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block b baking
  • Jiho: Doubles the ovens temperature to "minimize baking time", because that seems way more efficient. Everything is burned yet raw and he doesn't understand.
  • Kyung: says he "doesn't need measurements", just eyeballs everything. turns out he really, really, really needs measurements
  • Taeil: experimental baker. Would chili paste taste good in lemon cake? Taeil gotta find out. Makes the rest eat his creations later and smiles a little too much while they gag.
  • Jihoon: licks the bowl clean and wants to put sprinkles on the cake. Writes "I love Taeil" in pink icing. he's so cute.
  • Jaehyo: Was ridiculously exact with measurements, temperature and time, yet somehow manages to burn all his cookies. He tried though, he really did.
  • Yukwon: Calls Sunhye every 5 minutes for advice, because "she makes the best cakes like, ever", ends up having a 2 hour phone call with her next door.
  • Minhyuk: takes pictures, makes comments from the side, doesn't actually join the baking. He can't get flour on his YSL Blazer, duh.

I was feeling poetic about the b-team, and a side of Mikey not much of the fandom acknowledges.


Sometimes, Donnie watches his brother, and wonders why their other siblings can’t see all the sides to him.

Mikey is smiles. All smiles all the time. Cheery grins, cheeky grins, mischievous ones you need to watch out for. He’s fond smiles and warm smiles, given when they’re safe at home and there’s no one to fight. He’s small smiles and big smiles and lopsided ones that Donnie knows just as well as their brothers’.


Mikey is also smiles that aren’t like that.

Mikey is false smiles and masked smiles and carefully chosen smiles that can hide just about any other emotion. He’s sharp smiles, knowing smiles, terrifying ones that are all teeth and threat and terror that no one sees till it’s too late.

Mikey smiles all the time, but not all those smiles are kind ones.

Donnie sees it. He doesn’t think their brothers do, nor their father or friends.

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for Fitz, the kiss itself was maveth, death by punishment - the only taste of her he’ll ever have, the end of something that never had a chance to begin, the knowing of exactly what might have been

for Jemma, however, the kiss was the sunrise - something bright and exciting that speaks of renewal, confirmation that light could once again breach the night’s clouds

he wilts as she smiles, the yin and yang of their relationship always balancing each other out


1) Attempt to organize phenotypes by common facial (obscuring) constructions. Broken into 4 major groups. Some exceptions apply. There will be additional diagrams on eyes/facial ornamentation[are they necessary?why are they there?]/visors[are there 2 eyes underneath?]/mouths[Rodimus vs Tailgate, for example]; empurata will get its own chapter. Important surgical implications!
2) Attempt to reason out a flexible skin histology. Many more ponderings needed. Have heard flexible skin has been contentious topic in fandom. My thinking is, if they can smile, they have flexible skin. Circulatory system is evident by canon mentions of “fuel pump” [heart] and Ratchet has said “subcutaneous circuitry” at least once so it’s in there, too =D

I can’t breathe without you in my system. You’re like the unsustainable and unreliable drug I have, and even though I can’t depend on you to always be there, you’re the only constant thing in my life and the only one I can count on to get me out of the fog I’ve been engulfed in. I had you to talk to, to make me smile. Even though you had no idea what I was going through I still will and always will need you even if it’s just for a little while. I’ve been poisoned by you, and I need you to give me the cure. Everyone I’ve talked to tells me it’s heartbreak and I don’t believe them anymore. I’ve tried to get drunk enough to forget, but I realized you’re the only escape I have, so just please kiss me one more time and let me know what’s right and what’s wrong, because right now I can’t even tell left from right.
—  via coconutkeys
Drabble 1:  Jungkook x reader

Originally posted by daeguboy

word count: 500

Genre: Drabble/angst/mention of implied suicide

“Even in our perfection, we were so broken.”

In movies and books, people often talk about love as if it’s the most beautiful/magical thing in this world. Love is pure, unbiased, accepting and fulfilling. You fall in love with someone and you become the happiest person on this earth. Life will be full sunshine and rainbows, smiles and kisses, warm hugs and exchanging ‘I love you’ on hourly basis.  Finding a soul mate is like a finding a missing piece of your heart that you thought was lost forever. Your other half makes you complete and your life becomes a fairy tales where there is nothing but a long awaited happy ending.

But then there’s the other part of it, the part that people often fail to see when they’re blinded by the veil of beautiful young love. The part that is not so exciting or pleasing at all, in fact, it’s ugly and tragic. It’s covered in bruises and stained in dripping mascara. There’s betrayal, treachery, greed and hunger. ‘Love’ doesn’t just leave a scar but a hole in your heart that can never be mended.. The hole bleeds out all memories of what you had or what once was as you desperately try to hold onto them until you find yourself on the floor begging for the pain to stop. But in truth, the pain never stops and strangely, you never want it to stop.

-‘I need to see you. Let me in’

-‘Talk to me once please. Just once

-‘Why are you doing this to me? How can you be so fucking cruel! I hate you y/n’

-‘I love you y/n, so much. You know I don’t have anyone in this world other than you. I only have you. ’

You scroll through the text messages for the 100th time.  About 50 of them he send, you never replied to. The last one reads:

-Meet me behind the abandoned school building at 7pmtomorrow. Please, just see me one last time. After that I’ll never see you again. I promise, I will never hurt you ever again. If you don’t come y/n, I swear to god I’ll fucking hate you for the rest of my life! And you’ll regret not seeing me. I’ll be waiting for you there.

I still love you, I always will


The last message he sent to you was 6 days ago. You read but you never went. And after, that no messages ever came, you phone didn’t vibrate anymore; the frequent knocks on your door were gone. The voice behind the door that often called out to you was gone, making everything from your room to your insides eerily silent. You sit on your bed, knees pressed to your chest and one hand holding your phone whilst you read that last message over and over again.

I still love you

he loved you and you betrayed him. You could see him waiting there for you, behind the school building. The same building where you two had escaped numerous times, he must’ve sat there for hours, underneath that big oak tree where he had kissed you for the first time, where you had let him touch you. It was the place where you had fallen in love with him. And now you will forever remember it as a place where he started hating you.  

Tears formed in your corner your eyes and plopped on the phone screen making the texts unclear. You placed a hand  over your mouth to muffle out your sobbing.

‘we deemed it as an accident not suicide. but we’re still not sure, he had no family or close friends. yours was the last no. on his cellphone. so we could only contact you. What was your relationship to him miss? miss.. are you listening to me? miss are okay? miss-”

and In the end, you realized, love didn’t last forever.

…Humans, after all, didn’t last forever.  

The me on the left is forcing a smile. Inside I was miserable, depressed, low, feeling worthless. I felt like a prisoner in my own body, and I knew I needed to make a serious change.

I didn’t know where to start.

That’s not a good enough excuse.

Start one day at a time. One moment at a time. One decision at a time.

Surround yourself with a good support system. Get out of that comfort zone. Push yourself. Conquer your goals. Ask for help. Then you can tell your story and hope to inspire others.

If I can do it, you can do it.


Happy Haise at Anteiku because it’s been over a year since this second section of pain started and Haise hasn’t smiled in a while so i needed to get this out my system  ಥ⌣ಥ

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More Topp Dogg Stupid AUs: Roommates - Wizards/Apt. 333

Probably the rowdiest tenants in the whole building but also some of the brightest, the four boys living in apartment 333 were best described as golden drops of sunshine. Smiles stretched from ear to ear would bombard you if you ever saw them outside the building because they loved and remembered their neighbours. Waves of laughter always echoed along the corridor on their floor.

“Dude have you seen my sunglasses?”

“Didn’t Hojoon borrow them to take selfies?”

“Damn, I’m never gonna see them again”

“Maybe you would if someone cleans up this place. I’m surprised your head can find your body!”

“Guys if we’re not all married by the time we’re 35, should we just marry each other? Just hear me out, Byungjoo can marry Hojoon and I’ll marry Hansol”

“Woah, why do you get to marry Hansol!?”

“Byungjoo, let’s be real, Hansol and I are clearly the hottest ones in this apartment. Our kids would destroy the world with beauty”

“You know what, Jiho, fight me”

“I would rather marry Hojoon because he’s not an idiot like you two”


The New Encore Live

All right, so let’s talk about this new… system that HE implemented, shall we.

Do not let Kanata’s smile fool you, this system is terrible.

Two days in, I’m sure we’ve all noticed the point change by now and this was kind of a terrible event to test it on; but, as much as I loathe to admit it, a pretty good gamble on HE’s part.

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I remember what it was like;
hair splitting under the heat
of the frying tanks;
burning away the smooth touch
my boyfriend used to love,
and still not having enough money
for a haircut.
The days I kept to myself, I slept.
I remember what a waste it felt like;
that the only time I had,
I wouldn’t be present for,
but god, I think I needed it the most.
I needed my bed;
my cotton oasis from a commercial desert.
I know they talk a lot about a machine;
how we are all just gears working,
the good grease for a thirsty system.
I could understand it, sure,
breaking my smile out of over-turned pockets
for rent money,
but I think a working part of something bigger
would have felt a lot better.
Instead, I just felt
a No One,
trying to get Somewhere
with Nothing.
—  Schuyler Peck, The Winter I Lived Alone
How Far We’ve Come

It had been an agonizing long night and the excitement dimmed. Drunk, lost and drenched in the rain didn’t combine well. Finally, after trying to ignore the inevitable, El decided to call Cameron, who must’ve been looking for her all night.

Thankfully, he answered after the first ring. Or maybe that was unlucky because she’d have to explain herself. Before he could say anything, she smiled.

“Hey, Cam…okay, okay. Don’t….don’t be too mad, okay? I’m fine, just needed a spur of adventure is all. The school was beginning to worn down on me and I almost started becoming polite and proper and elegant. Needed some rebellion in my system. I shouldn’t tell you that, but I shouldn’t be calling either, but here I am. Ready for a great story that you’ll laugh at later? I snuck out. I have no idea how I didn’t get caught. It was pure genius, honestly. Genius! I’ve attempted before in the beginning of the year, and would get caught after five minutes. But, I did and decided to celebrate, y’know? And I got a little drunk…er…moderately drunk. And well, that’s the end of the short, epic tale. Great story, right? And…I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. What are we even doing? What am I even doing at that school. Everyone knows I’m not meant to rule. And besides, it’s much more fun on the other side. Can you imagine? A cute studio apartment and a job. Maybe even a dog. I want a dog. Friends that you’ve known for years. People don’t really care what you do or who your family is. It sounds…perfect.” Typical El to use humor and sarcasm as her only defense. And trying to ramble on instead of facing the fact that she had no idea where she was or what time it was.