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The Dream Bear

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This is a spell designed to give you more dreams and more meaningful dreams! It’s one of the more complicated crafts I’ve done lately, but it has been so worth it. I’ve done this a few times and have fine-tuned the recipe, so hopefully it works well for you! (And as always, substitutions can be made if need be. One of the reasons there’s so much stuff in it is because I just attract herbs that are good for this type of spell, apparently.)

What You Need:

  • Representations of the four elements (or another way of consecrating things. I use the elements but you do you.)
  • A stuffed animal that you’re comfortable sleeping with, even better if it has a hole already forming somewhere
  • Needle and blue thread
  • A small drawstring bag. Blue is optimal
  • A blue candle (if you want a larger emphasis on prophetic dreams, replace with or add a purple candle!)
  • A small piece of amethyst or amethyst chips (Amethyst particularly resonates with me and is also good for divination. It also is a general power enhancer.) 
  • A small piece of red jasper (For vivid dream recall.)
  • Rosemary (for dream recall)
  • Chamomile (sleep aid, prophetic dreams)
  • Hops (to enhance sleep magic)
  • Mugwort (for prophetic dreams)
  • Bay leaf (for prophetic dreams)
  • Lavender (sleep aid, dreams)
  • Coltsfoot (nightmare ward, dreams)
  • A sigil of your intent
  • Scissors

Best performed during a full moon on a Monday.

What You Do:

  1. Design your sigil beforehand to save time, if you wish.
  2. Perform your ritual spell starters, be that casting a circle, grounding/centering, calling upon deities, whatever. I like to ring a bell to mark the beginning and end of a ritual and focus my mind onto the sound If you’re working with the elements, this is the time to call upon them.
  3. Light the blue candle.
  4. Bless/ consecrate your stuffed animal, priming it for instruction. Let it rest as you continue onto the next step.
  5. Fill the pouch with each of the ingredients, stating what each one is for and what it will be adding to the mix. “This is rosemary. It will aid me in remembering my dreams.”
  6. Draw the sigil onto the bay leaf as you add it, or draw the sigil on a piece of paper, fold it, and add it to the bag.
  7. Pull the bag shut, give it a little shakey-shake. Say a little prayer, poem, or chant if you desire.
  8. Take your stuffed animal, and open up a hole in its back. Move the stuffing around and put the bag inside. I like to place it where its “center” would be if it was a living thing. If your animal already has a hole elsewhere and you would prefer to use that, I feel that should be fine. I think keeping it close to the “heart” is nice though.
  9. Sew the hole shut with the blue thread.
  10. Consecrate the stuffed animal one last time, explaining its purpose to bring you prophetic dreams (or whatever variation!) and that magic will flow through the entire animal. It is now ready.
  11. Close down the ritual and clean up as usual.
  12. Sleep holding the animal (the closer to your torso the better, I’ve found) to encourage more dreams and more prophetic dreams!
A thing I noticed about the OPM universe Earth

I think Earth in OPM has 2+ moons???

When i was looking for a planet in space engine to use as a map substitute to place all of the cities I went through the episodes and googled a bunch of reference screenshots and found this from when the meteor was coming toward City Z.

And look at it.

There are 2 very obvious round bodies on the pink and light blue orbits. Now they could be some kind of space stations but honestly??? I highly doubt it. Just because they’re too large in comparison to the planet for that to be reasonable. So boom! 2 moons right there.

BUT there are also 3 unknown objects orbiting the planet, green, purple, and red. The green one I think could be one of two things based on its highly elliptical orbit, either a larger piece of debris or asteroid that they track or a communications, weather, or GPS satellite because that is how those kinds are placed (because usually they need to be over a certain area for the majority of the time and when it’s furthest away it will linger over said area longer), so no moon there. But the other two are further out. They could be satellites in geosynchronous orbit (to explain the lack of highly elliptical orbit) but those are usually about 36,000km out. These look further than the moons. And the moon is 384,400km away from earth. Those bodies look similar to the real life earth vs moon size difference

So I don’t think the earth to moon distance is smaller (that would be really bad for the planet for obvious reasons). That means those orbits are way too far from earth for geosynchronous orbit to be reasonable. So they could either be more large debris or more moons!

Now its almost 3am right now so I could be forgetting something (and also am bias because I like the idea of the planet having multiple moons and being not earth like in general) but whatever. There’s obviously two moons there and I think that’s pretty cool.

What Pisces needs to hear in 2017

Look at the larger picture. You tend to focus on what’s around you and fear what’s around the corner. You pay very close attention to detail and can be easily distracted which makes it hard to focus on goals and get things accomplished. This is because you’re constantly switching directions and finding new paths.

If you just takes time to
sit down
close your eyes
clear your head
step back
look at your current situation and where you are headed
your ideal situation and what you want to achieve you can achieve SO MUCH.

You need to believe in yourself. You’re the type to not realize how intelligent and beautiful you really are for the same reason that I explained prior. And for that reason you can doubt yourself internally when you really shouldn’t. You can be genuinely happy and successful you just have to cut back on the distractions and focus on the larger picture. 🌎

Songbird in the Mud

(Unfinished Sterek Fic 1)

Stiles grew up between civilization and wild abandon. According to his dad, that’s exactly why he bought the house on Sandy Brook road, with it’s front facing the winding streets that lead into the more populated areas of town, and it’s back facing an endless stretch of woods. It was something his mother had been adamant about when they first discovered that little ol’ him was going to be joining them in six months, and decided they’d need something larger than his father’s one bedroom apartment.

It was a good choice, for a lot of reasons. His mom loved it, so obviously all the kudos to his dad for that, but it also gave them the perfect space to raise a weirdo kid like himself. Someone a little civilized, and a little wild.

“I’m heading out, Stiles! I expect to find you here when I get home,” his dad calls out from the front hall.

“You say that like I have places to be!”

“You say that like you don’t find a place to be ninety seconds after I leave.” Stiles snorts. “Just… stay home tonight, please.”

Stiles can hear the shift in tone before the ‘please’ even hits the air. Something’s wrong, and his dad’s not even trying to pretend that everything’s peachy-keen in Beacon Hills, which means something’s really wrong.

Abandoning his Wiki-cyclone of unnecessary research, Stiles launches himself out of his chair and stops at the top of the stairs. His dad is already at the bottom, expression grim.

“What happened?” He asks, nervous.

For a second, he’s sure he won’t get an answer, but the sherif steps aside, and his dad takes over. “A dead body, out in the woods.”

Stiles winces sharply, everything in him screaming at the wrongness of that. Jesus, no wonder his dad actually told him this time, the preserve is like a second home to him—third if you count Scott’s house. But sometimes even the warm, mom-vibes he likes to soak up from Melissa when he visited weren’t enough for him. Sometimes, life demanded solitude, and the forest offered it freely.

“W-where is it?” He chokes out, clutching the banister hard enough for it to creak in protest. His dad looks like he’s ready to launch himself upstairs and wrap Stiles up in a hug, but he knows better. Stiles is prickly, now. Broken. Hugs aren’t always welcome anymore.

“I guess it’s near the back quarter?” He dad replies, sounding unsure. “Parrish said it’s kinda wet and swampy over there.”

“Oh, the marshes.”

“The–aren’t those brackish water? It’s a swamp, right?”

Stiles lets out a soft huff of amusement, “no, no. If it’s waterlogged pretty much all the time—which it is, thanks to the 'SANDY BROOK’ that runs through that area—it counts as a marsh. It floods a lot in the spring, too, so, yeah.” He shrugs. “Or a swamp. We can call it a swamp.”

“You’re seriously never going to let go of the damn name?” He dad asks, like he has to ask.


“Okay then.”

Stiles starts to fidget twenty seconds later. “Soo… dead body?”

His dad nods. “Yep.”

“Any details?”


“Wha—?!” Stiles gasps, slipping down a step in the most dramatic flailing of limbs he can manage. “You can’t just tell me there’s a dead body by the marsh—swamp and not give me details.”

“I can and I will, because I don’t want your nose sticking into this case.” Stiles opens his mouth to protest, and gets a finger pointed at him. “No. Not this time, son. Not with this one.”

His dad should really know by now that saying something like that will only pique his curiosity more. Like, why not this one, so specifically? And why was his dad willing to tell him about the body to begin with? Sure, Stiles has sort of adopted the preserve as his huge, leafy child, but he hardly ever goes near the swampy areas, anyway. So, there’s really, like, a 23% chance he would have stumbled on the crime scene to begin with. So, why tell him at all?

“I’ve got to go,” his dad begins, something sharp gathering around his eyes like it always does when something really bad happens. Stiles calls it his Barbed Wire. “I’ll be home in the morning, alright?”

“Okay, be careful.”

“Be safe,” his dad calls at the door.

“Always!” Stiles yells back, slumping down into the step with a sigh as the door clicks shut.

He counts to ninety-one and calls Scott.

“Dude, you’re not going to believe this…”


In retrospect, Stiles understands that while he knew about things like cause and effect, action and consequence, and just general bad-decision making, there are some things one simply can’t control. He also understands that if he and Scott hadn’t gone into the woods to look for a dead body, if they been separated and rejoined, and each gotten hurt in magnificently different ways, neither of them would have ever even known about the other half of the world they live in. The slightly more active half, the half that has claws and fangs, and sometimes it bites you, sometimes it leaves you with nine, long scars down your back.
Either way, your marked for life once you delve into the world of the supernatural, and that’s that.

But, in retrospect, he totally gets how that phone call was a pivoting-point in their lives that shouldn’t be overlooked.

For one thing, it saved lives. Scott could very well have suffered a fatal asthma attack at one point if he hadn’t been bitten by Peter, and Erica admitted to him once that she’d been thinking about, you know, ending things. If she didn’t die from complications due to epilepsy first. Not to mention the countless random lives they probably save every day by stopping one jerk-off crazy baddie or another. Probably, like, twelve a day.

Oh, but the other thing it did was introduce them to the jerkiest, grumpiest, fuckeriest asshate werewolf Stiles has yet to meet, and he knows, like, twenty werewolves now. One man reigns supreme.

“I don’t need you on patrol,” Derek grits out, his voice dripping an octave as the Alpha Boss Man starts to rear it’s head again.

“I’ll remind you again—”


“—who,” Stiles continues, “Is the one who started these patrols, and mapped the exact routes needed for maximum coverage?”

Derek glares at him in silence, because he knows Stiles is right.

“Who is it who went out there and stashed over a dozen emergency bags around the parameter?”

“Half of which got stolen,” Supreme Alpha Jerk reminds.

“Whooooo also set up the alert system on our phones, and bought the communal phone for emergencies?” Stiles pauses for effect, but it’s not the effect he wants. Derek’s still glaring, pointedly now. “Yes, okay! I used your money to fund these things, that’s kind of not the point.”

“You had a point?”

Good god, this man was raised by sarcasm.

Running a hand through his hair in frustration, Stiles takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. He isn’t going to murder Derek Hale today. He isn’t going to skin Derek Hale alive today. He isn’t thinking dark thoughts. The Nogitsune is dead, it’s okay, that’s your own brain being creative as usual.

Stiles scowls at himself, and at Derek. “My point is that I’m the one coming up with these ideas—ideas that work, mind you—so I’d appreciate it if you’d stop trying to block me out.”

At some point during his meditation breathing, something shifted in Derek, just enough for the petulant grumpiness to lurch over into disgruntled agreement.

Hah! Let no one tell you that Stiles Stilinski ain’t no wolf-whisperer! Or something.

“Fine, but you’re staying with someone at all times,” Derek snaps, while his arms do this complicate unfolding thing that releases the pecks from his angry-crosses arms death grip. Stiles can’t help but glance down to make sure they’re okay after such harsh treatment. “Stiles…”

He snaps his head up. “Yep?”

“Did you hear me?”

“Yes sir!” He barks out, jumping into what he thinks is the classic formation pose, and saluting. “Stick to someone bigger and stronger than myself at all times! Do not engage with enemy without my pal! Honor the buddy system! Cross the road holding hands! Me and my chum—”

“Enough. Get out.” Derek shoes him away with a hand. “Go patrol, and don’t come back here when you’re done.”

There’s a flicker of hurt, somewhere low in his chest, that catches Stiles off guard. It’s not like Derek hasn’t said something like that before, or, for reference, been much nicer than that. Ever. But that easy dismissal, the fact that he’s already half way up the winding staircase before Stiles has even moved, is jarring. He wants Derek to care, at least a little, that he’s listening to him. Mocking or not, Stiles is doing what the alpha said, that should at least make Derek happy on an instinctual level.

Unless he… unless he isn’t pack?

Which, no, that’s silly. Scott is pack, the whole Brothers thing with Derek and Boyd, but not Issac because who knows what’s going on there. It sure as hell isn’t brotherly, that’s for sure. And so, yeah, maybe Stiles doesn’t exactly feel brotherly whatever towards Issac or Erica or Kira or fucking Peter, he still feels like he’s a part of something. The Something he’s supposed to be a part of.

But, maybe there’s more to it? Some kind of official ceremony they forgot to perform? A blood pact, like he and Scott did back in sixth grade when blood pacts were the cool thing to do with your friend in the back yard. Maybe all he has to do is say, 'I accept!’ And thunder will crash, wind will blow, and ta-daaa! Instant Pack, better than ramen, with half the salt.

Wait. Wait wait. Okay. He’s overthinking this. If he isn’t pack, someone would say. Someone like Derek, because when has Derek missed a chance to step on his moment? Never, that’s when.

Flexing his fingers, Stiles finally lets go of his clenched fists, and gives the loft a quick glance over to make sure one saw, heard, or felt his small freakout.

i also wanna throw out there that not every weapon should be balanced to the exact same level. the mk1-braton should obviously not perform as well as the braton prime. there needs to be some form of progression. if every weapon is exactly as powerful as the next, there is no reason to progress and so nobody does. and the game is worse off for it.

dark souls doesnt give you the larger-than-you, giant hammers that summon explodig magic at the beginning of the game. what you get is a broken sword, and then a sword whose best quality is that it isnt just a broken hilt. there needs to be progression like that

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The only reason I'd be allowed in the facility would be to be the bait for any of the larger scp's that broke out and need to be re-contained.

At least you wasn’t totally useless all your life. -Roth

hey guys i was talking abt this on twitter earlier today but i rly need input since im at a frustrating crossroads in how i figure my ideas in a larger context.

lately ive been thinking about like, the significance of feminism on a global scale ? and i cant seem to let go of the idea that the subject / center of feminism and q*eer / lgbt activism doesnt play nearly as fundamental a role in the security of the structures that we suffer under as does like, The Nation, white supremacy, and capitalism. at the very least i see homophobia and misogyny as most potent and violent when intersecting with those other structures / forces.

the reason im thinking about this is because i just havent seen the structural and individual suppression of women and gay & trans ppl as integral to the global rise of reactionaries & fascists as the suppression of black & latinx people, immigrants, prisoners, the working class, indigenous peoples and nations, the colonized & occupied, etc. from what ive seen being a woman or gay or trans definitely compounds or exacerbates the structurality of ones suffering but its……… really not as much of an individual cornerstone to Global Suffering as the others.

i mean like, theres a LOT to be said (like, an entire fields worth of writing) for how misogyny and homophobia are molecular ways of maintaining those class divisions and struggle, but it just feels… less significant to me ? does anyone else feel like a focus on misogyny or even centralizing misogyny in ones activism is a little irrelevant compared to antifascism, anti-racism, prison abolition, decolonization ? of course its gonna be addressed and its still gonna remain a primary force to abolish but i feel like misogyny or homophobia centered activism is really tangential.

Today I want to talk about TURTLES

(This is also one of those stories about how I need to stop bringing shit home)

I get at least one call a week at work asking if we sell ‘those little turtles’ (this week so far I’ve had three), and at least one call from someone wanting to get rid of one of the same, grown up.As far as selling turtles goes…

We don’t. For good reason.

There is no such thing as ‘those little turtles’. The SMALLEST pet turtle species out there is STILL probably quite a bit larger than what these people are expecting, and most of those species are hard to find and expensive to boot. What they are looking for (or THINK they are looking for), are baby red-eared sliders or painted turtles, the little toonie-sized ones.

Full grown, those things get to be size of a dinner plate. I tell this to every person wanting one, right along with the ‘no we don’t sell those’ speech. 99% of those people are SHOCKED BY THIS INFORMATION.

I’ve talked dozens of people out of buying turtles simply by showing them what a turtle needs and how much it will cost.

Last time the carnival was in town we had three people came in with tiny turtles in CUPS they barely fit in, looking for food and ‘turtle bowls’. Of those, one had only ‘won’ the turtle to save it and knew what they’d signed up for. Of the other two – one of them promptly asked us if WE wanted it because it suddenly wasn’t fun anymore, and the third bought the cheapest tank they could get away with, alternating curses with the shell-shocked expression of one who discovers their bear-skin rug, is instead, a living bear.

Turtles are marketed as cheap, small pets you can keep in two inches of water and all they need is food. THAT IS SUCH A FUCKING SHAM.  At the VERY least, turtles need enough water to fully submerge, enough land to get completely dry, UVB lights (which are expensive and must be changed every six months) AND a heat source (preferably a basking bulb). MINIMUM.

I hear the most misinformed and/or lazy shit.

Can’t I just put his bowl by the window so he gets sun instead of getting a UVB? NO, window glass blocks most, if not all uvb rays, and the plastic or glass of his enclosure is going to block even more.

But my house is warm! YEAH, TO YOU, Not to a reptile! If your living room is equivalent to sitting in the full sun on a hot summer day, then you might be able to make do. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

How do I top him from being so messy! Maybe don’t keep in a tank that’s way too small? Or, y’know, actually fucking clean it.

And my favorite: How do I stop it from growing too big? Have you considered buying a fake turtle to put in your torture chamber instead? That seems more your speed.

(I am mean)

(But I am also very annoyed about the systemic neglect that turtles suffer in the pet trade)

Now, this neglect would be bad enough on its own, but I live in Canada. Red eared sliders are not native to Canada. But when people find no one wants their giant turtle, said giant turtle is TONS of work to clean and house and feed and they can’t find any rescues that aren’t full, they LET THEM FUCKING GO.

It’s gotten to he point that some local environmental management agencies have started treating sliders like Canadian species, because there is no way we’re getting rid of them; they’re incredibly invasive, and they out-compete out native turtles for resources, causing population declines in all other species that occupy similar niches in the ecosystem.

When I was really young, we had a red-eared slider. And we were one of the shitty families that let him go in the local pond after having him for many years (I never remember him as being small, I’m not sure if we got him as an adult or if he was older than I was). That is still one of my most wince-worthy fails, although I was much too young to have known any better.

Long story short, turtles are not easy pets to keep. They require very specialized care, that care is EXPENSIVE, they get large, can live 40 years or more and require a LOT of upkeep and maintenance as well as large habitats.

They’re also poor pets for children as they are one of the animals most likely to carry salmonella, especially if they are kept in a tank that is dirty (which it is, if it is too small).

They’re really neat animals, but they are not a pet most people can handle! I’m amazed by the amount of people who don’t do their research. I always tell people to go adopt an adult turtle from a rescue if they want one so bad, then when they hem and haw over it being too big, tell them to maybe reconsider getting a turtle at all. Maybe try a pet rock first. Or fish.

Fish need more work than people think they do too (I have five tanks and spend half a day every week just doing maintenance on them. Not once a month, ‘when they’re dirty’ or ‘when I feel like it’, EVERY. FUCKING. WEEK.)

If someone can’t handle a fish tank, they have no business even considering a turtle.

As a side note, I now have a turtle. I don’t want a turtle.

However, I don’t think I can call myself an animal advocate if I don’t help an animal that I CAN possibly help.

These two girls came into the store today, with this slider in a TINY container (it could barely sit flat on the bottom it was so small), in about an inch of FILTHY water (like, it was so nasty I could only see the parts of the turtle that were above water), wanting to ‘donate’ it to us like they were doing us a favor.

(fucking people. Last adopt-a-thon weekend I had someone call because they wanted to ‘donate’ their dog for the event. No. just no. go find a shelter.)

The story came out that they were moving THE NEXT DAY and weren’t taking the turtle, so it had to be gone that day. She’d got it for her birthday (THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T GIVE PETS AS SURPRISE PRESENTS PEOPLE FUCK). Now, my coworker suggested a couple rescues, but they are all far away and we didn’t know if they were open Saturdays, and I was afraid of what would happen to this thing if they drove up there and the rescue was closed, so I offered to take it and bring it up there myself (since I’m going to my cottage in a few weeks and we drive right by it).

So the turtle (after a water change because EW) got to spend the rest of the day hanging out on the manager’s desk in the office until I went home.

Once I got a proper look at her and did some more quick research (my turtle knowledge is mostly on how to take care of them, set-up wise, I’m not an expert) and I wish I’d berated those girls more than I did, since although the turtle had been given to her unasked-for, which wasn’t her fault, the poor thing couldn’t have been cared for properly.

She’s got some shell abnormalities and a grey cast to her skin, both of which suggest a bad diet (notably too much protein and overfeeding resulting in unhealthily rapid growth), and she’s got shell rot, although until I dry her off and clean her shell tomorrow I’m can’t be sure how bad it is. And this is an animal that her previous owners had obviously thought was entirely healthy!

I just have so many questions I was too frustrated at the girls to ask – did she even have a light? Or a basking spot? Why didn’t you research hat you SHOULD have been feeding her? Why did you leave it until the LAST DAY to find a home for her if you ‘care so much’?

Goddamnit, I don’t even really like turtles and I sure as hell don’t want one. I hope the rescue will be able to take her from me sooner rather than later, I really don’t want to be stuck with her, and the setup I cobbled together for her is VERY temporary.

Tldr; took in a turtle some people tried to dump at my work, will hopefully get her to a rescue soon, am annoyed because people buy turtles without realizing they are a lot of work, expensive and live for a really fucking long time.

If she had a name they didn’t tell me what it was, so I’ve named her Fiona.

Edit: I’ve made an update photopost about Fiona, its HERE

Hit with a sudden need for shidge

I just want more interaction between them.

  • Playing chess on Pidge’s laptop. There’s probably an Altean equivalent, but seeing the familiar black and white pieces on the digital checkered board is soothing for them for their own reasons.
  • Leaning on each other while working: Shiro with reports and Pidge with whatever she needs to do on her laptop.
  • Shiro helping Pidge train in fighting skilled combatants much larger than her.
  • Pidge doing maintenance and small upgrades on Shiro’s arm. Hunk could do it, too, but Pidge has more experience working with Galra technology.
  • Exchanging stories about their families. Shiro always offers up more about Sam and Matt on the mission than he does his own family, but Pidge keeps bugging him about the Shirogane’s because they can’t always talk about her family.
  • Shiro toting Pidge around on his back or shoulders. It makes her feel tall.
  • Working together to lay a sick burn on Lance when he’s being a little shit. And Hunk is just like “OOOHHHHHHH!!!!”
  • Pidge having to be bodily removed from the room by Shiro when she’s super pissed.
  • Shiro holding Pidge’s glasses when she’s about to enter a fight. “Go kick their ass. I got your glasses.”
  • Pidge sharing her stash of space peanut butter cookies with Shiro when they talk after a hard day.
  • Just Pidge and Shiro doing things together that make your heart melt.

EDIT: Now with a shippy sequel, but only if you’re interested.

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Is there any practical purpose of having one shoulder pad larger than the other? I see this often in games and movies and I'm always curious if it really serves any purpose. I can sort of see how it might free up one arm for more mobility, while protecting the other, but how practical would it be in actual combat?

It depends on how much larger, but yes, there are reasons to have asymmetrical armor.

Asymmetrical armor frequently favors the left arm, because your opponent will (presumably) strike with their right hand. Since the left side will take more abuse, and because you’ll need slightly more freedom of motion with your right hand, over-armoring the left was a real practice.

Popular media tends to massively overplay this, with enormous pauldrons that no one could take into combat, but the basic idea is sound. Usually this would simply involve slightly longer plates that provided better protection to the armor’s joints at the cost of range of motion, but there was a lot of variation.

When dealing with firearms, this is a lot less important, but to a very limited degree, the same concept applies. In most stances your off shoulder will lead. Meaning it will be slightly more likely to take a bullet from someone firing in your general direction. Except, so far as I know, there’s no real modern examples. If I had to guess, I’d say it was because modern combat philosophy puts a premium on mobility over protection.



Not sure if I managed to get my idea across to you, but this is another attempt to deal with my current pain by trying to turn it into something positive.

Giving and taking is always a very complex matter and there are so many rights and wrongs that would never fit into one tiny comic. In the end it’s about finding a healthy balance of giving to people we love without depriving ourselves of what we need most. Some people have larger bags of good things than others and everyone has different abilities and opportunities to refill their bags - that’s something that needs to be taken into consideration. Apart from that, I believe that it’s important to give whenever it won’t hurt you - we let so many opportunities to help people go by for no real reason. Sometimes one tiny good thing given at the right moment can make a big difference and one day, you’ll be the person, relying on other people’s kindness to throw you one good thing when you need it most.

I’m still struggling to figure out a good balance for myself and I feel like I’m still too selfish, so with this comic I don’t only want to remind myself that things do get better but also to improve as a person.

Need some quick cash

Hey, I’m going on a trip later next month to a convention with some friends. Problem is I have little money to take there. Does anyone need any art for some reason? I’m primarily a Pixel artist. 

Here are some examples of character sprites I have done for my game.

I can also do larger portraits like these:

I can do non-pixel art as well. If you would be interested in that.

Let me know if you’re interested!

I’d keep pricing relatively low, and it would depend on what exactly I’m drawing…how much detail…etc. 

“100 gallons per common goldfish” makes zero sense

Okay, I’ve noticed people giving this ‘advice’ to newbies and it’s making me mad. Most people can agree that fancy goldfish (the fat, double-tailed varieties) need 15-20 gallons each to thrive. But for some reason, if the goldfish has a long body or a single tail, that means it suddenly needs at least 100 gallons per fish.

This 'advice’ has been going around more and more, with absolutely no credible sources besides 'I heard it from another fishkeeper so it must be true’. Heck, I used to thoughtlessly parrot it too. But it really makes no sense.

Two rationalizations are supposed to explain why common goldfish supposedly need 5x more space than fancies:

  1. “commons produce much more waste than fancies”, and
  2. “commons grow much larger than fancies.”

On producing more waste: if anyone has scientific sources showing that common goldfish somehow produce five times more waste per gram of body weight than fancy goldfish by virtue of having a single tail, please let me know. I have not been able to find any proof at all that commons produce more waste than equivalent-sized fancies. You’d think that kind of superman metabolism would be all over the news.

What about size? Fancies generally grow 6 to 8 inches long, while commons usually max out at 12. (The absolute largest recorded pet common is 15 inches long.) I really don’t think that difference warrants such a mind-boggling jump in minimum tank size.

But that’s not even the biggest WTF in this equation. Look below… the fish in these photos are all the same approximate length (measure it if you don’t believe me). But which ones are ‘bigger’?

Commons may get longer than fancies, yes, but fancy goldfish have much, much wider and deeper bodies. They are massive by comparison!

Here’s a crummy Photoshop job to drive home the point:

A six-inch fancy goldfish will have much more mass than a six-inch common goldfish. Waste output is determined by mass, not length. So, according to basic rules of biology, a six-inch fancy actually produces more waste than a six-inch common! Even if a common was slightly larger or more physically active than a fancy, this would not cause them to magically produce five times as much waste. It goes against all rules of biology and physics.

Now, I definitely think that common goldfish should have more swimming space than fancies. They’re more active and need more turning room, and I’d be uncomfortable keeping them in a tank that was less than four feet long. I think that 40 gallons should be an absolute minimum for any goldfish tank (since goldfish should be kept in groups), and that bigger is always better.

However, ‘100 gallons per goldfish’ is absolutely ridiculous and helps no one.

Realistically, 95% of goldfish keepers here don’t have the means to get a 100-gallon tank. They don’t have access to a pond, and let’s face it, feeder goldfish aren’t exactly hot adoption prospects. Newbies smacked with this terrible ‘rule’ will either assume this community is unrealistic and draconian and ignore actual useful advice, or they’ll return their beloved pet to the store thinking it’s their only option. In both cases, the goldfish will most likely suffer much more than it would in a well-maintained 20-gallon.

I’m always trying to learn more about goldfish and welcome discussion on this. But I really think that this ‘rule’ needs a lot more justification and logic before people go around telling newbies that they need to rehome their beloved pet if they can’t give it a 100-gallon tank all to itself.

Please provide researched proof that common goldfish need drastically more space than fancy goldfish in order to thrive before telling people to rehome their pets. I’m guilty of promoting unsubstantiated hearsay too… let’s work to put a stop to it.

I painted a dragon that I dreamed about!

Ice dragons have very poor eyesight, and so rely on their six “whiskers” that sense vibrations in the air, body heat, and electrical impulses. For this reason, juveniles are often found near power plants. Adults rarely grow larger than 15 feet from nose to tail and they are actually easily befriended, but do not make good pets due to their intelligence and need for a large territory.

A little late to the party but I managed to correct my awful mistake from yesterday and put the Declaration in the background, not the Constitution. And I typed the most famous line from it in larger letters because I think it looks better this way even though the drawing is rushed and could look way better if only I had the time.

In case it needs explaining: I chose these two, not just because I’ve always wanted to draw them side by side (well…back to back in this case) for a very long time, but also because I think they have lots of things in common. They also wear the same colors and shaped history in their respective fictional universes. 

Anyway, happy belated 4th of July to all Americans!


Lisbon could have said the same thing about herself. And I always wonder how, at what point exactly they went from the need to fill their lives with some kind of routine, and run away from gnawing loneliness or guilt, giving their lives a meaning, knowing they are making a difference, to their job being the reason for them to see the other every day, to its becoming more than performing her duty and her vocation for Lisbon, and larger than his chase of RJ for Jane.

It’s wonderful how Jane went from the job being “all he has” to Lisbon’s being all he has at this job. The realization that they needed each other didn’t only come to them in the moments of danger, where their life was at risk, it was with them all the time, because it was about them fighting on the same side, and deep down for the same end, and sharing views. They felt united not only in extreme situations – in everyday situations. And they saw and knew very well what this job could do to people, how it took their lives mercilessly, and that drew them closer to each other still until they had a totally new reason to devote their lives to.

- A woman designs a guitar to better meet the specifications of women. Basically inventing a new cut and making it lightweight.

- Feminists immediately complain this is sexist…before they can even understand why they think so. How dare this woman imply men and women have any different needs or preferences at all.

I wonder how many great products and innovations that women would appreciate were scrapped or avoided because feminists would rage about it being sexist. Reason #487 feminism is bad for everyone. 

Once again can we just pause and marvel at how much feminists stick their fingers in their ears and cover their eyes to basic scientific facts. To anyone without a gender ideology distorting the information in their brain…it is abundantly clear that on average men are larger and stronger than women. To deny this feature of sexual dimorphism is denial beyond ignorance, venturing into willful stupidity. Seriously the fact that feminism is based around such a stupendous ignorance of basic science should disqualify it from being taught anywhere near an institution of higher learning. Imagine paying $80,000 in tuition and your professors start teaching you that the earth is flat.

When I’m in a relationship with someone I can’t stand not being on the same page as them. If there’s one thing I absolutely need in a relationship, it’s to know how stable it is. The minute a relationship becomes unbalanced, shit snowballs real quick. Those are the arguments before bed, quick smartass remarks at inappropriate times, and when you say no to killing a spider. Balance it all out before it snowballs for too long and suddenly both of you are fighting. For no damn reason. Don’t let it happen. This is avoided by being honest, open, trusting, and committed. Arguments arnt bad, but sometimes they can be seeds for larger things later. Also if you’re not willing to go thru any of the bad stuff to get to the good stuff again, get out of the relationship or reevaluate the relationship. Loyalty is just as important as honesty.