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 from the 1980 animated Lord of the Rings musical (this exists. )

This scene is the ultimate EPIC climax in Mount Doom. It’s right after Frodo claims the Ring for his own (the potato-faced person is Samwise the frog is golllum)

 a cinematic masterpiece. take notes peter jackson…. this is REAL filmmaking…

Here are the lyrics so you can sing along:

Frodo of the nine fingers
And the RING of DOOOM

I am still not over that selfie of @amazingphil in the ladybug sweater.



Hawke keychain designs

Sorry for my absence the last few weeks! I’ve been very busy finishing up the last bits and pieces for school and preparing for our next convention. 👀 To let yall know I’m still alive, here’s a preview of Hawke keychains I’m working on! 

I just watched the trailer for about the 50th time and had a bit of a heart attack!

Is this who I think it is?

Just look at the piece of armor on his shoulders.

Ubbe seems pretty pissed, so maybe Ivar is not the reason that Ubbe leaves.

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imagine mcpriceley celebrating pride:

kevin holds a really tiny rainbow flag and waves it nervously, mckinley bursts through the door wearing a turn it off vest, rainbow bow tie, rainbow sunglasses, a headband bopper with big rainbows, and runs around with a big rainbow cape.

listen, ive been “kin” with rin for over a year and a half. it’s purely for personality issues and is a way of coping. if it bothers you, you can just unfollow me 


Sato Ryuji as Uchiha Sasuke in Live Spectacle Naruto ~Akatsuki no Shirabe~, singing in the genepro videos

Today (23 July) is Uchiha Sasuke’s birthday! Happy Birthday Sasuke! ♡

(Sources: エンタステージ2ミライカナイチャンネル)

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hi I was wondering which of your mutuals you associate/ship with the svt members? I need some more blogs to follow!!