i needed to gif these myself

animation I did about ideas coming to life and things coming out of nothing

I definitely want to clean it up a bit cause i made it in firealpaca but for now here she is… the fruit of my love and labors

(I recommend using tumlrmobl’s gif feature to slow parts down frame by frame- slide your finger back and forth over the gif at the speed of your preference and it should work)

/edit yeah it’s mp100

e͏m͜pt͠y̴ sṕąc̛e͏ ͢e̛mp͟ty ̛spac͞e e̷mpt̴y sp͠ac͞e ̕e̵mpty s͘p̀ace̕

em͜pty sp̀a̶c̢e̴ em͞p̛ty̸ sp͡a͘ce ͝emp̴t̕y ͡s͟p̶ác̢e̢ ͠EM͡P̢T͡Y ̴S̡PACE

̕!͡! ER͞R͡O̸R ̨!! ÉRR̴ÓR !̷!̧ ̀ÉR̸ROŖ !̡!͜ ERR̨O̧R̀ ͞!!̶ E̡R̡ROR͞ !!

I am struggling with
🤔Impulsive/intrusive thoughts
😕Maintaining control
😔Abusive situations
🙃Everyday life
😷 Maintaining self care
🤐 Something private
😤 Something else


😺I just need you to know
🌹  I need a little kindness and consideration
🐾I need to be left alone for a bit, I will contact you when I’m ready
🐋I need company
🙊I DON’T want to talk about it
🗯I need to vent
❓ I need advice
👍 I need reassurance
💅I need a distraction
❤I need to feel appreciated
🦄I need to feel accepted
💌I need someone to check up on me
🎈 I need someone to ask me how I am
👂 I need someone to talk to me
💤I might not have the energy to communicate
💨I need someone to help me with physical tasks
✈I need to get out of the house
🛀I need to be somewhere comfortable
🐰I need someone positive
🕊I need someone sympathetic
🥑I need encouragement with taking care of myself