i needed this in fully size


Between not having a job, and my teeth waging war in my jaw, I’m in need of funds. So, commissions are open. I’m sure plenty of you are aware by now. I’m adding in theme background commissions too, though. I need to sell four of any of these.

B&W images or theme backgrounds: $25
Flat Colors: $30
Fully Shaded + simple background: $35

+10 dollars for every extra person past 2.

I will draw anything that isn’t mecha or straight up porn. If you’re commissioning a theme BG, I’ll need to know which code you’re using, and a screenshot of your computer desktop, so I know what size the make everything. 

Contact/paypal: haileymeloy@rocketmail.com

Payment only accepted via paypal.



So after some consideration of how much time and effort I’m putting into portraits, I decided to raise my prices!

$25 - A fully coloured and detailed portrait, as shown above

$35 - (Australia only) Includes portrait printed out and sending it to you! Sizes are negotiable, but anything over A3 will incur a $3 extra fee! If you don’t live in Australia then I will probably need extra to cover the outrageous ass shipping costs. Idk we can work it out. 

  • All payments through Paypal 
  • Any fandom ok!
  • Reference pictures preferred but not essential (faceclaims are also cool)
  • If you don’t have reference pictures then please make yourself available for intensive questioning. 
  • Pinterest boards and aesthetic tags also appreciated

You can ask/message me on tumblr for any other information or if you’re interested in purchasing a picture! Thank you! 



Look how small Scott is compared to Alex. It’s so rare to get a scene where you can fully appreciate their size difference and I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff. Someone please please PLEASE write a fic about this. Love you all ❤️❤️❤️

And seriously Scott’s body in a TAC vest…lets talk about it…Or maybe not…I mean…You don’t need any more words…seriously…

anonymous asked:

question!! how exactly do i go about using your fshali save and importing my shep's headmorph?? im very new to modding me2 so i have literally no idea what im doing but i need my femshep to kiss tali lol

Hey there! Sorry I didn’t get to this immediately last night but I fell asleep. But now I’m fully rested and ready to give unto thee, anon, the ancient secrets of Gibbed’s Save Editor, headmorphs, and obtaining sweet sweet fshali romance.

I’m going to take screencaps to make this super easy. The larger caps are kinda squished by tumblr so I made them click through links to full sized screencaps. Just click ‘em!

Step One: Open up Gibbed’s Saved Editor and open the save in Gibbed’s.

This is pretty easy and self explanatory- open up the correct save file that you want to edit. First we’re going to extract your Shep’s headmorph for use in other saves. Select a save with the correct headmorph of your Shepard and open it. 

Step Two: Exporting Your Shep’s Headmorph

Helpful red guiding circles! For some reason the Player>Appearance tab was never implemented in ME2 Gibbed’s (It is fully functional in ME3 Gibbed’s, but that’s a different topic all together) so all headmorph work happens in the Toolbox tab. First we need to make an .me2headmorph file of your Shepard. With your Shepard’s save opened up, go to Toolbox, then hit Export Entire Head. Save the resulting headmorph file anywhere you want, just as long as you know where it is on your computer. It doesn’t have to be in any certain game file like some other types of mods. (I keep a huge collection of headmorphs in a folder on my desktop, for example)

Step Three: Open My FShali Save

No pictures for this one ‘cuz you did this already in Step One. This time, instead of opening your Shepard’s save file, we’ll be opening my fShali save in Gibbed’s. Place my fShali save in your Shepard’s save folder in My Documents > Bioware > Mass Effect 2 > Saves. Then, go to Gibbed’s and open it up just like we did with your Shepard’s save.

Step Four: Importing Your Headmorph

Time to transform my Shepard into yours! Once again, go back to the Toolbox tab and this time hit “Import”. Select the .me2headmorph file of your Shepard’s headmorph that we made in Step Two and open it. Now the Shepard in this save will have the appearance of your Shepard!

Step Five: Changing Gender

The final step is upon us and sweet, sweet fShali kisses are almost within your grasp. Simply go to Basic and then down to the Gender option and make sure it is set to Female (and optionally rename and adjust the class to fit your Shep but that’s totally optional). Once that’s done, hit save, open up Mass Effect 2, go through the Omega Four Relay and be rewarded with….

….. And that’s about it! If you have ANY more questions, let me know and I will do everything I can to help you achieve the Great FShali Dream. Anything to spread the joyful gospel of fShali to the world. Also fShep gives the best bedroom eyes when she takes off Tali’s mask- it’s so much better than the dopey face mShep makes- so prepare for that.

Now go forth and have your femShep smooch her beloved Quarian engineer girlfriend!!!!

I have added a download for all lights that threw a script call failed error from the recent patch for those that don’t know how to use, or can’t use Sims 4 Studio to update their own files. I call these temporary as they have just been run through the batch fix to change out the tuning ID’s. The candles haven’t been fully updated and are not included. I will need to create a new tuning resource so they can take advantage of the new lighting options, but in the mean time, they still work, but wont be affected by the lighting-by-room functionality. They are only available on simfileshare as individual packages. I will update the merged packages as I get time since that will require quite a bit to get them all fixed due to the size of the merged files and will try to carry out additional updates for those sets at the same time.

Updated Lighting:



Hello! I’m doing some quick cheap last minute end of summer commissions!! Each will feature a small fully coloured and shaded chibi-ish sized character with a transparent background! 

You can either contact me through here or via my email which is jellyfishcannibalism@live.com. Read under the cut for terms of service.

♡ 10 slots available ♡

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FAT, Femme, & Fearless

The Introduction of the Beautifully Complex

I had the great opportunity to work with a close friend, Paxton Taylor, in this 80’s meets Hollywood Glam fashion shoot, which encompasses two very distinct styles that inspire much of my everyday wardrobe. Within both of those eras, a very thin yet curvaceous body standard was needed to create the signature looks of the time. I’m not thin. I definitely have curves and probably a little more. Being the Jarrid that I am, I make it my mission to break sociocultural beauty standards and allow myself to be influenced by those styles while staying true to myself.

Today I fully embrace FAT! Fabulous and Thick! Fearless and Triumphant! Fashionable and Trendy!

Before all the photo-shoots and the social media coverage, I had a negative connection to the word “Fat” and associated it with being undesirable and the lack of opportunity that exists for me based on the size I am. Boy was I wrong. FAT gives me the strongest feeling of confidence and motivation I’ve ever had. Despite what America’s perception of beauty is, I’m still turning heads and I am given the most extraordinary experiences that I could ever wish for.

As the shoot progressed I became more in tuned with my body, allowing myself to feel confident, beautiful, and sexy in the most femme ways, despite how society may try to shape my gender.

“Due to socially constructed gender roles and a strictly enforced binary, this expression is often discouraged and even shamed. It is important that we question these assumptions and attack coercion that enforces them, if we are to ever truly be free, free to be ourselves, free to live our truth. (Corey Kempster)”

I think being inspired by two, embracing two, but not being limited by two, has opened my mind to the most beautifully complex ideas, living a truth that most won’t understand and being appreciated for it. The More photo-shoots, interviews, and articles I do, the more fearless I become. It becomes less about me and more about the activism and being part of creating visibility for the gender spectrum community. I’m able to use my words, thoughts, and physical body to set a presence, not to join and become part of mainstream society, but to diversify society’s understanding of the beautifully complex.

Be Proud, Be Complicated, Be Beautiful
- Jarrid Jones

(Words of a FAT, Femme, and Fearless Being)

I have a closet full of feminine clothes I don’t wear anymore. If any DMAB trans women or girls who wear an XL or size 16 need clothes to fully embrace their identity, please inbox me and I will send them to you. I’ll pay shipping. I was going to take them to Buffalo Exchange but I don’t need more clothes. I need you to feel comfortable in how you present.

They’re pretty cute clothes by the way and some of them are new or nearly new. If you want to get a sense of the style, take a peel through my tagged/my face to see how I dress. 

I also have some size 10 shoes I can send along too. Let me know. 

How to Draw Realistic Female Superheroes by Renae De Liz
  • 1 Left: A common expression in comics. Eyes are lidded, mouth is pouty. It’s look to promote a sense of sexiness & lessens personality.
  • 1 Right: Personality & Uniqueness first. Think of distinct facial features outside the usual. Promote thought in eyes. Whats she thinking of
  • 2(L): Commonly taught way to draw breasts (OR fully separated/circles/sticking out). Intent to highlight sex appeal, not realistic for hero
  • 2(R): Whats REALISTIC for your hero? Athletes need major support (i.e sports bra) which have a diff. look. Consider not ALL heroes have DD’s
  • ANOTHER NOTE ON BREASTS: If your hero has a zippered top, DON’T unzip it! Breasts can easily fall out during hero work, which would be silly
  • 3: Arms are closer to supermodel size on the left. What best fits your hero? If she’s strong, she'l likely very built. Give her muscles!
  • 4: Hands on left are set in a way to promote the sense of softness, it lessens her power. Be sure hands are set in a way to promote strength
  • 5(L): It’s common to see “the arch n’ twist” in comics. A female arched & twisted to show both cheeks AND both boobs.
  • 5(R): Twists in the body are a powerful arttool but stick to what can realistically be done, and use arches w/o intent for “boob/butt perk”
  • 6: One on left feels like she’s posing. Right feels like she’s standing heroically. Make her overall pose functional vs. sexually appealing
  • 7: Heels! Modern heels are generally used to amplify stance & increase visual appeal. I like them, but if I were a hero, not too realistic. Most important is what would your character choose? It’s very difficult to hero around in stilletos. Perhaps consider low/no heels.

If you’re not reading  Renae De Liz’s “The Legend of Wonder Woman” then do yourself a favor and go do that real quick! The book is filled with women of all shapes and sizes and it’s just a hell of a lot of fun.
*Keep reading for examples*

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Void Headcanon Post, Part 1

because i need to make more of these, I guess.

Random info about various voidsent that I have been using in RP: 

Colloquially known as “gnats”, the lowest order of voidsent resemble vilekin with horns and human-like teeth. They come in a range of sizes – mostly they are tiny, about the size of horseflies, but examples have been found that are the size of a fully grown chocobo. Gnats of all sizes manifest more or less spontaneously around concentrations of active void energy.

Puddings occasionally spring forth from places of immense filth and corruption. Though they have what amounts to a face, they are not sentient. They can, however, repeat sounds perfectly, including voices – more than one unwary adventurer has followed a friend’s cries for help in the darkness, only to find himself face to face with the blank eyes of a voidsent screaming in his friend’s voice. 

Their tasty-sounding taxonomy was coined by an Ishgardian voidmath with an extremely peculiar sense of humor.

A common subject of the reverence of void cults all over Eorzea, mind flayers must be summoned into the corpse of a sentient being. The corpse undergoes a hideous metamorphosis, its head being entirely consumed and replaced by the mind flayer’s squid-like body, and regrowing any flesh it has lost in the process of decay. In general mind flayers are arrogant creatures – they seem to delight in the adoration of mortals and prefer to inhabit the bodies of kings and emperors. 

The resemblance between the head of a mind flayer and certain kinds of earthly sea creatures is a hotly debated topic among scholars. Limsan academics, familiar with the horrors of the water, have proposed that voidgates open naturally deep within the ocean; an outlandish Sharlayan theory holds that squids and octopuses are simply the detached heads of actual mind flayers, grown feral and beastlike. 

Atomoi are bizarre beings that appear only rarely in creation. Even among scholars of the void there is much superstition and very little solid information about them. 

An atomos’s gaping maw is capable of swallowing anything small enough to fit inside it, and it is driven by a ravenous hunger that cannot ever be sated. When swallowed, the victim does not actually end up inside the atomos itself – thus its unending hunger. Instead, the atomos’s maw is a gateway to either absolute annihilation, or some kind of strange stasis-universe inaccessible from the outside. Some powerful voidsent use atomoi as living prisons for their most hated enemies. 

It is possible that the phenomenon known as “Ozma”, which the Mhachi used to obliterate the city of Nym, is derived from research into the properties of the atomoi. 





This is what you thought about the full moon, Nothing else. You were sitting in your room banging your head on your wooden, white wall waiting for Derek Hale to help you through another long night going through pain. You weren’t like the Hale family, with only a slight feature of there appearance changes. It was your whole body. Pretty much you were a larger wolf, the size of 2 fully grown adults on your hind legs. How did this bread start? Well my werewolf bread is the first werewolf bread, almost extinct with only a few out there. 

You pulled your head away from the now dent wall. You hold your head with your hands feeling the pain structuring you harshly. It was starting, and you knew it even without looking out your large window. There were loud taps coming from your bedroom door.

“(Y/n)! I’m late! We need to hurry!” You heard Derek’s cries from the other side of the door. The pain stopped for a second making your head pop up quickly. You look out your window and saw that the moon was covered almost completely from the dark clouds. The thing about your werewolf bread is that if the moon is fully covered you don’t have any pain but only for a short time, around 3 minute until the pain hits again worse, even if covered by a cloud (the pain is more worse if the moon is covered longer than 3 minutes).

“I-I’m coming!” You yell running over to unlock the door. Derek quickly grabs your arm pushing you back into the room. He grabs your arm and puts large chains on it chaining you to the bed feet. “Why were you late?” You mumble hissing as he added another chain.

“Basket ball.” He sighs looking at you then quickly went back to adding more chains. 

“So, you could have made it, i-it doesn’t go for that long.” You say looking out the window seeing the moon still covered. You gulped looking back at Derek who had just finished.

“I went to the party, we won and they threw a party.” He sighs. You nod slightly and look back out the window and so did Derek. “It’s still covered.” He says sadly looking at you and you close your eyes looking down.

“I-It’s g-going to hurt.” You shake biting your lip. “It’s going to hurt more then it should.” You look up at Derek who sighed biting his lips. He lifts his head up softly. 

“But you just need to stay calm, you can fight it.” He smile leaning in slightly then leans back. “I know you can.” He says and you were about to reply until you gasp starting to scream, pulling on the chain harshly. You shake your head violently. “You have to accept, let it change you, don’t fight it!” He yells. You shake your head starting to cry. 

“I-I d-don’t want to h-hurt you!” You sob pulling on the chains more. 

“You wont, I can promise you, it wont hurt okay.” He says grabbing your cheeks softly making you look at him. You stop shaking looking into his eyes. Your teeth were much sharper and your eyes were grey. “Think of someone or something that you love that will calm you down.” He says noticing you not shaking as much as before. “Just focus on me.” He whispered wiping your tears with his thumbs, calming down. You close your eyes putting your face in the palm of his hands. “Just let it take over you and just think of something or someone that can calm you down.” He whisperer you open your eyes panic rising. You gulp pulling away from him shaking again and screaming pulling on the chains drawing blood from your wrist. “Let it!” Was what you heard from Derek before feeling yourself grow into your werewolf form. You let out a low growl easily ripping the chains off. Your once brown marble colored furn had slight blood on it but quickly healed. You snap your head to Derek your grey eyes going darker. 

“(Y/n), You need to think about something that can calm you down.” He says putting his hands in front of him. You growl louder and jump on him he gasped losing his breath. His hands cupped your face making you look at him your growling instantly stopped at his genial touch. “There you go (Y/n).” He whisperers scratching the back of my ear. You whimper slightly closing your eyes. You flop on his stomach knocking the air out of him. “There.” He smiles watching you change back to human. 

You smiled looking at him tiredly. “W-we did it.” I breath out. 

“What did you think about?” He whispers. You smiled more. 

“You, I was thinking about you Derek.” You mumbled. 

Some Breeding Headcanons

1. Fertilization is external. The female goes and plops some eggs in a nest, and when they’re done, the male does their business on top. Not only does this allow fae/imp breeding to be not horrifying, it also means that attraction doesn’t need to come into the picture. Doesn’t matter if your partner is gross if you don’t need to touch or even look at them!

2. Eggs grow in the nest. They start off teeny and generic looking but absorb the latent magical energy of the nest which lets them get bigger as well as develop their elemental alignment. This solves a couple other icky issues: a newly hatched imp will come out larger than its fae mother, so a fully sized egg would probably not fit. Plus… have you seen what Water eggs look like? I dunno about you but I sure as heck would not want to pass that out of my body.

3. Dragons will just chill in their eggs until something prompts them to hatch. The baby lies dormant in the egg until they get a nudge from another dragon to wake them up, which tells them it’s safe to come out. So you can leave your unhatched elemental eggs in your vault for months without feeling too guilty.

People think that washing sheets and blankets is just “toss it in and go”. It’s not, its a complicated mess with repercussions if you don’t follow the rules and steps, or you forget and leave stuff in one or the other.

First rule, never put in too many sheets or blankets into the washer. Your washer is going to hold a lot more then your dryer, especially when the items are wet. You have to base what you put in around the size of and capacity of your dryer. I like the 2 sheets (flannel and blankets) or 3 sheets (standard) count method for mine. That way I know everything gets fully agitated, and when moved to the dryer, it all dries.

Rule 1a - never wash all your items at once. I, personally, am a 4-6 sheets and 1-2 blankets person. Like, on my bed when I sleep. So I have layers to peel off as I need for comfort. And in case something gets dirty I can just wash it. I sometimes will wash the top blanket or sheet, and the bottom ones that I come in contact with, and just run the others between them through the dryer and skip the wash every other time. I also try and keep the most uncomfortable sheet on top. This keeps dirt from the dog from falling through the fluffy bits in the blanket and makes cleaning the bed much easier.

Second rule, you actually -have- to move items from the washer to the dryer, because going to bed and realizing your stuff is in the washer is not the most exciting feeling. Trust me on this, waiting for 45m-120m for your stuff to dry so you can go to bed sucks.

Third rule, when drying, always pull everything out at least 1-2x and unbundle/unroll/unravel and re-place into the dryer. All that tumbling (Tumblr) tends to wad and twist everything that was wet into a wad and nothing gets dry.

Forth rule, and this one is important. You have to turn ON the dryer for it to dry your stuff. Yes, I know this seems like a no brainer, but it’s also something I forgot often enough that I wish my dryer just came on when it sensed I put something wet in. Ive forgotten that many times.

What comes in handy as well is being a freak like me who has 4-6 sheets and 1-2 blankets, because if you forget any of the rules above or get distracted, you at least have something on your bed to sleep under. I also subscribe to the 2 sheets and a blanket in the living room theory, so worst case, you have those to use as well. Of course this sort of came to being after spending an entire year home and sleeping on the sofa a lot. But it’s still important.

There’s one final rule. No one discussed sheet washing club. And I can’t stress this one enough. Because if you tell someone, especially someone you want to get into bed, how often or not often you wash your sheets, they will freak out. Trust me on this. I have literally had a date leave because my sheets were not fresh and clean literally for her. I washed all the important ones, and it’s not like we’re making them cleaner. PLus I ran everything through the dryer with steam cycle to freshen and get out dog hair and such. And they were cleaned a few days before.

So, in conclusion, don’t listen to me. I’m sitting at home doing dishes and laundry and trying to get through Season 2 of Love, which started great, dry but great and now it’s become this CF of stuff that is making me wish I hadn’t finished One Day at a Time.

Oh, and it’s ****ing raining and cold outside. I don’t know what the temperature is because my watch’s weather complication has an umbrella and “SOON!” Instead of the ****ing temperature. 43f according to Alexa. 42f per Siri. Oh and Alexa won’t shut up when you ask the temperature. Seriously. I should do a podcast on that mouthy bword.

To summarize, dont put all your eggs in one basket. And dont ask Alexa the temperature unless you want a 10 minute tirade when Siri will literally just tell you the damn temperature.


**** laundry. (Not literally, pervs)


Someone needs to stop me from buying clothes at H&M. I have spent like $150 in the last three days.

Also. Consider this my official support for the new “treggings” - ridiculous name, I know. But hear me out: these are comfy, ELASTIC WAISTBAND, pants, that, if you buy the right size*, are nice looking pantsy things that you can wear anytime, anywhere. They are supposed to be part leggings/trousers, but like… the material is not quite what I associate with leggings? but they are pants. And they fully fit my need for comfy pants that look good.

*i bought a large, and while it fits my waist, it feels and looks baggier than i want the rest of the way down. still looks fine, but if they were more fitted they’d look better. 

So I ordered a pair in a medium today… which… I haven’t worn a medium ANYTHING in years. Just to see. Gonna keep the large I already bought.

Also I bought tops in a Large, because the top I already own is a large and fits fine… but these tops (all basic, ugh I may just replace all my wardrobe with clothes from their basic line!) were just too tight for my comfort. So I exchanged them.


this has been a post about H&M and clothes and treggings. 

Of Cloth and Paper

Vegan Books! They’re a thing! And rightly so. A lot of people would love to have a gorgeous book but cannot ethically justify owning one because of the use of leather or other animal products. I fully respect that, which is why I am happy to make books without any animal products when requested!

First off you need some free range paper (caged is perfectly fine, I just happened to drop mine on the floor). It needs to be roughly the right size, folded, and stacked.

To orientate your newly sawn signatures you need to brand it with some kind of pigment transferring device. I used Angel Bile extracted humanely from fallen angels sickened by humanity; but in reality, any pen, pencil or permanent marker is fine to use.
This is done so if the signatures make a bid for freedom you can realign them in their correct order. Disorderly conduct is not the best thing to have in your book guts.

Whack your stack on your sewing rack! Align the spine with the sewing lines!

“Why are you using such a cruel method of making holes, you sick bastard?! Saw cut?! You make me want to PUKE!” I quite often hear from just behind me as I’m sewing. The voice comes from just behind my right shoulder, so I assume it’s from the sins crawling on my back. They’re usually good company, its just when I do sewing it riles them up.
ANYWAY! The reason I saw cut instead of punch holes with an awl (or with the splinters of exploded unicorn horns) is because when I do the stitches on the top and bottom of the book they are inset into the book and sit perfectly flat. With punched holes the stitching is raised up on the spine.

Colours! With this the requested colours for the end pages were the glorious hues of the sky 28 minutes after sunrise at 46* elevation. I did the best I could.

Okay, I got into a bit of a sticky situation when I did this, mainly because it was a situation where I was using glue and glue is sticky. The end pages were glued onto the book guts and then I smeared the spine of the book with it’s first coating of glorious glue.
 If you put a piece of baking paper around the glued areas you can then tamp the spine onto the table to ensure the signatures are perfectly level.

Nothing really to say about this, only that freshly cut book guts while they’re still trapped screaming in the guillotine is a wonderful thing to behold.

Enjoy the screaming while it lasts because you’ll only need to trim the book guts 3 times. I do the long front edge first, then the top and bottom.

Then it’s time to bring the spine ‘round to your way of thinking! Sit it down with a nice meal and a delicious beverage. Start off slow by complimenting it on it’s freshly squared edges and then when it’s starting to feel comfortable with the situation you GET OUT A HAMMER AND SMASH IT IN THE SPINE UNTIL IT COMPLIES WITH YOUR SICK DEMANDS!
Or you can do the gentle folding and pressing on the spine with your supple masseurs fingers. Whatever gets the job done.

Now this is where I get to draw the indignation and condemnation from the bookbinding community (I’m looking at you here, @butlerbookbinding and @gatzbookbinding! (I can’t remember if you were against it, @thebumblebeebindery, but I’m keeping a close eye on you anyway…)).
Throw me your ire, tumblr, because I will catch it in butterfly nets and brew it into bitter ales! 
I couldn’t use leather for the headband cores, but I still needed something firm and yet smooth. I’ve used just waxed shoelaces in the past but I needed something more aglet-y and less lumpy. Here I introduce you to tape wrapped waxed shoelaces! 

Anyway, making the hinges! I took some inspiration from the kitchen for this and sandwiched the taped between some cardboard and the spine lining. This gets trimmed into a more appealing shape after the glue has dried.

You want half-bound? I totally have this covered! 

Since cloth is notoriously hard to pare, I had to approach this somewhat differently. Normally you have the corners and spine covered with leather first and then the main cover covering goes over the top of that, making all the edges and lines neat.
I mean, SURE! I could have left ragged cloth edges flapping in the breeze and that would have been a perfect description of my dignity if I had done that…

But enough of that now, lets skip several steps ahead because I forgot to take some photographs.
What we see here is the main cover covering covering the cover, but I’m not covering the cover covering now.
Also if you train your eagle eyes onto the spine of the book you’ll notice it’s turned a sickly shade of kraft brown. You should feel sorry for it. It is feeling…. hollow.

Now the spine covering is here it’s feeling a little… blue…

Honestly this is a step I could have kinda skipped. I wasn’t entirely sure how the fabric would mould around false raised bands so I decided to do it on the flat and then glue the cloth and spine decorations onto the spine once it had dried. I could have just put the bands on the spine without doing it on the flat.

MOAR TAPE! This is only a temporary thing though, seeing as it is just to hold the piece of card in place as I glue the cloth over it. Spacing is important. Screw doing things conventionally.

See? glue goes on the cardboard and then the cloth goes into the cardboard. (I had some baking paper going from under the board and over the wine cloth. No getting glue on that!) 

After le glue had dried I could safely lift up the cardboard flap and remove the tape. Pesky overhanging cloth pieces could then be trimmed like flaming branches from a dying magnolia tree.

I forgot to put the ribbon in before putting on the hollow and spine, etc. All good. I got it covered.
Oh yeah, and the spine covering is now turned in. See? Everything works out okay.

Can you follow that? Cardboard corners go get glued onto the paper to create 1x white side and 1x cardboard side. Btw, whatever the white corner is pointing to is going to cause your own personal Ragnarok. Whatever the cardboard corner is pointing to probably wont be there in 4089 years.

The corners then get glued to cloth that matches the spine.

Lastly I once again forget to take some photos and we’re left with this. The covered corners get glued onto the cover and then the whole interior gets trimmed all happy.

Thanks heaps for reading. I hope you had as much fun reading through this as I had making it (and the book). Also a shoutout to the commissioner of this book because it’s an art book and all artists deserve a shoutout when they buy a book from me with the intent to draw in it.

Also I really don’t think I’m going to get much hate for using tape cos you’re all cool people, but I want you all to know I do know that tape is terrible for conservation uses. Don’t stick pages back together or mend covers with tape. The way I used the tape, though, should be fine. It is on top of waxed cotton laces and then it has waxed embroidery floss over it. The ends are also glued shut. It shouldn’t get any moisture, light and, provided it’s not kept in direct sunlight, it shouldn’t degrade and discolour the endbands or the paper.

Since the Gotham City Siren Squad has reached over 1K followers and is nearing 2K despite only being a newish blog, I thought I would treat our followers to some transparent images to make editing even easier for you guys!!!

The 3 images (shown above) are of Harley in Cycle of Life and Death #1 and are full size, fully cut out and transparent. I hope this will make editing easier for some of you who struggle to cut out the images and would like to make your own edits, icons etc

The download link to the PSD is here!!  Or as 3 separate PNG’s here.

No need to credit us, but we would love to see what you do with the images! Feel free to tag any edits you make with #gothamcitysirenedit so we can check it out and reblog it!!

Once Upon a Time: Anna [ESFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Anna is very impulsive; she finds out that their parents visited a neighboring kingdom and sets off to find out the reason why … just days before her wedding! Once there, she is fearless in pursuing what she wants, opportunistic in taking what chances fate offers to her, and good at sizing up people and situations and reaching quick conclusions. She lives fully in the moment and tends to take everything at face value. Anna believes in being physically active in an attempt to change others’ fortunes (and her own) and teaches Charming how to fight.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Unlike Rumple, as she tells him, “I’m a nice person.” She doubts his intentions and so refuses to possibly poison someone just to get ahead in life; her heart is so pure that Rumple needs her tear to gain access to the hat full of sky. Anna is enthusiastic but doesn’t really talk about her feelings all that much. She is not influenced by others’ pessimism, but instead encourages them to be “brave” and “bold,” inspiring them in the process.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): She has “planned” out all the details for her wedding. Anna can deliver the cold, hard, factual truth when she needs to (calling Charming a coward). She frequently objectively shares her thoughts and then has to take them back, because it sounds harsh (“Is that what they say about me, that I eat children?” “Oh, yes! I mean … no!”). Anna quickly figures out a logical solution to her problem with Rumple, by forcing him into a carefully worded arrangement (giving her the box, sending her home, and not harming her or her sister).

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Her instincts are good, but she doesn’t foresee the truth about Rumple until it is too late; nor does she discern the reason for her parents’ presence abroad. Anna tends to think more in the moment and less about what she’s going to do once she arrives somewhere, but she does see the good in other people, and their aura gives her insight into whether or not to fully trust them. She also discerns that holding Rumple’s dagger gives her power over him.

3 x 05 France Without Francis

Please forgive any typos. My eyes are swollen to the size of bao buns right now. To be fully transparent guys, I had had the chance to read the script for this episode before I saw it, so I was like “I can handle this. I know what’s coming. I’m a grown ass lady. I might tear up but then I’ll be okay.”


From basically the moment Catherine called Francis her golden child my nose tickles started. And then when Mary and Francis started talking about the feathers. And then God help me when Francis told her he needed her to love again. AND THEN CATHERINE SAID LET GO OF HIM AND HOLD ONTO ME.



Like I don’t know where to start. I am floating in a sea of feels right now. WHOOO. It’s a lot guys, it’s a lot, let’s try to process it.

First of all,I know a lot of Frary fans are like “Eff it I’m out what just happened.” I get it guys, I get that angst. But to be clear, let’s all take a moment to appreciate three things:

1. Francis’ death was built into the series from the pilot. The sense of doomed love was always a huge part of the hook of Mary and Francis’ relationship in Romeo & Julietesque ways, and the show was always destined to pay off that set up.

2. What this show is counting on is their viewers to care about Mary. And a CW romantic drama betting on girls to support girls is akin to astronauts taking the first steps on the moon. It’s revolutionary, its beautiful, it’s a moment in history I think we all need to sort of appreciate. This show is firmly 100% about Mary, Queen of Scots, actual teen queen. They are honoring her life, her history. It’s super sad to lose Toby Regbo, who is so talented and charismatic. By all means, let’s have a mourning period. But how amazing is it that this show asks us to care about a three dimensional girl in and of herself, outside the proxy romance of a love interest? Do you understand what this means? Do you understand the commitment to creating a world in which women MATTER that thrums through this very concept? There was NO SUCH THING in my world when I was 16, kids. Hell, when I was in my early twenties Bella Swan was a scoop of vanilla pudding next to the glittery golden-eyed Edward Cullen.

To make a series that follows a teen Queen developing into a political figure, independent of how the men in her life come in and out of frame, is truly a step forward for all girls everywhere. And I beg of you, Frary fans, for the sake of your daughters, for the sake of yourselves in another ten years, support Reign now. Tune in next week and the week after. Because guys, when you try to pitch a show with a female main character, 40% of that pitch is apologizing for asking viewers to care about a female. Guys, this is some real talk. Girls and dudes will watch a guy character, but only girls will watch a girl character, that is taken as Gospel fact all over Hollywoodland. So if you care about YOUR story being told as a female human being, please get behind a show that wants to tell a young woman’s story. Hold hands with me and tune in and show this industry that women give a fuck about women, because right now that’s not what they believe.

3. (ahahah bet you thought I was done with 2) Look. If you really love a couple that a series had cooked up, have some faith they can do it again. Historically, the Great Loves and Romantic Dramas of Mary’s life are still ahead of her. Give the show a little credit, if they made you fall in love with Frary, wait until you meet Darnley and Bothwell. There is tantalizing drama on the horizons.

Okay. Now, let’s get into it.

Francis was experiencing hyper life since his resurrection. He was seeing everything in hyper-saturated colors. And look, this whole season has been particularly gorgeous, but this episode cinematography and direction was out of control. I mean, this episode really looked like a movie, and this moment called it out but honestly the whole hour was truly gorgeous to see. Just 100% a treat for the eyes.

Anyway. Francis wanted to climb the mountains and drink the wine and eat the honey. He wanted to live live live! Catherine was like “Cool, also have babies.”

Then Nostradamus walked out of the shadows. It’s hard to miss a man who is eight feet tall and wearing a bear coat, but apparently he’d slunk into court almost unnoticed to make good on his pilot prophesy: Francis was NOT safe. Petals. Blood drippin’s. Blood visions. Catherine was like “Could we not?” but Nostradamus was like “I got a hunch you should stock up on Kleenex.”

Meanwhile, Elizabeth offered Mary peace with England, if she gave up any claim to the English throne. On the one hand, Mary seems busy enough with Scotland and France. On the other hand, it IS Mary’s birthright. But Mary was like, hey, it would be pretty cool if hundreds of French dudes didn’t have to die defending my country and decided to sign away her right to the English throne.

Francis’ handwriting, by the way, was amazing.

Then Francis was like “ROAD TRIP! Let’s go to Paris!” and commence fifteen minutes of all the Frary feels. As a sort of send off, I guess, the show gave the young couple all these heart-breakingly meaningful moments. Like Mary flashing back to the pilot and being like “You were totally into me” and Francis was like “uh YEAH I was totally into you.”

Then Mary was like “Skinny dip time?” and Francis was like “Hell to the yes.”

Already this was starting to feel suspiciously conflict free.

Back in the castle, Delphine was swearing up and down she wasn’t a witch and then proceeding to do a million witchy things: rituals, chanting spells, sensing emotions, pointing out a witch house…

Meanwhile, Mary was like “Shall I get our picnic lunch?” and Francis was like “Awesome yes.” And then horror struck. Assassins sprang out of nowhere.

Francis, hearing Mary’s cries, sprang into action, and before he even got to her saw the tree in the glen that Nostradamus had warned him about.

So like, Francis made a choice here, basically, that he would die to save Mary, he was cool with that. He dove right into the action and was carving up dudes like Thanksgiving turkeys. Mary was yelling for the guards, and once again: THESE GUARDS ARE THE WORST. They let Francis fall down the stairs and now here they are letting a bunch of idiots take on the King four at a time or whatever. Disgraceful.

So basically Francis laid down his life to save Mary, which, you know, worth it. These buttholes had slammed his head against the ground a ton and it was clear he was not going to make it and Mary was teeing herself up for a lifetime of solitude and he was like “No our life together was awesome. Also life is for the living, find someone else, you brought so much beauty into my life.”

Obviously by now we were all crying for forever.

Bash broke the news to Catherine, and they and Nosty came out to the woods. You know sad as he was, Nosty had to be professionally congratulating himself on this moment (“Called it.”) and yet when Catherine had to practically drag Mary away from Francis’ corpse this is where my throat got sore from crying.

Then Mary went back to the castle and honestly this scene is maybe the best acted moment I’ve ever seen on Reign. Her confrontation of Nicholas, the pain in her voice was incredible. She told him she’d been left with nothing and by God Elizabeth wasn’t going to get her to throw away her birthright that easily and then she tore down all her new banners and there was SO MUCH PAIN.

Then this…oh guys. Mary walked behind Francis’ coffin instead of riding in the carriage. Like, help me. Help me back up onto the sofa children. This was deeply stirring and upsetting.

And then, weeks later, she got back in the boat to try and commune with Francis, and remembered the lessons he taught her, and her face was this incredible conflict of sadness and futility and just like move over Meryl Streep there is a new Queen in town.

So look. A couple things: Toby Regbo has brought so much to this show. His charisma and vitality and range have been so key. He is going to be so greatly, greatly missed. Yes his character was doomed from day one, but Reign really honored his impact on the show with this send off episode.

Plot-wise, Francis’ death is the most dramatic twist the show has put in Mary’s fortunes so far, just as Francis’ death was the most dramatic twist IRL Mary faced until she went to Scotland. What the hell does she do now? She’s not Queen of France. She’s never really been to her native land. She promised Francis to stay until his brother was secure, but let me tell you, if the history books are what we’re judging by it’s not ‘til Mary gets to Scotland that shit starts getting real.

I really want to see Mary in Scotland.  Maybe it’s just this fan promo…


But chills down my spine every time.

Anyway. Look, to be real my eyes are pretty swollen. This was a big juicy episode and the cast really made it shine. Even being fully mentally prepared it knocked me backwards and I can only imagine what it was like to see it without mental preparation. I hope you’ll all join me again next week for the first post-Francis episode. Girls to the front for the rest of season three, guys.

How are you doing?

Reminder: doubt is not the opposite of faith.

Faith and doubt can coexist. You can wrestle with the Bible and still follow its command to love. You can worry that not everything you learn at church is true and still worship there. You can struggle to believe that God even exists and still. be. a faithful Christian.

Faith is not about never feeling doubt. Faith is accepting doubt and accepting that you may never fully understand God, and still trying to live according to his will, to pray and serve and love. God knows that humans sometimes find it hard to believe what they cannot physically see. He does not expect more from us than we can manage – you do not need to possess a mighty belief, only a faith the size of a tiny mustard seed, for him to work in you and through you. So don’t be afraid to address questions you have, or to admit that you are having trouble believing. God can handle it. I promise.

Lord, sometimes I find it hard to trust that you are real, that you are listening, that you love me of all people and will protect and guide me always. Help me in my unbelief. When I struggle with doubt, help me to keep faithful to you anyway, to never give up on serving you and spreading your love. In this way, I know you will reveal yourself to me, bit by bit. Breathe into me your wisdom, oh God. I cannot promise that my doubts will ever fade completely, but I can promise myself to you anyway. Work through my unbelief, loving Lord, and make me strong even in my weakness. In this way, I can fulfill your will. Amen.