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Hamburg - when (almost) everybody is wrong

My best friend’s brother had a brand-new baby girl on Tuesday. She’s quite pink but everybody is very proud of her. The brother is a teacher in Hamburg and his partner and baby are in a hospital in the city. 

It’s G20.

Yesterday I talked to my friend and she told me how terrified her brother was. Hamburg expected 100.000 protesters. Which is a lot, causes traffic jams and is a general nuisance. 

It also expected about 8000 violent instigators, hooligans, extremists and so on. 

In the run-up to G20 business in the richer parts of town had been marked as belonging to, well, rich people. All of this is nothing new. We have that every year in Berlin. Cars are set on fire, windows need to be barricaded, there will be water throwers. 

Try navigating that with a newborn. 

The hospital released both mother and baby a day early to get them out of the city because they expected a very real possibility that the hospital might be attacked and I sat in my kitchen on the other side of Germany wondering what the fuck that says not only about my the world but also a movement I have always felt very connected to.

But ultimately… I mean, heck, I have lived in Leipzig and spent a good deal of time in Connewitz, I come from the deep and very neo-Nazi east… I am not surprised.

And then there is the other side of the story. Hundred thousands of people who care about this world and this planet and what’s happening to it and our future. A tidal wave of worry but also of hope.

Setting up their tents in parks, areas that have been given to them by the city of Hamburg - their right to do so, to come together and protest, bolstered and protected by the German constitution AND a legally binding decision by a judge just the day before. 

And then there is the chief of Hamburg police, a man even my conservative friends in the city call an absolute hardliner… Twisting the legal decision to his liking, as a member of the executive branch looking for loopholes in a legally binding decision to interpret it to his liking. 

A man that many have accused of provoking the violence by rigorously responding to the slightest provocations from the black block in the March to Hell demonstration, basically doing what the violent protesters wanted: Instigating violence and drawing every other peaceful protester down the drain with them.

They didn’t even need to bring in their own instigators. Holy shit, this is Germany. We have a long-standing tradition of violent left-wing protests. We have the 1st of May and this is HAMBURG. St. Pauli is a rallying cry for everyone looking for an excuse to set a car on fire.  

All they needed to do was to declare the black block as the black block and let everything unravel from there. We even have a word for a mass of hooded demonstrators ready for violence. There is a reason your are not allowed to cover your face at demonstration because that is the ONE determining characteristics from dividing the peaceful protesters from the Hooligans. And everybody accusing me of dragging a football term into this. Look at them and tell me the difference. I dare you!

Do any of them care for the protests? To any of them care for G20 or what these people decide up there?

A friend of mine is a member of the police emergency personnel, a branch from the standard police that is trained for those exact situations (and football games, because Germany). He is also a few political meters left of me. What we call a “linke Zecke” here in Germany. He cares. 

He cares that idiots attack them and then run into the masses, using peaceful demonstrators as human shields. He also cares that an asshole in a plush chair plays Russian roulette with his men’s health by waging his own cute little war. 

The new baby’s father cares because more than half of his students are not of German heritage, spanning the globe in their mother tongues and skin colors. 

But people that invade the perceived “rich” quarters to vandalize whole streets, setting cars on fire and respond to pleas of “People live here!” which “Shut the FUCK up!” 

They don’t care. they just want an excuse to brutalize others and there is no difference if you call that left-wing or right-wing terrorism. It’s terrorism. 

And people like the police chief, who so blatantly disregards a law he swore to uphold? Does he care for anything but his own personal power and pride? Does he even CARE for the people who now have no car anymore, no business or who can’t go to a hospital because everything is blocked and emergency services are busy taking care of the victims on both sides of the violence he provoked days in advance?

What does HE care for?

There are situations that you cannot win, caught between a rock and a hard place and the pride and disregard of men who don’t see you as worth caring for. Police power, terrorists. Doesn’t matter. 

I just saw the pictures a friend sent from by-streets in Hamburg. Not the main streets. Not the protest route but remote, peaceful by-streets, far from the protest, littered with burning cars. Family cars, not expensive ones. Just family cars. Trash cans kicked onto streets and set on fire.

People standing by in absolute disbelief.

Yet still, people stand up and go there. They protest the unfairness of a world order that disadvantages people too poor to even come to Hamburg and protest in their own name. 

Yet still, the people of Hamburg sweep their streets and replace their windows and go on with stubborn northern determination. 

And yet, a man walks through the crowds with a shield saying “Leave me alone, I’m just going to the supermarket.”

And yet, the first thing I hear from everybody around me, no matter which camp they belong to is “this is not democracy” and “what do you need?”

And yet, humanity prevails. Even if it sometimes is by just surviving. 

Some thoughts on “Fate of the Furious”

* Okay, I get the whole Shaw family redemption story arc they were doing. It was well done but…are the heroes just cool with Deckard being responsible for Han’s death and for nearly killing the whole group? With Owen controlling an amnesiac Letty and for indirectly causing Gisele’s death? I mean…redemption is fine and all but I wouldn’t invite these guys to dinner if they did any of this stuff to me. 

* Nice Luke Evans cameo though. I need a Shaw Brothers movie now. 

* Saw the Dom plot twist coming a mile away. Obviously he wouldn’t turn against family. Also figured out what he was being blackmailed with when I noticed that Elena hadn’t shown up in the movie yet.

* The ‘gotcha’ moment at the end where it’s revealed Dom was playing Cipher the whole time was a little…forced? I mean, you sorta just accept it in the movie but it seemed a little too convenient, especially with the tracking device on the cross. 

* All the Brian references gave me feels. If they didn’t give you feels, you don’t have a soul. 

* I guess Cipher is technically the Big Bad of the Fast and Furious franchise. I mean, think about it. She was controlling both Mose Jakande and Owen Shaw, thus making her the Bigger Bad of Furious 7 and Fast 6. We can also say she’s the indirect Bigger Bad of Tokyo Drift since the group taking down Owen led to Deckard going to Tokyo to kill Han. I’d say she’s the Ernst Stavro Blofeld of the F&F franchise. 

* My top two favorite scenes were the prison break and the zombie cars. Absolutely fun and inventive, I gotta give them props for those scenes. 

* The Rock is a walking demigod, I swear. Man survives explosions, flexes his arm out of a cast, takes down a predator drone with an ambulance, fires a minigun with a broken arm, takes rubber bullets to the chest like they’re nothing, lifts a man with no effort, and so on. He can rival Captain America at this point. 

* Also, the Rock teaching his daughter’s football team how to do the haka is just awesome. Kudos to you movie for not denying the Rock’s heritage. 

* I guess out of the cast, the only characters who I felt were underwritten were Tej, Roman, and Ramsay, which is weird because they had reasonably good material in Furious 7. In F8, they were sorta just…there. Roman is still the comic relief but I found myself asking, “why do we need this guy again?”. Meanwhile, Tej and Ramsay are just there to be the hackers. No character development whatsoever. I guess there was a love triangle subplot going on but that was just brought over from Furious 7. The three of them didn’t get any additional character development, outside of Tej and Roman not knowing Ramsay’s last name. For Fast 9, the writers need to work on giving these three better material. 

* I have a funny feeling that Scott Eastwood’s Little Nobody was supposed to be Sean Boswell from Tokyo Drift. Just saying. 

Okay overall, good movie. I liked Furious 7 better but this one was still fun as hell. Definitely worth a watch. 

Red vs Blue: Universe Collision, chapter 6.5: bonus content

So I’ve had the idea for this snippet that directly follows Chapter 6 in mind since forever ago, but it doesn’t fit into the main story and I’m not going to try and make it. 

But honestly I had too much goddamned fun with it not to post it. 

Thank you to Steph for help with the Southern euphemisms!

Sarge and Agent Washington, 760 words. Warnings for excessive and possibly inaccurate Southern euphemisms and Wash angst. 

Wash kept a death grip on his helmet as the Warthog bounced along to the sound of Sarge and Grif’s bickering. He stared at the reflection in the visor, focusing on each scar, each line, each change.

Your name is Agent Washington. You’re on Chorus. Project Freelancer is gone.

Connie. York. North. South. Wyoming. Maine.

He tried not to think about York under him, two eyes staring up shocked, South tackling him, North approaching with his hands raised like Wash was a rabid animal who could lash out at any moment.

That wasn’t too far from the truth.

He barely noticed when the Warthog ground to a stop, and didn’t bother reacting until Sarge practically dragged him out of the vehicle.

“Hogwash! Hootenanny! Treason! Suggesting that I—your superior officer—“

“Jesus Christ, fine, I’m going.”

Grif floored the gas, leaving Wash coughing in the dust before he’d realized what happened.

He scrubbed the grit out of his eyes before putting on his helmet and gauntlets, and only then did he notice that it was just him and Sarge alone in a clearing.


In a clearing.

Wash immediately started to pull away, but Sarge’s hand gripped even more tightly around his arm. “Oh, no you don’t. Sit down before you fall down.”

“Sarge. Let me go.” Wash kept his voice low and menacing. “I don’t want to hurt you—”

Wash tried to keep his voice low and menacing, but it rose higher and broke as the sentence went on. Sarge’s grip never wavered as he towed Wash over to a log and shoved on his shoulders to make him sit down. Even then, he just transferred his grip to Wash’s shoulders, keeping him anchored.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Wash repeats, almost too quietly.

“And you ain’t gonna.”

“You don’t—if you and Grif hadn’t come along back there, I could’ve—“

“But we did! And you didn’t. Though that was a real numbnuts move you pulled, goin’ off on your own after a blow to the head. Of course, being a Blue you’re bound to demonstrate some remarkable stupidity more often’n not, but sometimes I think if brains were leather you wouldn’t have enough to saddle a junebug.”

Wash blinked a few times trying to decipher that one. “…oh.”

When Sarge let go, Wash stayed put. The Red Team leader settled onto the log with a long groan.

“‘m impressed you didn’t snap sooner, tell you the truth. These new people been making me a miiiite twitchy. We already went through half of ‘em trying to kill us once, don’t see why we need to do it again.”

Wash let out a groan of his own and bent over, lacing his fingers behind his neck because this was really not helping.

“Extreme violence was a perfectly reasonable response! You’re not crazy. Well, I mean, no crazier than you already are for being a blue. And wanting to ride your fellow blue around in a flat-bed truck.”

“…what?” Wash had utterly lost the thread of this conversation.

“Tucker. You want to slap a mum on his chest and take him to a football field.”

Wash lifted his head to stare blankly at Sarge.

“You want to cause a scandal bigger than the time Nellie Weatherspoon eloped with Susan Coolidge.”

Wash continued staring blankly.

“You want to take him to the purity ball and put your key in his locket. Give grandma another heart attack. Want to row row row his boat.”

Wash started shaking his head slowly, and Sarge let out a very deep sigh. “You want to kiss him, son.”

“WHAT?” Wash sat straight up, face burning up under his helmet.

Sarge chuckled and stretched out his legs. “You know, the more forcefully your shell of denial breaks down, the more you sound like a cat in heat.“

“Oh god please stop,” Wash said, faintly, trying not to think. Especially not about some of those euphemisms.

“You sure? Because I got a few more I’ve been saving up.”

Please stop.”

“Allright, allright. Don’t get your knickers in a twist, buttercup.”

Wash stared at the sky and tried not to let himself start laughing, because he had a feeling if he started, it would descend into crying.

Instead, he started making a new list of names.

Sarge. Tucker. Caboose. Grif. Simmons. Donut. Lopez. Carolina.

Your name is Agent Washington. You’re on Chorus. Project Freelancer is gone.

But your team is still here.

“You want to kick Jesus out of the room with him.”

“Oh my god stop.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! Would you consider yourself a fan who focuses more on actual football or the relationship of players? After the recent drama here I was kinda questioning my fan status and idk I feel confused and like others looked down on me? I know other people's opinion shouldnt matter but I'm a master of overreacting lol

Hey(: so I will start with saying I was a little disappointed with the fandom in general that day, just because in my opinion drama was stirred up that was not needed - so I do hope you don’t second guess yourself because of that, since it was a lil pathetic discourse

I won’t lie that there are players out there who I love just because I love their personality/looks and not necessarily their talent/contribution to the team. Others I love because of their talent. And honestly, a large reason why I even started writing fiction was because I really love seeing the friendships and dynamics between my lovely players.

That being said, the reason you love football shouldn’t be something people hold over your head. Love a player because of his skill? Great. View your team and it’s decisions purely tactically and as a business? Also awesome (I admire those honestly who have so much extensive knowledge and analysis to offer). See the team as more of a family and watch the sport just to have fun? Fabulous. Like a player just cause he’s hot and you nut to him? That’s equally as legitimate of a reason as any other.

I totally understand that you may be second guessing, because I think an unhealthy trend on here is belittling those who think unlike you. So all I have to say to you is keep loving whoever you love. Be sad by any transfer you feel sad about. And honestly? Don’t think you have to justify any of your emotions or attachments to anyone, because that’s no ones fucking business.

[trans] Minho’s interview with @atstar1 (Nov, 2016)

※ Do not re-translate into another language

Silver hair suits you really well. You must have hesitated a little as it was such an extreme change.

M: It’s still awkward because it’s my first time. I get startled every morning when I wake up. (laughs) I’ve been thinking of getting my hair dyed and I thought a lot on which colour. I feel thankful as you said it suits me well.

You have successfully wrapped up the concert <SHINee World V>.

M: I wanted to prepare it perfectly more than ever. We were preparing for an album in a long time and it was also a place to meet our Korean fans up close in a long time too. But realistically, I was very worried because our schedule was so tight. It feels so relieved to have finished them safely. To be honest, for any concerts, it always leaves much to be desired. This time was same too but I was happy because I was able to have fun with the fans. It felt like they were friends that I met yesterday even though it has been a long time since we last met.

Wasn’t the schedule difficult to manage as it overlapped with KBS2 <Hwarang> shooting?

M: The finishing point of the shooting and the starting point of the concert overlapped. I’ve been busy but I tried my best thinking it was just the reality that I have to accept. I was able to gain strength because there were our members when I went to the practice room and there were fellow actors when I went to the shooting site.

The anticipation for the drama <Hwarang> with the appearance of many handsome actors is heated up.

M: The result can only be known once it is out but I personally had so much fun while shooting and I didn’t think we would become so close with each other like now. This year was very hot. We had to wear the Korean traditional clothes, wigs and also had to put on makeup since it was a historical drama… I felt shooting a historical drama in summer is so difficult in many ways and we were able to become friends as we relied on each other.

The relationship between each actor must have been so good.

M: We became so close with each other. We even met a few times after shooting had finished. We ate and chatted together. I hardly did any shooting with actors of my age so far. It’s difficult to meet everyone in one work and be close to each other as this much so it’s amazing. I have a lot of friends of my age while doing album promotions but I didn’t find that many while doing acting. I think that’s why we became much more close. We get along very well and share things in common as they are friends who also did a lot of work too.

You must have been responsible for ‘visual’ among them

M: Sigh, No. Everyone is handsome. (laughs) I’m really not.

Particularly who?

M: I want to say everyone because the way we dressed up were very different from current everyday life. Our hair was long and we had headbands, and it could look very awkward in one way. But not even one person looked weird. In fact, it looked awkward when they took off their wigs? (laughs)

There are a lot of actors who are idols appearing in that drama like V and Park Hyung Sik. Do you have any fears on (general public’s) eyes of concern?

M: It would be a lie if I say no. But that is… I don’t really know. There are so many friends who are carrying out the two things together, it’s important to do one’s best but it’s also important to do well. There are people’s expectations and there’s a large chance that that expectation can turn into concern so I learned that not only is it important to try my best but also do well in it too. I think the only way to change that worry and concern into a compliment is for me to do well. It’s up to oneself. I think it’s important on how much one does well and also how much sincerity one puts in it.

You must have been comfortable being around with the female lead role Go Ara as she is also from the same agency.

M: I met her often but I didn’t really have an opportunity to get to know her that well. Our schedule doesn’t coincide and we never worked together either. We saw each other many times since I was young but we actually became close through this work. I saw her since I was in middle school so she was friendly to me too… Her personality is so nice so I am thankful (laughs)

Key’s acting in tvN <Drinking Solo> has been receiving so many favourable reviews recently.

M: I think he is doing extremely well even though it’s his first time. In some ways, he could feel small but he is overcoming that through the years of experience he has from working for a long time. It felt like his character is actually more close to the Kim Kibum I know as a friend than the celebrity Key. I think the viewers and the fans find it more fun because the character matches so well with him too.

Did you give any pieces of advice on acting?

M: We just talked rather than giving advice. Have fun while shooting. I am looking forward to it. I support you. Things like that. (laughs)

9 years since debut, what would be the secret to SHINee’s presence that is still sturdy as ever.

M: Since we are in such a big company called SM, I think we follow the good path that our seniors have walked and receive good influence. In the case of our team, we actually talk very truthfully about everything to each other. We express our opinions a lot too. We tend to talk truthfully a lot, like saying it’s good when it’s good and saying it’s not good when it’s not. I think that’s why we are able to grow. Talking truthfully to each other without any members who are sullen because we know that we are talking for each of us to do better and we also accept each other’s opinions really well too. I think that plays a big role to the extent that I have pride in it. We rely on each other. You know, there are days when all 5 members are having a good day but our condition/mood cannot be the same all the time. If someone is having a bad day or a good day, we lead each other in that aspect and if all 5 members are having a hard time, then the staff fills in that part too. I think that’s why we are able to continue well like this.

Do you all agree well without having different views on SHINee’s unique colour in music too

M: We talk to each other. We also express a lot of our opinions before working. We freely give ideas and negotiate. Of course, there’s a difference in terms of the music that each of us wants to do but we try to adjust to each other and also try hard to make our opinions reflect. So, I don’t think there’s any big trouble. It’s all thanks to each of us working hard rather than one particular person doing well.

You guys are at a position of a fairly big senior now but SHINee still feels like younger brothers.

M: At first, we thought that kind of image of us could be a dilemma. Like, no matter how much time passed we would still feel not mature? So we thought about it a lot but now we think that part of us is our charm. Lee Soo Man teacher told us something that remains in my heart. No matter how much time passes, SHINee still has that spirit of a rookie. I think that kind of image has been motivating us so far. I also hope that we don’t lose that image of being fresh and full of spirit in the future too.

You have been playing an active part in variety shows with your extraordinary sports skills. Do you have any variety programs that you’ve been keeping an eye on recently?

M: What could there be? Cooking? Ah but I am really bad at cooking. I am confident in eating deliciously. I really eat a lot.

I think Minho who is cooking would look handsome too

M: I enjoy watching them and they all seem to be very good at cooking. I am really bad. I feel jealous when I see chefs who cook brilliantly and also find them cool too. I want to make an appearance as a role of eating a lot deliciously.

Do you enjoy exercising when you don’t have any schedule too? I am curious on what your hobby is as you don’t have any SNS either.

M: I usually exercise. I do a lot of weight training because it’s something you can do on your own too. I play football and basketball often too with my friends. I am in a club. For SNS, hm, I don’t know. I am not good with machines and I don’t feel the need yet. The biggest reason is that I’m not confident that I would do well. Even if I do create one, I think I would only talk about football stuff and would the fans like it? (laughs)

You are so good looking that you would want to share it when you take a selfie.

M: Hm, I think I’d rather hold a photo exhibition later on. Haha.

Lastly, please tell us the things you want to achieve in the remaining days of 2016.

M: I heard this from somewhere, write 10 things you want to do at the start of the year and hide them in between the bookshelves. Later on, when the year has nearly come to an end and you have nearly forgotten about it, check on how many things you’ve achieved from it. I tried doing it. I didn’t even write 10 things, I only wrote a few and I didn’t even do half of it. There were things that I needed to invest in myself and widen and I reflected on myself thinking I neglected on that part. I also felt that time flies too. I think I need to try to accomplish those things even if it’s only a few as there are really not many days left now. Looking back, I think this year was the busiest out of all years. I have been busy since January 1st, the very start of this year. It’s already October now. In the remaining time of 2016, I hope to grow more reflecting and looking back to myself.


Down & Out // Chapter 10

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Fall was in full swing, and for that Parker was thankful. She loved the changing colors of the leaves, the way the city seemed to shed its skin in preparation for a new year and as someone who was trying to start over, to give herself a second chance at happiness, she found herself appreciating it even more. To new beginnings she thought to herself as she watched the city pass by through the window.

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The MCs in a Nutshell
  • MC: I am the most helpful, perfect and happy person you will ever see. For some reason, unless the player is stupid, I have no character flaws and I'm able to do whatever I want and get away with it, even if I make the wrong decision, some deus ex machina will come and fix everything for me.
  • Autumn: I'm going to paint a thi - OH NO I CAN'T because I can't see the ducks! I need to panic and - and - get upset about the fact that - that - *1 hour later* Hi, everyone! I'm Autumn, the super nice MC, and I'd like to sacrifice myself to a volcano today.
  • Julian: Football. Bacon. Summer. Bacon. Food. Bacon. Have I said 'bacon'?
  • Katherine: Pandora is out to get me and I get stage fright and I have a lot of problems that need to be solved mia help me right now -
  • Mia: You do not disturb Katia. If you disturb Katia, I kill you. If you make something even slightly imperfect, I kill you. Understand? Good.
  • Nishan: Must... study... must... ask for more homework... *raises hand* Excuse me, sir! I believe that you have forgotten to give us sufficient work to occupy our time and home and enhance our learning!
  • Wes: *shifty look* Excuse me, there are details about a job that I need to discuss with Ezra, but I'll talk about them like we're plotting a murder. Also, hello there, 97% of the fandom. I am hoping that you are all enjoying the beautiful relationships you are in with my clones.
  • Koh: I only need one more ticket for free wings. FREE WINGS!!! I MUST BLOW SHIT UP TO CELEBRATE YEAH!!!
  • Payton: Hey, you need to celebrate for something? PARTYYYYYY! PARTY MORE! GET EVERYONE ON THE DANCE FLOOR! Oh, you started a 23 hour party and it's filling up way too much time and space in the Party Central? Too bad. We have to party.
  • Ezra: Jack Carver get away from me you surnamed freak.
  • Max: I'm a jerk. A pretentious brute-force-y jerk. I have money and parents therefore I have power. I'm the stupid version of Draco Malfoy. Got it? Good. Bow down to me. Now.
  • Kara: Hey... I think I have multiple personality disorder. One day I'll storm into your school, slap pizza out of your hand during a party and then refresh the enmity between our schools just as you thought it had gone away, and one day, I'll team up with you on the scavenger hunt and your whole school will defend me the moment Max says anything vaguely mean.
  • Lacey: I like ruining peoples' lives. It's really fun.
  • Brigette: I'm French, I can play polo and soccer, I do fashion designing, and I'm related to Mia. Have I just summed up everything you know about little underdeveloped me?
  • Hope: JULIAN... I have a photo of you and I enjoy freaking you out. Though I'm sure you know that I can be serious... sometimes.
  • Chelsea: I was bad and then I turned good. I'm not unrealistic at all, okay?
  • Razor: The only difference between me and Lacey is our target and our technical expertise.
  • Lena: You all know nothing about me but have opinions about me. Thanks.
  • Prof. Edwin: I'm the only adult. And I'm just used whenever an adult is necessary.
Colin Kaepernick has tense exchange with reporter over Fidel Castro T-shirt

As nationwide debate began during the NFL preseason over Colin Kaepernick's anthem demonstration, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback wore a T-shirt featuring Malcolm X and Fidel Castro during a news conference while he explained his convictions.

The controversial garb resurfaced Wednesday when Kaepernick held a conference call with South Florida media ahead of Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins.

Kaepernick, who continues to kneel for “The Star-Spangled Banner” before each game in protest of oppression and police brutality in the United States, was asked about his views on Castro and his communist regime as president of Cuba. The quarterback pointed out his intent was to honor Malcolm X with the shirt, which depicted a meeting with Castro in 1960 in Harlem. It read, “Like Minds Think Alike.” Kaepernick said he supports Malcolm X’s willingness to be “open-minded,” exemplified by the meeting.

“I’m not talking about Fidel Castro and his oppression,” he said. "I’m talking about Malcolm X and what he’s done for people.“

The reporter, from the Miami Herald, then pressed him further.

Here’s an account of the exchange, via the Palm Beach Post:

The reporter, from a family of Cuban exiles, then accused Kaepernick of diverting the conversation because it was "uncomfortable" to talk about perceived support of Castro.

At that point, Kaepernick said, "One thing that Fidel Castro did do is they have the highest literacy rate because they invest more in their education system than they do in their prison system, which we do not do here, even though we’re fully capable of doing that.”

The reporter said Castro also broke up families, unlike what occurs in the United States.

“We do break up families here,” Kaepernick said. “That’s what mass incarceration is. That was the foundation of slavery so our country has been based on that as well as the genocide of native Americans.”

Kaepernick was asked if he was equating incarceration with breaking up families.

“I’m equating the breaking up of families with the breaking up of families,” he said.

Kaepernick has been heavily scrutinized for his protests, deemed by some as disrespectful to armed forces. The movement has since been adopted in different forms by athletes in the NFL and across the sports world. The intense criticism also has been cited as a reason for a sharp drop in ratings for the NFL this season.

Kaepernick said he doesn’t see a connection.

“They’re not watching football because of my stance about fighting systematic oppression and wanting the same equality and freedom for all people,” he said. “I would say they probably need to look in the mirror at what they value.

"You know, if they’re OK with people being treated unfairly, being abused, being harassed, being terrorized, then the problem is more with what they’re doing in their lives than it is about watching football games.”

i feel like i do these way to often but i love doing them. I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me have the most amazing time on tumblr. every single person I’ve “met” has been so nice to me and i can’t thank you enough for that. i love you all more then anything, tumblr has become almost like a safe place for me i always feel happier when I’m on and seeing all of you on my dash makes my day. if i didn’t mention you i apologize i probably forget so many people. i hope you all have an amazing 2015!


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Angel ( jinglebellshawkguysmells) my mama hen you were the very first person i ever actually talked to on here. You are so amazing and even though we haven’t talked in like over a month i love talking to you so much. you’re hilarious and fucking gorgeous holy shit. back when we started talking i had like -5 followers and you’re honestly one of the reasons i stayed on tumblr because i found out that i could meet amazing friends on here. love you <3 

Lena ( ney-luiz ) i love you more then anything. i miss kiking you so much. you’re such an amazing person and definitely one of the nicest people i know. i can’t thank you enough for helping me with so much stuff. and not only did i become friends with you but you helped me start talking to someone who is now one of my closest friends and i love you for that. 

Sarah ( neymardasilvasantos-jr) i can’t remember the last time we talked :( but you’re still one of my favourite people ever. i loved talking to you, you’re hilarious and such a nice person. also you are human perfection you’re so gorgeous (I’m jealous tbh). you’re also my little Brazilian and one day you’re gonna take me there with out haha and ill take you up to canada. <3 

Maria ( darlin-youre-perfect-to-me) you are literally perfect. i love you so much you don’t even know you’ve been so nice to me. i love talking to you even though we don’t talk very often. i will always be here for you if you need to talk to someone or just if you’re bored and want someone to talk to. you mean the world to me and you seem to be a lot happier which honestly makes me 10x happier everyday. 

Amanda ( bloginpeace) we’ve only talked a few times but i fucking love you. i appreciate your acceptance of my love for leo and i know one day i will convince you to feel the same way ;) we’ve only talked a few times but you’re so nice and funny. i hope we can talk more in the new year! 

Zara ( amantedelcalcio) we’ve only talked a few times and i don’t know you too well but you make my dash 1000x times better. you’re blog is perf and you’re perf. you are hilarious and so nice. but lets get real for a second you are hella gorgeous, your fucking eyes are insane they’re so pretty. i wish we talked more because i really want to get to know you better <3 

Raisa ( football-s) first of all i need to say that your edits in my opinion are the best ones on this whole website, i love every single one of them and i wish i was able to do stuff like that. we rarely talk like we’ve probably talked twice but for some reason i consider you as one of my best friends you’re one of the nicest people ever and i don’t care how much you disagree with me you are flawless. i love you so much, keep making amazing edits and i hope we can talk more :) 

Gerard Pique Interview  “They whistle because it’s me and because it causes morbidity”

Q; Why was Barca conceding so many goals in the beginning of the season?

A: We were struggling to gain form [after preseason] and more than anything we had to understand ourselves again. We had some individual errors but more than anything it was a collective problem. The process was tough, but the adjustments have worked.

Q: Do you guys feel superior to rivals?

A: It’s hard to have that sentiment [of superiority] on the pitch because we always look to better ourselves individually to help the team. But there are days where I feel we dominate a game and those days I enjoy the most.

Q: Barca is back to being the reference in football?

A: Maybe.Last season we won the treble again and have had a fantastic decade. One might remember Milan de Sacchi at the end of the 80′s/beginning of the 90′s, and maybe in some time in the future people will remember us. But right now we have to have our feet on the ground and look at where Milan is at now. Al though looking at the success of our playing model and the talent of the team, we could prologue the streak.

Q: Short passes, long passes, counter-attacks, long possessions… How does Luis Enrique’s diverse tactics help the team?

A: Yes he’s definitely contributed his stuff, as well as the new players who have come to the team. And in the back it’s better now because now we don’t feel insecure without the ball. Before we would have so much possession that when we didn’t have the ball it would cost us. We are much more practical now.

Q: It seems that any coach would have it difficult to come and introduce a new system to a group of players that seem that play out of memory 

A: Being Barca’s coach definitely has its requirements. And Luis Enrique has proven that he’s qualified for the job from the start. But the players don’t demand anything. The philosophy established by Cruyff, prolonged by Rijkaard and Pep has given us so much success that it’s proven that it is what works at Can-barca. It’s irreplaceable. 

Q: You guys won Madrid 0-4, did it annoy you that there was more talk about the goal you didn’t score that the game itself?

A: I’m used to it already. It’s the power of distraction and the continuous effects that they have here by talking about everything except football.

Q: What would have you done if you had scored?

A: Celebrate it! But I didn’t have anything planned like many said I did. I’m a cule and opportunities like that, where you’re winning 0-4 are very minimal and that’s why I wanted to score. But I did the same in the next game vs. Roma! It’s my style of playing, when the result is favorable I like to incorporate myself into the attack.

Q: Throughout the years you don’t lose your soul of a striker?

A: It’s very fun to attack. There are games in which I feel very good and I impose on myself other challenges. But it’s the experience that allows me to know when and how.

Q: But you have time to see the pitch while having the ball?

A: We’ve been playing similarly for years…. More or less you can already know where everybody is at. The key that they teach you in Barca is to play the ball without looking at it. That way you control the game and gain a second with the play. 

Q: The type of defender with more control at his feet and able to play the ball, developed in Ajax and maintained by Barca, is in form of extinction?

A: I hope not. Football is evolving and the defender has to evolve with it. The central defender that can only defend is antiquated because more and more we have to be the first ones to attack and generate passes. It’s about conducting the ball until somebody else is available, with that you’re able to provoke the rivals and force them to create spaces. I don’t dribble because it’s not my specialty and it would generate a risk that’s not necessary to the team. Although I do conduct the ball less now because they [rivals] already know me. 

Q: They know you well in pitches in Spain where you get whistled at persistently lately. How do you feel in those moments?

A: It’s a situation that I have to live with. I don’t really think about it. People give it too much importance because it is me, it causes morbidity and it’s become a trend now. But in occasions I don’t even notice. Last time when I was with the National Team, I asked Bartra during the break “they didn’t whistle much today no?” and he started to laugh because apparently they had whistled a lot. But it’s because i’m so concentrated with the game that I barely notice anymore.

Q: Does it hurt you when they whistle at you? 

A: No because on one hand, only about 100 will whistle and it’ll seem like it’’s everybody who is doing it. And on the other, I know they don’t have valid reasons. They give arguments that aren’t true. ‘Pique does not feel Spanish’ they say. ‘But when have I ever said that?’ ‘Pique went overboard with the Kevin Roldan joke’. But that’s Barca-Madrid and has nothing to do with the national team. Those arguments aren’t valid for me. 

Q: And it doesn’t help to calm the masses with what occurred with Arbeloa as well as tweeting the emojis when Madrid lined up Cheryshev for the copa… do you feel you’re a provoker? 

A: With the emojis I was watching Leo Harlem en la Sexta and I was laughing a lot [ winks eye, and smiles]. No but seriously, we shouldn’t blow things out of proportion. 

Q: Do you think you cause envy because you have it all?

A: No I don’t have it all. And if I did, that’s why people get mad at me? In the United States the more people have the more they’re idolized. I don’t know, i’m super privileged and very happy with both my private and professional life, but that’s reason to cause so much hate?

Q: What else do you need?

A: To win more! I’m 28 years old and I love to win. Two or three years ago I would play because I had to, but now I love football even more. When I was younger I thought I would retire at 30, but now I want to keep playing until i’m 35. And I know ending my career at Barca will be very difficult because as the years pass by, you’re physical qualities weaken. But I have incorporated new habits to my routine that help me improve and enjoy more, like going into the dressing room an hour early instead of rushing before a game…sleeping & eating better those are things that Shaki & the family have helped me with. I have it clear that had I continued with the same habits I did 5/6 years ago I would not be playing in Barca. But that’s because when you’re young you don’t prioritize the important stuff.

Q: At home, is there more talk about mom or dad?

A: About both. But they’re boys and love football, and I love that! Shaki prefers them liking music but with Milan she has it tough because he’s obsessed with football. He knows the results, who scores, and he wants to wear jerseys all the time and that’s all he likes to wear

Q: What does the Club World Cup mean to Barca?

A: A lot! We did not win one until 2009. And by winning it again we would hold our crest [ points to the heart] with pride as the best team in the world.

Q: In that last CWC, Tito Vilanova mentioned that without you, “the invention would fall apart”, Do you feel that important?

A: Barca is a club so grand that nobody is irreplaceable. And that’s considering that we have Messi eh? but at the end of the day the team will always come above anybody. When Leo leaves the team will have horrid years, but Puyi, Xavi, and Victor were also irreplaceable at some point, and the team kept going, and right now we keep doing well managing to win another treble… So while I feel important in the team, I know that if i’m not here, somebody else will come. We try to be as important as we can while playing for Barca but the history of this club is made by many players and will continue to be that way. 

Who Do You Think You Are

I’m officially late, but Happy Birthday, lovely Kate @accidental-rambler(okay I didn’t mean for that to rhyme hehe).  I was trying to think of what was “our thing” and the one thing that came to me is our ‘friendly’ arguments about the term football vs soccer ;) I hope you enjoy it.

Professional football player Klaus Mikaelson is busy trying to focus on his upcoming match; until some blonde American popstar decides to mess with his pre-game ritual (I’m channelling Posh and Beks).

FA Cup Final: Manchester United vs Liverpool FC

Old Trafford Change Rooms: 65 minutes until kick-off

“How have you never heard of Royalty? Have you been living under a rock or something?” His teammate Matt asked as they stretched in the change rooms.

“There’s only one set of Royalty I know and that’s Lizzie, William, Harry, Kate, George and co.”

“But they are only the biggest girl band in the world right now.”

“And why should I care about this again?”

“They are in this very venue right now, they are playing before our match.”

“I’m a little concerned you know all of this, Donovan,” he observed, cocking his left eyebrow. “I never really took you for a pop music fan.”

“Well, I’m not but have you seen them? I mean hot isn’t a strong enough adjective to describe just how fine these ladies are.”

“Bonnie is definitely the best one,” Enzo piped up, interrupting their conversation, something that wasn’t an uncommon occurrence with their teammate.

“Bonnie is cute too but Katherine can certainly hold her own,” Matt added. “You know I’ve always had a thing for brunettes.”

“You know as interesting as this little conversation is, we have a final to warm up for, fellas. After we win this premiership you can mess around with whatever women you want but how about a little focus in the meantime?”  

“Don’t worry Klaus, their lead singer is a blonde, you know given your preference for fair headed ladies.”  

“I’m absolutely thrilled, Lorenzo,” Klaus growled. “Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going over to the other side of the room, far from all this mindless chatter.” Klaus placed his earphones on and sat over at one of the far benches, trying to get into the zone. The last thing he needed was some stupid distraction to derail his game.  

Klaus closed his eyes losing himself in his carefully selected musical playlist, trying not to focus on the fact that this was his most important match to date.  Even though the volume was high, Klaus could hear some wolf whistles in the background, pulling him unceremoniously out of his trance.

He peeled open one eye his annoyance reaching new levels when he spotted his team crowded around the television in the corner. From what he could make out and the reactions from the players the entertainment had begun. Before he could look away, a flash of blonde caught his eye.  

He really wished he hadn’t looked because now he couldn’t look away. She was breathtaking, strutting around the makeshift stage in black  leather pants that fit her like a second skin. Her golden waves were cascading down her back and even from this distance he could make out some bright, blue eyes.

Klaus really hated to agree with Enzo but he was right about her. As he watched her dance in unison with the other group members (Klaus figured this must have been the Bonnie and Katherine they’d been drooling over earlier) he couldn’t help but think just how the moves only accentuated her dangerous curves, no doubt on purpose.

He shook his head, trying to regroup his only salvation was the thought that she probably couldn’t really sing. No one could be that beautiful and talented.

He slowly removed his earphones to prove his theory, just as she belted out a powerful and impressive high note. Damn. He was in trouble.  

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