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So I woke up to see that @avveh has knocked Jimin out of second spot on her bias list while I slept so peacefully. That’s fine. That’s cool. But if you happen to see a lot of Jimin spam on your dashes today, I apologize. I have to fight for his spot against @btssmutgalore and @jeolla-jagi who are making her swerve for Taehyung and I intend to tag her in every Jimin post I come across while she sleeps.

Asian aromantics are so important and wonderful. Whether you’re South Asian, West Asian, North Asian, East Asian, Central Asian, Southeast Asian, you’re so vital to the aro community. You have so much worth that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Also bit sudden but:

Shout out to @edible-opposing-forks, your tags on my works always make me smile so much :’D Thank you so much for always sharing your reactions with me, they’re such a joy to read!

Certainly not just limited to just them, I am so incredibly grateful to everyone for your tags/comments/replies ;A; I read the tags and comments ALL the time (it’s the number one place I turn to when I feel frustrated and am considering ditching a wip) and it makes me so happy when any of you share your thoughts with me <3 Even if it’s just a few words, a rambling spew, shouting, exclamations, anything, it really means a lot to me, so thank you for taking the time to share with me m(_ _)m

So thank you so much guys!!!! You being so awesome reminds me that I’m not just throwing work into a void, that people are reading my comics and feeling something from them, and it motivates me so much to draw and post more ^ ^

Me: *Watching The Worst Witch on Netflix* Wow, this is pretty much exactly like Harry Potter/Hogwarts except they’re all girls. I freaking love it, but it’s a total ripoff 

Me: Looks up the book series its based on and sees that it predates Harry Potter by more than Twenty Years.


Okay, I did Joseph’s romance and people, Mary is not the bad guy in that relationship. 

That’s a broken marriage for sure, but it sure as hell isn’t all on Mary. I have an urge to write a story about her, because I’m quite sure there are a lot of Dream Daddy players who are ready to run her out of town for what she’s doing to Joseph, but nuh-uh, it takes two. Joseph is absolutely complicit in that wreck.

So in light of me recently getting a gym membership, get ready for me to be a Bro and occasionally post progress pictures of myself.

While I don’t have a bad body by any means (I’m very lucky to have a fast metabolism), it’s not where I’d like it to be, so here we go.

I also think it’s important for people to see (especially on here) that the majority of folks aren’t chiseled and/or incredibly skinny.

Here’s some Beauty and the Beast inspired variants on a couple of the yandere AU’s:

Merformers: A seaside down asks a powerful merformer for fair winds, good fishing, and otherwise bless their sea territory. The merformer agrees, but because the village is gaining so much, they must give up something in return: Their most beautiful human. The village agrees and thus once every century a human is sent to live in an underwater paradise at the merformer’s personal palace. It’s a beautiful place to live, no doubt about it, but over the century the human gradually loses their physical form, becoming an aquatic creature who lives to serve the palace before, after some decades, merging with the palace’s coral and organic structure itself. However, the merformer finds themselves in love with their latest human captive and must find a way to make the human love them in return to break the curse, or else lose the human forever.

Transformers: (Closer to the canon universe) A human is caught trying to steal technology/files from a lonely Transformer’s home/base. The Transformer wants to know a lot of things, like how the human got into the base at all, knew what to steal, et cet,and thus decide to keep the human prisoner to get those secrets out of them. During the imprisonment, of course, they fall for each other. Double points if the transformer in question is a lobotomy/empurata victim and, as they fall in love with the human, they regain their old personality. So it starts as “I am not sure why I like you so much” and turns into “I know exactly why I like you so much and you’re screwed if you ever think I am ever going to let you go after losing so much already.”

*Sings*  YOU’RE COMBINING TWO OF MY FAVORITE THINGS AND I LOVE YOU FOR IT!!!  <3 <3 <3  I love all of this!  Especially the idea of the “beast” in the story being a showplay/empurata victim of some sort.  (Senator Shockwave anyone? :3) 

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look, that’s shiny brand new gameplay update from me~~ *throws confetti* it’s time to start playing Freymarsh and let me introduce you my first founders.

It seems that pretty green face looks familiar… Well, I won’t start playing Freymarsh as I did with Dellmere (and how you usually start playing new neighbourhood) with single founders who are looking for future spouses, these future spouses are townies etc. This time I wanted to give a chance to Dellmere’s sims who I didn’t manage to play properly although I already had certain plans for them. So you could see these six sims in my previous updates. I gave them makeovers obviously and aged up two of them (because they were child/teenager) but I decided to keep their stats, their turn ons and turn offs, LTWs and hobbies. :) 

Alright, here we have the Keener household! (I didn’t leave founders’ surnames as they were because I want my tags to stay clean) starting with Eleanor (nee Adams). She’s a knowledge/pleasure sim and her LTW is to top the entertainment career. :) She is married to Andrew, the guy who she dated while attending university (you could have seen him here and here). He’s family/popularity sim and wants to reach golden anniversary.

I had to to keep Eleanor, how could I abandon such face.  

-adoring Eleanor since October 2014-  it’s been so long??