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What do you think about Betty and Jughead together so far? What do you think they would be like together?

I think they are honest, I think they are authentic, I think they have a great foundation to build on. Betty has this darker side to her, how dark that side is we as an audience aren’t totally sure of yet, but we know its there. And she is so persistent and desperate to hide it from literally everyone else because she feels like needs to portray this certain version of herself…for her parents, her friends, Archie. But with Jughead, he has darkness in him too. He’s open about it and he’s okay with being exactly who he was meant to be and I think that trait alone has the potential to help Betty grow into her true self. I also think that with how much they have in common and how well they get along and how interested Betty is in spending time with Jughead it helps him not feel so ostracized from the rest of the world. 

It’s a good story so far with two characters who are written to fit together like puzzle pieces, even if at first glance it seems like their grooves don’t match. There are a lot of ways they could go with that relationship and I am interested to see where they take it. I also think that if they decide to make Jughead asexual there is really no other character for him to navigate that with other than Betty, someone with such a pure and accepting soul who understands vulnerability and how it feels to be…different somehow from everyone else. 

As a couple I think they will make a  pretty badass team that will really aid in each others development as the season progresses and my prediction is they become a pretty solid item by the season’s end (of course, after inevitably dealing with Archies jealousy because y’all KNOW that’s going to happen). 

My theory? S1 ends with a Bughead canon relationship and a Ronnie/Archie pairing (albeit probably not as far along)/possibly cliffhanger. 

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There are headcannons about being around Kenny in the ring, backstage etc, and I love them, but I feel like he would want to keep you away from the spotlight. Not in a bad way, he would just want to make sure that you arent harassed/stalked by fans that dont understand boundries. He just wants you all for him and him being a private guy, he doesnt feel the need to tell everyone about you. You are like his safe area where he can just decompress and recenter himself.

Hmmm thats true! I think its weird because I do think that he would LOVE to show off his partner and really tell everyone just how happy he is. But I do think he also really loves private moments when its just the two of you and no one else to distract him. He really craves that alone time though because he needs it coz hes so bad at switching off.

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I'm so annoying. All I ever do is vent to people, I'm nothing more than that. I'm such a burden. I can't do anything right- and I'm sorry for coming in your inbox and crying about all my problems. I'm sorry.

Hey no, you aren’t a burden at all. Asking for help is totally okay. Indeed, it requires lots of strength. So please don’t talk about you like that. Im more than happy to listen to you. So you can come to me as much as you want. I understand what you feel. But don’t allow that voice in your head make you believe that you are burden or that you don’t deserve help because its not true at all. You are amazing and so strong. You should be proud of yourself. Im here if you need anything. You are not alone.

Richonne Got Me For Life!

As an avid TV viewer and frequent shipper I honestly have never experienced anything quite like Richonne and probably never will again. They are a King and Queen who don’t need crowns. Their love story is a beautifully crafted epic masterpiece.  Richonne’s scene in Hearts Still Beating reminded me once again why they are my number one OTP for life! 

First of all I love the fact that their relationship is just so mature. These are two grown ass people that have been through hell and have made it out on the other side together. Because of that they will face any adversary or obstacle together, which is why Michonne told Rick that she wants to handle Negan and the Saviors “our way”. 

They are two lovers who have been berated, betrayed, disrespected, disappointed, and doubted by their former significant others.  Two parents that have done and are doing their best to guide and protect their children in this scary and unpredictable world.  Two warriors who lead beside each other. Two friends who share their whole selves with each other. 

They have endured unimaginable isolation, loneliness, and pain which hardened them, but they disarmed their tough exteriors to embrace each other.  They found their happiness and home within each other. 

They not only love each other, they admire each other, believe in each other, comfort each other, defend each other, encourage each other, are honest with each other, are kind to each other, are patient with each other, respect each other, support each other, and trust each other through any and every thing. Situations that could have very well driven a wedge between them, brought them closer together and strengthened their bond.  They may disagree with each other but never disrespect or undermine each other.  They are two independent and equally capable and strong individuals who can survive on their own just fine but are at their best together. 

What is also so incredible about their relationship is the subtly of it all.  They don’t need to hit people over the head with the fact that they are together, there doesn’t need to be grand gestures or ridiculous PDA. In my opinion that’s what separates their romance from many others’ on TV  today.  They don’t need the typical melodrama of most TV couples, they are in the middle of of freaking zombie apocalypse after all.  Also its cheap, contrived and frankly Richonne is above that and it just wouldn’t be true to their characters for them to act that way in their relationship. Their love feels so real because it isn’t so dramatic, but the emotions they portray are just as meaningful, passionate, potent and raw. Their chemistry alone is pure white-hot ecstasy! They can say so much with just a mere glance.  They work together seamlessly.  I bet they even breathe in sync! 

It was a slow burn but we made it my Richonne Family and look at us now!  We are beyond blessed and if Scott Gimple never does right by this show again at least he has Richonne lol! Just look at them…

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If they aren’t the quintessential definition of soulmates which TV couple is? Tell me…we just might have to fight. The fact that this is a Black Woman/White Man interracial couple on one of the most popular TV shows out right now is just the icing on the cake.  TPTB struck gold with Andy and Danai’s portrayal of Richonne. I’m in love with their love! 

When will your OTP ever? 

This is one of my top five favorite episodes of One Piece. Not only does it tell about what really happened to Gold Roger but it also show how Luffy really feels about why he’s a pirate and why he has his dream.

I Love Robin so much and this scene is like greatest and most perfect way to show how much Robin has grown and how much she cares for her crew, ad how much she loves being with them. She had the opportunity to finally learn the history her entire island was killed for trying to know, something she was willing to lie, cheat and kill for in the past. But she turned down knowing the truth so that she can find it on her own and so that she an continue on with her crew and still be following a dream with the rest of them. Robin is perfect and that fact that it shows her thinking about the others is just beautiful.


I love this. Luffy didn’t become a pirate for the fame and glory of it he did it for the adventure and fun of it, to find people who have dreams they want to pursue and sail the world with them. He is out looking for a treasure that tons of other people set out for, not really knowing if it is real or not and is enjoying all the fun he has had in doing so. And even turns down knowing if there even IS a treasure let alone where it is because if he knew the adventure wouldn’t be half as fun.

Rayleigh even asks Luffy if he can do it, to see what his intentions are. and Luffy’s response is awesome and shows how much he is like Roger. And how Roger’s final words to Rayleigh “I won’t die partner" are true and that he sees Roger in Luffy.

I love this episode with a passion its so perfect and everything. This is just my opinion, my word isn’t law… unless you want it to be. Sorry this is so long, I felt the need to type something.


character(s): aoba, noiz, koujaku, mink

couple(s): kounoi, minkao

notes: im sorry im just so happy i managed to incorporate ruff rabbit into noiz’s handle

aobooty LOGGED IN

aobooty: noiz

aobooty: NOIZ


this_rabbit_likes_it_ruff: omfg what

aobooty: I TALKED TO HIM

this_rabbit_likes_it_ruff: who

this_rabbit_likes_it_ruff: wait

this_rabbit_likes_it_ruff: oh

this_rabbit_likes_it_ruff: OH

this_rabbit_likes_it_ruff: OHHHHHHH

this_rabbit_likes_it_ruff: SO HOW’D IT GO


this_rabbit_likes_it_ruff: on a level of 1 to me seeing koujakus dick how awkward

aobooty: I DONT KNOW??? 

aobooty: wait didn’t you give him a blowjob after

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What effects did Piemon’s “curse” have on Gennai?

Back in episode 45′s flashback we saw Piemon insert a tiny black orb inside Gennai’s back, but what was that orb? We can tell it was a bad thing based on Gennai grunting in pain after it was inserted (also if Piemon of all people wants to put something inside of you, it’s not going to be something you want in your person), but what was it really and what did it do to Gennai?

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I ended up deciding to delete that ridiculous reply. Because its the same old bullshit. 

“Jasper forced Lapis to fuse.” 

No, she didn’t. That’s literally impossible given the information in the show. You can’t force a fusion. What Jasper did, however, was use the information she had to try to get Lapis to fuse with. Do you people think Jasper pulled the “they kept you prisoner, they used you” speech out of her ass? She only knew about it because LAPIS HAD TOLD HER ABOUT IT! Lapis TOLD her what the Crystal Gems did (probably to show her allegiance to Homeworld). If she hadn’t, then there’s no way Jasper wouldn’ve known.

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Are you going to be okay?
Don't worry about me.

But think.

Silver was kind of a dick. He was literally KEEPING THE JONES BROTHERS ENSLAVED. Telling Liam to cut Killian loose and save himself, to make something on his own, refusing to grant them their freedom, BEING THEIR ACTUAL OWNER. I can imagine there wasn’t much love lost between Liam and Killian and the crew either.

Liam could EASILY have said “yeah, fuck those guys, I don’t care about them going forward, they’re a necessary sacrifice to make, and I don’t care.”

And of course, he chose Killian’s life and happiness over them when given the opportunity/temptation to do so by frigging Hades, Lord of the Underworld (I was SO waiting for a “How ya doin’?”)

And that could have been it. He could have never looked back.

But instead, he spent his entire time in the Navy treating his new crew right (as seen by them following Killian into piracy to avenge him) and trying to make up for it. Trying to do it the right way. He never stopped feeling guilty for choosing HIS TRUE LOVE over a bunch of guys who probably weren’t that great. He never stopped trying to fix it, even if he couldn’t bring himself to tell Killian that he’d finally freed them at that price. That their servitude had been ended by letting their tormentors die.

Because he wanted Killian to be happy.

Because he wanted them to be free.

And because none of that would have meant anything to him alone if he didn’t have Killian with him. If he didn’t put Killian first. Even at the cost of his own soul, if need be. Because that is exactly what Jones boys do with their true loves.

And that just hurts me.

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the problem is that male on female abuse is much more common and almost expected. women are completely devalued by the majority of heterosexual males. I'm not sure if there has been a poll on this one, but it's pretty apparent if you interact with enough men. i really don't have the time or energy to explain to you how the world really works. if you want to continue to deny it, then by all means.

Citation needed. For all of this. 

Seriously something doesn’t become true just because you say it. You refuse to acknowledge any statistical evidence so there is probably no point in talking to you about this at all, let alone providing you with any more proof. Your refusal to consider the evidence provided to you by @dickslapthestate implies that you really don’t care about this issue at all. If you did then you’d surely be interested in hearing factual evidence even if it doesn’t necessarily support your case. It’s a bit rich for you to tell me I don’t know how the world really works when you are the one ignoring the evidence laid out in front of you.