i needed to add more color to my wardrobe :)

legendarywolfgardener  asked:

Good Morning Ladies (Including Sam). So, what do you think about the opposing person's movie appearance. Harley reflecting on Batman and Robin, and Ives on the upcoming Suicide Squad.

Harley: “Wait… Red was in a movie! Oh my god what?! She never told me I gotta see this!

Harley: “Oh my gawd! What is wrong with ya hair? And ya eyebrows? Oh man… are the fingernails of your gloves painted? Ahahahaha I can’t believe this hahaha this is great oh my god. We gotta watch this movie! We gotta watch it like 100 times. Oh man I need this, I am totally keeping this picture.”

Ivy: “Well fine, what do you look like, it can’t be any better than mine! Movies always portray us badly.

Ivy: “Hmmm… Did you spend your wardrobe buddgit at hot topic? I still hate that hair style, you don’t even like dying it blonde I don’t know why you wanted to add more color. But aside from that… you don’t look completely horrible. In fact, you look kind of bad ass in this photo. Let’s just wait and see when it comes out hmm?”