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Y'all really gotta come out of hiatus soon pls cuz this #MeToo thing is going around and I know it's stirring up a bunch of feelings in women and we all need to vent

The reason I have mostly been on hiatus (aside from the stress of studying) is because of this whole thing. It’s made me so angry. I don’t use Facebook much, except for activism organizing, but I have seen this #MeToo thing on there. It’s quite impactful seeing almost all of my female contacts on FB posting this.

I’ll tell you why it has made me angry. Because the hashtag also plays into the whole response from men about the Harvey Weinstein thing. Men are saying how ‘shocked’ and ‘surprised’ and ‘horrified’ they are by his behavior, meanwhile women have known about him since the 90s (maybe even before). So many people knew and pretended they didn’t, so how is it possible that all these men can be so ‘shocked’? The Weinstein scandal sparked conversations among people all over the world, and men are saying they are, again, ‘shocked’ to hear what their female friends go through on a daily basis.

I don’t think they are shocked. I think they know what women go through, but they close their eyes and block their ears from hearing about it all of the time, because they don’t want to know. They don’t care enough to know. They think it’s too hard, too painful, they are just ‘one man’, ‘what can they do?’ But the thing is, women cannot escape this. Women cannot close their eyes and ignore it the way men do. We live it every fucking day over and over and over and over…

So I don’t want to hear from men how they are so ‘shocked’ about all of this, including how many women in their social circle who post #MeToo. Enough is enough. Stop virtue signalling to the women around you and actually do something. If you care about women, fucking. do. something.

Okay. Reminder that my next liveblog project/s are up to you guys. I’ve gotten a reasonable amount of feedback already and I’m close to making my decision, but nothing is final yet and if you want something you need to let me know.


As far as the rest goes, feel free to tip me or give me incentives to consider your personal favorite series in the future. I’m all ears, and every little bit helps.


((Eyyyy, long time no see. I’m alive. Umm, soo…. I saw this Instagram post today,  I’m not sure if they’re referring to me but there’s my drawing there with a caption “I miss Alluka”. Probably not referring to me (I mean, there’s so many nice Alluka out there, lol) but it has pushed me to visit this blog once again. I-I feel like i have a lot of explaining to do, ahaha sorry.

It’ll be a long post if I am to list aallll the reason why I rarely post/visit anymore. (One of em being Tumblr is blocked at my college, It’s hard to connect to tumblr and post etc.) But another main reason is- I’m ashamed but allow me to explain this in a meme,

Fanartist struggles//killed. Don’t get me wrong, I still and always love HxH but DR gives me so much feels;;;; 

If you ever feel like I’ve been dead, please feel free to call me out,  I’ll be sure to pay a visit . Tbh, I didn’t expect to be missed so I’m like “meh” because “why would they?”, lmao.))

Well, see ya sometime \(^7^ 
-love, admin.

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So we're all in agreement? Lotor is definitely going to be offering Allura training for her quintessence, which will be part of that discussion?

!!!! This is exactly what I think is going to happen I brought it up here: http://blackmoonbabe.tumblr.com/post/166373557605/gdi-pam-now-i-need-lotura-jumping-realities

But yeah there’s a reason there was an episode centered on showing them going to an alternate timeline which focused on Alteans and Allura, that definitely leads credence to this theory. Now how “Lotura-y” this will be, remains to be seen. Like I said in my post above   I’d really like to see Lotor  try to tempt Allura with the idea of going to an AU where Altea wasn’t destroyed or something to that effect, and the anguish that comes with making a decision like that. How much of it would be Lotor basically saying “run away with me” and “I’m only doing this because I need you to further my own goals” will probably be dependent on if they knew each other intimately in the past or not.  Hoping for the intimately part  

If I recall Aj and Kim did say that they’ll meet but they’ll be at odds, which duh ofc but maybe what they’re at odds about is a decision about abandoning the current universe for another one they both can benefit from. It’ could also highlight how they both yearn for the past, but one wants to leave it where it is and the other wants to return to it. 

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The Weinstein type abuses seem to rely on the silence of others in the industry, especially other men. For that reason it would be significant for male costars / production to acknowledge the ‘metoo’ tweets, even just a like to say ‘I hear you’. Do you think there’s any particular reason they haven’t? Are they trying not to piss off tptb?

I wouldn’t presume to interpret their silence because it could be caused by a variety of things. Posts lost in the shuffle. Not wanting to intrude on a space they may feel is not meant for them because they haven’t experienced it themselves. Or, perhaps the most important, they’ve already provided in-person, private solidarity and the need to make a public gesture on social media is not required by either party for the transaction of support to be complete. 

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What do you think about nb and genderfluid people?

Here’s a post about my thoughts on nb.

And here’s one about genderfluid.

Though I kinda want to clarify my stance on nb is now since I was a little annoyed while making the nb post: if you’re nonbinary with dysphoria I think it’s completely alright for you to call yourself that if it makes feel more comfortable, and if those pronouns really help with dysphoria go for it. If someone calls themself nonbinary for no reason or because they think they’re somehow superior to cis people if say they are nonbinary then I can’t get with that at all. Nonbinary as a concept also needs more research (still don’t really have a problem with nonbinary people) though it will always bother me that it was invented by feminists trying to get rid of the gender binary (which is not a social construct)

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Hey I've fired multiple different firearms and have a great knowledge of the varieties of firearms and the inner workings of firearms as well as the history of firearms and I still want to do something to prevent mass shootings like a normal person, does that mean there may be validity to me wanting to increase gun control or is this the part where you create some other reason why you're okay with more mass shootings and offer no alternative to them and just go "uh your way won't work!" lmao

If you have measures that you’d like to posit or suggest, I have no problem with that; as a matter of a fact I’d love for you to posit them, either in an ask or on the #gun control tag.

There seems to be a major misconception regarding my stance on this, and I’ve explicated it more than once, but I’ll do it again. 

You are entirely entitled to an opinion on an issue. 

I would argue that in order to make a reasonably informed opinion, you should seek out information on the subject at hand, in an as unbiased way as possible.

I’d argue that many opinions, including those on gun control, are built up around misconceptions, not only regarding firearms, their laws, and their function, but crime in general. This isn’t merely coming from the anti-gun side but the pro-gun side as well.

I’d argue that when you make an opinion based on misconception, you tend to make an incorrect assumption, and thereby an incorrect assertion. 

Precisely like you just did regarding my stance on the expression of people’s political and social opinions.

That said, merely because you made a misconception doesn’t make you a bad or evil, or even stupid person. It just means that you analyzed a situation, and based on information you had at hand you made an incorrect judgement. I’d be willing to bet everyone has done so, lord knows I do far too often to castigate you for it.

I would argue, though, that maintaining an opinion based on incorrect information or misconception beyond the point where proof or good reason has shown to illustrate the incorrect nature of that information is, in my opinion, foolish.

The reason why #notmyshiro is actually as Shiro as they come

Okay, I need to get this out of my system because this has been bothering me ever since the new season came out.

I have seen an upsurge of posts trying to analyze ever single possible instance and interaction of Shiro’s to prove that he is, indeed, a clone sent to infiltrate and sabotage Voltron.
I will tell you guys outright that this post is not designed to prove or disprove the clone theory but to shed some light on the actions of Shiro/Kuron and why they could even be interpreted as being still in-character for our leader.

I am sure that after that last sentence, half of you will have fled already. For those of you who are still here: Thank you, I hope that I will not disappoint.

To understand my point about Shiro/ Kuron not acting out of character, we will have to take a closer look at him and his circumstances.

When we think about Shiro, what are usually the traits we associate with the head of Voltron?

Most fans will depict Season 1 and 2 Shiro as a very kind person,

as someone who is supportive of his teammates (especially Keith and Pidge),

as a gifted Paladin able to connect with Black almost effortlessly,

and as a natural born leader willing to protect those he cherishes.

All of these things are correct and valid but that would be making it too easy and too flat of a description for someone as complex as the leader of Voltron.

Many have lamented the behavior Shiro/Kuron has displayed in the recent seasons, oftentimes calling his treatment of other characters (including but not limited to mainly Keith) uncalled-for, saying that Shiro would never act this way.

And it is understandable that so many fans are upset by it. It’s no wonder. Anyone would be confused and distraught if someone they liked and admired suddenly behaved in ways that are unpredictable and even unkind in some instances.

But while many people wish to blame these changes on the fact that the Shiro who returned to the Paladins near the end of Season 2 is an organism fabricated by the Galra Empire, I believe the issue to be far more complex.

Indeed, Shiro/Kuron does display some very odd behavioral patterns and quirks that cannot be dismissed, such as his almost single-minded focus on finding “Voltron” rather than returning to his “Team”.

This, and other little hints such as the difference in prisoner numbers, really gives the clone theory a lot of stable ground to be founded on. That still does not change the fact that while maybe a clone, Shiro/Kuron still portrays the “original” Shiro to an extent.

As far as we can see, Shiro/Kuron is not aware of the fact that he is possibly a clone. Unless the Galra took some very drastic measures to greatly and meaningfully influence his personality while also covering their tracks efficiently, a lot of Shiro/Kuron’s actions and feelings can be taken at face value.

After all, the alterations could have been so blatant that team Voltron would have known instantly that this was not the man they rescued from the Garrison’s clutches. And yet, they welcomed him back with open arms and did, by Shiro/Kuron’s own assertion, keep him for months – months in which any kind of slip-up could have occurred for the clone to reveal itself to be a fake.

So why have none of the Paladins or even Keith raised their voice and expressed doubts about the identity of the person in their midst?

Maybe, could it be because that behavior is actually understandable?

Now, before you chase after me with torches and pitchforks, let me explain.

Shiro/Kuron obviously has the capability to be just as kind, supportive, to some extent even as goofy as the man we were introduced to in the very first season.

Originally posted by sheithss

But just as heavenly as many people like to draw the first Shiro, many do at times forget how impatient he could be whenever he felt he had lost control of the situation.

How Shiro could be cruel (even out of kindness).

How Shiro also tended to make questionable leader choices even back then (like flying Voltron into a metal storm for instance or trusting Ulaz despite most of his team advising caution with so little intel).

How vulnerable Shiro was when it came to his imprisonment and how these horrible experiences have scarred and warped him.

And a lot of these traits are closely linked or amplified by Shiro’s PTSD.

Shiro, in order to function properly, had needed the certainty that after his captivity there would be no way for the Galra to get their hands on him again.
With the knowledge that the Galra could not touch him, that he was out of their reach with his friends at his side and as the leader of a powerful alien war machine, Shiro had a kind of protection and security that was invaluable to his mental stability.

Shiro had been abused and mistreated under the Galra, losing parts of himself and his humanity not only to experiments but in the gladiator rink as well.

And it is beyond all question that, while not entirely afraid of the idea of dying in a war against a cruel regime that he wanted to see personally destroyed, the idea of having been corrupted beyond saving or the idea of falling back into the enemy’s hands had to be the most terrifying thing for him.

As long as he would never end up with the Galra again, Shiro could feel safe and stable – as far as his trauma and untreated condition would allow.

And now, imagine how terrible it would have been for someone so abused and violated to end up back with his abusers? That has to be the thing nightmares are made of.

And now, let us all remember that this is the very nightmare that came true for Shiro/Kuron after the end of the second season.

Shiro, who was terrified of being tainted and potentially captured by the Galra again, had to wake up on a Galra ship inside a laboratory - right after he had beaten Zarkon, the source of all his trauma and all his hardships.

In a matter of seconds, Shiro’s entire world shattered again.

He believed he would be safe with his team, who already protected him from Haggar once. He believed that nothing could happen to him with Black, who had already saved him once from Zarkon and certain death and with whom he believed to share a deep connection.
It was all Shiro could cling to. It was all the security and certainty he had. And all of these things were viciously taken from him, like pulling a rug from under his feet and leaving him to scramble for purchase when there was none.

The realization that no matter how hard he might fight, that no matter who might protect him, that he could never outrun the Galra Empire had to be a terrible blow to his confidence and mind.

Other people would have completely shut down. And while it can be argued that it was Shiro/Kuron’s programming to flee, it does not change the fact that he had had to fend for himself again, that unlike for Keith, Black did not instantly swoop in to save him when there clearly is some sort of connection going on between them.

Which is where we have another important factor to impact Shiro’s wellbeing and stability: his bond with his Lion.

While I love the Lions to pieces, there is no point in arguing the fact that most of them seem to severely lack in the communication department, as shown by Blue rejecting Lance wordlessly and in the same vein Shiro/Kuron being rejected by Black.

Shiro/Kuron might have taken to Blacks treatment more kindly, had there been an explanation, maybe even just a hint as to what was wrong.
Instead, he was faced with terrible silence from a being he trusted just as much if not more than himself. To Shiro/Kuron, that kind of rejection when he had only just managed to escape his captors once again must have led to a string of thoughts that cannot be considered healthy or even helpful.
And I do not believe that he entirely recovered from that rejection even after Black allowed him to fly her again in Season 4.

And now, considering these circumstances, isn’t Shiro/Kuron holding up pretty well?

At first glance it’s very admirable how he’s holding himself together since, you know, he not only had his greatest fear come true, very likely shattering his worldview anew, but also being rejected by someone he deeply trusted?

Yeah, not really.

And this is where I want to propose to you all the possibility that a lot of the actions we have witnessed occurring between Shiro/Kuron and his teammates is most likely a result of these traumatic experiences rather than a simple rewiring by the Galra.

After all of his struggles and efforts, Shiro/Kuron was proven that he could never be safe from the Galra, that they could get him no matter what – even out of the cockpit of Lion (since that is probably the last thing he remembers from the battle).

He was left to his own devices, struggling and almost dying while trying to come back to the team when he knew the Lions could feel their Paladins from a great distance.
And he was shut out by the only being that could  understand what he went through, seeing as Black’s history with Zarkon was so interwoven with Shiro’s own circumstances and hardships.

Shiro who has already proven to have a very bleak and dark mindset when it comes to his own life and fate, cannot have taken anything good from this unfortunate series of events.

Shiro was glad that he could actively help take down the Empire that tried so hard to shatter him and was now pushed to the sidelines to watch.

And it shows how much it actually affects Shiro/Kuron, because, yes, he is harsher and stricter with Keith when it comes to his leader position and duty to Voltron, which can be explained by Shiro/Kuron now living in a mindset of “constant vigilance” since nowhere is safe – not even Voltron.

Shiro/Kuron is unkinder, because life has treated him unkindly for his efforts – whether in his fight against the Galra or in his attempts to (re)connect with Black.

Shiro/Kuron is much more prone to making break-neck decisions now because obviously being cautious has not helped him any – because that did not stop the Galra from taking him again.

As such, I really do not think that Shiro/Kuron is acting terribly out of character and find many of the arguments surrounding his every decisions and actions to be unproductive. There is other evidence to prove the clone theory rather than taking apart the behavior of a man whose condition could only have worsened after the recent traumatic events he suffered.

I am also not saying that Shiro/Kuron being so harsh to Keith when he just returned from a difficult mission is to be excused but it is not something that I would not have expected from him.
(Keith’s interactions with his team in Season 4 are also a topic for another post entirely.)

I also do not doubt that Shiro/Kuron’s new mindset is not harmful or dangerous to the team.

But that does not change my opinion on the fact that all the posts saying #notmyshiro while referring to Shiro/Kuron’s recent actions are moot because, after everything he went through, even without the doubts about his identity, would Shiro truly be fine?

I’ll leave you to ponder that question for yourself. Have a nice evening!

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Will someone please write a fic where Han and Leia…

maybe you do it

“Has it ever occurred to you to stick to women your own age?” she snapped once, incensed at yet another flirtatious comment.

“Excuse me, Princess?”

“Or is there a reason you feel the need to go after women ten years your junior?”

That’s a fuckin’ low blow, Your Worship.”

“I just wonder if there’s a reason you find women in their thirties so unappealing – is it that you’re intimidated by their maturity, or is it that you worry they’ll reject you?”

“Fuckin’ hell – how old are you again, huh?”

Nineteen, Han. Nineteen.”

@ “Anti-shipping” anon, I’m not going to do the amount of work I’d need to do to get all the messages you sent me into one post, but I agree with you mostly. The big difference is that people who are trying to use a mask of progressiveness to hate on interracial ships and then call fans of color slurs because of it aren’t usually called “antis.” They’re usually called “racists,” plain and simple, because those are people whose motive for hating a ship you can vocalize and still be in the right, morally speaking. The reason that’s different from complaining about “antis” is that the word “antis” is only there because if you said “the Anti-incest crowd” or “the Anti-pedophilia crowd,” people are going to tend to side with those crowds. You must understand the difference in context here, yes? You must understand why “Anti-shipping” as you put it is absolutely justified under some circumstances, like when you see people shipping a child with an older relative because you have the standard rational moral objection to pedophilia and incest, and shitty under others, like when people get mad that Spock is dating Uhura instead of Kirk.


i’m sure i’ve posted about this song before, but if anybody else needs a little dash of transcendentalism this week, patty larkin is here for you

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All right. Wow. I hate you, and Danni, and whoever else is in that STUPID, UGLY, GOD (Christian Slur TW Again!! And stop. They are real things, you insensitive rats) DAMN CHAT. I LOATHE you all. You are just making fun of me for no reason at all? Can you stop hating on me? And now your just making me feel bad by posting your follower amounts. That's just plain RUDE and CRUEL.

bithc.. u need to .. cronch sum celery.. pls.. calm urself

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So, I am fairly new to the D, Gray Man series. I’ve watched a couple of episodes and some clip compilations…I discovered it because I needed a faceclaim for a character with black hair and blue eyes and I settled on Kanda. XD Actually, a friend of mine uses a picture of Tyki for one of HIS characters…XD So when I saw the fight between the two all I could think of was our characters duking it out, ha ha. 

I found the characters to be really interesting! I love the way the Noahs interact with each other; there are some really funny moments there, and apparently they live “human” lives, too? 

Though the villains seem to always be going after Lenalee from what I saw; is there a reason for that?

But anyway, while I was watching some clips today, I felt really sorry for that little guy in the cage that wails, “Aaaaaallen Waaaalker.” XD I have to wonder if the only way for it to get out is if Allen dies, though Tyki seemed to indicate that it could be let out before then…

Like I said, I don’t know much about the series, though I tried reading the Wiki once and got a bit lost. ^^; 

I don’t understand why people are badmouthing the author and the series. I like that the main character doesn’t seem like the typical shounen hero. Heck, I didn’t even know it was considered to be a shounen series…

Ooooh Heya, welcome there! :D

Kanda is an amazing faceclaim omg, i’m glad it had you be able to discover dgm! (and also A++ for your friend’s faceclaim, and no wonder, it must have been funny once they fought in the manga :’D)

I’m glad you find the characters interesting and yes, i completely agree, the Noah are amazing. I honestly had a huge Noah-obsessed phase when I was younger, and I just adore the family dynamic between them. It’s refreshing to see, i love them.

Aah as for Lenalee, there’s two things about it: if you watched the anime, you likely mostly saw the fillers episodes. In the begining of the series, she handles herself a lot, the anime somehow added a lot of fillers of her being a damsell in distress and having the guys rescue her. (it’s to notice that, once they meet Lavi, they immetialy go on the track of Cross and barely stop on the way. They meet Krory on the travel, but I think that’s the only detour they make before meeting Anita. Everything you see is fillers otherwise - hell if Kanda is here, it’s filler, because Kanda isn’t supposed to come back until far later)

The other thing might be a little spoilery, but by some point in the manga (after the Attack on the Boat), some… strange things happen to Lenalee, which makes the Noah suspect she may have the Heart of Innocence. From that point, and especially because of Lenalee’s physical issues, she ends up hunted down by the Noah, because they try to get to her. If they can destroy the Heart of Innocence, all Innocences will be destroyed, and they will be the definitive winner of the war.

(I personally don’t believe Lenalee is the Heart, but that’s another debate - it still means that after the Boat attack, the enemies are trying to reach her)

But before the Boat attack, aside from Road using her as a doll, everytime Lenalee is in trouble is because of Fillers. 

Usually I mention that the manga is far better than the anime, mostly because of that - timeline issues, since the anime squeezed a lot of fillers in a time where they should be rushing to get somewhere, and that the anime decided to develop it… a little ooc. 

Lenalee is especially the one who suffered the most from it since apparently the anime studio didn’t know what to do with her and mostly made her a damsell in distress. It’s especially a problem imo because then Lenalee’s arc is about her feeling Helpless,  and that people already are upset because of her arc in that part of the manga, and I think the anime makes it even more frustrating because it makes you think from the start that she is always helpless anyway, which is a real disservice to her character.

(I could legit talk for hours about the character arcs, especially in the ark’s arc, but when i start mentioning the innocence i’m biased af because of my theories about the Heart, so i’m. Not the best to talk about it either.)

And omg!! ye that little guy in a cage :’D I always felt so bad for him! but we never see him back again, so i don’t know if he could ever be free. It seems to me like it was probably something the Earl created, hopefully without any sentient being… Hopefully

But also, the little being in the card acts like a list - he has the name of multiple people, not just Allen, inside his cage, and if Tyki says he’ll be free, it will be once all the names will be erased - and the names won’t be erased until the person dies. (which is a cool gimmick and also some more “Names are important” kind of things). so unless Tyki kills everyone in that list, the little thing will stay trapped :’D

But ye, the manga can be a little hard to follow, i can understand, especially with just the wikipedia entry. (also god knows what was put on the wiki, i don’t trust it). But i’m glad you still find the plot interesting kjdhfdkjhf!!

As for people, people are just mean. I agree with you, the fact it’s not a traditional shounen is what driven me to that story, and i find it unfair people try to hold it to that standart. I don’t even really see how they could expect that from it, and honestly it reassures me that, even by having seen the anime (which for me already made the manga more Shounen-y), you can tell it’s not really a traditional shounen.

It’s considered a Shounen because it was published in the Shounen Jump back when it started. It was in the same magazine as N.aruto, B.leach, O.ne P.iece and the likes. So people expected it to have a Shounen structure which is… unfair.

idk if it’s how it works in Japan either, but in France, we used to refer about “Shounen that don’t respect Shounen structure” as “Dark Shounen”. Manga like Fma and dgm fell into this category, because while it targetted a young audience, the themes were more heavy.

But honestly I don’t even know if this characterization exist outside of France so…. 

But ye I truly don’t get what people are expecting, especially by chapter 226, about the rest of the manga. It just makes me sad bc the author put so much work into her story, especially since she had to struggle all that time with terrible editors who belittled her, with how much she had to fight for her plotlines to happen, and how much she has to fight against her health. That’s so unfair for her, and especially when you see how gorgeous the manga is and how much thoughts was put in the narrative, it’s just so unfair people bashes her for that.

I would rather people to leave dgm alone rather than people being rude af about it :/

but anyway ;;-;;

Thank you for your sweet message though!! it makes me happy that you still enjoy the story from the little you’ve seen!

Take care!!! ❤❤❤

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i understand, you must have your reasons, i simply refered to them as their post seemed to explain well the feelings of many latinx fans when it comes to anti latinx racism, but please try to read some other posts from other latinx people then? this is a very important racial/ethnic issue that i feel needs more attention and understanding. anyways thanks for reading the asks

yeah yeah i get you but get this…. i am also latinx

Theories about the Steve and Dustin bond

In the video Netflix twitter posted we see Joe (that plays Steve) talking about bonding with someone younger. The trailer made it clear that the person is Dustin. But the video also shows an emoji of a broken heart for some reason.

This is how I think they bond will happen:

They will be sassy at first bc they dont really like eachother.

In the trailer Lucas tells Dustin that it is Judgment Day, which is why they need all the help they can get. This means Dustin is reluctant about Steve going with them wherever they are going (probably the upside down, since they were in the tunnels).
In the trailer Dustin is shown carrying flowers for Max and we already know that he will have a crush on her.

So the emoji, I think, refers to both of them being heartbroken, since Max will fall for Lucas (as pointed by Caleb in the video he says he would get his own Eleven) and Nancy is falling for Jonathan. That could be the spark for them understanding and simpatizing with each other.

Im sure their friendship will be funny and sweet. If Steve does die, Dustin reaction will be heartbroken to us. I really hope he doesn’t, he probably is gonna get the best character development in the show which would make total sense to kill him in a heroic way BUT I WILL RIOT IF SO

Uh, okay, so about #MonthOfSpreads...

I dropped off the wagon, as I seem to do a lot for challenges, but this time I had a reason!

The Day 10 reading was actually pretty painful for me and I needed some time to think on it. Then I had some irl stuff to take care of and before I knew it, I’m now 6 days behind.

I’m planning on catching up, but I was wondering what would be the best way that you (my followers) would like me to post them.

A.) Posting readings twice a day until I’m caught up


B.) Posting them all at once just to be caught up

One seems more spammy than the other, but both would let me get my head back in the game. Which do you prefer?


recent collection of jimin and his (?) baby ft. jungkook lol (more descriptions in the captions)
i’m still debating where this kid came from (eg. coz of abo, from a mysterious affair, it’s actually baby jm, legit he’s their kid, or born from a peach come down from the heavens IDK YET)

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