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when I first saw what Rian said about the romance I was really really upset but then I read what other people said about them being allies and how it takes time for a romantic relationship to develop and that literally lifted my mood. what I'm absolutely terrified of is what the antis are saying. I've already seen what some of them have said but it's going to get so much worse and they're going to bring that point up in literally everything. I just want to be safe and happy but idk if I can now

Here’s the thing, anon, and I’m going to be as blunt and honest as I can here.

When I was being abused, nothing terrified me more than fucking up. Even if it was minor, even if it was inconsequential, even if it was an honest mistake or just a human one. Because I knew that my abuser would lord it over me every. single. time they felt threatened, any time something good happened to me, any time I was already hurting and down on myself, any time they felt powerless and just needed to kick someone to make themselves feel better.

Antis have the exact same mindset. Think about it: when are they the most vocal and at their nastiest? a) When something comes out that’s good news for the Reylo fandom (shift in balance of power: we’re happy and they’re threatened); b) when something comes out that’s good news for them (need to strike out and hurt less powerful group to maintain euphoric feeling of power and righteousness); c) weekends/evenings/summers/any downtime, particularly for students (primary demographic for antis; we’re dealing with summarily miserable people, and downtime to think and self-reflect can lead to anger/helplessness and the need to project and lash out). 

And they will trot out the same fandom missteps over and over and over again, using it to tar the whole fandom with the same brush. They need us to be the bad guys. They need us to be wrong. And they will use every single scrap of ammunition they have to attack and try to reframe the narrative so that we are. They got some pretty good reinforcements today, just like my abusers did when I did something wrong, or when someone else said something justifiably negative about me that they could then twist and weaponize. 

I mention this not as a pejorative or to draw a neat parallel between antis and abusers (although there is significant connective tissue). The important part is how I finally stopped them from being able to lord those mistakes over me and kick me in the ribs:

Zero contact. Total inaccessibility. None of my past abusers have any access to me. I know that if they did, they’d resort to those same behaviors, because that’s how they operate.

And antis are the same way. In order to stop them, you have to keep them from getting to you, in any form. 

Block liberally and on-sight. Don’t ask questions, just block. I go so far as to block anyone I see liking or reblogging anti posts. Never, ever engage or speak to antis. Restrict who can view your blog if you have to. Disable anon asks. Blacklist anti keywords and remove yourself entirely from the discourse. The bottom line is that antis are mentally abusive and emotionally exhausting to deal with; protect yourself and don’t let them close enough to penetrate your defenses. Because they will, and they will attack with absolutely everything they have.

Remember: you’re dealing with people who want to hurt you. And the only answer to that is to not let them

My observations watching 🎯 Arrow 5x23 "Lian Yu"

Last thoughts of the season, dearies. Can’t believe it, but here we are. I liked this season finale. At lot. It’s not better than season 2 finale, like someone said, but pretty good. Even with that cliffhanger, for me it didn’t take points of it, not really. Much better than season 3 and 4 finales, that’s for sure.

Now my thoughts of it in detail. Let’s do this…

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Freckles in the Phandom

As a person with pale skin and therefore a lot of freckles it makes me ridiculously happy to see the phandom go crazy over Dan and Phil’s freckles.
I have seen quite a lot people complaining about their freckles and although I never thought anything negative about them, the fact that people need to include freckles in body positivity posts made me think that maybe people do think freckles are something ugly.
Now that everyone is saying positive things about these cute little spots and Dan and Phil themselves posting pictures of them proudly, I regained my initial opinion on them ^^


This was something that really stood out to me in this video. You can change someone else’s world by just simply making them smile or feel a little happier. Positivity even in it’s smallest forms can have the power to give people more energy and motivation which can also give them the strength and inspiration they need to change their life in some sort of way for the better. 
By making people happy you can change the world. 

The reason this stuck with me is because this is what I constantly try to do everyday for other people and this is what Seán does for me too. 
No matter what kind of day I’m having Seán by just being himself and making me smile through that can give me so much positivity. Which helps me stay motivated and inspired to keep going and to keep trying even if it feels like my life is going nowhere. Just by helping me feel a little more happier it’s given me moments where I look at my own life and want to try to make it better in some sort of way and to make the most out it in any way that I can. Even on the days when I feel completely awful about myself Seán, just by being his silly self and making me laugh still makes me feel like I can do anything that I set my mind to because I constantly see so much of myself in him. Speaking 100% serious, he helps me make my own life worth living every single day just through those tiny moments of positivity. Which honestly I could never truly ever describe how much that really means to me. I don’t say this kind of stuff to get attention from him or to make him sound greater then how he actually is. It’s just that this is sincerely and genuinely how he’s made me feel about my life and myself and I want to be 100% honest about that. I really hope that me saying all that doesn’t come across as anything negative or loose it’s meaning because I’ve said it before in other posts. But still, he seriously has help me changed my world in so many ways in this whole time I’ve known/watched him just by making me feel a little happier. :)  
One of the biggest reasons I make my posts about Seán’s videos every single day is because I want to make other people happy in some sort of way. I want to spread more positivity in general and spread the positivity that Seán gives me every single day through his videos too. I don’t know if I make anyone else’s life happier per say through my posts. But if I can help someone else smile or help someone else feel better about themselves with something I made or wrote out on here then that seriously makes me happy because I genuinely like making other people happy and seeing other people happy in their own skin. I seriously just want to see more people feel and realize that they matter just by existing and that life seriously has so much to offer them. :) 

So I believe that what Seán said at this part of the video is 100% true because that’s exactly what he’s done for me personally. By making others happy you CAN change the world! :D Or at least you could possibly change someone else’s world by just simply making them feel a little bit happier. :)

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Can you do a newtxreader drabble where they got into intense argument because of Newt paying attention to Leta and to reader (his girlfriend) and he said something extremely hurtful but later on realizes and tries to apologize. If it's not a problem, please do a happy ending to this, like they make up?:)

Newt’s mouth thins as he takes in your clenched fists, puffy cheeks, and bloodshot eyes. He says nothing as he waits for whatever you’re holding back, whatever you’re not saying yet. He just leans against the classroom desk, fuming.

“You just needed to listen to me, Newt. Just listen for once. I know you love her oh so much but I’m your girlfriend. I’m supposed to come first.”

Newt’s jaw tightens. “You do.”

You hate the tears forming in your eyes as you throw your arms out. “Then why don’t I feel like it?”

A vase goes flying from the desk nearby when your arm hits it, tumbling and turning through its arc until it shatters against the ground. Fragments of glass skitter over the ground.

Newt’s voice is low, hard, and meaner than you’ve ever heard. “You’re too selfish to ever be content with the attention I give you.”

The words knock the wind out of you, send you stumbling away from him. “I can’t believe you.” Your lower lip wobbles and a piece of glass crunches under your foot. “I can’t believe you want to make this all my fault again.”

Newt’s nostrils flare with anger. “The feeling’s mutual.”

You spin around, striding away from him as quickly as you can without breaking into a run. He already seems to think you’re pathetic enough, no need to make that view worse.

You don’t know where you’re heading until you’re there. You’d not been thinking, just focusing on getting as far away from that ugly Newt as you can. What has Leta done to him? How has she twisted your kind boy into this… terror?

Crawling behind the statue of some old wizard that invented some potion, you yank open a tiny door. It’s a secret room. You’re not sure why it’s here or why it was built, but it sure as hell works well as a cry space.

It’s small; So small you can’t stand, not that you want to. You just curl up and sob into your hands, cursing Newt, cursing Leta, cursing yourself for being foolish enough to think you could hold onto Newt.

You weep until you have no more tears to cry, until your anger fades and all you’re left with is a vague exhaustion and an overwhelming despair.

The knee-high door swings open.

You push yourself back against the wall, terrified, but it’s just a familiar face that appears.

Newt crawls in, lanky frame compressed as much as possible. “Mind if I join you?”

You glare at him, but a small part of you finds comfort in the sight of his bloodshot eyes.

He sighs, tugging the tiny door shut and facing you. “Are you all right?”

“Do you think I’m all right?” You spit out, drawing on whatever leftover anger you can muster. You don’t want to be near him, but the room’s so compact his legs brush yours.

He stares at the ground, shame coating his face. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean what I said.”

“You’re going to apologize?”

“I don’t know what else to do. I messed up.” He looks up at you, pleading. “I don’t want to drive you away.”

You listen to his ragged breathing—loud in this small area—and remember all the times he’s put up with your mood swings, your fits of jealousy, your own flaws. You swallow your pride. “It’s not just your fault, Newt.”

“You were right; I was ignoring you in favor of Leta. I won’t do that again. I promise.”

You watch him peer up nervously from under a knot of messy hair. His eyes are brimming with unshed tears and you can see his terror in the way he curls in on himself, arms wrapped around his chest and head bowed.

“I’m not leaving you, Newt.”

He closes his eyes, entire body relaxing at those words. “Thank you.” The words are broken, shattered like the glass of the vase in the classroom, but genuine.

“Will you-“ you pause, picking at your nails, not daring to look at him in case he changes his mind, “Will you forgive me?”

“Of course.” He scoots around the room, lifting an arm. “May I?”

When you nod, he wraps his arm around your shoulders and tugs you against him. You listen to the frantic pounding of his heart grow steady as silent minutes pass.

He presses a kiss to the top of your head before he speaks again. “I don’t want to lose you. Not because of Leta.”

“The feeling’s mutual.” You quip, a little of the bitterness still there.

Newt says nothing, just squeezes you tighter in apology. You close your eyes, letting the smell of nutmeg and dirt wash over away the rest of your anger and pain, at least for the next half hour the two of you spend curled up together.

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Didn't Minseok say at one point that the reason he had a room to himself is because he shared one with their/his manager but he was never around? Or something?

HE DID!! It was on Happy Camp I think but I’m not sure. He said something along the lines of how he likes not sharing with the members and he basically has a room to himself cause their manager never sleeps in his bed. It was something like that, I remember exo being offended that Minseok didn’t want to share a room with any of them.

But maybe he said that cause the members noticed that the manager’s bed is never slept in and Minseok and Manager bf needed to make up an excuse so exo wouldn’t realise they share a bed….

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some famous writer once said "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent" i really hate this because it's victim blamey. my mom used to say "he didn't make you cry you make yourself cry because you let him get to you" it makes me so mad when people tell me that i am the only one who can control my feelings. someone said something bad to you and you feel sad well that's your fault becuase you give them permission. bs

YEAH complete bs lol. i have been struggling with depression for yeeeaarrrss and my parents have always been like “well you just need to think positively, it’s all about your outlook”. well wtf? i can lie and tell myself i’m happy all i want but that doesn’t change the fact that i want to die lol. mess. feelings really aren’t that simple, and if we could change our emotions just by telling ourselves to think the other way we’d all be much happier people. there are just certain things that are out of our control!!! and i wish more people would just acknowledge that instead of acting like free will is stronger than anything else


a good bean

a precious bean

perhaps a little too ship-happy, considering you’ll go on practically nothing and make it a ship, lmfao. I can never get behind it most of the time because I need a little chemistry or something beforehand.

But honestly a really good person.

Keep bein’ you. ♥

like Listen i’m someone with depression who’s been at their lowest point too many times to count saying that being at your lowest is the worst place to possibly be, and forcing someone to stay there for the sake of making something meaningful for you to admire is cruel and terrible

the world doesn’t need any more sad, depressing work, we already have enough of that as is. we need more happy, hopeful things to inspire people and remind everyone that sure, there are terrible things going on but there are always good things too




They are such great great GREAT friends …

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When they laugh together

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We can’t help but smile

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We even ask ourselves what joke is THAT hysterical????!

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We love their height diffrence 

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And even their hand sizes get us shook

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They are soooo clingy of one another, the backhugs: 

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The sidehugs: 

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The full hugs: 

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Somehow Jimin always throws himself at V

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A.L.W.A.Y.S (as they spend most of their times together)

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I really mean it “ALWAYS”

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And V hugs Jimin to sleep

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Jimin’s muscular arm is the best pillow to him (Chimchim thinks he is ve~~ery cute)

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They even share the same headphones as they listen to music

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While facing eachother

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They jump into one another’s back

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They piggyback one another during concerts

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During photoshoots

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During MV shootings … so basically everywhere!

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Jimin adores Taehyung SO much he picks him up and runs away asap (HE WAS MY FREND FIRST)

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Chimchim will run to V’s side whenever they need to play a game (loyalty yall)

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Taetae adores Chimchim the same way

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He even said he was his soulmates when asked what was Jimini to him

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We love it when they send us kisses

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Or when they make them kiss  (Look at tae being soooo happy over “punishment”)

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Or when they ALMOST kiss

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They have something for butts

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That we can’t explain

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One thing for sure, V befriended the Jibooty

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And Jimin approves

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They will quarell …

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For NO reason

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Then feed one another (If that’s not goals)

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You can’t not accept this ship (JUST take a look at them)

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I mean … even BTS members ship this friendship

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“SO SHIP IT!” said Jungkook (probably)

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They are both VERY attractive friends

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Who are VERY supportive of one another

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They even wipe eachothers’ fake tears (The dedication boi)

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Vmin is basically two dorks who becameclose

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While helping one another 

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In their way…

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To greater Stardom

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SO are you ready to LOVE them? (If you are not ALREADY head over heals for them)

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These two give me a smile when I need it the most. So I hope this post did the same to you ^^
By @mimibtsghost 


Sense8 | You Want a War?

Have you ever been to Paris? Good! Because I want it to be just for us.

Mercury in the Houses- What are you thinking about?
  • Mercury in the 1st: How others perceive me, how to improve myself, how to express myself better, my identity
  • Mercury in the 2nd: What is truly valuable, my talents, my resources, how to get what I want, how much I spend/gain
  • Mercury in the 3rd: If I'm making myself clear, if I know enough about something, what to learn next, favorite books
  • Mercury in the 4th: Who to protect, where is 'Home', how others feel, where I belong to, my mom, my safe haven
  • Mercury in the 5th: Romance, the outlets for my creativity, how to find happiness, what to create next, who to flirt with
  • Mercury in the 6th: How to improve my lifestyle, how not to waste my time, who needs my help, my day to day schedule
  • Mercury in the 7th: Who surrounds me, who complements me, the place others have in my life, how others want/expect me to be
  • Mercury in the 8th: Life's darkest side, what is there to be discovered, how to dig deeper, who to bond with, who to trust
  • Mercury in the 9th: Where to go, what to believe in, what to study, who to learn from & who to guide/teach, my morals
  • Mercury in the 10th: What to do with my life, my purpose, my place in the world, my accomplishments, who I can influence
  • Mercury in the 11th: My friends/groups, where I fit, how to make the difference, which bigger causes I'm fighting for
  • Mercury in the 12th: My dreams, what to hide from others, what makes me suffer the most, what to give away to charity

“He was a charming and well mannered man with an impish sense of humour. Peter Cushing was a wonderful human being.”
- Hazel Court

“I liked Peter Cushing so much that it was almost impossible for me to feel the hatred I needed to act against him in our scene together!”
- Carrie Fisher

“He really was the most gentle and generous of men. I have often said he died because he was too good for this world.”
- Christopher Lee

Reminder that Peter Cushing was a goofball and was the kind of guy who would make everyone in the room laugh or be the one crying with laughter.

I can write about sadness as there’s a heavy boulder inside my chest and i actually feel something strong enough to describe it. But then there’s numbness. I’m neither sad nor happy and i don’t know how to describe it. I don’t know how to describe nothingness. There’s a gaping hole under my rib cages and that’s where i used to keep all my sadness but now it’s empty and i can’t fill it with something else. Happiness doesn’t exactly fit in there as i mold it just small enough for crumbles of despair to sit there over time. I need to feel something so badly, or i need to make good use of this numbness. I can’t. I don’t know how to describe nothingness.
—  aweglemoo 

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