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I believe we just need a little bit of imagination to give them life and understand their meaning in the series. And why Harry felt in love with Ginny. The movies or the books don’t show it enough - but still, the books give us hints and brief moments. As a reader, I try to open my mind. A simple sentence like “and yet Harry couldn’t help but talk to her, laughing with her, coming back from practice with her” makes me imagine a thousand comics. So I guess shipping Hinny is just having the courage to open our minds :) Maybe I’m just trying to help with my art <3

“Home sweet home after a very long, but productive, day. I’m thinking of really simplifying the porch this week. Going back to the basics and only bringing back things we love and need. I think it’s time.


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Dammit Sooty it's too early for me to be upset about Gabriel and WHERE IS MICHAEL

Is it though?  Is it my friend?!  Or deep down, waayyy deep down.  Aren’t you always mad about Gabriel?

I still haven’t read the Michael spec but I bet my booty that we’ll see him this coming season.  I’ve written about it a bit in some of my other spec but it’s so important he shows up.  Vital in fact.  He did not deserve what happened to him.

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He was just trying to be a good boy.  He didn’t know what Sam could achieve, or that there was another way

And also, excuse to bring my boys back.

Get your asses home for dinner, naughty damn angels!

Chuck wrote a chapter about the Archangels and we never got it.  We need our goddamn chapter

i sit in the same room as my wife since our computers are like right there and sometimes she’ll hear me giggling and ask why i’m shitposting

and then she sees the shitpost and asks how i think of this shit while fully sober

i exist in all times and all places and bring back shitposts from the year 3000 to stop the bohemian millenials from the west coast from advancing technology far enough ahead that they seal the alt right in dyson spheres then launch them into the sun because humanity needs conflict to evolve

or something

Ryocos’ Bench Press Post!

Deadlift post.

Legpress post.

I think the bench press is the exercise that I get the most asks about, so I decided to put together a little post on how to do it! It’s my absolute favorite exercise, so lets get started!

The flat bench press is an exercise for your chest and triceps, so lets cover how to make sure that your chest and triceps are doing the work rather than your biceps, lateral/rear shoulders, or back.

To do that we need to force our shoulders out of the equation by tucking them away. It looks like this:

Bring your shoulder blades together as if you are trying to pinch a penny between them. Now do this while laying on the bench:

Doing this keeps your shoulders safely out of the way, which helps to force your chest to do more of the work. If you have experienced shoulder pain while benching, not doing this could be part of the reason why.

Next we have to look at grip. 

This is where you’ll have to personally experiment to find your sweet spot. Use the smooth break in the rough grip of the bar as a way to measure where to place your hands. For me, my ring finger goes over the band. This is a pretty wide grip, but my shoulders are also pretty wide as well.

Your grip is good when your wrist is able to do the motion straight, not bent, and your feel no shoulder pain.

Your grip should be controlled by the meat between your thumb and first finger. The rest of your fingers curl around the bar just to keep it from rolling out of place. If you try to place the bar on the meat of your fingers or upper palm you risk the bar being too far back, which forces the wrist to bend and can cause pain. In the above gif you can see how the meat between my thumb and first finger are used to find the right spot before the rest of my fingers wrap around the bar and my thumb closes over them.

Be mindful of bringing your hands in too close together or else your bench press will become a tricep press, which looks like this:

Now for your lower back and legs!

While powerlifters have a larger arch to the backs, if you’re just starting out all you need is a low arch that helps to confirm the safety of your shoulders. While your lower back should not be touching the bench, you must make sure that your butt stays firmly planted! I have my arms up and out of the way for viewing purposes, but this is part of my setup: 

My back is somewhat arched to help dig my shoulder blades into the bench. My butt it on on the seat (lifting only as I find the right position). My legs are planting themselves on the ground.

All that’s left to explain is that the bar should ALWAYS touch the center of your sternum when doing the basic bench press. Stopping at any point before the bar touches your chest is an incomplete rep, and making a habit of doing this will only rob you of your gains. IF you have shoulder pain that stops you from touching the bar to your chest, then look into switching to the dumbbell bench press instead!

For recap:

1. Tuck your shoulders.

2. Find your grip.

3. Lightly arch your back, plant your legs, and keep your tush on the seat.

4. Touch the bar to your chest.

They thought bringing Monel back would had pissed off some of the fans. Especially Supercorp

So going into SDCC they where all super defensive about it. However instead of defending they launched into attack mode! 

Supercorp fans before the attack were chill af. Chris was coming back… thats cool they need to kill him off some how  whatever. Ya know.. they didn’t care. 

But this cast of idiots just couldn’t be chill themselves oh no they flipped over the table and called Supercorp a bunch of delusional fucks. In song! 

Later I love how this loyal cast just sat back and allowed Jeremy take the full blame for this attack. 

Melissa was one of the offenders here and she, the shows main star should had been one of the first to issue an apology at least take partial blame for the unprovoked attack on Supercorp.

However Melissa was all like

Not the gif I was looking for but itll do.

Katie, Katie, Katie has been here before and she learned from experiences to just let people ship whomever they wish to ship. Especial w|w ships. So Katie has been super cool and really I appreciate this woman so much! 

Supercorp status as of right now? Well if this shit couldn’t sink Swan Queen….. Supercorp may have a chance at sailing again. 

time heals all wounds and shit.

What I want, Is Ryan Haywood: Chapter two

Second Chapter that I had no Idea I would write. Also I’m going to keep tagging @drawy-things until they tell me to fuck off lmao.

In an instant, Dollface has drawn her knife, hidden behind the flannel shirt she wears. She reaches up, grabbing a fistful of Danny’s shirt and bringing him down to her level, the blade to his throat. “How do you know that name!?” She spits, speaking through her teeth.

The girls atop the ramp see the little commotion between the two, having been watching them like hawks to make sure Dollface is safe. They all slide down, coming to their leaders aid, standing well back though. They know she’s tough, but everyone needs help at some point.

“It’s all I know about the Vagabond.” Danny answers, feeling the blade start to slice into his skin as he talks. His voice is calm and even. He can’t show fear to Dollface… then she’d never help them.

“I’m not helping you.” She growls. “I should just kill you right here and now.” She goes on, pressing the slightest bit harder, watching as blood starts to slip from the little cut. Thin, almost barely there beads of blood roll down the pink and silver of the blade, glinting in the ever changing lights.

“You owe Suzie. You have to help us.” Danny reminds her, feeling his adams apple being crushed a bit by the blade.

Danny can see harsh hatred in Dollface’s eyes. Her beautiful brown eyes almost never looked so malice filled. “I loved Suzie… but she isn’t here anymore. Ryan and the guys are here.” Dollface snaps.

Danny slowly begins to lift one of his hands. The motion startles Dollface, making her jerk, press harder. Danny swallows hard, but continues the motion. She watches his hand as he moves to hers holding the knife. He lays his hand on hers, “They abandoned you.” Danny explains.

Danny can see Dollface frown behind her mask, glaring at him. “You aren’t apart of them anymore… they only care about themselves… and that doesn’t include you.” He goes on.

The anger that had been building in Dollface finally erupts. She takes the fist holding onto Danny’s shirt and pulls back. For a split second, Danny thought she was coming to terms, but before he knew it, the wind was being knocked right out of his chest.

Danny stumbles back, gasping for air. For such a small women, she could pack a fucking punch. “You don’t think I know that!?” She shouts, anger bubbling into her chest.

Danny catches his breath quick enough to stop her there, “You!… You should… You should want to help me then!” Danny explains, still fighting for more air. The hazy air in the room making it harder to breath.

Dollface huffs. The crew betrayed her… burned her… literally. She wears the mask for a reason. But she vowed to never betray them… she would never stoop to their level… But now she’s in a tight spot… she knows she has to help Danny. She owes Suzie…

“… Meet me out back.” She snaps at Danny. She slips her blade back into its place and turns, walking past her girls. The girls quickly follow, fussing over their leader. Danny sighs.

He turns back as well, heading towards where Arin is waiting. As he walks, he brings a hand to his throat, feeling the stinging cut. He takes his hand away, seeing blood on his palm. He shakes his head.

Waiting near the door to the skate park is Arin, leaned against the wall, having watched the whole interaction. “Thanks for the help, dick.” Danny snaps, punching Arin’s shoulder. Arin mock whines, holding his shoulder as the two leave.

“We’re supposed to meet her out back. She’s going to help us.” Danny explains when Arin asks what happened.

“What the hell is your deal with the Vagabond? You got a death wish I should know about?” Arin asks as they walk out of the building.

“Something like that.”

Need reading material!

Send me your best Sam x Reader fics. Send me your master lists. I AM IN A SAM WINCHESTER CRISIS AND I NEED YOUR FICS!!!!

Special shoutout to @sofreddie and @shotgunintheimpala for always tagging me in supernaturally awesome Sam/Jared pics. If y'all find Sam Winchester x Reader fics that you’d think I’d like, BRING IT ON.

Back to the Sam trashcan I go. Kthxbai

In 1787, at an inn near Moulins, an old man was dying, a friend of Diderot, trained by the philosophers. The priests of the neighbourhood were nonplussed: they had tried everything in vain; the good man would have no last rites, he was a pantheist. M. de Rollebon, who was passing by and who believed in nothing, bet the Cure of Moulins that he would need less than two hours to bring the sick man back to Christian sentiments. The Cure took the bet and lost: Rollebon began at three in the morning, the sick man confessed at five and died at seven. "Are you so forceful in argument?” asked the Cur6, “You outdo even us.” “I did not argue,” answered M. de Rollebon, “I made him fear Hell.
Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea

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Do you still think Jasper will be back on Season 5?

Well I can hope so! But I’m thinkin’ it’s more likely we’ll see Bis come back first.

What with the “upper-crusts” on their doorstep and everything. It seems like Bismuth’s cup of tea, and the perfect time to bring her back.

Whereas Jasper will need time – probably a small arc, at least – to unbubble her, heal her corruption, talk things through with her … etc.

it’s Monday, and
I miss you again;
I’m drudging through
the dull, I’m waiting for
the day time might bend
in a direction
most suitable to my needs,
one that brings you back
to me; and,
it seems I’m constantly fighting seconds,
and I lose, even though 
I’m only facing the smaller hand;
and I have yet to understand
time as a matter of perception,
like the distance of your heart,
when the affection of mine
is so tightly wound
around your right index finger;
and I begged you to let me 
hold it;
but this is never on my side,
and now it’s Tuesday,
and I miss you again.
I need time.

Pairing : Sam x Kevin
Word count : 792
Author : Mel
Warnings :
Square filled : Sevin
Written for @spnkinkbingo


Sighing, Sam remembered it like it was yesterday. The first time he met Kevin. That scared little kid, not fully aware of what he was doing, just that he was answering the call, doing what was needed.

He remembered the trips back and forth, as Kevin fell into the role of Prophet. Bringing him anything he needed, or even just visiting to keep the kid sane. He remembered the panic every time Kevin would disappear on them, and that’s when Sam realized what it was.

And then his favorite memory came to mind. Him leaving, giving Dean some bullshit excuse, but really, he was going to visit Kevin.

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When ISFJ Goes Missing

*ISFJ disappears from the group chat*

INTP: oh no, we’ve lost ISFJ
INTJ: Yeah, I see that
INTJ: We should lure her back
INTJ: Set the traps
INTP: what do we use as bait? people in need? she can’t resist helping them
INTJ: People in need of cookies, that will make her come running back with a fresh batch
INTP: ISFJ, come to the dark side… and bring us cookies
INTJ: Oh dear, I’m sooo hungry, if only I had a snacked size bite of round baked dough
INTJ: With chocolate chips, please
INTJ: …It’s not working
INTJ: We really need to get an electric fence

Hey! You know which Crystal Gem can tell Steven direct answers for all of this questions about Rose and The Diamonds, especially Pink Diamond?