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HP fic recs
lesquatrechevrons replied to your photo “I read a lot of Auror case fic recently and wanted to create my own…”

omg a) I love the lines/posture/ROBES *asdfghjkl* #amazing #instantfollow b) which fics??? any of the LGBTQA+? Sharing is caring? (if you want <3)

No particular fic inspired the robes, but more like my desire for costuming got the better for me after reading them. Due to popular demand, here’s some of the HP fic I bookmarked recently.

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The Retriever, Part Two

Sequel to The Retriever
Words: 735
Request/SummaryOMG I need more of Animagus Newt!! I can just imagine him being one of those dogs who just loves cuddles and puts his paw up when he wants a fuss. Your one-shot was so cute and I just… I need more!


           “Do you have a trace of him yet?” you asked Newt, who was currently in his Animagus form. The Niffler had gotten loose yet again and you and Newt were searching all over the city looking for him. You hoped the Niffler wouldn’t end up in another bank or jewelry shop again—it was the middle of the day and you did not want to experience the commotion that would cause.

           Though it was midafternoon, the air was still cold and chilly. The wind tore down the streets, sometimes causing your coat to fly open and making you shiver with the cold. You hoped and prayed you wouldn’t get sick from this weather.

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I Love Myself Because…

Okay, I had to do this differently because my internet connection sucks! So I apologize for the wayyyy to big picture…Anyway,

I was tagged by @madman-with-a-snogbox and @pastapizzacheesedragon, you are both so beautiful omgs!


Post a selfie and list 10 reasons you love yourself. Then tag 10 other people who need to know how much they love themselves. Because we all need a reminder of how amazing we are!


Okay, 10 things I love about myself…let’s see if I can do this xD

1. I’m a sassy comeback generator, I never run out of sarcastic things to say

2. I’m loyal to a fault when it comes to my friends, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them

3. While I don’t wear makeup really I’m pretty damn good at eyeliner and nail polish (always black polish or black with glitter) and pretty much am always wearing them

4. I’m dyslexic and ADHD but I still get good grades and read (and write!) a lot of books

5. I speak several languages

6. I’ve got a cool head in tough situations. (Fights, standing up for people, helping injured people, I even re-set a guy’s shoulder once(also took him to the hospital, but I’m just saying)

7. I can cook really well

8. I’m a “freewheeling bisexual”. Figured it out when I was 8 and it’s been a long road. Some people say I’m more bi, and some say I’m more pan, I don’t really know to be honest, and I think that’s okay. I just live and love and it works for me. I also support everyone in LGBT+ I’m always here to listen, you’re never alone. <3

9. I’m multicultural and proud

10. I can hold my own in a fight, but I’m also scrawny enough if it goes bad I can fit into most small spaces


And…to tag 10 beautiful people…

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officialleoneabbacchio replied to your post: Stands aren’t demons, they’re -Jotaro Kujo voice-…

okay but relatively cute concept; Cool Big Brother Figure Josuke trying to show/explain to Hayato what stands Are and he’s just like “oh yeah if you just start floating thats crazy d pickign you up idk he likes you” and hayato is just WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT LIKES ME WHAT IS IT WHY ARE ALL OF YOU DEMONS

omg that’s adorable but please josuke he needs some space, you need to work him up to actually interacting with stands (as best he could)

i think crazy diamond might honestly freak him out quite a bit–even though crazy d has interacted with him and fixed him in the past during kira’s battle, outside of the flow of action, having his body messed with by an entity he can’t see might be slightly disturbing (”do you want me to heal that cut for you?” “n..no it’s ok, it’s no big deal…”)

got tagged by @rainbow-galaxy-supernova, thanks for that xD

Rules: Tag 20 blogs you’d like to know better. (I don’t know any who wants this xD)

Nickname: Oddy, Yuya, Senseh, Saph, Seli

Sign: Virgo

Height: Uh,. I don’t know how to write it in english, so: 1,61 meters

Last Thing You Googled: “Fantasy blue water’‘ because I needed some motivation for drawing glowing blue water omg

Favorite music artist: Skillet, Linkin Park, Super Dragon, most of the Yugioh OP song artists

Song stuck in my head: Lost in the fire because I saw a fuckin amazing AMV with that song for One Piece~

Last movie you watched: Not hard to say because it’s the subbed Dark side of Dimensions since IT’S LOVE *Q*

What are you wearing right now: bright blue pants, black shirt with white stripes on the edges, a white scarf and green socks

What do you post: My Drawings, mostly all stuff from Yugioh especially Arc V, Ao no Exorcist, One Piece.

Why did you choose your URL: Well I love Yuya the most before Zarc together with Oddeyes, so since many people with myself do draw Yuya as Oddeyes, I choose this

Do you have any other blogs: Well yes I do ;D One Side blog for RP’s to do all RP’s on this beside my Main blog, so it won’t disturb anyone (Idc to be honest) and I can post it on there

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: What Relationship? ;D Never had any cause I’m not interested

Favorite Color: All shades of blue and red, yellow, neon green, turquiose, black, white

Average Hours Of Sleep: 6-8 hours, on the weekend more like 9 hours at all

Lucky Number: 42?

Favorite characters: ZARC *Q* Rin, Mephisto, Sebastian, Ciel, Luffy, Ace, Sabo, Law, Yuya, Yugo, Yuri, Yuto, Atem, Judai, Johan, Haou, Reiji, Kuroko, Akashi, Kise, Cloud, Zack, Smaug

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: Just with one since it’s getting to  spring again over here, so it’s getting pretty warm and I just need one due to this

Dream Job: Drawing my Ideas out, doing Artist stuff, writing Fanfictions but I’m still learning, dog trainer since I adore Dogs so much and Game Designer ~

Tagging: Tbh I don’t know any people anymore since they got tagges already from what I saw, so feel free to do it if you want ^w^~

anonymous asked:

Just read the latest chapter of Obelisk: KoG! :) :) :) Actually, I'm not sure if my heart can take this. Really. I cried out at that ending. At first it was: OMG SHE IS SO KIND. Is this REAL? WE'RE FINALLY GETTING WHAT WE WANTED!!! And about a minute later: Why :) do :) you :) hurt :) us :) ? Sakura needs some cake in the real world. At this point, comfort food is needed. And the girls! This series is truly beautiful & so, so close to my heart. *prays for a somewhat happy ending* Thank you!

Kay, so I updated two stories and I’ve been reading the reviews as they come in and before I see which story the person is reviewing I can tell based on their reaction.  
Under the Rabbit’s Moon: It’s a nice happy sort of review 
Obelisk KoG: WTF, WHY U DO THIS TO US?!? Hurtful woman!!!1!

That twist at the end took me by surprise as I was writing it ,and I wanted to change it, but it does make sense for how Sasori was playing Gaara the whole time and was the mastermind/true King of Thieves. That was intention, the rest was not. He was not supposed to show his hand so early. There was supposed to be a fight and dramatic stuff…but…you know. He didn’t want to, but he ended up really falling for Sakura and that messed up all our plans.

The ending will be well deserved and sooner than expected considering Sakura just earned her second god mark and is more than halfway to finishing off the Kingdom of Gods thought sacrifice and agony.  Wait for it this summer! 

1-crazy-dreamer  asked:

Gosh! I really really missed all the mikaelson together. They're such a badasses and don't give a shit about what others might say or do in order to save their family. That scene with Josh like "no time to waste with tiny insects" was the best! Elijah asking Kol to stop the screaming (lol). Kol defending her sister (aawww). Rebekah's kiss to Klaus (double aawww) Klaus watching Hope(OMG! OMG! *screams like a crazy person*) Ok,I'm gonna calm down. Sorry, I needed to share my emotions with someone.

AHHHHHHHHHHH DON’T EVER BE SORRY FOR SHARING YOUR EMOTIONSSSS. Thank you for helping relive those glorious moments. They really are such a badass family. I love them so muuuuuch. And I can’t wait till we get more moments!

anonymous asked:

Not to put pressure on you rlly but when should we be expecting the comic?? Bc dude i've been refreshing ur blog at least 50 times a day the last few days and i need to s t o p


now promise me you won’t fuckin. Live on my blog omg. But. I HOPE 🤞 to get another page up today. It is going to be A LOT SHORTER THAN PREVIOUS UPDATES but I want to like. Break the dry spell. omg hell pls go outside & smell the air I’m the worst at updates ANON PLEASE 🤦‍♂️ 💦

jostxnneil  asked:

It's midnight here and I'm rlly exhausted bc I haven't slept properly in three days and instead of doing my hw like a responsible adult I'm super deep into your blog cuz I just found it and it's the best and I keep hysterically laughing at bad shit posts to the point of tears which is a Very Clear Sign that I need to Go The Fuck To Bed but I just keep scrolling,,,,,, pls help me

aw i hope you got some sleep friend!!!!! im glad that you like my shitposts, i try my best omg…. im also glad that ive finally been recognized as a menace to people’s sleep schedules !!

roxiefreecss13  asked:

Okay, so, here's my top two favorite fics of yours. The Soulmate Phenomenon - i loved the whole thing...up until the ending. and i love the emotion that was packed into it. my heart was ripped, i loved seeing Gon just screaming for Killua, as much as that makes me cringe because i love the boys so why do i like it when they're in pain? but im a sucker for happy endings. PLEASE CONTINUE IT! I need them to be OK! First Name Basis - OMG. I can't even say what i feel. I love it! <3 <3

That means so much to me that you love Soulmate Phen even though it has that…ending haha ^^; I remember writing the final scenes for that fic and not being sure if I was writing it in a way that properly conveyed the total devastation Gon was feeling at that moment. So I’m really happy that emotion came across!!!!!! :D

I WANT TO CONTINUE IT, but I don’t have any ideas D: I’m a sucker for happy endings too but that’s where the story took me and I can’t figure out a way to make a squeal that would match up to the original T^T I’M SORRY!!!

And, oh my god, First-Name Basis was so much fun to write. Fun fact: I wrote and edited that whole thing in one day! It’s a really great fic I love it so much

Thank you for the message, this made me smile so much!!!! :DDD

Send me your favorite moment from one of my fics! ^-^


“What the hell? I’m so drunk, I ended up in a different anime and pulled a Breakfast Attack. Yeah, that was a shock. I didn’t hear about this show being on TV Tokyo!”


hp ladies ↠ house gryffindor

gryffindor, where the brave dwell at heart


“you never walk alone”
ft. jikook

(( their outfits were based on the global vlive top 10 ))

    '' Tea Party ''