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[CHANBAEK] This Is Heaven ❤

Chanbaek moments in everywhere!!!  🎉 🎊 

Call me crazy. Call me delusional. All I can say is this era definitely a heaven for Chanbaek shipper *yay* ❤

👍  Let’s check it out!! *wink* 

Call Me Baby’s (couple?) tshirt

Can you see the letter in their tshirt. Letter B (Baekhyun?) for Chanyeol. Letter C (Chanyeol?) for Baekhyun. That’s look like couple tshirt, isn’t?? Moreover they’re standing next to each other ❤ |cr.in the pict|

Baskin Robbins CF

So this is from EXO - Baskin Robbins CF Making Film. Still can’t take my eyes from Chanbaek. Enjoying the the movie date, running together, and have a selfcam time together!! ❤

EXO Next Door Mini Drama

Aww, the way Baekhyunie taking care Chanyeolie  💕 💕

I don’t know about you guys, but I really need another version from EXO Next Door with Chanbaek as main character!!! ❤ |cr. in the pict & xx |

Chanyeol Instagram Update

Yeah, that’s from Chanyeol Instagram. Haha, can I put title for that? How about “Story of My Life”?? And Chanyeol’s story be like :
[pict.1] Chanyeol as sexy, free, and single person.
[pict.2] Chanyeol with Baekhyun (as couple??)
[pict.3] Chanyeol’s little family (and happily ever after)

This post actually for Baekhyun birthday. This post gave me diabetes because Chanyeol’s message just really sweet 🎂 He also said ‘I love You’ in the end of his post ❤ And you can see that they took this pict when they’re still wearing those couple tshirt *wink wink wink*

Best pict ever 🏆 Chanyeol and Baekhyun took a selca with baby Seojun when filming ‘The Return of Superman’. YES this is REAL!!! This isn’t just a photo edit for Chanbaek fanfiction. Kekekekeke,

I need to calm down. Slap me, pinch my cheeks, tell me this isn’t just my random dream after I read a lot Chanbaek fanfictions. Chanbaek … parenting … twins … omg my feels *ugly sobbing* [Just hurry up, get married and have babies!!!]  ❤❤ Can’t wait for next week!!! Watch the preview here

‘I Am Korean’ MV Filming

Baekhyun gave his shirt to Chanyeol because he noticed that chanyeol shirt was too short. But some people also said that that shirt belong to Chanyeol, and Chanyeol gave it to Baekhyun because Baekhyun felt cold. I don’t know the real story behind that sweet moment. The most important thing from both story is they’re care about each other!!! *hug Chanbaek*
[cr. in the pict]

More more more … I’m expecting more Chanbaek moments in the future  ❤❤❤