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Anonymous said: Could you please do a dating Derek Hale would include? Sorry if you’ve already done one I couldn’t find it

A/N: Yes of course I shall! I haven’t done this one, done a best friend one for Derek. If I ever make an imagine, after I always put it in my masterlist under the character it’s for. So you can find my imagines in my master list. If anyone wants a link to it because they can’t find it and are on the app, just let me know. Other wise, if you’re on a computer and on my blog just go on ‘my links’ and you’ll find my master list there.

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Dating Derek Hale would include:

- You scolding Derek whenever he scares Stiles.

- Supporting Derek no matter what.

- Hot sex everywhere.


- Derek being extremely protective of you.

- You getting extremely protective over Derek.

- Derek getting jealous all of the time.

- “Are you jealous?

- “Yes.”

- “Well at least you’re not beating around the bush about it…

- You getting jealous whenever girls flirt with Derek.

- “Are you jealous, (Y/N)?

- “NO!

- “Your heart rate picked up there. Are you sure you’re not lying?”

- “No?

- “You little liar.

- “Did you really have to punch him Derek?

- “Yes.

- “Okay, so still no beating around the bush.

- “He was looking at your ass. There. Is that reason enough?

- “In your books, yes, but in mine, not really.

- Derek glaring at you whenever you annoy him or say something dumb.

- You sticking your tongue out at him like you’re five because why the hell not?

- Dating the hottest werewolf in existence.

- Realising his family’s pretty much psycho.

- “Okay so your family, - apart from Cora-, is filled with psycho’s like Peter?

- “Pretty much.

- “And you’re all pretty much brooding and pessimistic?

- “Yup.

- “There is so much hope for our children…

- “Children?

- You blurting out things that you think you say in your mind but you actually say out loud.

- “Uh I guess so?

- “You really are serious about us? You want kids with me?

- “Probably. I don’t know?

- “Probably?

- Derek teasing you whenever you say something out loud you didn’t mean to.

- “Shut up okay?

- “Why? It’s cute.

- “No it’s not! That was meant to be said in my head not out loud.

- “Well you didn’t and now I’m curious.

- You automatically hating Peter and asking him random questions to annoy him.

- “Peter, do you tango?

- Derek gives you a weird look along with everyone else in the room.

- “Why?

- “You’re got one of those beefy tango dudes chests. I don’t know, you look like a dude that tango’s. So is that a yes or a no?

- “It’s a shut up before Derek get’s jealous and slashes my throat again.

- You instantly loving Cora and helping her out.

- Dealing with Derek always pushing you away and saying something about it.

- “I don’t get why you keep pushing me away when I can clearly help!

- “You can’t help!

- “And why not?

- “Because you’ll only get in the way!

- Derek saying things that hurt you but he doesn’t mean to hurt you.

- You storming off and not talking to him for a week.

- Hot make up sex.

- Angry sex.

- You not returning Derek’s phone calls, which makes him worry and he sneaks into your house and waits for you.

- You turning on the lights after getting home and practically shitting your pants seeing Derek.


- Derek laughing because of your reaction but composing himself.

- “You didn’t answer my phone calls all week, I needed to know if you were okay.

- “So now you pick the time to care about me?

- “What’s that supposed to mean?

- More angry make up sex.

- Derek telling you things that he has never told anyone else.

“I love you so much. You’re the most important person in my life and I don’t know what I would do if I lost you, and that’s why I never let you get involved in any dangerous conflicts.”

- Derek comforting you whenever you’re upset or after you had a nightmare and sucks at it because he’s never had to do that before.

- “I’m here with you, nothing can get you.

- You two always teasing each other and being playful.

- “You’re an idiot, Derek.

- “How am I an idiot?

- “You just are.

- Derek never liking or trusting any of your friends.

 - “Why don’t you like them?

- “They’re no good for you.

- “Why?

- “Just trust me okay? I know what’s good for you.

- “Oh! You do, do you?

- “Yes!

- “You’re an ass.

- “Tell me something that I don’t already know.

- Derek not really saying ‘I love you’, because it’s Derek, but instead he says it in other ways.

- “You okay?

- “You’re okay, right?

- “I care about you and want you to always be safe.

- “Don’t run off like that again.

- “Call me when you get home safely. I want to know that you’re safe.

- “Stay by my side and don’t move a muscle from me.

- “Stay here and don’t leave until I get back.

- “I’d die for you.

- Derek learning how to say “I LOVE YOU.

- Punching Derek when he get’s annoying. Not maliciously but because of banter and all that.

- “I’m going to proceed in punching you now, Derek.

- “Try it all you want sunshine.

- “Sunshine?

 “Yes, have a problem with that?

- “Oh! You’re so getting punched now!

- Derek easily catching your fist and bringing you close and sweeping you off of your feet.


- Derek being a bad cook.

- “I’m not eating that!

- “And why not?”

- It’ll give me food poison or something! Maybe even the shits.”

- “The shits? Really, (Y/N)? How old are you now?

- “Hey! Don’t question my maturity, the shits are a serious deal for humans. I don’t know about werewolves, but it get’s really messy back there.

- “That’s disgusting.

- “Yeah, well don’t give me the shits then.

- Questioning why you love Derek half of the time.

- “Why do I even love you again?

- “Because I’m awesome.

- “Don’t flatter yourself, sour wolf.

- Derek giving you the expression that says “really?” whenever you call him sour wolf.

- “Easy does it, sour wolf. Don’t want to get worry lines do we?

- Derek laughing sarcastically before glaring at you.

- “Enough with the glares, sour wolf.

- “Call me sour wolf again-

- “Or what? You’ll punish me?

- “Maybe.

- Derek smirking whenever he thinks of you sexually.

- Derek looking at your butt when you walk in front of him.

- “Eyes on the back of my head or else!

- “But it’s a great view, (Y/N). It’d be a shame for it to go to waste.

- “Your flattering will get you nowhere! But thank you.

- Derek practically breaking people in half when they hurt you.

- “Put the poor boy down, Derek!

- “Why?

- “This isn’t the answer. You’ve made him crap himself basically. I think that’s enough.

- “Fine.

- Driving Derek’s car, even if he doesn’t want you to.

- Derek supporting you, but when he doesn’t like the idea he doesn’t.

- “Well that’s too bad, Derek. I’m doing it anyway.

- “Oh really?

- “Yes.

- Doing anything for each other.

- “That’s my boyfriend!

- You surprising Derek by getting tough and badass.

- “That’s my girl!

- Thinking Derek’s the sexiest werewolf in the world, which is pretty much true.

- Derek not being able to take his eyes off of you.

- Derek hating everyone apart from you.

- “I love youuuuu!

- “I love you too, (Y/N). But did you really have to scream that in my ear?

- “Yes.

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Chapter 3: Everything I Needed To Hear

It’s been nearly a week since my sister’s party. We haven’t really seen much of each other. K has been doing a lot of promos and interviews for the new album. We haven’t really spoken about what happened either. It was only a kiss I know, but it felt so much more than that to me. It’s weird because since then I’ve started to look at him in a different way too. I seem to just watch him all the time and I don’t even realize I’m doing it; but it’s like every day I’m noticing new things about him. Not just the obvious things like the adorable little dimples he gets when he smiles. I mean the way his laugh changes into a high pitched cackle when he finds something hilarious, or the way he slowly starts to mumble when he’s too high and the way his eyes light up when he talks about something he’s so passionate about.

Right then, my phone pinged.

“Hey you. Whats up? Food later, be ready @ 8. Kells x”


“So, how come you brought me here?” I asked him.

We were sat in an old American-style diner, with red and white tiled floors and red leather booth seats. We used to come here as teenagers, we’d drink milkshake and eat so much food we were nearly sick. We’d sneak round the back for a quick joint, then come back and fill our faces more.

“Well, we used to hang out here when we were kids y’know? Thought it would be nostalgic I guess” he said pulling a menu off the window-sill and slumping back into the booth.  

“It hasn’t changed a bit, has it?” I looked around smiling. K was right, there was a feeling of nostalgia. “I ain’t seen you since the party, you been busy?” I asked him.

“Yeah I mean, I guess”

A few minutes went by while we both studied the menu deciding what greasy meal we were gonna choose. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Kells shuffling around in his seat, he kept playing with his rings and he looked really nervous for some reason.

I looked up from my menu and was about to ask him if he was okay when he interrupted…

“So I gotta say it (Y/N)” He closed his menu over “There’s this weird tension I feel and I dunno about you (Y/N) but I gotta say it and I’m sorry if it’s the wrong thing to say (Y/N) but I feel like I need to just throw this out there.” He wasn’t stopping for breath.

“Okay…” I looked at him confused, but something really is wrong I thought to myself.

“Well what it is, is (Y/N)” he continued shuffling around in his chair “Since the party y’know” he scratched the back of his head

I could see he was struggling with his words so I interrupted again.

“So, a second ago you wouldn’t stop to breathe and now you can’t get your words out… And you just called me by my name a hundred times. Is everything okay, Kells?” I put one hand on top of his that was resting on the table. “It’s me… stop being so nervous” I smiled at him.

“Right” he nodded and took a breath in.

“Yo, all I know is that since the party I can’t stop thinking about you man” he had the tiniest hint of a smile on his face, “It’s beginning to drive me insane. Like I’ll hear your favorite song on the radio or I’ll walk past a girl that smells like you and before I wouldn’t pay attention, but it’s more noticeable now and it’s like you’re following me everywhere.”

You began to see his eye light up, just like how you had noticed before.

“But that’s not a bad thing. I tried to stay away from you, because you’re you and I’m me, and we’re best friends y’know, it’s weird? But I can’t. It’s like I need to have more of you and I don’t do that cute romantic shit with girls. And this is probably the most you’ve ever heard me talk about my feelings, but at this point, I really don’t give a fuck about ruining our friendship because I think this is just gonna make it better”

I sat cupping my cheeks in my hands. My face felt like it was on fire, I suddenly became really hot and I could feel my face flushing. But right now, in this moment, those words were everything that I needed to hear.

I’m just gonna take a moment because this scene cracks me up everytime I see it. Alex is beating this guy with her elbow LIKE A BOSS, blinding him he doesn’t know what is happening he’s in pain he’s like “bitch that hurts” and she takes his gun (i’m surprised Alex didn’t have one tbh but we all know it’s because she tought she was on a work-date with Maggie) but then MAGGIE who has a gun on her own just CANNOT resist to punch him too in the throat like “i’m not gonna give you a slight chance to hurt my girl back, you piece of shit” even though she doesn’t need to because Alex had it covered like a second before. So this poor guy gets punched TWICE by two powerful hot women in a matter of seconds and I’m in awe because IF THAT’S NOT WHAT A POWERFUL COUPLE OF BADASSES LOOKS LIKE I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. They beat guys up together, you just don’t mess with them. Ever. They’re a brilliant team.

You did a Jensen one, now I need a little Dean. (If your inspired of course.) This is the Dean gif that gets me all hot and bothered lately. *sigh*

“Lemme guess sweetheart, you think just because I’m a demon now I don’t give a shit about you?”

“You don’t.” You snapped back. “You left me for 6 weeks with a shitty note, Dean. You obviously don’t.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it, princess.” He turned his head, looking at the guy he just maimed. The guy you’d been at the bar with. “Demon or not I could never stop carin’ about you.” He leaned in close, his lips against your ear, warm breath making you shiver. “Let me take you to my room and show you just how much I still care.” 

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