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Star Crash

I’m doing this out of order and although I fully intend to go back and blog about some of the other episodes I’ve seen, I feel the need, nay the compulsion to talk about the wonder and glory that is StarCrash

This is a bad movie whose badness keeps mounting. It started out bad, got worse and THEN, when it reached a plateau of badness, they doubled down on the SHAMELESS ripping off of Star Wars, and the mounting badness started over again.

The sheer size of the stones of whoever dreamed this up! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall of this meeting

“People like StarWars. We’ll make the same movie but we’ll switch enough to not get sued. First, we’ll switch some genders. Our Han will be a hot criminal babe and Leia will be a lost prince. And our Luke will have a fro.”

“What about Yoda?”

“They can’t trademark the color green”

“What about the lightsabers though?”

“If we make them change colors and not be able to cut through metal, I think that would be different enough.”

“Could we get Alec Guinness to hologram for us?”

“Naw, but Chris Plummer owes me a favor.”

Poor Christopher Plummer. I think this will rival Gregory Peck in Space Travelers for the most paycheck-driven performance by a major star. Plummer either looked embarrassed or possible drugged through the whole film. But, on the other hand, credit where credit is due: Baby Hoff was not bad. I won’t say Hasselhoff is the best actor ever, but he certainly wasn’t the worst on this set.

My favorite characters were the non-human(oid) ones. I liked the huge stop-motion lady robot. I should have found Elle the ersatz C3PO robot super annoying, but something about his earnestness endeared him to me. In interesting creative choice was his accent. Why did they sub out Threepio’s British Accent for a Southern accent, out of any other accent possible? 

Why? would a space robot? have a Southern accent??? 

But, paraphrasing The Doctor, lots of planets have a South…so I really just relaxed.

For this viewing, Sabre, my 15 year old viewing companion was out, but Raven (13 yo) watched it with me. She enjoyed it in general, especially when the guys ripped into our “hero,” calling him a human-loofah hybrid. Out of the whole filled with weird and nonsensical crap, she couldn’t get over Stella wearing a clear plastic suit over her bondage bikini. Personally, I could have used less Andrew Dice Clay impressions–in this episode and just in general. A little of that goes a long way. But this is a minor quibble.

tl;dr This episode was a great synthesis of the right kind of bad movie and solid riffing. So far, this is my favorite episode of the season.

Flannels & Shotguns

Sam x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Oversized flannel. Because everybody needs to be warned about that.

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“Daddy, wait for me!” You bounded the corner. Dragging a small child size suitcase and doing your best to pull up the extra long sleeves on your arms.

“Munchkin, what are you doin’?” Dean came over to you, leaning against the nearest wall while smiling with his arms crossed.

“I wanna beat up monsters too.” You said energetically. Fully expecting them to let you go.

Sam, came into view. Laughing at the sight before him. There you were. Hair in a messy style from just waking up. Tugging a bag no doubt full of stuffed animals behind you. Wearing one of his flannels which fit like an extra long dress in your tiny body.

“Daddy already talked to you about going. It’s too dangerous, sweetheart.” He crouched down in front of you. Making it so you were near eye level with each other.

“Nuh-uh!” You sassed back at him. “An look, Daddy. My shirt can protected me just like you an Unkie Bean!” Waving your arm and flapping the sleeve, you showed him what you meant.

Both of the boys laughed lightly. Trying to not let you hear in fear of offending your four year old mind.

“Our flannels? How could they protect you?” He reached outward, taking your sleeve and rolling it up so your hands could be used properly.

“Betuz you always wear them and always come back to home. They protected you.” You spoke so innocently. “So they can protected me too, Daddy!” The words giggled off your lips.

“Dad, I think she’s figured out your secret.” Dean piped into the conversation, giving Sam a once raised eyebrow.

“I think you’re right, Dean.” Sam sighed. “You know what that means?” His attention directed towards you.

“What?” You asked with a small twinkle in your eye.

“It means you’re ready to be a hunter like us.” He laughed as you beamed with excitement and joy.

“But there’s rules. You’ve got to start at the beginning where all the big girls start. And soon you’ll be hunting the monsters with uncle and Daddy.” Dean spoke to you as he slipped his jacket on over his own flannel.

“Uncle Cas is going to teach you some hunting skills while we’re gone. Think you can get pass the first part of hunter training?” Eagerly you nodded at Sam.

Without a moment to spare you dropped the handle on your suitcase, letting it hit the ground as your small “combat” boots slapped against the ground as you ran towards the kitchen.

“Cassy! We has to go on a hunt so I can big girl hunt with Daddy and Uncle!” You yelled in a happy yet determined tone.

The only hunting in your future would be Easter Egg hunting.

Binding safety things.
  • “I can bind as much as I like, I’m having top surgery soon so that’ll just get rid of any problems it causes-” nope. NOPE NOPE NOPE. Not only does soft tissue damage make surgery both more difficult and risky, binding too much, for too long, over even just a year or two can weaken muscles supporting your ribcage so when you stop binding after surgery, you’re at risk of things like hairline fractures- and worse, up to and including a couple horror stories that include punctured lungs. Do not use “but top surgery!” as an excuse to bind while sleeping, for more than 8-10 hours a day maximum, or 365 days a year without one single break. Not binding sucks- but we all gotta do things that suck for our health sometimes, grit your teeth and do not fuck up your lungs and ribcage.
  • Nonetheless, your risk assessment needs to be different if your timescale is less “five years til top surgery” and more “binding for the rest of my life”. I understand some women bind for reasons of gender presentation and such without plans to get surgey, plus of course there’s some AFAB trans people who either don’t want or can’t get top surgery who plan to bind indefinitely. Understand that this means you need to plan ahead for a lot of possible risks and complications that are less prominent for people using binding as a short-term gap, that the effects of very long-term binding are barely known and potentially severe, and that thirty years on, if you are still doing it, there are going to have been consequences for your body. This is NOT to say, “don’t do it”. Do it with a full, informed, adult understanding of what the risks are or might be, and be prepared to take those on. Keep a sharp eye on your body’s well being. Do it carefully. Be prepared for the risks, because yes, they exist. You can take them, that’s fine, but don’t pretend they aren’t real and serious.
  • Don’t wear a binder that is a size too small because the correctly sized one “shows too much”. Lung capacity is fucking important and you will crack a damn rib one of these days if you’re not careful. Do not overexert yourself in any binder; if it hurts or you feel faint or whatever then STOP, IMMEDIATELY. If you exercise in one, wear one at least a size up and throw baggy shirts on over it. Wear a velcro one if you can for working out so you can undo that shit ASAP if there’s an issue. If you go swimming in a binder, have someone spotting for you, make sure there’s a lifeguard at the pool, etc. You aren’t going to enjoy your wonderful transition very much if you, god forbid, wind up being in a serious accident because you’re suffocating yourself slowly.
  • You can bind safely. That is to say, you can bind while minimizing the risks as much as possible, til you reach a point where it’s reasonable for a well-informed, sensible person to weigh them up and take said risks. You cannot bind 100% consequence free. That’s all.
  • And look, just to get a bit tough-love for a second: “but if I don’t do all those things, my dysphoria is so bad I can’t cope” is something I fully, entirely sympathize with. It also means you gotta start working on management techniques so that ceases to be the case, NOT that you should just accept totally batshit levels of risk for the sake of your mental health. The solution to “my dysphoria is so bad that it destroys my life if I don’t bind in my sleep and wear it two sizes too tight” is not and should never be, “so I do it because it’s all right if I know accept the risk”. That’s not responsible, mature behaviour. It’s fully, entirely understandable. But you need, NEED to instead take the longer, more difficult path to finding healthy management techniques to improve your mental health and wellbeing so this is no longer the case, or else it’s going to bite you in the arse. You want to reach the end of your transition with the body you deserve, so you can finally feel right in it? Then look after it. Transition doesn’t give you a new body, it makes the one you’re in right now fit better, so look after the one you’re in.
Throwing Off The Towel - Dean Ambrose x Reader

Summary:- You and Dean start riding together and sharing hotel rooms to save money, and one night, you go for a shower, forgetting to take your shampoo. You go back into the room in a towel to grab what you need - and give Dean a sight he can’t keep his hands off. 

Warnings:-Smut, Swearing, Some Fluff

Word Count:-1,422


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Don't Do It

Prompt: Sheamus and the reader had a passionate yet difficult love, they’ve been on and off for years until they finally broke up for good. Both found other relationships but when the reader gets engaged he’s broken and rushes to try one last time to make their relationship work. He succeeds. Fluffy/Angsty/Smut -Anon

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The Carnival (Negan x Female)

Summary: The Saviors find a fairgrounds fully intact and Negan asks her to be his date.

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 1,920

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, and Swearing 

Author’s Note: This fic was requested by @prettyepiic who wanted “smut at the Carnival”. I hope I delivered! Fair warning, it’s pretty dirty. ;D

Thank you to @ashzombie13 for being my beta reader!

Please let me know what you think! You can message me anytime! I LOVE feedback!

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Asking For Help

Request: “hi! i loved ur supernatural fic, i wanted to request one where ur a hunter and you’ve been working on a case for ages & ur about to finish but the Winchesters swoop in & start working it. You run into them at the scene of whatever it is & they don’t take you seriously until you pull a gun on one of them & pin the other to the floor. the monster pops up you were so focused on the boys & it takes you by surprise and they save you. After, you let them crash at yours & cheeky sam smut pls? thanks xx”

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2238

Warnings: smut

“And was your mother acting strange at all recently, before she left?” You asked the timid child softly. For 3 months you had been tracking the damn Changeling, but you had only figured out recently that this one in particular was fond of taking the form of mothers, rather than children.

“She…” the little boy buried his teary face into his grandmother’s sleeve, clutching to her as he croaked out his response hesitantly. “She hit me.”

The grandmother gasped, patting a comforting hand on his head as she shook hers. You were about to further the investigation when there was a ringing at the door.

“Who could that be?” The grandmother mumbled to herself, uneasily pulling the boy gently from her side to get up and greet whoever came to visit. You turned back to the shaking figure, reaching out a hand to hold his.

“Don’t worry Thomas, the woman who hit you wasn’t your mother. Your mother loves you too much to ever hurt you.” You whispered.

“Did Mummy get abducted by aliens?” His big blue eyes questioned.

“Kinda-“ You hushed as the grandmother came back in, accompanied by two tall men. You frowned, your guard already being put up as the two looked a little sketchy.

“Uh hi, think you might’ve been misplaced here, we’re taking the case.” The shorter one of the two relayed, flashing his badge. You narrowed your eyes, suspicious as to why the actual FBI would take an interest in a missing person’s case like this one.

“May I ask what your names are?” You inquired, placing an open palm in front of them. They both passed you their badges for inspection.

“Holt and Langdon.” The taller one chimed. You still viewed them suspiciously. You turned back to the boy who was now shaking, clutching the fabric of his pants tightly in his small hands. You walked over to him, crouching down to be at his eye level.

“I’ll be right back.” You cooed, giving his arm a comforting squeeze. He nodded, and you stood, walking past the agents while signalling for them to follow you outside. Once the door had closed behind you, you turned to them.

“I want the truth. You can’t be FBI.” You spoke sternly. “Hunters?” You asked.

The two shared a look, then slowly began nodding.

“I’m Sam Winchester, and this is my brother Dean.”

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Race Rock Light by fredbrenny (The Sims 3)

Race Rock Light is a lighthouse - Two bedrooms, a cozy studio all the way upstairs and 2 bathrooms. Not much of a garden, because, well… you know, it is surrounded by water.

Creator Notes
Note that I build the lot on a 50x50 in Sunset Valley. Placed on the beach, diagonally for a big part in the water. Just try and adjust edges if you need to. Placing it on a bigger lot is even easier. I placed it on a 64x64 on the Aurora Skies beach for the preview picture. But also good at the beaches of Sunset Valley.

Furnished: Fully
Decorated: Throughout
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Stories: 3
Lot Size: 50x50


anonymous asked:

analyse who's your daddy please. i need it.

“im about to analyze it to death be ready fools” that is the best and most exciting thing i’ve ever seen you write

i feel like “let’s never have kids” implies a “together” and i’m feeling emotionally overwhelmed about how casually they say things like this now :“)

just wanted to acknowledge all of these messages bc they made me lol :’) ok goodness. this video. wow. there’s a lot here. i’m just gonna focus on the shit that made me do immense double takes and actually go (similar to the third anon) ‘wth how are they saying this stuff so casually?? ?? what?’ there was a lot of that during this vid. i’m v shook.

first and foremost wtf @ their seeming indifference towards making sexual innuendos that involve each other. wtf @ their subtly destroying heteronormativity by lookin’ at the dad’s hot pink dildo and being relatively cool with it? apart from a bit of a chuckle from dan, they barely reacted? and wtf @ dan saying ‘we’re not kink roleplaying … YET’ like it was nbd? that would’ve literally given everyone a heart attack not even a year ago. similarly at the close of the video he says “if you want to see more father-son simulator, if that’s the kind of weird phan roleplay you’re into” and i actually squeaked???? ? when’s the last time either of them have even said the word “phan,” as a reference to their ship name, out loud, let alone on one of their main channels? but more than that, there wasn’t any of the usual attempt at hard-core shaming the audience for being into that sort of fantasy or for presuming that he and phil could ever be in a sexual situation together. for lack of a better way to phrase it, dan didn’t ‘no homo’ the idea of him sexually roleplaying w phil beyond the use of the word ‘weird’–and that was directly aimed at the kink, not the idea of sexual roleplay w phil generally?? if anything he just seemed amused by it. he didn’t call anyone pervs for thinking about it, he went out of his way to say it in the first place,,,, i can’t emphasize enough how much of a progression that is? ??? ?? i don’t really know why i am surprised since they’ve clearly relaxed their boundaries with us ever since the latter half of last year, but like. i’m surprised. it was noteworthy. i’m so happy about it. 

on a similar yet totally unrelated note, dan saying “philly doesn’t understand wasd,” towards the start of the vid is such an incredible example of how good they are at gradually normalizing certain things w their audience until they become completely unremarkable. the use of ‘philly’ as a nickname esp on dapg has escalated a lot in the past few months but really they’ve been seeding it for like nearly two years now. at this point it’s just soooo normal that most people don’t pick up on it? but it’s another example of something that even a year ago would’ve caused a lot of people to hyperventilate and pass out. today, however, i’ve seen literally zero posts or comments on the video about it. they’re so, so good at this–at slowly doing things that initially cause an uproar and then very rapidly become a normal thing bc of frequency. (another example, at least for me, is dan’s wavy hair lately. he’s been wearing it wavy so much that i honestly didn’t even notice till like 7 mins in that it wasn’t straightened. and then when i rewatched an old dapg vid just now i couldn’t believe how straight his hair usually was in the past!!! hope he sticks with the soft n’ wavy/thin gold earring rebrand idea for 2017 bc he looks amazing) 

obvi the biggest thing in this video though (let’s not even try to pretend otherwise) was all of the discussion of parenting and, specifically, co-parenting. together. having children. together. as a unit. wow. i honestly don’t really know how to adequately communicate how excited this makes me? ?? ? similarly to the sexual innuendo stuff, it’s crazy how far they’ve come in a relatively short span of time. they’re at the point where they can make comments like ‘maybe it will teach us how to be real parents,’ and ‘you’re an even worse dad than me,’ and ‘let’s never be parents’ (let. US. never. be. parents. [together].) to their audience without a second thought. and before all u doubters come crawlin’ out of ur anti caves to tell me that they could be talking about being parents individually with other partners …. … no?  i really don’t think they were. not the least bc it would hardly make sense for them to say things like ‘wow let us never be parents in our future separate lives with other partners ha!’ but also bc right after two of the biggest co-parenting comments (‘let’s never be parents’ and then my personal fav: ‘in hindsight, are we good parents?’) they start talking about the sims. phil even says ‘i can’t believe dil and dab have survived OUR parenting.’ it’s jst so demonstrative of the fact that they are thinking about parenting TOGETHER and i honestly couldn’t believe how open they were about that. which brings me to the moment towards the end when dan says “so in hindsight are we good parents?” i screenshotted the look that phil gave dan after and rb’ed a gif of it because … wth. it’s so fleeting. but it felt so important? there’s something so different about the way phil looks at dan right after saying ‘no. we’re terrible,’ almost as though he wants to check to see how dan reacts or as though he is just caught up in the softness of the idea of them having children at all. he gives this little breathy laugh and their eye contact there is so soft and so cute and so noteworthy bc it feels like something we weren’t really even meant to see. it feels like phil displaying his inner feelings a bit more than he normally would feel comfortable with. it was such a telling little moment for me (fully aware that i sound a bit crazy but like,,, whatever). 

also. bonus. phil noting the size of the garden then immediately wondering how much it costs … .. .. …. seems like someone’s mind is conditioned towards house hunting. just a thought. 

A Trick...or...Two ~Freaky February~ (N.F)

Prompt: A smut with Noah Foster from Scream

Pairing: Noah x Reader

Word Count: 1.k

Warning: I’ve never written with Noah, nor have I played written with him so this was kind of hard but a lot and I mean a lot of fun!

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Here's the thing about Light Skin Privilege

As a person of color, I experience certain discrimination and unfair treatment that a white person will never experience, but as a person of color of a lighter shade than others, that discrimination is watered down, it’s diet discrimination, and that’s just fact. What light skinned people need to realize, is that we sometimes appropriate the struggles of our darker skinned sisters and brothers in an effort to “unify” our race, but what we’re really doing is silencing a very real issue. For example, a common struggle amongst black people in the face of Eurocentrism is to grow up hating our skin color, wishing it were white, but in all honesty, and because of my lighter skin, I’ve never actually had that issue. And I’m not denying that it happens, but what I’m saying is that sometimes I have to check myself when I’m talking to white people or anyone on racial issues, because that isn’t MY issue, and we tend to take specific issues people of darker skin face, and generalize it to “all black people.” Lighter skinned people need to realize when it’s not our place to speak on certain issues, the same way we can recognize when it’s not a white person’s place to speak for black people, and if we are speaking out, it’s acknowledging our privilege FIRST. Otherwise we’re helping no one. Growing up in a neighborhood that was almost entirely Black and Latino, light skinned girls were put on a pedestal, as they are anywhere, and with that came a sort of conditioning that led us to believe we were the “better black.” Now that I’m older I fully understand how much bullshit that is, but that doesn’t erase the years of brainwashing that went into us as children. I’m lowkey rambling now I think but the point I’m trying to make is that we need to realize when we’re doing harm within the black community, and a lot of that comes from making blackness a one size fits all issue when it isn’t. We can’t tackle racial discrimination OR self hate without first recognizing that being lighter gets us a certain level of privilege that we don’t get to ignore, and instead of appropriating the struggle of people who deal with the actual effects of colorism because “we’re all black,” understand that we have a hand in that conditioning. At least start there.

My Brother Can Beat Up Yours!

(Wordcount: 1.6K; HS AU. On ao3)

“Punch him!”

“This is really stupid,” Dean muttered, staring dubiously at the guy standing opposite him. “Man, I gotta apologize. I have no idea what’s got into him. He’s normally a good kid.“

“Likewise,” the other guy grumbled. “Anna is usually a sweetheart. I’ve never seen her raise a hand in anger.”

“Kill him, Cas!”

“Well, technically, she’s not raising a hand now,” Dean said with a roll of his eyes. “She just wants you to raise yours.“

When he’d come to the playground to pick Sam up after school this afternoon, as he’d done since getting his driver’s license earlier that year, the last thing Dean had expected was to be stepping into the middle of a showdown between his brother, Sam, and a pint-sized girl with a face nearly as red as her ponytail. Whatever argument they’d been having had apparently escalated beyond the point of no return, and although Sam had definitely been raised well enough to know that you don’t throw punches at classmates - particularly not tiny, female classmates - he’d obviously not outgrown the "my brother can beat up your brother” stage of development.

Dean was now facing down his “enemy,” a fellow teenager he’d never seen before, to the screams of a small horde of bloodthirsty ten-year-olds. He shrugged in embarrassment.

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Hi everyone!!!! I’ve opened commissions up because I need a little extra cash and summer is coming up fast and since I’m a teacher I don’t have a summer job so!!! Commission me!!!!

• Line Art starting at $6 (+$1 for every extra character)
• Fully Colored starting at $8 (+$1 for every extra character)

Semi-Realistic Cartoons:
• $10 each (+$4 for every extra character)

Pixel Busts:
• $15 each (refrence MUST be provided)

• Digital paintings starting at $18 (the more complicated it gets the more the price goes up)
• Canvas paintings: the price depends on what you want, and what size you would like (I ONLY SHIP IN THE US)


Message me here or on any of my blogs and let me know if you would like to commission me!! I would really appreciate it!!! Thank you!!!

Football Embroidery

After receiving so much amazing support and interest in my custom made football embroidery and cross stitch ideas I’ve decided to go for it. I am so excited to be able to make personalised items. 

Your ideas can be as unique and intricate as you want. Any team - male, female, club, national team ect, any chant or football song (the less lyrics would be the best because of copyright issue, though song titles seem to be safe to use and sell), any words or phrases, I could try copying photos of stadiums or anything you can think of. I am a Liverpool fan but don’t mind making for any team!

Here are some examples of football products I have already made (heavy photo warning) :

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See What I See

Title: See What I See

Word Count: 2,228

Warnings: Season 10 spoilers, plus-size!Reader, inappropriate and rude (body and other) comments, mentions of blood, mild swearing, slight angst, fluff

Summary: After Sam and the Reader find demon!Dean and bring him back to the bunker, the Reader is left alone with Dean for a little while. Dean enjoys taunting her while they’re alone together.

Pair: [plus-size!Reader, x Dean/demon!Dean]

Author’s Note: So, I got a request to write another plus-size!Reader imagine! Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days.. this week has just absolutely sucked. But, eh. Request things! x Also, I know that this one shot doesn’t really correspond with the scene of Dean being cured, but for the sake of fanfiction, oh well.

              Sam’s words echoed through your head. It’s not him. Don’t listen to anything he has to say. Just focus on the fact that he’s gonna be alright. Don’t listen. Don’t listen. Don’t listen. Don’t listen. It’s not him. You continued to repeat his words, over and over again, in hopes of yourself believing it. Truth be told, it was difficult for you. It was Dean talking… but it wasn’t him. He didn’t mean the things he was saying. No. He wouldn’t. Would he?

              You remained silent, fumbling with the syringe of purified blood left by Sam, counting down the moments until the next hour to plunge the needle into his neck. You desperately yearned for Dean to be himself once more. You missed him dearly. All of you did. Sam. Castiel.

              “Oh, Y/N, why don’t you just give it up already?” Dean grumbled, a long exhale falling his words. “Don’t you get it? I don’t want to be… cured.

              You inhaled slowly, still facing away from him. Your eyes narrowed at the weaponry in front of you, your eyes tracing the designs in the silver blades in hopes of distracting yourself. You gravely tried to block out his voice, though your mind disobeyed, allowing his statements float into your mind and brand themselves into your brain.

              “C’mon, Y/N, don’t you understand that I don’t want to be saved? That I like the disease,” Dean hissed, the sound of his chains clanging together as he struggled against them, an unsatisfied grunt following his unsuccessful attempts of breaking free.

              “Too bad,” you muttered, checking the timer on your phone, alerting you that there was only a few more minutes until second to final injection. Just one more hour.

              Dean sniggered, your nose crinkling in disgust at the menacing tone to his laughter. You slowly pivoted around on your heel, the timer on your phone alerting you that it was time. You approached Dean, positioning the needle to inject into his neck. You gripped tightly down onto the roots of his hair, tilting his head and plunging the tip into his skin. Dean hissed, attempting to jerk himself away from you, but failed. You withdrew the syringe from his flesh, stalking back over to the table and setting it down onto the wooden surface.

              Dean coughed and groaned, lolling his head and resting his chin against his chest. “I know why you want your old Dean back so badly.”

              Your gaze lifted to face the arsenal of weapons hitched to the wall, your eyes growing wide with sudden curiosity. Of course you wanted Dean back, but the way he tone of voice was suggested that he had more to say and that his words had deeper meaning to them.

              “Do you think I don’t hear you and Sam talking?”

              You bit the inside of your cheek, your facial features hardening at his choice of a statement. How could he know? You very secretive about your growing feelings for the oldest Winchester, always making sure that he was out of earshot when you discussed it with Sam. Or so you believed to.

              “About how a guy like me could never fall for a girl like you?” he continued. You could hear the smirk in his voice, knots beginning to form in the pit of your stomach. You were a hunter. You weren’t supposed to be nervous nor scared, especially over petty, romantic feelings towards another. But you were. God, you were.

You had had feelings towards Dean for quite some time now, at first ignoring the strange sensations that bubbled in your abdomen. You told yourself that it was truly nothing, but as time went on, you began to accept the idea of being together with Dean, though you knew for a fact that he would never love a girl your size. Though Sam assured you that Dean would love you no matter what, you pushed his comments off with a shrug and a sip of your beer, telling him that his assumptions were ridiculous.

“Well, you’re right.”

Your breath was hitched in your throat, your mouth gaping at his confession. Though you had always known that he would never love a girl your size, there was always a glimmer of hope that possibly he would look passed your appearance. You were wrong, though.

Don’t listen. Sam’s voice rattled in your head, though you couldn’t help yourself. He sounded so real. This was Dean. This was Dean speaking. Not the demon inside of him. Dean.

“I’d never have feelings for a fat, disgusting bitch like you,” he snarled, an evil chuckle rumbling through his chest.

You stiffened, straightening your posture and rolling your shoulders back. You bit the inside of your cheek harder, your flesh coaxed with raw sores and the metallic taste of blood on the tip of your tongue. You took a deep breath in hopes of composing yourself, though you knew that Dean’s words stung. Normally, whenever someone would make an inappropriate comment regarding your appearance, you simply would shrug it off and possibly slug the guy. But with Dean? You couldn’t quite contain yourself. You felt the tears brim within your eyes, your Y/E/C hues growing glassy and bloodshot. You dug your fingernails into the palms of your hands in hopes of distracting yourself from the hurtful words, though a single tear slipped passed your barriers and slid down your flushed cheeks.

“Oh, did I offend you?” Dean chortled, his chains clinging together as he huddled over in fits of laughter. “Sorry the truth hurts, sweetheart.”

“Don’t call me that,” you mumbled, picking up your phone and slipping it into your pocket, beginning to make your way towards the exit.

“Oh, so I did offend you!” He laughed once more. “But there you go. Running away like you always do. God, whenever someone makes a comment about you, you run away. You cry. You’re weak, Y/N.”

His statement burned in your head, your chest rising and falling with each heavy breath that lifted in your lungs. A large lump began to form in your throat, you desperately trying to push down the sob that threatened to pass, though your attempts were unsuccessful. He was digging himself into your head. He was manipulating you. That’s what demons did. But you couldn’t shake it. You couldn’t. This was Dean. Your best friend.

“See? There you go. Crying. God, how the hell did Sam and I even put up with you these last few years? We should have never started hunting with you. You’ve only brought us down. You’re too slow, Y/N. You can’t catch up. You’re a weak link. It’s your fault why so many people have died. You’re too slow to save them. You’re a failure.”

              “Shut up!” you roared, turning on your heel and marching towards him, retrieving Ruby’s knife from your pocket and pressing it to his neck.

              Dean’s cocky smirk caused a sneer to appear on your lips, your nose wrinkling. Dean’s tongue jutted out from his mouth, wetting his lips as his green eyes locked with yours. “Do it.”

              You applied more pressure to the blade, creating a small incision into his skin, but you immediately withdrew it once you realized what you were doing. You stared down at him for a brief moment, shaking your head before walking calmly to the door. You turned to face him once more, raising an eyebrow at him before pushing the cabinets together, blocking him from view.

“I heard shouting. What happened?” Sam frantically inquired as you stomped your way into the living room area, both Cas and Sam glancing up at you from their conversation on the couch.

              “It’s done. He only needs one more injection,” you informed rather harshly, making a beeline towards your room, slamming the hatchway shut. You sighed, replaying the previous events in your mind, the horror continuously repeating. Over and over again, the words that he spat at you caused a shiver to run down your spine, your jaw clenching tightly. You knew that he was a demon. You knew demons dug under your skin, but you couldn’t help but believe that what he hissed was true. Were you weak?

              You sighed heavily, plopping down onto your bed, burying your face within the comforter. He’ll be back to normal soon, you assured yourself, clutching down onto one of the pillows, reeling it into your chest. Soon.


              You hadn’t realized that you had fallen asleep until the sound of a knock brought you from your slumber. A groan seeped passed your lips as you lifted yourself up from your position, propping your elbow down onto the mattress. “Come in,” you hoarsely spoke, clearing your throat to awaken your vocal chords.

              The door slowly opened, revealing a small sliver of Dean’s tall frame, your eyes widening at the sight of him. He no longer carried himself as if he was superior over everyone. His shoulders were hunched a little, a guilty expression etched on his features.

              “Hey,” he murmured, walking fully into your room and shutting the door with a soft click. He cautiously made his way to the other side of your bed, your eyes following him with every step. The mattress sunk underneath his weight, his body shifting so he could face you properly. “I-”

              “Save it, Dean, you don’t need to apologize,” you mumbled, averting your gaze and allowing it to fall into your lap, your fingers fiddling together. “I know you didn’t know what you were saying.”

              “But that’s the thing, Y/N. I did know what I was saying.”

              You didn’t think that your heart could break any more than it already had, but clearly you were wrong. Your heart pace quickened in your chest, your stomach clenching at the sound of his words. He did know what he was saying. He did mean it. Of course he did. You knew that already.

              “But I couldn’t control myself. I tried so hard to stop, Y/N. God, I would never ever say that shit to you. But I couldn’t stop,” he whispered, pursing his lips to form a tight line. You felt his eyes still locked onto you, your gaze slowly flicking onto him once more, though you didn’t bother speaking. Dean noted your decision to be silent, his mouth disclosing to speak once more. “I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry.”

              You slowly nodded, looking back down into your lap. Dean sighed, scooting his body closer to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and pulling you into his chest. You were startled at first, to say the least, but you relaxed into his grasp, burying your face into his shirt.

              “You’re wrong, though.”

              You peered up at him, your eyebrows knitted together into a line of confusion, cocking your head to the left slightly, indicating him to continue on with his thought.

              “You’re wrong. I could easily fall for a girl like you. Hell, I have.”

              Your eyes widening at his confession, your lips parting to speak, but his words beat you to it. “I know you have a horrible self-image of yourself, Y/N. But, God, I wish you could see what we see. What I see. I see a strong, confident, woman who can take down an entire vampire nest by herself. Who has saved many people. Who has saved this damned world. C’mon, Y/N. How can you be so blind?”

              You bit your bottom lip harshly, sighing quietly, though once again, you didn’t bother to answer. Dean breathed heavily, stroking your arm soothingly. “Because I see a beautiful, smart, hilarious, badass, curvy woman who should love herself no matter what has happened in the past. No matter what she looks like. No matter what anyone else ever says. You understand me?”

              You nibbled down harder, though you slowly nodded your head. You didn’t believe him, though. You’ve always had this image of yourself in your head that you weren’t good enough for anyone, especially Dean Winchester.            

              “You know I’m not the one to be all sappy and shit, but Y/N, I just want you to know who are you. You’re not weak. Not at all. We all make mistakes. We’re human. It’s how we are. It’s how we always will be. Please, believe me.”

              “Yeah, yeah, I hear you,” you mumbled, fluttering your eyes closed momentarily. Dean sighed, leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to the crown of your head, his calloused hand continuing to rub your arm comfortingly.

              “I have fallen for you, Y/N. I tried to deny it at first. Because who would have thought that Dean Winchester would actually get hooked on a girl? But, Hell, I have. God, have I. And I can’t help it. I can’t help myself when I’m around you.”

              You leisurely looked up at him, a tiny smile twitching onto the corners of your lips. You leaned up, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips, Dean immediately returning the romantic gesture.

              You pulled away after a few moments, your lips still tingling from the previous sensation, your smile growing wider. “It’s good to have you back, Dean,” you murmured, collapsing your body into his.

              Dean wrapped his strong arms around you, holding you close to his chest and slowly rocking you back and forth, resting his chin on your head. “It’s good to be back.”

Master List.

Salt/Borax drying

Preservation of small tails, feet, wings and other various specimens using salt/borax
I Personally use this method a lot when preserving a variety of items for jewelry use or for my own home collection.
You will need
- Salt ( i usually buy a few boxes for good measure) You will want to buy enough to completely submerge whatever you want to preserve
- Borax ( again i buy a few boxes) you will also want enough to submerge your specimen
- a container that can fit your item(s) and hold a good amount of salt ( tupperware, boxes…etc)
- A dry ventilated space
- aromatic dry herbs ( optional)
- and patience.

1) After you have harvested whatever it is you wish to dry, clean off any meat or fleshy bits sticking out of the severed point ( if you are working with a tail, clean up the base where you cut… same for wings, heads and paws)
- If you are working with a head, i would suggest removing the brains so you do not get ANY decomposition or odor. You can remove the brains by using a small forked piece of wire ( any thin sharp object ), poking it up through the base of the skull( through the hole in the atlas bone or where the atlas bone connected to the spine) and scrambling the brains until they are able to be scooped, sucked or dripped out. Once most of the brain matter is removed, fill the cavity with a combination of salt and borax.

2) make a mixture of borax and salt… i usually use one box of borax mixed with one box or container of salt ( if you want to add aromatic herbs you can, i usually mix a bit of dry cedar)

3) take your mixture and pour a layer to the bottom of your container ( about half inch - inch )

4) place your specimen(s) inside. Make sure if you are drying more than one specimen, they do not overlap one another.
  - if you are drying wings you can take needles/tacks to pin them in am open position so they dry out stretched <3
      -You can also pin feet in whatever desired position you would like to dry them in

5) pour in the rest of your drying mixture (salt/borax) over the specimen(s) until they are completely submerged

6) leave to dry in a well ventilated space for a few weeks, the larger and more fleshy your item(s) the longer you will need to let them sit. 
- squirrel tails/ bird wings and smaller feet i leave for about 3 weeks ( i exchange the drying mixture around week 2 to keep it fresh, but that is not fully necessary)

Heads i leave for 4+ weeks, again depending on size…
- small bird heads = 3 and a half - 4 and a half weeks
- squirrel heads = 4 and a half to 5 and a half weeks
- goose heads or any similar size i leave for 5+

* if anything is salting longer than 3 weeks i exchange the drying/salt mixture to ensure freshness and make sure no odor will set in.

The timing for drying are just what i have found to work for me, the times can increase or decrease due to climate, humidity and environment. I live in a very humid, damp place so drying can take much longer.

7) once your items are dry ( you can tell when they are firm and have NO moisture left) you can brush off any salt/borax with a old tooth brush or even your fingers.
If you notice any odor i would allow it to air dry in a well ventilated space for a few days and then soak it in a dry bath of aromatic herbs  (cedar, clove, flower petals, mint… etc) You can also use smoke to help with odor, all you do is allow any smoke or fumes to further dry/ absorb into your specimen by burning cedar, incense or other wonderful smelling things near or under it.

I am in no way a professional at preservation, these are things i have discovered through trial and error and have worked well for me through out my various projects.
Also note i am horrific at explanation/spelling, so if these directions have been confusing in any way, feel free to message me and i will try to correct/fix it.

Here are photos of some items that have been cured/dried using this method. 

Hope this helps you all <3 

If there’s one singular thing my insomnia has been good for these past four weeks, it’s getting our home in order. With the exception of my old office upstairs and the garage (disasters with stuff EVERYWHERE!) and the new studio (which is ready for flooring!) I’m slowly getting almost all caught up on deep cleaning this place and preparing to take a much needed work break this November. They say it doesn’t matter where home is as long as you’re with the ones you love but I’ll fully admit I love how much @andrewbosse and I have loved on our home and made it ours. Happy Saturday from one sleepy weasel to you! (Our couch was a floor model from ArtVan and our coffee table is an old dining room table my parents cut down to size) #hgeliving #thebossepad #paintcolorisstormymonday by heygorgevents



Look how small Scott is compared to Alex. It’s so rare to get a scene where you can fully appreciate their size difference and I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff. Someone please please PLEASE write a fic about this. Love you all ❤️❤️❤️

And seriously Scott’s body in a TAC vest…lets talk about it…Or maybe not…I mean…You don’t need any more words…seriously…


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Author’s Note: This is a Jax Teller imagine based on Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne as requested by @thejulietfarciertlove  as well as imagine number 7 for MMW. This imagine is rated T+ Hope you all enjoy!


“You will not believe who is back in town,” Gemma’s voice comes from behind her and turning Scarlett presses a hand to her chest.

“Jesus Gemma, you can’t sneak up on me like that!” Scarlett says trying to catch her breath and with a roll of her eyes she turns back to look at what had her attention before.

“Jumpy, aren’t we?” Gemma asks staying behind her. “Aren’t you the least but curious about who’s in town?”

“Not right now Gemma,” she says and eyes focusing in front of her.

“I think you will be once you find out. It’s Tara…”

“Shit…” she hisses shaking her head. Now is not the time for ghosts of girlfriend’s past to come calling. Not with Abel needing so much care; and definitely not with the bright little plus sign showing up for her. The tears come quick, and though there is initial panic it’s quickly replaced by excitement. “Oh my God…oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…”

“Well it’s not that big of a deal really. Jax is good for you, and you’re good for him. But maybe you should go say hello, for old times’ sake. Nothing wrong with making known that he’s yours…” and turning Scarlett holds up the test for Gemma to see making the woman’s words trail off. “Well, shit…”

“Think this will do it?”


The elevator door slides open just outside of the NICU floor of St. Thomas and taking two steps out Scarlet pauses finding Tara and Jax huddled together in what looks to be a rather intimate conversation. Her stomach rolls, and she can’t tell how much of it is morning sickness, and how much is sheer panic at seeing Jax and the woman who once was his.

She and Tara couldn’t be more different. Tara, the educated doctor, Scarlett, the high school graduate who works two minimum wage jobs trying to make a go of things with the Prince of SAMCRO, they live on opposite ends of the spectrum, and while she doesn’t doubt what she and Jax has, she also remembers all too well what Tara and Jax had.

“Scarlet?” Jax’s voice draws her attention and smiling slowly she lifts a hand to wave. “You okay?”

“Yeah, uh, I need to talk to you,” she says stepping closer and she’s fully aware that Tara is studying her closely, sizing her up curiously.

“Scarlet, you remember Tara,” Jax says taking her hand, and the simple act does just enough to smooth some of her nerves.

“Of course, how could I forget?” her words are soft as she levels her gaze at Tara’s.

“I have to run actually,” Jax says and Scarlett opens her mouth to say something but is quickly silenced by him giving her a quick kiss before walking away. The silence that hangs between her and Tara is thick and finally when she can’t take it anymore she turns her gaze to Tara.

“Welcome home Tara,” she doesn’t know why she says it, it’s just the first thing that came to mind.

“Thanks Scarlet, I uh, I should get back to rounds,” Tara says and nodding Scarlet watches her walk away, and because her stomach feels dangerously weak she finds the closest chair and settles into it shaking her head over how bizarre her day has become.


The bizarre day stretched into a week as she kept just missing Jax whether it was at home or at the hospital, and when it was at the latter it always resulted in an awkward encounter with Tara, who was becoming more and more bold in her flirtations with Jax.

She pulls into TM and pressing a hand to her rolling stomach she takes a moment to try and settle it when she notices Jax and Tara standing just outside the clubhouse, and thinking nothing at first she continues to watch until she sees Tara reach up to brush at Jax’s hair, and something inside of her snaps.

She pushes out of her car slamming the door behind her and walking quickly she approaches them, and without thinking she shoves Tara gaining a sick sense of satisfaction when the other woman stumbles and nearly falls.

“What the fuck?” Tara’s voice is shrill when she turns with wide eyes to stare at her.

“I could ask the same thing,” she spits, “what the fuck Tara? Still going after guys, you can’t have?”

“Oh I don’t know, I had him before you did,” Tara’s words drip with a condescension that boils her blood. “I could have him again…”

“You bitch!” she lunges for her but Jax easily steps between them stopping what would promise to be one hell of a fight.

“She fucking started it!” Tara screams trying to find a way around Jax.

“Yeah well I’m ending it! Tara just go, and you,” Jax says a hand tightening on her arm, go inside and cool off!”

“Oh fuck you Jackson!” she screams and turning on her heel she stomps defiantly away, and she swears she would have felt triumphant about it, if she didn’t have to stop half way across the parking lot doubling over to brace hands on her knees and in front of the gathering crowd, she vomits.

“Scarlet?” Jax calls out in worry and she hears his footsteps on the pavement of the parking lot, “babe, are you sick?”

“No asshole,” she says as she pants and standing upright she wipes her mouth on the back of her hand. “I’m pregnant…”


She sits curled up in her oversized chair, her chin resting against her knees as she stares through the window. She hasn’t seen Jax since she dropped the pregnancy bombshell on him, and while there is a part of her that was glad that she could clean up and gather herself in privacy, another part of her wonders if this is Jax’s way of saying this is something he just can’t deal with.

She wouldn’t blame him. He’s under enough stress as it is with Abel, the club, and one can’t forget good ol’ Dr. Tara.

Her eyes slide closed on a well of emotion as she pictures the way they looked together in the parking lot of TM. Somehow they’ve always managed to fit, why she thought it would be different now, she doesn’t know. Just because she stuck with Jax through everything obviously doesn’t matter. Who cares if she was the one who picked up the pieces when Tara left the first time, or stood by and watched him marry Wendy knowing it was a mistake and she cleaned up the mess that left in his life too. Maybe that’s all she was good for; Jax Teller’s personal clean-up crew, and because the thought makes something inside of her ache viciously she shakes her head pushing it away.

“Babe?” Jax’s voice calls from downstairs, but she can’t bring herself to call back, instead she just stares, watching the night through the window. “Hey.”

She turns her head finding Jax standing in the door way behind her and though she tries to smile it just doesn’t come out the way she intends it too.

“Hi,” she whispers, turning away.

“You should have told me sooner…”

“I’ve been trying, for the last week. Everytime I tried we kept missing each other, you were either leaving just as I was getting somewhere or the other way around…besides, you’ve been busy getting cozy with Tara…”

“Hey, you have nothing to worry about…” he says coming to kneels beside her, his hands coming to rest warmly over hers.

“That’s easy for you to say Jax, you don’t see the way you two look together…”

“It doesn’t fucking matter what we look like…Tara isn’t the one I choose…”

“Does she know that?” she asks, voice wavering despite her efforts to keep it steady.

“She does now. Jesus Scarlet, do you really think I’d do that to you?” he asks and she shrugs her shoulder. “You’ve been here, all along. Tara left, remember? She left but you stayed, you always stay. I’m not going anywhere babe; besides, you’re carrying my kid.” He lays a hand over her stomach and letting out a watery sigh she wraps her arms around him, and closing her eyes she knows he’ll always be hers.

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question!! how exactly do i go about using your fshali save and importing my shep's headmorph?? im very new to modding me2 so i have literally no idea what im doing but i need my femshep to kiss tali lol

Hey there! Sorry I didn’t get to this immediately last night but I fell asleep. But now I’m fully rested and ready to give unto thee, anon, the ancient secrets of Gibbed’s Save Editor, headmorphs, and obtaining sweet sweet fshali romance.

I’m going to take screencaps to make this super easy. The larger caps are kinda squished by tumblr so I made them click through links to full sized screencaps. Just click ‘em!

Step One: Open up Gibbed’s Saved Editor and open the save in Gibbed’s.

This is pretty easy and self explanatory- open up the correct save file that you want to edit. First we’re going to extract your Shep’s headmorph for use in other saves. Select a save with the correct headmorph of your Shepard and open it. 

Step Two: Exporting Your Shep’s Headmorph

Helpful red guiding circles! For some reason the Player>Appearance tab was never implemented in ME2 Gibbed’s (It is fully functional in ME3 Gibbed’s, but that’s a different topic all together) so all headmorph work happens in the Toolbox tab. First we need to make an .me2headmorph file of your Shepard. With your Shepard’s save opened up, go to Toolbox, then hit Export Entire Head. Save the resulting headmorph file anywhere you want, just as long as you know where it is on your computer. It doesn’t have to be in any certain game file like some other types of mods. (I keep a huge collection of headmorphs in a folder on my desktop, for example)

Step Three: Open My FShali Save

No pictures for this one ‘cuz you did this already in Step One. This time, instead of opening your Shepard’s save file, we’ll be opening my fShali save in Gibbed’s. Place my fShali save in your Shepard’s save folder in My Documents > Bioware > Mass Effect 2 > Saves. Then, go to Gibbed’s and open it up just like we did with your Shepard’s save.

Step Four: Importing Your Headmorph

Time to transform my Shepard into yours! Once again, go back to the Toolbox tab and this time hit “Import”. Select the .me2headmorph file of your Shepard’s headmorph that we made in Step Two and open it. Now the Shepard in this save will have the appearance of your Shepard!

Step Five: Changing Gender

The final step is upon us and sweet, sweet fShali kisses are almost within your grasp. Simply go to Basic and then down to the Gender option and make sure it is set to Female (and optionally rename and adjust the class to fit your Shep but that’s totally optional). Once that’s done, hit save, open up Mass Effect 2, go through the Omega Four Relay and be rewarded with….

….. And that’s about it! If you have ANY more questions, let me know and I will do everything I can to help you achieve the Great FShali Dream. Anything to spread the joyful gospel of fShali to the world. Also fShep gives the best bedroom eyes when she takes off Tali’s mask- it’s so much better than the dopey face mShep makes- so prepare for that.

Now go forth and have your femShep smooch her beloved Quarian engineer girlfriend!!!!