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What could have possibly sparked so much discourse? A person's sexuality and gender seems like an extremely personal thing to pretend to know more about than they do.

I ate some potato skins at a gay bar a few days ago and mentioned it briefly in a “this has been a pleasant day socializing with my friends” post. Some folks took that as an excuse to vomit nonsense about how I was invading a safe space I don’t belong in and that’s… that’s pretty much it.

Apart from the constant harassment to publicly disclose my own sexual orientation to justify my doing business at a gay bar, I’m baffled by the suggestion that straight people should be forbidden from entering gay bars for any reason. Firstly… it’s a business, guys. Businesses need patronage, or else they shut like the other gay bar in the city (this is a red state, btw). 

Bars are not support groups, and they’re definitely not “safe spaces”. They’re community centers, yes, and they can provide refuge to lots of people, but they’re… they’re bars. People get drunk at bars, start fights, end fights, get roofied, get pressured into things they don’t want to do, and are subject to racism, ableism, transphobia, body-shaming, and more - and that’s from within the community. 

Of course straight people shouldn’t go to gay bars “ironically” or be annoyed if someone flirts with them (unless they’re pushy and obnoxious about it, obviously). “Don’t be an asshole” common sense applies, as ever. I’m always surprised by the short-sightedness of vehement “allies GTFO” sentiments in real life spaces, because that also excludes closeted and questioning people. I see that #discourse applied to shit like high school GSAs, full of minors, and it blows my mind. 

It’s especially absurd for bars - people were mad that I went with my gay friends because it should be a “strictly gay only” space, and had the audacity to lecture me on why I didn’t belong there. I really doubt that these anons are old enough to go to bars if they don’t understand the value of bringing along someone you trust when you’re going to be drinking. Having a designated driver and someone to watch your back is a good and important thing. I cannot stand the taste of alcohol and am bad at socializing, so my presence at any bar is mostly as support for friends, or to get food. The suggestion that “keeping out the straighties” is more important than safety and enjoying yourself is patently absurd.

ngl I’m kinda disappointed, when I cover heavy subjects I don’t expect people to be making out of place jokes. I find that pretty disrespectful. There are reasons I limited the humour in the past few asks, that doesn’t mean I “forgot” to add humour and I certainly don’t need you guys to add it in in the comments. 


We Women Countdown (11 days to go and a little late!)

My #SelfCareSunday post got a little out of control because what I do to look after myself varies wildly dependent on how I’m feeling. In the end I broke it down to the four most common reasons I need to look after myself and wrote out how I handle them. All the pictures are from my Instagram and are actually from days where I practiced the sort of self care I ‘m taking about.

I’m no self-help experts and certainly no graphic designer but maybe you’ll find something in one of these to get you through a bad moment. Duvet days, puddle stomping, running for the coast and pretending I’m in the Famous FIver are 100% valid as coping mechanisms, as is anything else you do to look after yourself, physically and mentally,

My methods may not work for you, but by sharing them and reading about yours I’m learning that what I often view as “selfish indulgences” are in fact critical to my well-being and that we should all support and encourage one another to find ways of coping and caring for ourselves.

A lot of people may not know this but, my best friend in the world lives in Texas and as such, she has a thick southern accent. I would never make fun of her lovely voice. Just as I would never make fun of Crane for his accent. Nor would I shame anyone who wants to headcannon him with a heavy accent. The only thing I’m against is those who want the accent to be a joke. The character deserves respect. 

I don’t know if my earlier post was the reason someone attacked Codot, but I’m really disappointed that anyone would say that to him. There’s a few people who think I sent that message, but I don’t send anon hate. It’s really immature and I stand behind my opinions, not a filter. I respect my fellow artists and those who contribute to this fandom. If you want to attack me, that’s fine, but don’t attack him. Anyway. I have personally apologized to Codot for the incident, because I feel somewhat responsible for the rude anon. Again, I am sorry.

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hei so i've been watching skam and i've been super interested in the language and the culture. if you've watched skam before, how realistic is skam compared to norway irl? do they really have parties almost every single weekend, etc? I know the russefeiring part is true and it's a cultural thing. anyways, tusen takk!

i would say its realistic yes, but of course it is somewhat exaggerated for dramatic effect. Not every norwegian teen smokes weed every day or have an insane need to hook up with russ, but the reason for its initial appeal was of course that it accurately depicted teens and their problems.

i know you [i walked with you once upon a dream]

Because I saw this post from @twilight-deviant​, about if how if Flynn had saved his family, he’d return to a reality where none of the adventure had happened, the time team didn’t know each other, and Lucy didn’t know him, and immediately had to write the thing, for reasons (I hope that is ok!). Tagging @extasiswings​ as well because she is an enabler, and because if this becomes a multi-chapter, it will be entirely her fault.

February 20, 2017

Palo Alto, California

Lucy Preston pushes through the office door with her hip, because her arms are full of books, binders, half-marked papers, a catalogue from the bridal shop that Noah wants her to take a look at, and her purse, car keys, and the memo she just picked up from the front desk at the history department. Her tenure meeting has finally been scheduled, six weeks from now. Trust the chucklefucks to give her a short deadline, but she’s had most of this prepared for the past two years anyway. University politics are always a merry-go-round of emailing people, emailing the people they put you in touch with, pestering them to answer their email, emailing them to answer their email, and then discovering at the last minute that the class they timetabled you in for the fall is, whoops, happening in spring instead, and so forth – but Lucy feels vindicated. She’s been working for this her whole career, and now it’s finally happening. She just hopes Mom hangs on long enough to see it – and for that matter, her wedding. The last reports from the doctor, well… the words “end of life care” and “memorial arrangements” came up. This is a lot, but Lucy thinks she’s handling it. Most days.

She dumps the avalanche on her desk and boots up her computer, sifting through the stack of papers with her free hand. Logs onto her stanford.edu email, where there are 125 unread messages waiting. It’s only been a weekend, but for some reason it feels as if she’s been away much longer. She woke up feeling strange this morning. Broke down in the shower, for no reason. Noah was comforting, said it was just nerves, expected with everything – the wedding, her mom, tenure worries. Probably was.

Probably was.

Lucy frowns, then shakes herself. Deletes the spam from the fraudster academic publishers and the nineteen thousand “Campus Events” circulars, politely replies to the dozen students in her lecture who somehow cannot find the reading (the book is in the bookstore, or likely available free online as a pirated .pdf), debates whether to send her half-dozenth email to the tiny local archive in Illinois that she’s been bugging to let her into their Lincoln papers (she can probably wrangle a minor research stipend from the department – enough to cover a plane ticket, at least), and decides that no, she is definitely not brave enough to check her bank account. Tries to calculate whether the due dates for various bills have passed – internet, phone, gas, car insurance – and no academic gets into it for the money. As a junior professor, she’s definitely not making it rain, and Noah’s not making gigabucks as a doctor just yet either. Especially in this real estate market. The two of them, with their combined professional incomes, can just about afford to rent a nice closet. Lucy was – still is – living at her mom’s house a lot, but she really needed somewhere to escape to. Her own place. It feels like she needs to get away.

She’s just vainly hoping she may have time to do some actual research this morning, before she has to run to the library and print out her lecture handouts for tomorrow, when there’s a knock on her door. “Dr. Preston?”

“Yeah?” Lucy says, opening up her PowerPoint to make the edit she thought of last night washing the dishes. “Office hours aren’t until 1pm, can you – ”

“Sorry.” It’s one of the grad assistants. “There’s someone who wants to see you. Out in the foyer. Do you have a meeting this morning?”

“No, I don’t.” Lucy frowns. “Are you sure they’re looking for me?”

“They – well – he – seemed pretty sure. Lucy Preston, history and anthropology of American political movements, 450 Serra Mall, Building 200, Stanford University. I asked him if he was doing a project or something and he said no. Do you know a Flynn? Garcia Flynn. I think he’s European.”

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My Melanie Martinez Inspired Sim

For some reason I cant post everything I need to without it getting deleted so I’m Sorry :/

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Thank you to all Cc creators

hey guys! so the reason i’m posting this here and not on my main blog is because I’m trying to reach a monetary goal for a gift for someone that follows me there, so this is supposed to be a surprise! I have exactly 17 days to raise 250 dollars, which seems like a lot, but at 25 dollars I just need 10 people to commission me! So if you’re interested, please email me at the email listed above! And if you can’t afford to commission right now, I totally understand, but if you don’t mind, please reblog this and let your followers and friends know! NOTE: all the drawings may not be finished before the 17 days are up, but they will all get done! I will need the payment upfront, but if you become unsatisfied with your wait time, I will pay you back of course. You will receive updates during the commission process as well if you ask, for reassurance. :) SLOTS BELOW THE CUT!

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Gem Au - Barbara

I’ve hit a few snags in the Gem AU

For this post:

What to do with Barbara. She could be a normal human, but I feel like that’s just putting her to the side. Some options for if she is a gem:

  1. She tagged along with Jim and Toby for whatever reason. Maybe she’s a kindergarten worker and she grew tired of watching all the ‘defective’ gems she watched emerge end up shattered, so she fled Homeworld with the two.
  2. She was already on Earth. Perhaps she’s been wandering for centuries after the war. Maybe she’s a more mellow corrupted gem who takes a liking to Arcadia Oaks, she’s like a local cryptid even. She’s been spotted walking through the woods, but she’s never attacked anyone. The baddies attempt to activate Killahead bridge, the magical energy attracts her to the museum, they notice her and attack, poofing her. They don’t know about needing to bubble corrupted gems, so they just stick her gem in a box. (said box could wind up either in the museum or in Strickler’s office. since the kids eventually break into both, they’d end up releasing her either way.) when she’s freed, she reforms into a smaller shape (like what centipeetle did) and Toby, Jim, and the trolls take her with them. (eventually they would find a way to reverse her corruption. Maybe it has something to do with the Heartstone, but I’ll wait to see if/how SU canon heals corruption before choosing for certain)
  3. In a similar vein, maybe she was trapped in an object, like canon Lapis in the mirror. Said object winds up in Strickler’s possession, and he starts to suspect sentience when the object responds to his talking. Toby and Jim are the ones to free her, but she still remembers how Strickler was the first person to talk to her in so long.

Another thought I had. I’m not actually going to put this into the au itself, but I really don’t know where else to put this, so here it is:

What if Gem Barbara follows in the footsteps of Rose Quartz. She falls in love with Strickler, and eventually they have a kid, and she gives up her physical form and passes her gem on to the child. So now you have a child that is half changeling and half Gem (inb4 someone calls the hypothetical kid a Mary Sue) and full of surprises. Strickler would raise the kid with some advice from Greg and Steven and the Crystal Gems. And of course Toby and Jim are going to act as siblings, helping Strickler understand his childs gem powers.

(Here’s a massive Crack Idea for you: 

Gem AU v2: Halfchangeling Boogaloo. Jim’s dad was a changeling and his mom was a gem, and at age 15 he is chosen as the Trollhunter. Everything is a MESS (do not take this seriously. this is as far as i’m going with this insanity).)

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Do you feel that Petsmart/co/value training is as good as a 'professional' trainer? My dog needs some work on leash, child, minor human aggression before we move to the city in 6 months, where he'll be forced to meet new dogs and be social. I would hate to waste my money and time on a corporate facility if it wouldn't be as beneficial to him if the latter would be better

Aggressive dogs cannot be taken by big box stores for insurance reasons (and there is no targeted training for big box trainers to handle aggressive dogs). You are better off finding an independent trainer for that one.

You’ve waited quite a while to fix this- depending on how aggressive your dog is, you may need to be more realistic about just how much only 6 months will help him.

pidgeonlance replied to your post: “commandertittysprinkles replied to your post: “Repeat after me: Keith…”:

that’s, dumb, and really kinda insulting?? not that i’d dislike a character with poor hygiene cause, bro, that is relatable for me, however, there needs to really be more depth behind it and if their reason is just to turn people off from him then?? that’s fucked?? (or is there an actual reason?)

From what I could see from the people who headcanon that he has poor hygiene, they normally don’t have a good reason other than to poke fun at him and it’s really disrespectful imo; the anon made a fair point about making a reason behind why Keith would have poor hygiene. Not because he doesn’t know how to take care of himself, but it’s just that he forgets to. I really like that headcanon the anon has! 

(As someone who struggles with mental illness, I can relate to that pretty hard. I tend to neglect my own health (such as forgetting to eat or to shower) because I’m caught in too deep in my own shit to really pay attention to what’s going on in present-time. Does that make sense?)

Y’all, I’m not gonna lie. My favorite extension on xKit is postblock. I don’t have to stay salty about posts I don’t like that everyone else loves, I can just click that little button and not see them any more without having to block or unfollow people simply because I’m a grumble butt about some things. It has made me a much happier tumblr and I cannot recommend it enough.*

*I of course mean things that don’t need addressing. I don’t post block problematic stuff that needs to be discussed or called out, just stuff that I’m grumpy over and don’t need to rain on anyone’s day over. 

things that make me happy
  • the perfect hue of the ocean
  • nice comments on my posts (although i cry)
  • when people notice your tiny quirky earrings
  • chocolate brown eyes
  • storm grey eyes
  • sea blue eyes
  • sky blue eyes
  • river green eyes
  • grass green eyes
  • hazel eyes when they shimmer 
  • eYES
  • freckles (and constellations lol)
  • people with red hair wearing the perfect green to compliment them
  • dark skin people in gold (especially those temporary tattoo things)
  • being tagged in cute things
  • uncontrollable laughter
  • aesthetic boards
  • pretty wild flowers in general
  • bare feet being licked by the ocean
  • pretty notes
  • fineliiner pens
  • “Can you move your seat up?”
  • the sound of my mum singing
  • new boots
  • dresses that you feel great in
  • escape through books and films and tv
  • the sound of waves lapping against the side of the boat
  • malteasers
  • chocolate
  • the colour purple
  • fingers rubbing against the back of your hand - tracing patterns
  • the cute little “look down laugh” smile your crush/significant other does
  • the perfectly shaped ringlets in natural curls
  • notebooks
  • fandom necklaces
  • finding someone in the same fandom as you
  • hitting it off with someone
  • comfortable silences with someone you can trust
  • dog paws
  • cat paws
  • anIMALS
  • the ocean
  • the stars
  • the wind
  • forests
  • the grass
  • flowers
  • people talking in their native language
  • when people are passionate and their eyes light up
  • the giddy feeling in your chest from liking someone
  • figuring yourself out
  • frozen fruit
  • fresh fruit
  • fruit
  • seeing you have a new follower AND IT’S NOT A PORN BLOG
  • “Are you kidding me I’m blind!”

recent collection of jimin and his (?) baby ft. jungkook lol (more descriptions in the captions)
i’m still debating where this kid came from (eg. coz of abo, from a mysterious affair, it’s actually baby jm, legit he’s their kid, or born from a peach come down from the heavens IDK YET)

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