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Kuro Color Palette

So, some of you asked me to make a ref-sheet for Kuro… but I guess the color palette is all I got so far.

I was super busy preparing my entries for the Sheith Positivity Week 2k17 (it starts on 24th July, so brace yourself… sheith fluff is coming), so I couldn’t find the time to draw more stuff. I’m so sorry :(

But hey! How about a stolen and revamped Galran fighter suit for our fancy bean? Because the Paladins have their cool armors, and Kuro definitely needs something like that, too. (This was all Pidge’s doing!!!)

Something I've learned from tumblr and fandoms in general
  • post i actually spend days on putting effort in: 2 notes at best
  • 3 second shitpost showing the skill level of about a talented camel: more notes than I can count on all the appendages of my body
  • is this what the people want
  • is this what the people nEeD

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Alright I just need someone else to suffer with me but like: imagine Eliza meeting John in heaven while Alex is off doing who knows what. Imagine them idly conversing before Eliza says something about how much she loves Alex and John accidentally agrees out loud and Eliza stares at him for a few minutes before slowly being like, questioning him and stuff and they just end up talking about how much they both love Alex and she apologizes for taking him but John's like 'no don't he loved you too'

aww :’)

A misunderstood;

Greetings, this is @primomon // @thesmoking-devil, the creator of BP, and in common agreement with all the mods, I decided to make a post telling what happened, what both sides did, along with my thoughts about it. 

But first of all i’m little embarrased for putting so much stress into my words before, and i didn’t wanted to show a demeaning behavior to the followers of this blog. I’m deeply sorry about my impulsive and childish behavior, i hate to rant, but the hate asks towards my mods couldn’t be ignored, when it comes to people being abusive towards others i can lose my temper in seconds.

For those who have no idea of what happened, I’ll give a quick resume: 

One of my mods - let’s call my mod “E” - have made a callout to @ask-fucking-bendy, (i’ll not say the reason, because there’s no need to add fuel to the fire at this point) and the others mods didn’t knew about the post, then it started a whole war about it, people fighting to protect their sides, using anonymous messages to harass and defame others (both sides), and again, all my mods aren’t awared of it, and only “E” who posted it knew about what happened. As a supporter of positivity, those who know me are aware that i’m completely against hate, and BP always fought against hate in this fandom. It’s a shame that many end up calling us “savebendy bootleg” and send hate messages because we - and I say all of us -  have done a lot for this fandom.

Yes, one of my mods talked to AFB mod, and they entered into an agreement on the situation then stop sending hate to them.

@ask-fucking-bendy so I just want you to know that I personally apologize for what happened to you, i want to apologize for every hate comment you’ve gotten, be assured that we didn’t asked people to attack you, and what my mod did to you was wrong of couse, although I understand their point they should have talked to you privately, “E” was trying to protect victim’s of abuse, but they did it in the wrong way. 

Many persons i know have suffered the abuses that are topics of your Tumblr, so i can only ask you to tag it properly, and keep your blog as NSFW, doing it you are protecting others, you’re keeping them away to have a panic attack, or worst.

It’s important to know “E” know they did something wrong, and they apologized about it, and leaved BP’s group.  

Now, haha. “Dear” anons, anons and the users who send hate for BP and AFB, you’re all a bunch of hypocrites or trolls or have no brain, the battle between blogs can only be created as result of toxic behaviors, and this kind of behavior is unacceptable and disrespectful towards everyone. Thanks all of you this stupid battle grew stronger, triggering people without reason, making people feel bad, making people leave their blogs. Everyone can go wrong, no one is perfect, if my ex mod had made a mistake, you had no right to do the same, you had no right to attack 14 mods and AFB without reason. But all of you choose to be a bunch of assholes and attack both blogs - some for fun - so shame on all of you, i hope you all don’t get the same kind of treatment if you guys do something wrong .

I’ll be asking to much, but i need you guys to spread the word and stop the hate from both sides. People NEED to know about it. People need to know that my mods don’t have nothing against AFB’S mod and they did nothing against them.

For the last time, my mods DID NOTHING WRONG, they don’t deserve the hate they got, they don’t deserve to die for doing nothing,  and even with “E” have done wrong, they are an awesome person, and don’t deserve the hate, like no one else deserves.

Thank you all for listening, stay safe and


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Matthew Daddario Sunday meet and greet.

“Because I noticed the first time you were doing it, was when Maryse came in, he was standing at attention.” - fan (talking about matt standing at attention)

“Yes because she comes in. So when some people come in. He hopes to it. ” - matt

“But I’ve noticed that he does it with Magnus too” - fan

“It depends on the Magnus situation. For example: in some scenes with Magnus, if it’s a relaxed scenario, I’ll go in, I’ll sort of trudge in. But if it’s a scenario where I need something from Magnus which I’m often am asking for, often. I come in and it’s very formal. It’s like ‘Magnus I need you to do X Y Z’ and that’s you know again it’s his habits”
- matt

Matt turns to translator who looks horrified at having to translate his rant. “So translate it all word for word. And you can’t make one mistake. You’ll be fine”

  • Me Externally: I've made peace that AOS won't be at SDCC and we will get some amazing stuff at NYCC. Maybe the cast will do something fun from set to tide us over. I understand the timing and it's a business and AOS is back after late so they need to give that time to shows premiering sooner. This is cool. I'm fine.
  • Me Internally: Pouting and sulking while insanely jealous of all the fandoms about to get all sorts of SDCC goodness.
Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Sakamaki Shuu (Ecstasy 03)

(aah, I feel refreshed….as I thought taking a bath cleared my mood)

(…being imprisoned here like this unable to do a thing makes you feel down…)

(It would be nice if Shuu-san would go for one too. If he took a bath then, I think he could relax a little)

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I’ve talked about this before, but it’s been a long time. On the subject of misunderstandings in romance (really, any fiction), the argument is always: “It’s so stupid because it could be solved with a simple conversation!”

Sometimes that’s true. However, I’d like to float the idea that it’s not as true as often as readers think it is.

Human beings do not typically enjoy uncomfortable conversations. Therefore, characters based on humans would not either.

Think about a friend, relative, co-worker, neighbor, romantic partner, not-quite-romantic-partner-but-maybe-there’s-something-there, or any other person you have some manner of relationship with. Have you ever needed to have a potentially awkward conversation with them? Did you, perhaps, delay doing so? Have you ever made a small problem worse because you were fearful of beginning the solution? Have you ever ignored a phone call?

You have. Because you’re human. So the argument that “these characters could solve this thing if they’d just sit down and hash it out” might stem from frustration because you understand that communication is ultimately the answer, but “a simple conversation” is *not always a natural path for a human-like character*. First you need to futz around and avoid your responsibilities for a bit. Then you need to sort of flounce about and be annoyed that you are obliged to tackle the problem. THEN you have a “simple conversation.”

Frankly, we’re too hard on characters dealing with a misunderstanding. It’s actually MORE realistic for them to bury their heads in the sand and avoid the so-called simple conversations. They’re only human.

Dialogue prompts

‘They’ll be fine. They won’t do anything stupid.’
'We’re thinking about the same person, right?’

'How could you do this?’
'You say that like it’s something I should feel guilty about.’

'How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t need your help.’
'The trap you’re currently stuck in says otherwise.’

'You shouldn’t be here, it’s forbidden.’
'I’m royalty. I’ll go wherever I please.’

'There’s something you’re not telling me.’
'Of course there is. I know how to keep a secret.’

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What are your thoughts on enbyphobia?

I mean I do think nonbinary identities are erased & maligned but I hardly think that there needs to be a whole separate word for it when “nonbinary erasure” or something else catered to what you’re specifically talking about at the time will do just fine. I’m not a fan of these, multiplicities of terminology to talk about things that are ultimately related to e.g. transphobia / misogyny as if they were completely different, discrete oppressive forces

The lack of computers in this hospital will be the end of me.

I get here at 6, track down a computer on wheels for rounds, change the battery, do my pre rounding.

I’m just about ready to round, when the med student needs me to show her something. I put my name on the computer, reserving it.

I step away for two minutes max, and it’s gone.

The way we do rounds here we need computers to place orders, open labs, and review images. So I go hunting.

I find thee computers just sitting in the corner in a hallway. Being a nice person I ask if I can take one for rounds.

Nope. I get a bunch of nurses giving me attitude about how I should just use my laptop.

Um…this is the ICU with a ton of sick kids. What part of that makes it a good idea for my 8 month pregnant ass to carry around a personal laptop thst can’t be properly sterilized around? Especially if there are computers just sitting there not being used. Why is this a daily battle?


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What do you like about Nanaba? <3 (I love her so much I just--)

I love everything about Nanaba. That 11/10 Resolve is really interesting to think about considering what we got of her in the canon. She definitely has resolve but sometimes she needs a little reassurance! Which is nice because I love badass female characters as much as anyone, but it’s good to see that they can be written as human, too.

And for something different from me… One of her most underrated moments is this one:

I know a lot of people give “motherly” as a trait to Nanaba, but Lynne is the one who speaks gently to Connie and tries to lift his spirits/be supportive in the face of overwhelming odds. Nanaba is like this. She doesn’t mince words and she doesn’t coddle.

To be clear, I don’t think she’s trying to be an asshole here. She understands what these kids are going through because she’s been through it, too. And before you can say she hasn’t: 1) she’s been a new recruit in the SC, and 2) she was a part of the chaos when Shiganshina and Maria fell. She knows better than these kids how awful their situation is; she’s seen it before and from an adult’s perspective. But she refuses to let any of them shirk the responsibility of the choice they’ve all made freely: that of being a soldier. They chose this path. There is no going back now.

We don’t get to see much of Nanaba but I do think what we get of her is wonderful. Even though she’s generally calm and collected, she’s as human as her companions and has fears just the same as they do. Let’s not forget that she manages a leadership role with relative ease and despite her rather serious nature in most of her scenes, manages a spark of humor around Gelgar, horror and grief over her lost teammates, and desperation enough when it’s obvious Gelgar is about to die that she throws herself at his enemy in a bleak attempt to save his life.

UGh I just love her.

Listen I still hate drawing hands, but when hands and I are on speaking terms some magical shit happens. I went from “I can only draw one type of hand, and that’s a Shitty Hand” to “I can draw different types of hands, not to extreme degrees as I have room to improve in that department but at least I have options, to better fit a character’s personality” and honestly I Love That So Much

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You say I your description "vegan for the earth" yet you eat fish. Lying bitch. Change it now.

Lol what????

Please I dare you to actually take 2 seconds of your day and go back and read that caption on my photo where 1) I tag the restaurant, which in their bio clearly state they are a fully vegan restaurant, 2) I then also state in the caption that it is all vegan, 3) I already answered an ask clarifying that if you read the caption that it’s vegan Tuna (ever hear of a vegan version of something???) you’re making yourself look stupid and you clearly haven’t followed me for long/payed attention to anything or else you’d know that I’m vegan and passionate about it. Please do yourself a favor and unfollow my blog and Instagram and move on with your life- I don’t need people making assumption when they didn’t even read the caption on a photo and then being rude for no reason!!

Hope you learn to be a happier and kinder person so you don’t spend your time trying to put down others to make yourself feel better!

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its funny because in one of your videos you say "develop your own style" yet you take other people's photos/images etc and put in your bullet journal and say it is yours. What you do is actual theft and it isn't nice and worse of all there is no credit on the photos you "take"

i have never ever said that the images i print and put into my bullet journal are my own — i will openly admit, i used to be really shoddy about not crediting artwork which was shitty and lazy of me, but now when i post i do my best to credit the artist/photographer when i can find them. unfortunately, sometimes things get reposted so often thru places like pinterest and tumblr that even reverse searching an image on google for a good while can bring up no solid results. it is never, ever my intention to steal from other artists, and i do everything i can to insure that. 

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I write quite frequently but I have yet to post anything online because I can never finish something. I always want to know my end goal and to organize my work but I struggle finding a good way to do that. I can sometimes write without an organized outline but that only lasts for so long. How do you write and organize your works when you know it is going to be a long story? I need a way to organize my thoughts but anything I've tried never helps

Step 1- The end-goal can be something as simple as ‘the characters are now a team,’ ‘the enemy has been defeated,’ ‘the two people are now in a relationship’ 

Step 2- You think about what type of character development is necessary for that to happen. Maybe they need to learn to work each other, they need to develop a sense of trust, they need to let go of something in their past, they need to discover they were misjudging the other person, etc :”)

Step 3- what sort of events would facilitate that character development? Eg one of them rescues the other, or they encounter something that triggers a conversation about something from the past, or one of them is injured and they realise how much they care about them, etc

Now you create a list down the side of your page, position those events in each chapter in some type of order, and you should have the bones of an outline :) 

Sometimes starting out with a long story might not be the best way if you think you’d struggle to finish it, because you can lose motivation - maybe think about different ways to structure it so that you’re able to finish and post things! Like a series of short stories, or maybe each one is a different character’s POV, or they’re a bunch of scenes in the same AU but not necessarily chronologically ordered - mixing it up can make it easier to write without having to worry about a single super long plot that you need to rigidly adhere to. I hope that helps some, and that you have a lot of fun with whatever you end up writing! <3 <3