than the basics. The basics were all you got.

You and Bo are split from the second you get off the bus; boys get the odd-numbered cabins, and girls, the even ones. Senior counselors, you found out, were to be in charge of seven kids each, ages seven to ten. Every cabin was supposed to choose a name for itself— your girls pick Werewolves, which should have told you something right there.

After everyone gets their stuff settled in the cabins and sleeping assignments are arranged, everything happens at top-speed. Mr. Harrigan, the camp director, hands all the counselors clipboards with their kids’ names and that cabin’s schedule for the day. It seems that Mr. Harrigan doesn’t want to waste one second of the long summer hours, and the rest of your day is filled with baseball, volleyball, canoeing, and hiking. You have to keep mentally counting your girls to make sure none of them have run off.  

The next time you see Bo is when you pass him and his boys during an activity switch. “Hey, Bo,” you say, nudging him with your hip. “What name did you get yourselves? I’ve got the Werewolves.”

“Buzzards,” he replies, tucking his clipboard under his arm. “AKA, the best name.” He doesn’t get to say more, because one of his boys quickly runs up and grabs his arm.

“Bo, c’mon! The canoe race is gonna start any minute!”

Bo raises his eyebrows at you, the corners of his lips twitching up as he allows the boy to lead him away. You can’t help but stand and smile after them, and it’s not long before one of your own girls tugs your shirt.

You and the rest of the Werewolves spend the quiet hour after dinner not-so-quiet at all, working out whose stuff is left everywhere and whose shoes are stinking up the place. You’re about to collapse into a twenty minute nap when one of them— Abigail, you think her name is— says something that gets your attention.

“You know, I bet [Y/N] likes that tall counselor.” Giggling ripples through the little wooden cabin. Abigail’s voice gets all sing-songy then. “Doooo you, [Y/N]? Huh? Dooooo you?”

You shrug. “Maybe,” you say, knowing your vagueness will drive them bananas. It does, and they shriek with laughter.

“What would you do if we told him?” Another girl. Her name’s… what? Jessie?

You laugh. “Oh, I’d hang you by your little toenails, girl-baby.” More laughter, because they don’t need to know you’re actually dating that cute tall counselor just yet.

They also don’t need to know that he holds your hand under the blanket at the campfire that night.


The weeks slip by, and before you know it you’re constantly covered in angry mosquito bites, sweat, and occasional lake water. Bo’s not faring too well, either; the Buzzards and Werewolves had crafts together one day, and Bo just couldn’t stop scratching.

“Stop it!” you say, slapping his hand down when you see it move up to his arm. “Scratching it only makes it worse.”

“Oh, come onnnnn, [Y/N]! I think I might actually be dying.

“Pft, drama queen.”  

You notice that Bo’s boys are looking at the both of you in a really weird way, and when you catch them a smatter of giggling breaks out, followed by a bunch of whispers. You raise your eyebrows pointedly at your boyfriend, which clearly asks: Motherfucker, did you tell a bunch of fourth graders we were dating?

“I didn’t say anything,” Bo says quickly, raising his hands up in a quick surrender, but your eyebrows only get higher.

“Why. Are. They. Looking at us like that?…”

“Relax. Robbie 2000 has got it all under control.”

You hit him with your clipboard when he says that stupid nickname from high school, but your question still isn’t really answered.

But does he answer your question on the last night of camp. Oh, yes, he does.

The last campfire goes like the usual ones— he sits by you and everyone sings all the traditional campfire songs and some ghost stories go around. But when the hour’s up and you start to stand to get back to your cabin, Bo pulls you back down. “You’ll wanna see this,” he whispers before he gets up. The chatter dies down and you see that the boys in his cabin are looking particularly eager.

“Alright, so… quick little thing before you guys all go… a few days ago two of my boys— Andy and Finn, I’m lookin’ at you— got into this huge argument over whose shoes were laying in the doorway to our cabin.  So, being the responsible, peacemaking counselor I am, I gave them some options: one, they work this out themselves, but they don’t have to be friends. Two, they work it out and become friends. Three—“

“Bo kisses that girl he’s always with!” one of his boys blurts, and the rest of the camp shrieks with laughter and surprised yells. A huge smile splits your face and you struggle to push it off, trying to appear as disgusted as the other girl campers were. You were, after all, the face of responsibility…

“Now,” Bo says once the noise has died down. “I have asked Mr. Harrigan if it’s alright if some PG-13 stuff is shown tonight, and he has agreed, so, props to Mr. Harrigan—“ gesture to the director, who’s positively red with laughter at what’s unfolding before him.

“And so, [Y/N],” Bo says, pulling you up to your feet, “Would you do me a favor and kiss me on this fine night under the stars?”

Now you can’t fight the huge smile on your face that’s probably making you blush like a schoolgirl, and you’re thankful for the semi-darkness that’s coating you.

“You want to see me kiss this lovely boy?” you ask the circle of campers around the fire. There’s cheers all around before you turn back to face your boyfriend.

“Three weeks,” you shake your head.

“Three weeks.”

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Ok I need to tell someone this but I WANT A MATSU MUSICAL SO BAD like season 2 make it happen



Of course, my parents want me to get straight-As. Pft, they want me to get a job, too. It’s not like we need the money, right? Mom is doing just fine as a Columnist.

But what would I even work as? A babysitter? I do that all the time with Kie and Mel. Work in fast food? And get awful pay and ungodly hours in a cruddy environment.

What am I even supposed to do when I grow up? I’m expected to make all of these decisions.

And I haven’t given more than a moment’s thought to any.

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can you guys do aus along the lines of "we're the only sober ones at this party" ? thanks :)

  • “You and I have only just met, but I truly do feel some sort of connection between the two of us - perhaps it’s the lack of alcohol talking, or the general need to leave my drunken asshole friends behind because they made me the designated driver, but let’s get out of here, yeah?” AU
  • “Okay, so every time we go out drinking, there is a designated driver. I know that you’re immediately thinking that that’s ‘so responsible,’ but that’s totally not the case - the general rule is that the youngest had to drive. My group of friends hasn’t added anyone in four years. Do you know how long I’ve been sober. Too long.” AU
  • “Arrrrre you sober by chance? That’s VERY nice. Me? Yeah, of course I’m sober… PFT. What would make you think otherwisssse?” AU
  • “I’m not one for drinking - it’s not like I wouldn’t want to have a good time with my buddies or anything, but I’m uh…well…you see, I’m allergic, to a certain extent.” AU
  • “I’ve accidentally found my way to a chat room for alcohol enthusiasts, but apparently I’ve broken some sort of server rule by being sober. Please, Admin, help me out - you seem sober enough, please stop them from kicking me out! I need this!!!” AU
  • “Officer, officer, look. My friends just got a bit out of hand, okay? They’re not over the top or anything, I promise you. I’m sober, you’re sober - yeah, they aren’t, but at least they aren’t driving, right?” AU
  • “I lied - this is apple juice, not whisky. I’m trying to impress you, basically.” AU
  • “I’ve had four drinks but I feel fine. Am I immune? Am I a god? Am I superman?? Am I…passing out…??” AU
  • “Yes, drinking this alcohol will make you lose weight, guaranteed. For the low price of…why hello there! Me, a swindler? No, no of course not. I would never.” AU
  • “What even IS “SOBER,” MAN. HOW DO YOU DEFINE “SOBER????” “What I’m not right now” hahaha YOU’RE A FUNNY ONE AREN’T YOU.” AU

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I feel like a DOPE I didn't know you drew stuff until I saw that wonderful kiss art casually float across my dash with your caption at the bottom, the HECK (gigglefitjunkrat needs to make an actual blog instead of just a sideblog)

PFT yeah i draw, lately the only art i upload has been on my nsfw blog tho


HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY TO MY DEARR WAIFU NAMIE-!! Thank you for another superrrr fun year together!/// To celebrate this special day of someone who i love very much and is very dear to me, makes me really happy╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ Have tons of fun, cake, rest and namahone today-!! I can’t wait till our next date (we need to rly soooon) & I especially can’t wait to see you in a few months time////ITS SOONNN.

Take caree honeyyy, I’ll be arounddd~

Sorry for submitting it late but I couldn’t resist :’) Princess needs to kiss a beautiful goddess like Celestia! Your style gives me life. 


“My… it seems I have been kissed by a little angel!”

tia likes to make other ponies blush pft
also this is 84 years late… sorry ;u;

@askdarlingadelaide nonetheless I hope you like it!

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For the relationship meme... Kurt Wagner?

Originally posted by protectbuckybarnesatallcosts

A/N: this is for the like 30 other people who requested Kurt for the relationship meme, as well. It’s really, really long so it’s under a read more :) Thanks! 

  • Who initiated the relationship? (Who asked who out, how they did it, etc).

It was a lot of harmless flirting for the first few months that the two of you knew each other. Scott knew Kurt liked you, and Jean knew you liked him, so really, they tried their hardest to get the two of you together.

    • “Jean and I are doing something already, but I know (Name) is free to do something. Why don’t you ask them?”
      • “Sorry, we can’t make it to the movie, but Kurt is still free to go!”
        • As non-nonchalant as they try to make it, both Kurt and yourself pick up on it, but are still too shy to really proceed with a relationship. You were just afraid that he didn’t like you, and you get insecure at times.

No one asked anyone out, and really, you sort of grew into a relationship with one another without realizing it. It wasn’t until one evening, with your fingers tucked into his hair while he read a book, his head in your lap, did you really address it. “Hey, Kurt?”

He hummed a response, putting his book down on his chest to look up at you with curious eyes, “Ja?”

Licking your bottom lip, you looked down at him with heat hitting your your cheeks. “Are we dating?”

Kurt tensed up at that word, his tail moving fluidly as he sat up next to you and looked at his hands, “I’m s-so sorry, if that’s not what you want you should have told me.” He said.

“Kurt…” You raised your shoulders with a small chuckle, “It’s okay… Shhh…”

“You want this…?” Kurt asked suddenly.

“I do, but why did you never ask?”

Kurt paused, and for a moment, he truly contemplated the answer for the question before he rested on, “I couldn’t risk you saying no…”

  • Who makes Mixtapes for their significant other?

You do.

“Kurt,” You smiled widely at your boyfriend. He perked up at the sound of your familiar voice, setting the book in his hands down to look at you as you walked into the living space of the school. “Hey, hey. I made you something!” You reached into your back pocket, pulled out a small cassette.

He watched you with a kindled curiosity, looking at the item in your hand, “What’s that?”

“I made you a mixtape. It’s got some really good songs on it, that I think you’re gonna like. I put some Michael Jackson on there so you shou-”

Kurt leaned forward and pressed his mouth against your cheek slowly. The heat that attacked your face was instant. “Thank you,” He whispered to you, plucking the cassette from your hands, “I’ll go ask Peter if I can use his music player thing.”

“It’s called a Walkman.” You chuckled, your fingertips feathering over where he kissed.

“Walkman.” Kurt repeated. “Thank you, (Name).”

  • Who kissed who first?

Kurt kisses you first.

You were standing in front of your bedroom door at the school after a date, and Kurt was unsure if he wanted to say goodbye and walk away, or if he wanted to kiss you. Unsure was the wrong word. He knew he wanted to kiss you, he was just… Afraid that it was something you weren’t ready for.

The three fingers of his right hand touched your cheek ever so gently, his eyes focusing on yours as his tail snugged around your waist to keep you close to him. Kurt could feel, and hear, his heart beating. It was rapid, and the moment your chest pressed against his, he could feel yours as well. “May I kiss you?” Kurt inquired gently, his accent tickling at the inside of your ears as his eyes dropped to trace the shape of your mouth.

“I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.” You replied in a quiet tone, his mouth eager to place itself on yours as he craned his head down, his hand tucked under your jaw. The kiss was smooth, inexperienced, but still, worth the time you had waited. His tail tightened around your waist for a second.

He didn’t want to let go.

  • Who said ‘I love you’ first?

Kurt Does.

Kurt’s eyes fluttered open, being blinded by the bits of sunlight that were sinking into the room from the slightly opened window to the right. He hissed, digging his face back into his pillow with a small sigh before raising his head. You had fallen asleep in his bed again, or at least, it seemed that way for you were laying beside him, still in the clothes you wore yesterday. He chuckled ever so slightly, looking at your face as you slept. This happened more often than not, but Kurt wasn’t complaining. Waking up to your face was an absolute pleasure, and put him in a good mood for the rest of day, even if it wasn’t unintentional. You had the habit of visiting him late at night, telling yourself that you’d go back to your bed, but that obviously didn’t happen.

Kurt snorted softly. You were too silly sometimes.

Moving around gently, so he didn’t wake you, Kurt sat up and stretched, his tail stiffening at the action as a small yawn tugged from his lips. Lightly, he moved some hair away from your face and pressed a kiss to your forehead, “Ich liebe dich…” The German came out of his mouth smoothly, without a second thought. Mein engel[my angel].”

  • Who takes pictures of the other when they’re not paying attention?

You love taking pictures of Kurt.

“Did you just take a picture of me?” Kurt asked with a wide grin, turning his attention to you as Jean started talking to Scott.

“pft,” you puffed your cheeks out playfully and sat your camera down, saving the Polaroid carefully. “Yeah, I did. you’re just so beautiful, I needed it.” The picture usually ends up in your scrap book.(You’ve kept a few for yourself).

  • Who needs to be touching their significant other at all possible moments?

It’s not a need, but more of a preference. Kurt likes to have his hand, or even his tail, on you at all times. It makes him feel more grounded, and he simply enjoys your company and being near him.

You also prefer to be touching him, whether it’s holding hands, your fingers tracing his sharp features as he reads a book, his head in your lap, or if it’s late night cuddles when he’s having trouble sleeping.

  • Who asks strange questions late at night when they can’t sleep?

Kurt tends to. But, they’re not stranger than fiction. Usually, they’re questions about American Culture he thinks of. He tends to stay awake longer than you, due to the time difference that he isn’t quite used to yet.

The most recent question was, “what’s the difference between Coca Cola and Pepsi?”

And you explained it, unsure if he understood, and it ended with, “You have to try both. It’s hard to explain what’s so different about them. Tomorrow, I’ll take you to get a Coke and Pepsi, and I’ll let you decide.”

  • Which one is really excited to put up the Holiday decoration, and which one is dreading it?

You’re both even on the Holiday Decorations, though, admittedly, Kurt really enjoys it. (Though, maybe it’s just the upscale view he gets as you climb onto a stepping stool to put decorations on the tree at Xavier’s.)

    • “Stop staring at (Name)’s ass.” Scott murmured, crossing his arms as Jean shot him a smile from across the room. Kurt felt the heat on his face, and he was thankful Scott couldn’t see it. Looking down at the tangled Christmas lights in his hands, Scott continued talking as Kurt tried to untangle then, “Or at least, make it less noticeable. Sneak glances.”
    • Lots of Eggnog. He likes it. Gives himself tummy aches becuase he drinks  1) too fast. 2)Too much at one time.
    • Matching HOLIDAY SWEATERS.

  • Who spends more money on (Useless) things?

Kurt tends to spend money a lot more than you, but he’s got logical reasoning behind it. He never had anything to call his in the Circus, and now with the freedom he has, he buys things that he likes and enjoys; things that he can call his own.

They’re usually little knick knacks that sit in his room, on the shelf and he admires them every day with a smile. Each of them hold sentimental value, though.

Because of this habit, if you’re out shopping alone, or with your friends, and see something he’d like, you’d buy it to surprise him.

  • Who likes to cuddle more? (Who’s the little spoon? What positions?)

Kurt absolutely loves to cuddle, and will find the strongest source of heat(Yourself) while in bed. A lot of the time, you end up being the little spoon, his arms and legs securing around you and pulling you closer, his tail occasionally rounding to rub up and down on your legs.

Another favored position is Kurt laying on his back, and you laying half on his chest, and half on the bed. Tail rubs up and down your back, or your arms in this position.

Another one that happens is Kurt laying half on you, half on the bed. Tends to happen if he passes out while reading or talking to you, and you love to run your fingers through his thick hair when this happens. It(sometimes) makes him purr.

  •  Who cooks the best? (best meal? Who burns everything they cook?)

You’re the better cook out of the two of you, and Kurt has surely learned to stay out of the kitchen after you almost chopped one of his fingers off when he was trying to help you.

Best meal by far was Mac ‘N Cheese, something you actually introduced Kurt to. He loves it, and he’s absolutely convinced yours is the best on the planet.

Kurt can cook certain things, but he’s not skilled, and given the chance, he could probably burn the simplest of things.

  • Who is most likely to sleep in?

Kurt tends to sleep in more than you do, but it takes him longer to fall asleep at night. Once again, has to do with his body adjusting to the time change.

  • Who is the clean freak?

Kurt wouldn’t consider himself a clean freak, but he is the sort of person who says “There’s a place for everything”, and likes to organize his room a lot. It’s such a mundane thing to like, and he knows that, but he constantly tells you, “I’ve never had this much space to myself, it’s a new experience.”

  • Long kisses or short kisses?

Kurt thoroughly enjoys long, deep kisses against shorter kisses. He likes the intimacy,  he likes to hold you close to him, as if he’s afraid of losing you. Depending on the setting, he’ll wrap his tail around your waist to keep you near him. Has been known to lure you into make-out sessions without that being his intention.

You like this as well, but you aren’t completely opposed to short kisses, and sometimes, prefer those over any other.

You like to pepper kisses onto his face, before peppering them on his lips, so technically, that counts as short kisses.

  • Who’s the first to apologize after a fight?

Depends on the situation, and what sort of fight you had gotten into. Kurt tries to stray away from arguing, it’s something he heavily dislikes. He’ll apologize when he feels it’s needed. But, knowing you and how stubborn you can be, it usually ends with you in tears, your head pressed into his chest as you mumble, “I’m sorry… It was my fault, you shouldn’t have to a-apologize…”

  • Who is the flirt? (And who is the romantic?)

Kurt can be rather flirty, without realizing right away that he’s being flirtatious. It may be the tone in his voice, the way he looks at you when he says something, or how his hand trails from your fingers to hook around your waist in a suggestive manner. His flirty side will manifest itself the more comfortable he grows around you.

He’s more romantic, than he is flirty. Whether it’s reading his favorite book out loud to you, spontaneous dates where he refuses to tell you where he’s taking you, laying in bed beside each other and talking about a (possible)future with one another. He would pick being romantic over being flirty anyday.

You, on the other hand, are a flirt. It gets Kurt flustered, and you think it’s undoubtedly cute. Winking at him from across the room, letting your hand rest on his thigh and rubbing slowly, cheesy one-liners.

  • Who comforts who more often?

Kurt comforts you more often.

“Hey,” Kurt whispered, looking down at you with a careful glance as tears fell from your eyes, “What’s wrong?” Defense mode kicked in heavily as he touched your shoulders, pulling you in for a tight hug. You said nothing though, and merely melted against him, your fingers grasping his shoulderblades as you hugged him tightly. “Oh…” He swallowed, petting your hair ever so gently, “You don’t need to tell me…” His accent was thick in your mind, tears still falling from your eyes. They were sinking into his shirt, and he could feel kisses of wetness on his skin as you sniffled and wiped your nose with the back of your hand, “Shhh… Mein engel… Shhh…” Kurt craned his head down, capturing your lips for a second before kissing your nose, and then your forehead, “Let it out…”

  • Who is the most protective over the other?

Kurt is definitely more protective over you. Nothing over the top, and he tries to contain it best he can, but he does find himself worrying when you tell him you’d be back by 10, and you don’t come home until 11. He jokes around with your friends a lot, saying things like, “Don’t bring her back injured, I don’t know what I’d do.” But he does.

He’d get mad.

  • Who kills spiders?

Kurt does, despite not liking spiders all that much. He does it for you though, because he is aware you are deathly afraid of them.

  • Who wants kids more?

That’s a tricky question, considering you both want children someday. It’s a subject that came up while you and he talked about marriage, and from the gist of the conversation, you figured you both wanted kids, but wanted them later in life, perhaps in your late 20’s, early 30’s, and after you’re married.

  • How many kids?

One or two would be ideal, but neither of you would complain with more than that.

  • Who proposed? (How did they do it?)


You’re in your twenties, maybe, your early twenties, and have been with Kurt for years. Of course, you had gotten into fights with one another, but you resolved them because you truly did love one another. You two have already experienced so much with one another. So many X-Men missions, so many nights where you worried it’d be his last, and he wouldn’t come home to you. So many evening when he lays in bed beside you and reads from his Bible, because the sound of his voice relaxes you. So many memories of Kurt looking at you with adoration in his eyes.You’re walking around a lake that’s near your house, just finishing a conversation about whether or not Scott and Jean were going to have kids.

“They’ll have them,” Kurt said, his tail around your waist as you walked beside him. “But, maybe, we’ll have them sooner.”

Heat hit your cheeks like a wave at his words, “I thought you wanted to be married before that happens.”

“I do.” Kurt smiled bashfully, looking down at his pacing feet. He stopped walking suddenly, his tail unraveling from your waist to grab at your arm, getting you to stop walking as well. “I do.” He repeated a bit louder this time.

 “Kurt, what’re you-”

The blue mutant in front of you dropped down onto one knee, locking his eyes with you intensely once he did that. Grasping your hand with both hands, Kurt pressed a warm kiss to your knuckles, “I love you so much… Even… Even more than I love myself…” He swallowed, his eyes shutting for a moment, his eyelashes tickling at his cheeks as he did so. Your expression was one of shock and surprise, or at least, Kurt thought so from spending so many nights studying your face and how it moved. That was something he enjoyed doing, for he thought you were absolutely the most beautiful person he had ever had the pleasure of meeting. 

And he was so happy, and thankful, that he had met you. “I couldn’t imagine my life, where I would be right now, if I didn’t have you holding my hand through all of it,” Kurt paused, letting his words sink into your skin as the sun began setting slightly due west. He kissed your knuckles again, nerves finally kicking in, “I never imagined that I’d find the person I want to spend the rest of my life with at such a young age, but some of us are lucky, I suppose.” 

You laughed, covering your mouth with your free hand as tears built up behind your eyes. “This is cliche, isn’t it? Taking you on a date, and the proposing during the sunset? I thought I’d be more original, but I know you like this sort of romantic thing.” 

Nodding quickly, another chuckle left your mouth as you muttered from behind your hand, ‘yeah, I do.’

Giving you a charming smile, Kurt drew a deep breath in, and looked up into your eyes once again. “I truly believed for the longest time that I didn’t deserve love, especially from someone like you. But… God works in mysterious ways, and one of those mysteries, I suppose, is the reasoning behind why… he sent me such an angel.” Kurt shuddered out air, his shoulders loosening as he reached into the pocket of his jacket. The velvet box felt smooth against his touch as he lifted it. “Mein engel…Make me the happiest man on the Earth and… Marry me?”

Peter Parker Edition.

I just wanna see the batkids bonding over super mundane things (instead of t r a u m a) is that really so hard


Damian walking the Manor grounds and way in the backyard, hidden behind hedge rows, he finds Tim blowing bubbles and at first he’s like “wow you really are a child, Drake” but then he watches in fascination as Tim blows a massive bubble and he’s like “I can do that in fact I can do better” and it turns into a contest on who can make the biggest one.

example 2:

Jason and Dick watching kung-fu movies and they’re like “pft that’s child’s play” and they copy the movements from the actors until it turns into an all out play-fight as they add their own twists to the techniques.

example 3:

The boys take Cass out for dinner once a week, each time to a different restaurant, to make sure she gets to try anything and everything. They call it the “full Gotham experience.”

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I'm waiting for a Sonic adaptation done in the style of Dingo Pictures "movies". It needs to happen.

It will happen, on the day that Penders finally releases his LSC movie- 

PFT, sorry, sorry, had to make the gag ID 

But yes, I too am morbidly curious to see such a thing. Maybe some day….

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Hey, have you seen the post where they talked about Jax and Bianca becoming canon? It was because of images pulled from the Backstage YouTube account. It showed pics of Jax and Bianca sharing glances and the hand holding thing in the intro. Thoughts?

Seriously? jax and Bianca? They are literally the same person. I mean, now that you say it, it does make sense (that they planned it) but, why? They’re not at all good together. I thought it would be Jax and Kit. Like, since episode one they made the two interact. Either way, what? Bianca? Jax? What were they thinking? “Oh, we need Bianca to date someone….hmm, oh let’s put the two arrogant, hot headed, emotionally weld up teens together!”

Pft, That’s a mess waiting to happen. They’re not compatible at all. Like, I can accept Jax and Kit (though, i will always believe Jiles are dating…) but Bianca and Jax? Bianca may be my favorite and I do love Jax, but together – no no no.

Sigh, this show is messed up. Can Jax and Miles just date? C'mon.

After the first gold medal, he feels pride. The second he’s defending a title, the third he’s proving a point. The fourth gold medal he starts to feel bored, and after the fifth, just a curious emptiness he doesn’t know how to analyze.


“You’re bored,” Christophe says, and if there’s an edge there it’s only barely perceptible. If there is bitterness, Christophe is too good a friend to let it show.

“I’m not sure that’s it,” Viktor says.

“Let me ask you something, Viktor, why do you keep skating? Don’t get me wrong—you have to keep skating until I can beat you, I just want to know what your reason is.”

There’s something sort of gloomy about that statement—does he have to keep skating? Until someone beats him? Is that even what he wants? Is that something everyone else wants?

“See, you can’t even answer, can you? Just think about—everyone on this ice has one thing in common: you. We’re here to beat you. But you don’t have a Viktor so you’re bored.”

Everyone has me but me, Viktor repeats in his mind.

“What you need is a really good fuck.”

“It always comes down to that with you,” Viktor says genially.

“Because it’s true! It cures everything. Just anonymous fucking; you and someone else and you’re both just bodies and pleasure and it’s the best thing in the world. It’s eros—the highest form of pleasure anyone can obtain. It’ll help you get over your funk, trust me. Find a random person and screw their brains out.”

Christophe says this like Viktor doesn’t know that Christophe has been in a very committed relationship for the past year. Like Viktor doesn’t know that Christophe is very much in love, and that he found his inspiration not with anonymous fucking, but with a love that doesn’t leave.

Maybe that’s what I need, Viktor thinks idly. A love that doesn’t leave.

He dismisses the idea almost immediately. Whatever this emptiness is, it’s not something that romance can fill.


“Do you think I should keep skating?”

He’s not even sure this is a question he wants an answer to, but it’s a question he feels like he needs to ask, and he has to ask it to the person who has known him the longest.

“Of course you have to keep skating!” Yakov shouts, predictably angry. “What else are you going to do? Retire? Travel? Write your memoirs? Don’t be an idiot. You’re still the best, so you keep skating. What else is there?”

Right, Viktor thinks.

What else is there?


“‘Do you want my autograph?’ God, you’re such a fucking idiot. Get over yourself, asshole, not everything is about you.”

Yuri has been on a tirade for quite some time, and Viktor doesn’t understand why. Nor does he particularly care—Yuri is usually on a tirade about one thing or another and Viktor has long since concluded it’s just better to smile and nod along when he gets like this.

“Really, Viktor, that was poorly done,” Mila says. And if even Mila agrees than surely he must have done something wrong, but it’s too late to figure out what now. “Although, Yuratchka, I’m not sure why you care—weren’t you the one saying, ‘There only needs to be one Yuri?’”


“It is good that Yuri has a rival,” Georgi says off-hand, “Besides you, that is. A more attainable goal, since he’s just starting out.”

A rival, Viktor thinks. It always comes back to that. Is that what I need? Not a Viktor, but an attainable goal.

But everyone on the ice was a friend and a rival, so he’s not even sure what that means.


It’s only at the reception that Viktor realizes what it is that the others had been yelling at him for. He sees the dejected Japanese man and it clicks, Oh, he’s another skater. No wonder Yuri yelled at him—it was very poor form to offer his autograph to another skater.

Guilt is not something he likes to dwell on—he doesn’t like it, he’s never been particularly good at it, and really all things considered life is just much easier if he’s not too hung up on what other people feel because of him.

But he does feel bad.

He keeps watching the sad man and thinks to himself, How could I have known? He remembers Yuuri Katsuki now, (Yuuri had, all things considered, been a very memorable skater—it’s no wonder he caught Yuri’s eye) and the glasses make him look like a whole different person.

He’ll have to apologize later.

The not-guilt makes him aware of the other man in a way that maybe he wouldn’t be otherwise. It’s strange—but maybe he’s envious of the other man’s devastation. Maybe that’s what I need—something that will make me cry. He can’t remember the last time he cried. He can’t even remember the last time he had anything he cared enough to cry about.


“Shouldn’t someone make him stop?” Michele says, sounding nervous. “That’s like his fifteenth glass, and I’m not even exaggerating.”

“Pft, Italians,” Mila scoffs. Michele is far too easy to tease, so she purposefully thickens her accent and says, “That’s nothing. We feed that to babies, in Russia. You Italians just don’t know how to hold your liquor.”

“I can hold my liquor just fine!” Michele shouts. (“He really can’t,” his sister whispers at the side), “I’m just saying, if he keeps drinking like that he’s going to die.”

Mila has a point—Russians know how to drink. It’s a point of national pride, really. And maybe that’s why every single Russian in the room is watching Yuuri Katsuki with a sort of hushed respect. It’s not just that he’s on his fifteenth, moving onto his sixteenth, glass of champagne, it’s that it doesn’t look like the liquor is slowing him down any and you don’t have to be Russian to know just how impressive that is.

Maybe that’s what I need, Viktor thinks. Drink until I lose all control.

Or maybe I just need to lose control.


“Viktor! After the season is over, my family owns a hotspring, so please come. Be my coach! If I win this dance-off, you’ll be my coach, right?”

Oh, Viktor thinks.

Maybe all I need is you.

A/N: Thanks, anon-friends! I haven’t fully decided if I want to write a long story for Yuri on Ice yet, (largely because I’m not sure I have stories to tell yet) but I am also super weak to anyone asking me to write something, so I hope you enjoy this character sketch of Viktor! I am sure it has been done before a million times, but it’s where I wanted to start in this fandom =D Thanks again!!

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I want to broaden my art portfolio a little more - mainly it’s just TMNT let’s be honest. So I’d like to do an OC raffle to challenge myself.

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Good luck!!!!


Hi from Germany! Could you write a Skinny!Steve story for me? Thanks!

Key- Y/N is of course your name
Y/N/N is your nickname

By: @marvel-watch-your-language

Sauntering down the main sidewalk of Brooklyn, New York, you hummed one of your favorite songs.

Your thoughts were bubbly and happy while you thought of the party you went to with your best friend last night. But she still had more fun than you, as she had men lining up to date her, and you would be lucky if there was one. Your thoughts were interrupted as you walked past an alleyway where you heard painful groans from the street side.

Curiously, you looked around the corner of the apartment building and spotted a man. Though you were a bit wary of approaching a strange man in an alleyway, you couldn’t deny the part of you that desired to help people.

Heels clicking against the wet pavement from the heavy downpour earlier, your hand came to cover your crimson colored lips.

“Are you okay?” You asked the scrawny man with a bloody bleeding face.

“Yeah, fine I think,” he replied, swiping the blood away from his nose. As he stood up, you realized his exact size: surprisingly, he was your height, though more bony, and he had sparkling blue eyes.

“Well, mind tellin’ me your name, stranger?”
Before answering, he winced as he rotated his right wrist.

“Rogers, Steve. Well ma'am, thanks for your concern, but I should probably be going.” Steve turned on his heel, rolling his shoulders to gain his composure back.

He had made it out of the alleyway and was about to turn the corner when you called out to him. “Rogers, get back here. You need some help. Let me take a look.”

“I don’t even know your name,” he said over his shoulder.

“It’s Y/N. Call me Y/N/N. Come back to my place. I’m a nurse, I just need to get my supplies from my apartment to fix you up.“

The two of you lived in the smaller area of Brooklyn, and most people were friendly and trustworthy in that neck of the woods. Your expression alone on your beautiful face was compassionate and open, making it difficult for Steve to deny joining you.

Sighing, he fell into step with your red heels clicking against the pavement once more.

"Knew you’d come. It hurts doesn’t it?”

“Pft,” Steve scoffed, “no. Not a bit.”

“Yeah, sure. Don’t lie to the one that offered to help you, mister.”

Steve laughed under his breath. He could appreciate a sassy girl like you. Most of the dames around New York didn’t pay an ounce of attention to him, but you were different.


When you arrived in your apartment building, you welcomed Steve to sit down as you gathered everything you needed to patch him up.

“Thanks, Y/N/N, but you don’t have to do all this.”

“But I want to,” you replied, avoiding eye contact. Neither of you spoke whilst you wrapped his wrist in a bandage.

You became absorbed in your work as if Steve was just another patient, which he was……but he seemed different. He watched your E/C eyes survey his face to check for more bruises.

Carefully, your nimble fingers brushed his skin occasionally as you wiped the cold antiseptic on his bruised cheek and nose. Steve completely ignored the shiver that went down his spine when your eyes met his frequently. Smiling at the carpet, you couldn’t help but notice how disconnected Steve seemed.

“I think that’s it, you’re all fixed up now,” you said with a grin as you closed your medical kit.
“Thank you, Y/N/N. I guess I’ll…..see you around sometime?”

“Sure,” your lips stretched into a toothy smile. “Here,” you handed his a slip of paper with your landline’s phone number.

Steve smiled back at you with bright eyes as he accepted the paper from your painted nails. You suddenly realized that he had probably never interacted this much with a girl before, judging from the look on his face. Daringly, you leaned forward and kissed his cheek.

Opening the door, Steve left with nothing more than your phone number and a giddy feeling in his stomach.

#4 High School!5SOS: Studying/Tutoring

[Requested: Yes]


“(Y/N), come on play with meee.” Michael whined pushing a game controller near your lap. “Michael, no, I said I needed to study.” You said trying to understand the history notes in front of you. You tried studying at home but your siblings were just so noisy, Michael offered for you to study at his house since it was quieter, but after an hour he started to get bored and he started to bother you. “(Y/N)” he whines again, “come on, be my player too, I can’t play this without you.” “Play against the system.” “The system isn’t as fun as playing against you.” “Michael, you should be studying too, we both have a history test tomorrow and you are going to fail.” “Pft, history is easy, I got it in the bag.” “What is a junta?” Michael flinches, “ew, what’s that? It sounds so inappropriate.” “Oh yeah, you are totally gonna get gold stars.” “I’m a good noodle.” You roll your eyes again and look back at your text book, Michael snatches it and he makes it impossible to reach, “Michael, come on, I need to study.” “Let’s make a bet, beat me 2 out of 3 and I’ll give this text book back, but if I win we are playing for an hour.” You didn’t think he was serious until he raised the book higher. Needless to say, you ended up playing till dark causing you to cram, but hey, you got a B+. To your surprise, Michael actually got an A, and rubbed it in your face mouthing out, “good noodle” from across the room.


“I don’t understand it.” You said sighing and rubbing the temples of your head. “Okay, what don’t you understand (Y/N)?” Calum says looking over the text. You were having trouble in English and you were never good at interpreting poems, and when the teacher assigned this epic poem you knew you needed help. “Why are Achilles and Agamemnon arguing, they are mad but why are they mad?” “Okay if you look at these lines it’s because Agamemnon is demanding a new prize since Achilles is taking what he won away.” “Ugh, can’t we just watch the movie Troy? It’s based off of that right?” Calum rolls his eyes, “really (Y/N)? You asked me to help you right? I’m here to help.” “It could take till midnight…” “If that’s what it takes for you to understand, then let it be.” You blushed slightly, “uhm, hey, remember this is my house, my parents would freak if you were here this late.” “Well then, you better hurry and understand this first chapter before they come, I’m not leaving until you finish this.” “Calum, I’ll get in trouble.” “Hmm, it’s 4, shouldn’t the sun be setting?” On that note, you some how magically understood everything within the next hour. Calum felt a little sad that he had to leave though, because he wanted to stay a bit longer, but something told him that you would need him again.


“Okay, take it from the top.” Ashton says as you look over your lines of your script again. You had a scene for your drama class that you had to study and Ashton and you were paired up to do a scene together. The scene was from Mean Girls and Ashton thought it would be a good laugh for him to play as Cady for the presentation. “Okay, let’s do this.” You said putting down your script. Ashton yelled action and he turned around diva like and put on a sassy attitude, “I pretended to be bad at math so that you’d help me, but the thing is, I’m not really bad at math. I’m actually really good at math…” “Wait. You’re failing on purpose that’s… Stupid.” You said before laughing. “(Y/N) that’s the 5th time you burst into laughter!” “Ash, I’m so sorry but, do you really have to practice with the blonde wig?” “Why? You don’t think I’m pretty?” “Pft, you’re totally hot.” Ashton does a slight hair flip causing you to laugh even harder, “You’re supposed to memorize this (Y/N).” “I did Ashton, you’re just making me laugh too much.” “I’m just being in character, director I can’t work in these conditions.” He says before strutting to the kitchen for a drink. “We’ve been at it for 3 hours, we could use the break.”


“Now, solve for average velocity.” Luke says after I stated my givens in the physics problem. “Crap…. Uhm…” “Velocity equals?” “Distance over time, but Luke there are 3 other distances how  do I-” “Okay (Y/N) remember what I said, velocity and speed are both distance over time, but one of them uses displacement, the other uses total distance.” “Luke, I really suck at memorizing formulas.” “Take a guess.” You looked back at your paper, mentally flipping a coin in your head of what you think velocity was. You wrote down the displacement over the time, calculated, then showed it to Luke. “Correct.” “Really!?” “Yes, see (Y/N) it’s pretty easy right?” “When you’re teaching it, yeah.” He smiles slightly, “need anymore help?” “Uhm, this problem. Luke I’m really sorry you have to help me…” “It’s fine, I like helping.” “You should be like a math tutor or something.” “I’ll keep that in mind, solve for acceleration.” You look at that problem and start writing down the givens again, “Luke, seriously, thanks, I actually think I’m gonna do good the next test.” “Hey, it’s what friends are for.” He says and you paused your writing for a moment, “yeah… Best friends.” You said before calculating again.

A/N: Sorry for the very late update, but hey, it’s Friday! Thank you for the Anon again for requesting a part 4. #5 should be up today as well. If you like this or want a preference, meme, or imagine you want me to write then request here.

p.s. I almost lost this because my computer died, thank god it was safe, I worked really hard on this.

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Your top10 HaeHyuk moments? (yes i did)

So hard to pick!!!!
I’ve been asked this before back in 2012 so here’s my 2012 list XD but right now it is:

1. STILL my #1 fav moments because it just speaks love and romance to me :’> all happy and cuddly together, please stay like this forever. Even though I can’t see hae’s face from the front I already know what kind of smile he’s got on his face and it just melts my heart seeing them like this. Hae’s ear fetish seriously…dude needs to do something about it ke ke ke and hyukkie’s adorable smile just, the arm around his neck EVERYTHING just makes me explode with feels no matter how man times I look at it.

2. Do I need to explain!? This is just Dongay’s subtil (pft! not so much) way of showing how adorable he thinks hyukkie is. The confused look in hyukkie’s eyes and the smile on hae’s face just agh my feels!!!

3. Hyukkie runs to Hae after being all shy and embarrassed by Shindong on stage and Hae hugs him. THAT HUG….’NUFF SAID!

4. Hae feeding Hyukkie (tho I love the moment where he laughs cuz hyukkie doesn’t feed him back more) The way hae looks at hyukkie when feeding him. 

^ ekkkkkkkkk!!!!! fjkhfjlkhfkg i love this moment!!!!! hae so cute XD

5. Hae carrying Hyukkie, I love any moments of hyukkie being in hae’s arms to be honest. :3

6. Hyukkiw running and jumping into Hae’s arms!!! get a room srsly

7. Holding hands and Hae dragging Hyukkie way from crowd XD If they don’t look like a couple to you here then I dunno what’s wrong with chuuuuuu because even with all those other male and female idols around them then they were with each other most of the time. 

8. BACKHUGS!!!! *heavy breathing* I love all haehyuk backhugs with hyukkie in hae’s arms :’>   /gross cryinggggg/

9. Hae trying to cheer hyukkie up cuz hyukkie couldn’t do his solo part during the performance :[ and he was sad and disappointed in himself the entire time so hae went and held his hand and tried to make hyukkie enjoy the music, and made him smile :3 the most precious thing ever

the way he looks at him and holds his hand is just djkfghjsfdklgh!!

10. Hae proposing to Hyukkie…for like the 3rd time ke ke ke

and walking arm in arm at the airport :’> hae holding hyukkie’s wrist

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Credit to rightful owners.