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Follow You Anywhere (Drake x MC)

[A little note: I wanted to toy around with a story of drunk Robyn, but then that idea turned into something else. Something kind of long and hopefully fun!]

[Summary: Another night outside the manor nearly lands MC (Robyn) in trouble. But Drake’s quick thinking gets them out out of it.]

Word Count: 2,666.

Robyn had lost her shoes.

They were still inside her hands, as she gathered her skirts and came across another hall. However, the moment she was face to face with a disgruntled security guard, she knew they were out of luck and whatever contingency plan she had been planning fumbled as the man glared arrogantly at her.

How had a night of drinking turn into this?

She knew pinpointing the exact moment it had all gone wrong was probably sometime after the rounds of whiskey. Maxwell and Hana were interested in some adventure and Drake had been sordid about the idea until the sixth round. Robyn had been the one to come up with the idea - and the trip down here was sealed the moment they grabbed a cab. 

Maybe it was her decision making that had gotten her into this. 

But now that she was here - inside one of Cordonian’s most prestigious museums; their night of having a complete and private viewing had gone awry the moment she had stumbled too far from the rest of her friends. 

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When Zlatan pulled out injured last season my heart broke for him. I thought he was done, no – I knew in my heart that he was done. Because sure, he is a lion and he is intent on defying time but at some point time catches up to you and I did not think he had enough left to come back–to fully come back. And I thought. Even when he said he wasn’t done and when we resigned him of how hard it would be for Zlatan to come to terms with that when reality caught up to him eventually. Because he was used to being god among men. And to be let down by your own body like that when you were still at the peak of your powers. It’s as cruel as it gets.

But here we are today, when maybe it’s still to early to tell but you can see – you can see that even though he is a bit rusty that strength and that spark is still there and just. I am ready to cry tears of pure joy.


January 14th 2014. Detectives Peralta and Santiago conducted surveillance from a rooftop at 397 Barton Street. This is where we came the night I won our bet and you fell in love with me. The night you flirted with me for 20 seconds and I became obsessed with you forever.

Some Motivational Mugman cause I keep dying but I won’t stop trying. 

the real mystery of shadowhunters is what magnus’ neighbors think of all the weird crap that goes on in their building

like the time the couple in 4C was 2 hours late to brunch because magnus threw up his wards and they suddenly couldn’t leave the building even though the door was wide open???

or when the elderly lady in PH2 looked out her peep hole to see a pretty redhead with a crusty stone hand frantically knocking on the door across the hall demanding medical assistance. and gretta was pretty sure that nice young man of a neighbor was some kind of fancy nightclub owner, not a doctor, but kids these days were all about multitasking weren’t they

or the interior decorator on the ground floor that just got back from an art buying trip in London and is now doubting the authenticity of the oil painting he acquired because on second glance it looks like the spitting image of the hottie who tragically stopped winking at him at the mailboxes about two months ago

all I’m saying is I bet magnus’ brooklyn loft neighbors have stories and I wanna hear them

Okay but think about it : what if this season was actually one of the biggest Klance proof ?

Hear me out : all we see is Keith being completely unstable, the kid was ready to commit suicide, and Lance, in my opinion, seemed a bit off

So what if it’s just the perfect representation of the fact that Lance is Keith’s stability ? That they need each other ?