i needed to create something cute has a lot dirty stuff on my blog


Request: Could you do a one shot with LuciferXreader where the reader is like biblical Eve and she and lucifer had a thing before she was cast out of Eden. It would be like a billion times more amazing if they could get into a fight about what happened between them in front of like sam and Dean.

Request: Can I have a Luciferxreader where the reader seems gloomy and stuff and Lucifer (being one that likes her… A lot) wants to cheer her up by something??

Request: It’s Monday–yay! Can I have a LuciferxReader Christmas-y oneshot where Lucifer and the reader are caught under the mistletoe or something and Lucifer keeps teasing her about it? Fluff!

Request: Hello, so it’s Monday and I wanted to ask if you could do a Lucifer one shot where Luci and the reader are laying in bed, and he gives lots of compliments and fluff fluff fluff. I love your blog btw (: ty

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