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Kids are being confused about the relationship between Raizel and Franken ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

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I wonder what the plan for Adam is in the future. Because, while I am glad they didn't remove him so anticlimacticly, they also kinda defanged him in every way. We've been shown he's not an amazing fighter, at least when angry. And his two biggest tools, his control of the WF and the emotional hold he has over Blake, are both gone. So like, him showing up in the future, it's gonna be kinda hard to see him as a threat.

I’d say a large part of why he isn’t as much of a threat this volume has to do with control. Remember, Blake had a pretty lackluster showing against him back in 3x11 between the surprise of seeing her abuser and the overall unpreparedness for the fall of Beacon. This time it’s Adam’s turn, because he wasn’t expecting Blake to have to help or for his plans to be foiled (he’s also a bit unhinged which doesn’t help). In 3x11, Adam had control, but in Haven Blake has it. Their next confrontation will likely be a bit more even.

As for his future role, I’m not sure. In the long term he does need to be defeated (since he’s kind of a major antagonist for Blake and after volume 3 Yang as well), but the how and when is a bit harder to predict. It’ll depend on a lot on where he goes or if he officially joins Salem. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him hunting Blake down independently, but with the group heading to Atlas it probably wouldn’t be next volume (Ironwood’s got a few screws loose but it does mean that Atlas will hard to sneak into).

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Sorry to bring the Rückholfaustling back YET AGAIN but I really need to inform you that I just watched the beginning of TKKS in Czech and they translated it as "oživlá ruka" Which literally translates as "the revived hand" ???? Like WHY (Seems like no other language can truly capture the genius of The Risen Mitten lol)

oh my god

NEVER apologize for sending me this kind of information, this is hilarious

I don’t speak czech but that makes no sense at all? it’s not a hand but a glove/gauntlet? the hand is not revived? amazing.

Seems like every country needs their own Ianto to come up with a cool name, because this clearly isn’t working.

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(petition for all of you to send me/or add to this what the Risen Mitten is called in your language and the literal translation of it into english)

If you ever turn back to me.

If I could just erase that one day then I wouldn’t have to go through the emptiness of losing you, and you’d still be around.

I told you I would never want to lose a friend like you, but maybe I was too soft. Only if you knew that I still wish to have you around, that I still consider you as my friend.

I believe, everyone who walks into our lives knows a part of us, you knew that part of me, which I had left behind somewhere, and I still am thankful for bringing it back. I could never bring myself to hate you, or even blame you for anything, all I needed was a clear justification for our actions, but in the process we lost each other.

I’ve lost you once, and I don’t remember how it felt like having you listen to me, but even now I know there’s something missing, I know a lot was left unsaid.

I don’t know if you ever feel like turning back to me or no, but I’m sure that the second time you come around, we both won’t be the same and I hope we both won’t repeat the same mistake again, and when it comes to talking about the Stars and the moon, I won’t have to think twice before searching your name.

I hope you’re around, for I know that you and I have fallen deeply for the magic that the universe persist, for every thing that others won’t understand, but with you it won’t be that difficult.

I hope, second time when you come around, the time would be in our favour, that we’d be right to each other. I wouldn’t mind if that takes long, I’d be fine even if it won’t ever happen, but I’d not want the same mistake to repeat again, I’d not want to lose you, yet again.


Alya : Ladybug! My sisters were akumatized! I must save them and bring them back home!

LB : There is a way to get them back. Chat Noir and I need help. Are you up to it?

Alya : Me? Help superheroes? Of course, I am! I’ll send a message to Marin—

LB : No, wait. This must remain a secret. Not a word to your friends nor on the Ladyblog.

Alya : Oh… okay. I understand.

LB : Alya Césaire. Here is the Fox Miraculous which grant the illusion power. You shall use it for the good of all.

Alya nods

LB : Once the mission completed, you’ll give me back the miraculous. Can I trust you?

Alya : Of course, Ladybug!

LB nods and Alya opens the box

Alya : Wow! What is that thing?!

Trixx : I am not at “thing”. My name is Trixx and I am your kwami.

Alya : My kwami? It is you who give their powers to the superheroes, right?

Trixx (to LB) : Not bad!

LB : She’s an expert.

Alya : So awesome! (To LB) Telll me, you have an idea of Chat Noir’s real identity? How old are you, for real? (Some rambling about pharaohs which I can’t her clearly since LB’s talks over this bit).

LB : Stay focus, Alya.

Alya : Sorry, Ladybug. ^^;

Alya puts the necklace on

LB : Ready to become a superhero?

Trixx : You only have one thing to say : “Trixx, transforme-moi”!

Alya transforms into Rena Rouge

RR : This is so cool! But… I look like Lila’s akumatized version in this costume.

LB : Yes, but you are a superhero. Follow me, I’ll explain the rest to you on the way.

Alya : Wow… this was awesome!

LB : You were a great help, thank you.

LB tends her hand to Alya to recover the Fox Miraculous.

Alya : You know… if I could keep it, I could help you again.

LB : You have promised.

Alya : Please, Ladybug! We would make a super team and I could help you everyday!

LB : Hurry! I’m going to transform back!

Alya : Pleaaase?

LB : …I gotta go. I trust you.

LB enters the building right behind her.

Trixx : You are perfectly right, Alya! I am sure the three of you would make a super team! You have all the qualities of a superhero. You are brave, strong and above all else, trustworthy.

Alya :

Alya slightly opens the door behind which LB had disappears and lay down the miraculous in its box on the floor for LB to recover and closes the door.

In light of recent emo news, I thought id write a quick and fun spell to help bring My Chemical Romance back together!
what you’ll need:

💀 1 piece of my chemical romance merchandise or print
💀 2 black candles
💀 and any stones that give you dark emo vibes!


💀 1. set the candles to the left and right of MCR
💀 2. turn enough lights to make your room as black as your soul (but light enough to make sure you dont accidentally burn anything, please be safe!)  
💀 3. recite “I will not be ok if My Chemical Romance does not get back together, I promise” 3x
💀 4. snuff out candles

(I made this as a joke, but honestly if you want to do this feel free)


Hey guys. So…I’ve never publicly announced this before but yes, I’m studying screenwriting in college. I figured I really need to practice writing in screenplay format more so why not practice by writing Choices fics? So here’s my first fic ever. It takes place right after MC Clears her name, but Liam ’ s proposal in NYC never happened and instead they went straight back to Cordonia to celebrate MC clearing her name. In this universe, MC was also a Broadway actress who’s never landed a lead role, and ended up being a waitress to sustain herself while auditioning everyday for different shows after her last show ended. So to celrbrate, Liam brings in professional Cordonian theater performers, and put together a production of Cinderella, casting MC as Cinderella and himself as thr Prince. You can read the rest above. Please comment any constructive criticism because I really would love to improve! Much love ❤

Sidenote: Screenplays are meant to be very straightforward and not wordy, hence the limited descriptions of every scene.

Imagine Dean(your half brother) comforting you after you have a nightmare

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“Bring her out of that car right now” my mom screamed with her eyes red. A few men with nurse outfits hold her back. I was in a black car watching through the window as my mom tried to get the men let her go.

“Mam I’m sorry but you need to think about her safety. A 16 year old girl should not be around her drug addict mom” my mom began to scream and began to cry. The men let her go as she fell to the ground

“Please..I’m the only thing she has. She’s the only thing I have” I touch the window and saw the man talking to mom go to the driving seat. As he drove away I saw my mom run after the car but of course she couldn’t keep up.

“ It looks like you aren’t going to be able to see her for a long time. I’m sorry about this but-“

“ Can I see her” the man froze

“ Not without a family member supporting her saying she is calm enough to hang with you for a few hours” I knew that meant basically no

“ I want my mom”

The scene changed, I was in a cold and dark place. My mom appeared, she was staring at me and crying

“ Why didn’t you try enough. It’s because of you that I can’t see you” she said

“ No mom I’m really am trying”

“ Obviously Not enough, I wish I aborted you”

“ Mom please stop” mom got up and slapped me.

I wake up with a sweat, I tried to catch my breathe. I begin to cry

“ Hey…you ok” Dean was at the door

“Wha-what are you doing up”

“ I’m eating some pie…you look like you need some” I sniffle a little and nod not caring the time of night. Dean smiles and sits next to me and hands me the pie and rubs my back.

“I thought you loved pie”

“ I do but I love you more” I shed a tear. Dean wiped it away.

“ I know this is a chick flick scene but what’s got you crying”

“I dreamt…my mom being taken and then her blaming me. I just wish I had a good memory of her like Adam does with his mom. All I remember was Gabe being there as much as he could which was like once a month and my mom getting high and drinking a lot” Dean frowned and looked down

“ Well you have us now and I know your mom doesn’t blame you. Don’t tell Adam this but… he’s kinda a wuss. I mean you were able to shoot a pistol by the time you were 6.”

“ haha well how else was I supposed to protect my house Incase of intruders”

“ Adam had a childhood that many would say is common. He had no dad big deal. Sammy and I rarely saw him when he hunted alone. You are to toughest, strongest, bravest, most kindhearted girl I’ve ever met because of your childhood ”

“ Thanks Dean”

So im making an Overwatch playlist because i cant help myself!






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What mod is it that bring back the fake honeymoon after Bon Voyage? I’m assuming it’s a mod because I’ve not been able to have one since Bon Voyage and I really miss them. Sometimes I do Bon Voyage honeymoons, but most of my couples are pregnant during their wedding, and there’s no way I’m dealing with that need drop on a BV vacation…

I don’t have any mods that I know of. I think normal game behavior is that, so long as a BV honeymoon isn’t booked pre-wedding, they still get a fake honeymoon? Maybe? Or maybe I do have a mod that affects this…but I don’t think so. The only honeymoon-related thing I have is the “Risky Honeymoon” FlavorPak for Inteen, but I don’t think that re-enables fake honeymoons or anything, only gives a couple a chance of coming back from a fake honeymoon with a “souvenir.” Anyway, I never book BV honeymoons. If I want a couple to have a “playable” honeymoon, I just book a normal vacation for them once they’re married. If I have a wedding party (which I don’t often do), the limo always shows up for the fake honeymoon.

Maybe others who know about this can weigh in on the subject and confirm whether or not it’s you or me who’s experiencing normal behavior?

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okay SO. Fordscape AU stuff: Since Ford technically needs a vessel to exist, and his body got like ultra destroyed, he can't use that. But he kept finding that his eye was bleeding onto the pages of his journal(s), right? So maybe, he could use those? Not necessarily move around in them, but inhabit them enough to bring words onto the page for Stan to read, something like Tom Riddle's diary?

Oooo, funky idea! Towards the climax of the story in 2012, I’d say probably yes, but it takes a good deal of time for Ford to acclimate to being a vessel-less being in the mindscape and figure out how to manipulate it. 

My reasoning for that is when Ford’s body died, Ford’s essence- lost in the mindscape- lost all connection with his own world. This is in direct opposition to what happened in Sock Opera, where Dipper’s body still existed in the real world. Because Dipper’s body was still there and alive, Dipper was still tethered to this world and could naturally influence things around him as a result. Ford? Not so much. For the first fifteen or so years he’s more of a passive viewer from his mindscape “prison,” trying desperately to alert Stanley, to tell him he’s still kinda alive, but unable to affect the world around him in any way. His tether is just so weak. 

But come twenty years… twenty-five years… thirty years… and he slowly but surely regains his connection with this world. And along the way, he begins to find that he can affect and manipulate aspects of it much like Bill Cipher himself could, too…

Towards that point, I bet Ford would begin trying to spell out words… on mirrors in the steam, in pebbles on the ground, in the branches of the trees… At first his efforts turn out much like those times where Dipper finds “bewarb” written on his arm in mosquito bites. Words all jangled up, not making sense.

But thankfully, the summer the kids come to Gravity Falls his ability shoots up waaay faster than ever before out of sheer desperate necessity, and he figures out how to talk through dreams or possess inanimate vessels like Dipper possessing a sock puppet.

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au + 5 hc - Zuko is Zorro

This sounds like a good time to bring back the Blue Spirit Ursa AU. In the 1998 film, The Mask of Zorro, and this may be a good time to announce that I love this movie so much, and not just because it’s the movie that made baby Attackfish realize she was bisexual. I love this movie, it is wonderful, pulpy, delightful melodramatic fun, and I love it so much. Anyway, in The Mask of Zorro, the original Zorro trains a successor as part of his plot to reclaim his kidnapped daughter. Ursa’s motivation after Iroh brings her Zuko is similar. Her desire to help the Fire Nation people suffering under the rule of the man she put on the throne becomes secondary to her drive to rescue her daughter, willing or not, from her father’s clutches.

Continued from here: [Link] and here: [Link]

1. Ursa plans the rescue of her daughter, and the child Avatar she is guarding, carefully. She leaves Zuko behind, knowing that if it all goes wrong and she is captured, at least her son will be safe. He bitterly resents this, and plots to help his mother anyway, if not at her side, by making a distraction. He dons his Red River Spirit mask and slips into a large munitions factory on an island near enough to the capital to draw away home guard troops, and leaves his name, 蘇科 carved into the door. This is quite a feat. The door is metal, and later, Zuko and his dao swords will need to spend a lot of quality time with a whetstone, but it does what he wants it to. It gets his father’s attention, and he sends guards out of the capital in droves to investigate.

2. Ursa captures the Avatar and throws the poor drugged child over her shoulders. She runs with him out of the city and deep into the wide sweep of grassland beyond. Azula follows. The grass is tall, nearly waist high, high enough to hide a man, or an army of men, lying on their belly. Ursa lures her alone into an ambush. Iroh, Jeong Jeong, and a small team of White Lotus members overwhelm her and take her captive. Talented as she is, she is no match for them.

3. They bundle her into a merchant steam ship and take her with them away from the capital island, down to the old Western Air Temple. It’s close enough to the Fire Nation that Ursa can still stage raids, but isolated enough that she believes she will be able to keep her daughter captive. This is a fatal miscalculation. Azula escapes, setting one of her White Lotus guards on fire and leaving him to die of his wounds. She knows in spite of her daring escape that she has failed in the job her father tasked her to do. She is unable to reclaim the Avatar, so she heads for the Earth Kingdom. With a little finesse, she is able to reacquire Mai and Ty Lee, and with them, capture Ba Sing Se from the inside.

4. Aang wakes up in an Air Temple, and at first it feels as if it has all been a terrible dream. But it’s not an air nun who tends to him, it’s a Fire Nation warrior woman, and his body is wracked by cramps and nausia, and cravings for the drugs that kept him semi-conscious and trapped in the prison the Fire Nation had built for him.

5. Capturing Ba Sing Se may be enough to get back into her father’s good graces, but she has still been humiliated, and she vows to reclaim the Avatar from her mother and the rebel group known as the White Lotus…

hate to bring it back up again but WHO actually was responsible for giving sungjin a coconut head haircut when we all KNOW he looks best showing his forehead. I’m not even asking for his full forehead, just a sliver n what he has going on now, tremendous, perfect, magnifique, gorgeous. when it was just a FULL coconut………………….evil. I don’t get it who actually decided ??? perhaps they did it to make him look slightly younger because the cut coincided with whole drama trilogy during their everyday6 releases but they didn’t need to do that to him ?!?!?!?! or perhaps it was because his forehead is too powerful so they HAD to hide it to protect the fans like it was too early in the game for him to bring the full forehead back……… I’m just saying that the sungjin hair now, and sungjin in brown and wine is the optimal sungjin in this certain period of time. god is always upgrading so this isn’t even his final evolution but if they bring back that suffocating coconut head someone’s gonna get slapped with both my hands n feet let me tell you that

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I want to bring up the possibility of me being autistic to my doctor, but I get so anxious when I bring up even the smallest issue to her. Any ideas on how to talk to my doctor about it?

As mentioned in the last post, the best things you can do are

a) make a list of how you fit each of the diagnostic criteria to bring with you in case you forget/struggle to speak

b) if you can, bring someone with you for emotional support/to speak for you or back you up if needed

Mod Liz

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Looks like I will need to insert that flavor pak and see if it brings my honeymoons back. It’s a little silly because there’s no reason I would use that pak–like I said, if the couple isn’t pregnant, I usually send them on a real honeymoon. If they ARE pregnant, well, they can’t very well get MORE pregnant…I guess the thing it would change for my game is that the couples too poor for a real honeymoon might find themselves knocked up. XD

Do let us know! Because if it works, then the Great Honeymoon Mystery will be solved! :D

Can we talk about team leader Sun Wukong for a sec

In volume 4, Sun told Blake he sent Scarlet, Sage, and Neptune back to Mistral. They were in Mistral when all of this shit was going down at Haven.

Even though the other three would have leapt into action the second Sun called for help, Sun didn’t bring them in because he knew it wasn’t their fight. This was for the Faunus and Sun knew damn well there were risks going into this and he didn’t involve the rest of his team simply because it wasn’t their fight.

… That being said can we get a SSSN reunion please, I need more of them